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Trump and ChristieRobynn Tysver at the OWH wrote a glowing piece in the OWH about Legislature candidate LouAnn Linehan’s upcoming fundraiser with Senator Chuck Hagel, complete with photos of her with Hagel and hugging Governor Pete Ricketts.

But the OWH didn’t JUST pump the funder for the recent Virginia prodigal daughter. They turned it into an eVite, complete with Email address at the end of the story to let you know how YOU could attend!

I suppose I’ll need to dive into the archives to see if this is commonplace among ALL of the stories they write about political fundraisers. I’m guessing Pat Borchers hasn’t had any email addresses printed for his funders as he looks to succeed Senator Beau McCoy in West O and Elkhorn.

No word yet as to whether Brad Ashford, who Linehan has contributed to in this years’s 2nd District Congressional race, will be there. Strangely enough, he did not make it into the OWH’s photo collage for the story.


No more conservatives at Creighton, please

Another weird story out of Creighton University.

Remember the Creighton Professor who added a question to a test asking if Donald Trump was the anti-Christ?

Well the student who posted the photo of the question on the Twitter, was sophomore Justin Carrizales.

The College Fix reports that Carrizales is in the ROTC and is Creighton rep for a new national conservative political group for young people, called “Turning Point USA“. Recently Carrizales went to Creighton’s Student Life and Involvement Center (SLIC) to apply to have Turning Point have an official Creighton chapter.

Creighton’s SLIC turned him down.
Because “the proposed club is too similar to other clubs at Creighton”.

Which clubs?
They wouldn’t say.

Any other reasons or suggestions or anything?
Well, here are some of the other clubs at Creighton

College Democrats
Green Jays
Peace and Justice Cooperative (“to address issues of economic inequality, sustainability, human rights, and social justice”)
Today’s Aquatic Protectors (“committed to preserving the water resources of all people”)

One could certainly argue there is a fair amount of overlap between the Green Jays, and the Water People. And then if they had their pizza parties in the same dorm breezeway as the College Dems, with a corner for the Peace and Justice folks, well, you wouldn’t really need THAT many paper plates, not to mention pizzas.
(Though you BETTER have a vegetarian pizza there, and don’t even get me started on gluten.)

So is it really that tough to say “yes” to another pro-conservative group? Sure you’ve got a “Young Americans for Liberty” chapter and of course your College Republicans…but so what? (And oh by the way, apparently the two groups don’t even get along.)

Isn’t college supposed to be about having different choices? Heck, if nothing else, the GOP primary has shown the different factions amongst conservatives today. And is that a BAD thing? (Here is an interesting story about Turning Point USA’s young founder.)

Then again, maybe CU didn’t want to have someone with Carrizales’ Twitter account continuing to give them a bad rap.

Well, let’s just say that disallowing a conservative group isn’t exactly great press for the Hilltoppers.


Rotating heads

Don Walton of the LJS wrote up a little news nugget from Senator Deb Fischer’s weekly phone news conference yesterday.

He noted that the Senator is generally not in favor of caucuses — especially for Nebraska Republicans. And further, she likes the idea of rotating regional primaries for the next Presidential election — noting though that maybe her colleagues Senators Grassley and Ernst of Iowa might now agree.

Now, I would not expect the Don to note that this was MY question about the caucuses, and MY suggestion (about the regional primaries) to Senator Fischer. But, you know, I’m telling you here. Just because.


Talkin’ ’bout last night

As I’m writing this, my phone is buzzing with the alerts that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is endorsing Donald Trump.

Certainly interesting, considering he is following it up with undoubtably Trump’s worst debate performance to date.

Marco Rubio clobbered Trump last night — essentially using the same bullying tactics on him that Trump has used on his competitors.

Even if you’re a Trump fan, you have to admit that Rubio saying that Trump repeats himself, then Trump saying, “I don’t repeat myself! I don’t repeat myself!” was pretty funny.

Of course now everyone is saying, “If only Rubio had been doing that from the start!” But no one really knew that was going to be effective for Trump, or effective against him.

And the point that I made on the Twitter, along with everyone else last night was, Will it matter? Yes, Trump got dinged. But there’s a good chance his supporters are cemented, and won’t care. And will the voters coalesce around Rubio now? Cruz did fine, and so did Kasich. Some will float to Rubio, but how does that work for Super Tuesday?

And will Christie’s endorsement make a difference?
It certainly stirs things up.


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Be sure to read the Leavenworth St. post earlier today (just below) by L.St. contributor “Cross of Corn” about State Senator Adam Morfeld’s recent foray into the law.


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  1. Just a name says:

    Creighton has turned into a very liberal progressive place in the last 20 years. Is there any traditional “Catholic identity” left — NO!

    Maybe they can invite Pres. Obama and Fr. James Martin to teach the graduating class about “social Justice”?

    Just the mention of the phrase “Koch Brothers” recently got some CU teaches all worked up!

    Tip of the hat to the few brave souls in the student pro-life group there – keep up your efforts even without much administration help!

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Wonderful to see village atheist leaping to the defense of Catholic identity for Catholic Universities. On this subject you do not know what you are talking about particularly at Creighton. Do not what is going on in this case but there’re a number of conservative student groups at CU.. Suspect Sweeper belonged to Federalist Society and JusticeThomas isa regular visiter.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m a baptized Catholic, guy. I can comment on the Js and their history of support for leftist causes any time I like.

        And,as a faculty advisor to two conservative organizations, I can be thankful we at
        UNL are protected by the 1st amendment

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Anonymous at 1:48, I never said you could not comment, I simply mocked ProfGH”s comment. How this became relevant to you I do not understand. I know you can not be ProfGH, he has never called me anything as nice as guy.

  2. Sparkles says:

    Maybe part of the reason CU turned down Turning Point USA, is because one of their prominently stated goals is to re-brand conservative values, with sound bites like, “Big Government Sucks”.

    Another reason of course, is the exact reason they provided, the existence of –
    Creighton Law School Republicans (Law School Republicans)
    Creighton University College Republicans (College Republicans)
    Federalist Society (Fed Soc)
    Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)

    And two more clubs that may be at first glance overlooked, but are nevertheless vital to the Republican cause:
    Interprofessional Geriatrics Organization (IGO)
    The Wilderness Medicine Club (WMC) – wilderness medicine because it will be vital to Republicans as their party spends the next decade or so wandering aimlessly through the wastelands, desperately seeking relevance.

    And, did you know –
    Esse Quam Videri (EQV)
    A Men’s Development Program at Creighton (EQV) is a program that seeks to help men at Creighton deepen their understanding of masculinity, both individually and within a societal context.

    Also, according the most popular conservative website on the plant, Drudge, Trump crushed Rubio in last night’s debate, 54 to 21.

    But the real take away from last night’s cage match: Fruit Salad SCOTUS

    • Sparkles says:

      If it’s Fruit Salad is the litmus test for SCOTUS, I wonder what polk salad would lead to??
      Certainly something judicial, cause, chain gangs ‘n all.
      (A mean vicious woman)

      • Anonymous says:

        Except that’s not what you said.

        Actually, it’s not true that it takes a big man to admit to his mistakes. It takes a really small man not to.

        I have no idea what Polk salad means. Urban Dictionary hasn’t caught up. Must be one of those Omaha LGBT inside jokes. You’re the kind of guy who makes me want to go vote for an Evangelical.

        Just stop lying. It isn’t nice

    • Drudge isn’t the most popular conservative website on the planet, idiot. Most conservatives gave up on Drudge years ago.

      Sweep; there’s almost no content here. It’s just a constant series of stupid insults to Republicans.

      • Sparkles says:

        Excuse me, dolt.
        Drudge is the SECOND most popular conservative web site on planet.

        Alexa – Top 15 Most Popular Political Websites as of February 2016
        1) Huffington Post – 110,000,000 estimated Unique Monthly Visitors
        2) The Blaze – 25,000,000 estimated Unique Monthly Visitors
        3) Drudge – 21,000,000 estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

        And please, refrain from whining, it makes you look like a second grader.

      • Not whining. Just pointing out that when you’re here posting easily falsifiable crap and Daily Kos style wing-nut propaganda, the website is devalued. I have enough stupid in my life without dealing with you.

        I notice you got really quiet when I pointed out the Senate in the 112th and 113th Congresses wasn’t republican-controlled. You’re like Trump; don’t acknowledge the lies, and hope everyone will forget them.

      • Sparkles says:

        Tip – the Senate doesn’t need to be controlled by Republicans in order for the House to obstruct every bill crafted.

        It’s kind of like atherosclerosis, you don’t need to have a heart attack in conjunction with a stroke to be debilitated by the disease.

        And another little tip, from outside the grandiosity that is the Harbison bubble – you imagine yourself falsifying far more than you actually do.
        Your wilderness awaits.


    • Sparkles says:

      Anonymous at 5:29 (bynd?),

      I can only assume you’re confused, and your reply (ad hominem attack) is a response to the wrong post. Because otherwise, it makes not a lick of sense.

      Our host, Sweeper, is clearly an astute aficionado o’ the tune. He knows what polk salad means.
      Tony Joe White is the true classic, Sir Tom Jones crushes it and nobody moves like Elvis.
      If you were paying attention to the topic at a hand (or had a rudimentary understanding of google), you’d know that GOP presidential aspirant Ben Carson is the source of the nutty “fruit salad” quote.
      Bottom line, you can take your baseless, and quite serious accusation of lying, and sh….

      • bynd says:


        As usual, your crystal ball has failed you as is so often your fatal flaw.

        Wasn’t me. Just another non believer in lala land.

  3. Your own words, back at you.

    “Since being taken over by Republicans during this era of Obama Derangement Syndrome, the last two Congress’s, 112th and 113th, have battled for the notorious distinction of the least productive body politic in American history. It is certain that the current congress, the 114th, will both it’s predecessor’s out of the water.”

    The 112th and 113th ‘Congress’ were not taken over by the Republicans. The House was. The Senate was not.

    Words have meanings.

  4. Lil Mac says:

    I am guessing Huckabee endorses Trump tomorrow, Saturday, so every newspaper in evangelical areas headlines it Sunday, two days before Super Tuesday.

    Frankly, Huckabee’s (and Giuliani’s) intensity in over-defending Trump only makes sense if they have promised him their endorsements and are chomping at the bit while waiting for their cue.

    Christie’s timely endorsement trimmed some post-debate momentums and leaves Trump ready for step two; beating Cruz in Texas. For if Trump wins Texas, the landscape tilts downhill for him. Southern evangelicals will be tickled pink with the Rev. Governor Mike Huckabee rounding out a Palin/Falwell Trifecta for Trump. At least, that’s likely what Trump has in mind. If he takes Texas from Cruz, it can indeed snowball fast,

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Ain’t no way Trump will beat Cruz in Texas! Trump might take Travis and Harris counties (Austin and Houston) but that may well be the extent of his success in Texas. I’m not saying Trump won’t do well; we do have proportional delegate distribution and open primaries. And Independents such as I are still circling the wagons. But in the end I absolutely believe Cruz will be declared the winner in Texas!

      Having read your comments several years now, Lil Mac, I don’t think you are a Trump supporter. Yet you have had an uncanny prescience. Have you gazed into your crystal ball to see whether Trump is a conservative or impostor?

      P.S. We’ve been traveling the roads of Big Bend (SW TX) just for fun. I gotta tell ‘ya, we don’t need no damn wall!!! Aside from destroying the aesthetics of the area, the engineering necessary would be too damn expensive!

    • I”m sure I’ve expressed this before, but never plainly enough. Your crush on Donald Trump is bewildering. In the past, I’ve generally considered what you post to be well-articulated and worth reading. What happened? A stroke? Concussion?

  5. Mr Schuetz says:

    FYI – chip is still looking for quarters in his cushions – he has not yet paid his filing fee so we may have an uncontested primary in NE-2 (there will not be a late surprise entrant after all, I hear)

  6. Elkhorn Voter says:

    So Amanda McGill is running for Millard school board to change their sex ed policies to align with OPS and Lincoln Public Schools. I wonder what Pat Ricketts and Mike Kennedy are going to have to say about that?

  7. Bluejay says:

    This thing at Creighton is the typical liberal power play. Beat some one out of tax money (student fee money) because they are not a crony and then lie about it. Another reason I hate Libs.

  8. Omaha Democrat says:

    I’m glad Amanda is running. That all Republican board in Millard needs a breath of fresh air. Amanda is going to get Millard out of the Dark Ages. Abstinence based sex ed is a joke and refusing to let transgender children to use the bathroom they identify with is illegal. Millard needs to follow OPS’s example and change with the times.

    • bynd says:

      Omaha Democrat or would that be pervert?

      What could possibly be wrong with letting grown men in a restroom or shower with little girls?

      Who ever thought that being a pedophile would be cool and some self defined straights would fight for them to be able to access naked little children legally. Yes, it has already happened.

      Evidently the privacy rights of all of those girls don’t matter. And here we thought Dems supported everyone’s rights. Silly world.

  9. To Omaha Democrat says:

    “OPS’s example”???? You mean kids being proficient in condom use and using “Plan B” instead of being proficient in math, reading, science and writing??? Millard is the best because they don’t have whack-job liberals running the district. Amanda McGill has no clue how conservative Millard is politically. Her liberal record is well known.

  10. JD says:

    Maybe Amanda McGill will make Millard kids proficient in being prepared for a career as a Target Cashier. What are her qualifications?

  11. Millard West Parent says:

    If former Lincoln State Senator Amanda McGill thinks she can carpetbag from Lincoln and then try to change Millard’s conservative culture she has no clue what she is up against. We are a tight community and once parent’s know she is trying to change our sex ed classes and have boys change in the girls locker rooms. This race is over.

  12. Omaha Democrat says:

    To Millard West Parent. Get over yourself. You suburbanites are afraid of a transgender child showering in your daughter’s lockerroom. ITS THE LAW!!!! Amanda has always been a strong supporter of the Transgender community. Shame on you Millard Parents

      • bynd says:

        Any: @ 2:54.

        Hyperbole? Not at all. Reality? Yes.

        The libs now have their 1% to rival the Repubs. And they expect the 99% to bend to the comfort of the 1% whether or not it makes the 99% uncomfortable or down right discriminated against.

        Sahll we point out again all the things the SCOTUS has had wrong over the years? That would be waste of time. We know what they are. and not to long ago, a male wanting access to a female restroom was known at a minimum as a pervert at the worst a pedophile. No change in the law makes that fact any different. It just makes the libs feel better about their friends and what they do not that it seems to be decriminalized.

        I suppose you believe Mark Mays is just a misunderstood person. That is what society is now breeding in greater numbers than ever before.

        4 million child porn sites on the internet. $20 billion a year industry. Yep, let’s let them pee wherever they want to.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Omaha Lawyer, Are you saying that the executive order, rule making, does not encompass the conduct or are you saying you think it is unlawful? Certainly lawful rules are law, though not statutory law. Had not seen this term internal executive directive, what does it mean?

  13. Omaha Lawyer says:

    Omaha Democrat, It’s not the Law. Title iX does not include gender identity. The Obama admin self proclaimed this new addition to the law by an internal executive directive. I’m not a Millard resident but I cannot see Lincoln Senator MCGill getting Millard parents to go along with her exteme views on this issue.

  14. Omaha Democrat says:

    Well I think the ACLU and Ms. Conrad will have the last word on that Omaha Lawyer. Senator Conrad will deal with you trans-phobic bigots.

  15. To Idiot says:

    Those bigoted girls should have to change in the nurses room. These kids need to have their identity recognized. Do you know the suicide rates for these kids??? I guess it will take a lawsuit from the ACLU to shut you people up. I’m going to support Amanda McGill!

    • bynd says:

      to the real idiot at 4:28.

      So you can prove your system lessens the amount of suicides? You don’t traumatize the 99% for the 1%. That only makes it worse for all.

  16. @4:28 says:

    You can wish you are skinny but that does not make you skinny. Bigoted? what about the greater good? 99% of people feel uncomfortable. Let us focus on the greater good.

  17. Politico says:

    Not a smart move by Ashford to have one of his top staffers run for the Millard School Board. Amanda McGill is even more liberal than Brad. I can see the Republicans make her an issue in his race. Not too smart!

  18. MPS Parent says:

    She doesn’t stand a chance and we will make sure that Amanda McGill doesn’t get on the school board in Millard. This parent will work hard to see that she doesn’t get anywhere near our school board.

  19. To Ryan says:

    Oh look it is wacko Ryan of the ultra liberal Reader. He must have changed his mind on Amada after attacking her on an article about her jetsetting on the donors dime. Go back to writing movie reviews on hot tub time machine 2 and leave Millard alone!

  20. Spiky psyche says:

    There is many a Psych thesis in this presidential race waiting to be written. Trump is a study. But what he elicits in his opponents is downright illuminating.

    Most Trump attackers learn, the hard way, that they have bits of reactive PC inside them that backfires, so they absorb this cardinal lesson: Never attack rude-truth for being rude.

    However, some chastised public figures don’t learn because they are blinded by an irrational urge to turn themselves into what baited them in the first place. For example, Kelly’s new butchy look and Rubio’s new filthy mouth.

    Megyn and Marco failed no worse than the RNC Chairman and the Pope. Yet Megyn is turning into an angry man and Marco is turning into a bitchy woman, which is clinically fascinating.

    Indeed, Megyn is turning herself into the lesbian liberal Rosy who Megyn rose to defend against Trump’s bait. Similarly, Marco is now turning ultra-rude because he never has understood that Trump’s rude-truth works because it is true. Marco and Megyn project on others a weird double-down that says rude outweighs true.

    Megyn and Marco are turning themselves into what Trump used to bait them. That is remarkable.

  21. Lil Mac says:

    Well said. Nearly everyone who leads the Parties, Press and Congress are obsessed by “favorability”. They stupidly believe Americans want to “like” a President; when in fact Americans “like” ice cream, pets and Three Stooges comedies. Americans also like courageous victims but no American wants to be a victim. Sure Democrats are worse but, holy shit, how much blinder than blind do you have to be for blindness to be dangerous to you?

    A poll of Massachusetts voters shows Kasich 17 points more likable than Trump yet Kasich trails Trump by 24 points in votes. Americans respect and need strength which often isn’t very likable.

  22. Millard North Parent says:

    Amanda McGill has no business being on our school board. She is too extreme. We have a very strong religious community here and we are not going to have our schools look like the mess in OPS. Thanks but no thanks Amanda.

  23. Anonymous says:

    A: Why should Millard school parents elect a carpet-bagger from Lincoln who doesn’t even have any kids in the school system? B: As a Federal employee, isn’t there a restriction on her running for local office, some kind of rule that guides Fed employees that says they aren’t even allowed to campaign for others? I don’t remember the name of the rule, just thought there was some guideline about what Fed employees can and cannot do in politics.

  24. To anonymous above says:

    You just hate Progressive minded people like Amanda. Amanda has been a champion of LGBT rights. You Millard bigots are going to have a rude awakening in November.

    • bynd says:

      Is it even possible to find a progressive that isn’t mean and bitter? A bigot calling others bigots. How unoriginal. How boring.

  25. Peanut Gallery says:

    I’m just waiting to hear what McGill tells parents about boys playing on their daughter’s teams and traveling with them on the road. Grab some popcorn for this one.

  26. Millard South Parents says:

    We believe Brad Ashford is behind this. We are telling all the parents at Millard South and Central Middle School to vote against Ashford and McGill.

  27. Ben Sasse last night became the first GOP senator to say he will not support Trump if Trump is the nominee. It’s in a lengthy and thoughtful Facebook post, but Politico has now picked up on it.

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