Parking Lot Ninja

Parking Lot, and Mrs. Ninja at the Obama rally
Parking Lot, and Mrs. Ninja at the Obama rally

Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford has decided that Republican Congressional candidate Don Bacon is a threat.

Don is such a threat that Ashford sent a spy to Bacon’s campaign headquarters last week.

But not just any spy. Not some unassuming college kid. Or even a grandma.
No, Brad Ashford sent his District Director’s husband in to see what he could find out at Don Bacon’s office opening.

Bacon invited in his volunteers and supporters to his office opening last Thursday evening. Everyone pretty much knew and recognized each other.

So when a little boy told his mommy that “the creepy man alone in the corner with the camera” was scaring him, Bacon’s campaign peeps took to see what was going on.

And who was wielding the iPhone, but one Clayton Johnson, new hubby of Ashford’s District Director (and former State Senator) Amanda McGill Johnson. Seems that Clayton was surprised that he was immediately recognized by the Bacon campaigners, but continued skulking around the office.

Then it was made clear to him that this was a party for supporters…not “Trackers”.
Clayton didn’t budge.
It was made clear to him that he was trespassing on private property.
Mr. Amanda McGill held his ground.
He was warned that the police would be called if he did not leave.
Johnson called their bluff.
So, the Bacon peeps called the po-po.

And Clayton Johnson literally ran and hid.
Don’t believe it?

Here is the husband of Congressman Brad Ashford’s District Director hiding behind a car so that he won’t be seen or arrested.

Tracker 5


Johnson 03
Ah, the internets…

Usually trackers find candidates at public forums so that they can hold them to their statements. “You say now that you’re against that bill, but back in February you said that you supported it.

But this kind of stuff — sending in a spy to the campaign HQ — is much more of the dirty tricks variety. It is hoping that they’ll capture something really juicy when the candidate thinks he is only around like-minded folks. It’s hoping that Bacon will say something that he wouldn’t say anywhere else.

Except that Don Bacon is a retired Brigadier General who says what he means and means what he says. He doesn’t pussy-foot around, trying to be all things to all people.

For instance, he doesn’t tell you that on one hand he likes Hillary, but on the other he likes Jeb Bush. Or John Kasich. Depending, of course, on who he’s standing in front of.

But the fact that Brad Ashford is sending in his spy-team should tell you that Ashford is just a LEEEETLE worried about Don Bacon. And for his own re-election prospects.

When you’re confident, you don’t release the parking-lot ninjas.


Oh Mandy

And as long as we are on Brad Ashford’s staff, note that his above-referenced District Director, former Democrat State Senator Amanda McGill Johnson is running for the Millard School Board.

Ms. McGill represented her district in central Lincoln, Nebraska when she was in the Unicameral. Prior to that she was a TV reporter in Sioux City, Iowa.

Now that she is working for Ashford, she moved to Omaha from her Lincoln district, but she does not have any children in the Millard School District.

But she wants to put HER stamp on the Millard School Board.


What a fine place to try to reignite one’s political career! (You know, since when she ran for State Auditor in 2014 that didn’t work out.)

Millard schools have an abstinence based sex-ed policy.
Millard backed the Catholic schools on the NSAA transgender rule.

Maybe former Senator McGill could insert her NEW way of thinking into the Millard community.

But no word on whether she will be sending in her ninja-husband into Millard School Board opponents’ HQs.

Keep an eye on the parking lots.


Quoth the Gipper…

And on that note, Brad Ashford had a Tweet on Saturday…

…that recalled another, very famous, quote:


Seems to have walked right into that one…


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  1. Huskerredstate20 says:

    Get ready Millard, McGill/Johnson wants to “Planned Parenthood-erize” your school district, just like in OPS. Maybe Suzie Buffett can help fund the effort!

    • Sparkles says:

      OPS deliberated for 18 months prior to updating it’s sex education curriculum.
      For the curriculum related to grades 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, the vote was a unanimous 9-0.
      For the 10th grade curriculum the vote was 8-1.

      Part of what the OPS Board likely deliberated over 18 months –
      Abortion rates in the United States are right now at record low levels, much of this success attributed to sex education and more ready access to contraception.
      A 2008 University of Washington study which found that teenagers who received comprehensive sex education were 60% less likely to get pregnant than someone who received abstinence-only education.
      A 2007 federal report found that abstinence-only programs have had “no impacts on rates of sexual abstinence,”
      States with abstinence-only education have the highest rates of teen pregnancies.

      Knowledge, in all forms, at all ages, is good.

      • bynd says:

        I guess your selective use of stats probably qualifies you as a racist. Single black motherhood is at an all time high. But, if Sparkles the compassionate doesn’t care why should we? Just think how bad it would be if they weren’t aborting at a genocidal rate.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, What do you mean by all time high, gross numbers, % of population or what? What is your source? Is there any break down by school district sex ed programs? Your argument is only valid if the absence programs are more successful in reaching black teens. Otherwise race is not relevant to Sparkles remarks. Given how early in pregnancy most abortion occur, I am dubious about talk of genocide particularly since you are telling us how many babies are being born.

      • Macdaddy says:

        OPS, at least in the last decade, did not have an abstinence-only sex ed curriculum. Care to share any other non-pertinent info with us?

        Your comment about knowledge in all forms at all ages makes me suspect that you’d like to show kindergarteners sexually explicit “educational” films. Or would you like to go younger?

  2. repenting lawyer says:

    Sweeper, Do not be silly, sending people into other sides HQ is hardly a dirty trick or new, Rs did it in 1954 in at least on Senate race in NE. Big part of any Congressman’s job is helping constituents deal with government
    Will not comment on Millard since I met this blog at a CLE sitting next to Kennedy,, he was reading this blog instead of listening, I mostly slept.

    • Well, if it happened 62 years ago, then I guess it’s cool now!
      Then again, apparently Mr. Johnson isn’t the history buff that you are, seeing as he went about checking tires of all the cars in the parking lot.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Sweeper, In those days it was mostly taking a lot of bumper sticker and throwing them away. Not so much history buff as I was there. Agree Johnson was very silly, but hardly a great political trickster.

  3. Millard Resident says:

    Does Amanda McGill know anything about Millard? They Elected Ricketts, Kennedy and Pate. They are pretty conservative. The person who is leaving that Board, was a member of Doug Kagan’s tax group. That district is full of conservative voters. I can’t wait until she unveils a Purple Penguin Program for Millard. The Millard Parents will eat her alive.

  4. united federation of ginger tolerance says:

    These remarks about Amanda are bigotted. Gingers have been oppressed for years. And yes we do have souls. Sweeper as a ginger should not accept this intollerence!

  5. To Purple Penguin says:

    Millard isn’t Lincoln. Amanda got her ass kicked when she face a majority of Republican voters. Her record speaks for itself. McGill is an extreme liberal. That Board will campaign against her.

  6. Matt says:

    I don’t support Don Bacon because of ideological differences but, I’ve met him several times and he seems like a pretty nice guy. But, what’s described here is pretty dispicable. He threw the guy off his property and called the cops just because of his political affiliation!?!? This was a public event – they weren’t checking to make sure you’re a Republican at the door. Obviously, there’s some information that campaigns keep secret from their opponents but, not at PUBLIC office openning events! What did the guy think he was gonna find, anyway – what color their yard signs are gonna be!?!?

    • Here is the info I have.
      The husband of Ashford’s District Director walked into the gathering in Bacon’s office.
      He started filming the people at the gathering.
      He was politely asked to stop.
      He would not stop.
      He was told that if he didn’t stop he would be asked to leave.
      He didn’t stop.
      He was then asked to leave.
      He didn’t leave.
      He was told the police would then be called for trespassing.
      He still didn’t leave.
      The cops were called.
      The husband of Ashford’s District Director then ran and hid in the parking lot.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Sweeper, What was the dirty trick? Filming an open meeting! Some trespasses in NE are criminal, was not leaving one of them? Calling police maybe as silly as what Johnson did. Why not just ignore him?

  7. Bob Loblaw says:


    There’s a difference between public and private property. If they asked him to leave because he was making people uncomfortable, then that is their right. Who says it was a public event anyways? It was a party or reception for supporters. That doesn’t equal a free for all for whoever wants to show up.

    • Matt says:

      It was public because I was invited and I support his opponent. It was not a party or reception for supporters – it was an open house for his new office.

  8. bynd says:


    The reason race is a factor in what Sparkles says is that his trends are not applicable to African Americans. So all of the happy talk is true in general but not for African Americans. That would be a definition of racists, not taking into account the difference between races but presenting it as the same for all.

    And now, since I’m not sure whether or not Sweeper will allow my post with cut & paste on the web sites you require. Just Google % of single black mothers or births to single black mothers. That would take you to black or black unwed mothers.

    And then Google the genocide of African Americans by abortion. That takes you to

    Ironic that Planned Parenthood is associated mainly with the poor and it is that group, especially black, that has the most abortions and highest incidence of unwed mothers. Another definition of success by the left?

  9. repenting lawyer says:

    Bynd, Even if you are right that the programs of OPS are not working, the comparison was with abstinence only, Unless you have something different to offer for African American teens, which is being ignored by schools, your remarks are not relevant and your charge of racism is unsupported. As far as Planned Parenthood is concerned, it is not relevant to the discussion and if it is not a total success so what. Issues about absent fathers and illegitimacy in families in poverty goes back to late 1950s, eg Moynihan and Oscar Lewis. Your answer seems to be complain and blame others.

    • bynd says:


      If you don’t understand that we are talking about females as young as 14 or less, I would have to say you have buried your head in the sand much to long on this subject. Even the OWH did a story several years ago about a pregnant 14 year in old in Omaha who states she is only good for making babies.

      Maybe you just a little a time to study the subject. Sweeper doesn’t like cut and paste and it is the only way to educate one on such things. As for the PP thing. A peripheral subject whose relevance is that they are not all they are cracked up to be in the world of poor teenage pregnancy since they are not used by the females in the area they claim they serve except for mainly abortion services. Just as Sparkles loves to point out the history of those he opposes because he believes it is some how relevant to today, then the fact that PP was started by a lady whose goal was to eliminate blacks in the US must also be relevant.

      You might start with Dean Kalahar and his article on the decline of the African American family.

      • Sparkles says:

        I know you find it a novel approach, but how about we just stick with the facts, bynd.
        Pew Charitable Trust – March 03, 2015
        Racial and Ethnic Disparities Persist in Teen Pregnancy Rates

        Go read it. the take away –
        Pregnancy and birth rates for black and Latina teens have dropped precipitously in the past two decades — at a much faster clip than that of white teens.

        But of course we all know disparities exist in teen pregnancy rates in poor and minority communities.
        Nevertheless, this fact in NO WAY detracts from the empirically proven value of sex education in schools. In fact, in enhances it’s value.

        The argument is – there is a proven solution to the problem of teen pregnancy and the transmission of STDs. Regardless, the faith based community demands we ignore these proven solutions in favor of shoving our collective fingers in our ears and calling out; la-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la – because.. Jesus.

        Education and access, education and access, education and access, education and access.

        Also, your comment about who Planned Parenthood serves and what they provide to their communities is astonishingly ignorant. It could not be more incorrect.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, None of this has anything to do with schools or their sex ed programs, the issue we were discussing. You called Sparkles a racist for the discussion, yet whatever the state of the African American family it had nothing to do with his remarks. My complaint was with your charge against him based on no evidence. I would have thought my references indicate some knowledge of the issue, but I was a college boy when I read Dan M’s piece on the Black family and I am now 75 so arguments about the state of the African American family are not new, and whatever the right answer the problem can hardly be blamed on OPS or Sparkles. The early history of PP and the eugenics movement in USA is hardly a secret. My Con Law teacher was a Holocaust surviver and we discussed the issue in connection with Buck v Bell in 1964.

      • Sparkles says:

        Since Texas slashed funding to Planned Parenthood in 2011, more than half the state’s abortion clinics have shuttered — and data show births among poor women have surged, according to a New England Journal of Medicine study, published Febr. 3, 2016.

        And of course since PP serves almost exclusively poor women and men, nearly all these births were paid for by Medicaid, with coverage for healthy pregnancies — prenatal care, labor and delivery — typically costing at least $8,000 per baby.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, The article you refer to is by a high school teacher in Fla, hardly a prominent scholar. He mostly repeats the view of Thomas Sowell, whose views are hardly surprising since theW-H has fairly regularly printed his column. I am not one of his fans, though he was once a decent economic historian. There is ample material on the other side. I do not buy into neoclassical microeconomic views of teenage sexuality or sexual behavior in general, and I have read Garry Becker.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Sparkles…I can see that this is a topic for which you have an intense interest. Perhaps you should try heading down to Texas and explaining to those women how babies are made…it’s pretty apparent that they’ve never been fully educated on the subject.

        Of course…you would argue that ‘abstinence-only sex ed’ is to blame, but I’m pretty sure schools still teach basic biology.

  10. Would you want this guy near a playground? says:

    The guy sounds irrational and there were kids scared by him. Not the kind of guy you would want near a school.

    • Macdaddy says:

      Don’t miss the fact that Hillary, apparently completely unable to learn any lessons from Iraq and then Libya, was bound and determined to make the same mistakes in Syria.

    • Sparkles says:

      You should be sure to read a much more important article, in that very same issue.
      An article about a sea change election that effects the safety and security of hundreds of millions around the globe, including every American.

      The article highlighting the just concluded elections in Iran where the Iranian President Rouhani and fellow moderates made significant gains.
      An account of how reactionary voices in Iranian politics are losing ground to moderates, buoyed by the sweeping nuclear deal hammered out between the Obama and Rouhani administrations.
      Importantly, an election in which the two most radical clerics were ousted from the Assembly of Experts, a panel with the duty of selecting Iran’s next supreme leader. A new leader who, in conjunction with the newly empowered moderate governing body, can bring peace and stability to the world’s most dangerously unstable region.

      The too-long repressed youth of Iran stepped forward and rejected the radicals within their government and embraced the moderates, in what is clearly a referendum on the nuclear deal.
      A referendum in which President’s Obama and Hassan Rouhani emerged victors, and virtually every prominent critic of the nuclear pact was defeated.

      History will note this sea change in Iran to be one of President Obama’s most notable achievements.
      And another in which he had to battle, every step of the way, an almost treasonous Republican party.

      • Sparkles says:

        Frankly, who cares about Libya.
        Iran is the the power, the lynchpin, in the Mideast. A power that has grown exponentially since GW and his ClusterDumpling Gang thought they’d try their hand at spreadin’ some freedum about the globe.

        Libya is to Iran as Judge Wapner is to Hugo Black.

  11. TexasAnnie says:

    Lil Mac:
    It’s decision day here in Texas and as I promised weeks ago, I will not vote for Donald Trump! Then you identified me as a “cowgirl” for stating my derision for the leading candidate, and cautioned me to watch for chuckholes. I used to vote Libertarian knowing full well they couldn’t win; I was voting my conscience. And I still vote my conscience, even though I have registered Independent since the 2008 Libertarian convention (of which I was a delegate).

    So I’ll use my ‘Independent’ vote for literally anyone but Trump! (We have open primaries here.)

  12. Lil Mac says:

    Texas Annie:

    Thank you for exercising your freedom franchise; and hooray for you voting your conscience. I am not sure how you can vote someone else’s conscience but hooray anyway.

    We each have a better chance of hitting a jackpot than our vote mattering in an election. We are here to assess and predict what a vast sea of human voters will do. That is more useful than massaging our own choices. You seem effected by this vast sea of voters and you turn inwards. Okay, vote for whomever you think is the best candidate. That is reasonable.

    However, you aren’t voting for the best candidate in your opinion. You said so. You said you are voting for “Anyone but Trump” and that includes every child molester and felonious Hillary too. You don’t even limit it to candidates. I wouldn’t brag about that.

    Trump’s ideas are simple and voters see them simply. Sovereignty, border security, enforcing law, simplifying bureaucracy, and color blindness. That’s what he says. To many it is common sense, popular, and yet it breaks Party leaders’ rice bowls thus prompting men like Romney and McConnell to throw buckets of gasoline onto Trump’s flaming support. I see then as PC addicts scrambling for a last fix.

    This election is epic, pyrrhic, emetic, comic and tragic all at the same time. Laugh or cry; it is happening.

    If you want to blame me for Trump, thanks. Somehow I don’t think that gets me a cabinet position.

  13. TexasAnnie says:

    I don’t blame you for Trump, that’s Gerard…

    And you clearly have knowledge about the process of electing a U.S. president that excels beyond mere book-learning. By “anyone but Trump” I did limit my choice to candidates on the ballot. And here in Texas, we had a whopping 21 choices plus a write-in space!

    Also, voting “one’s conscience” means just that. I didn’t vote my pocketbook, or desire for a female president, or even a strong will against Trump. I voted for the candidate (still in the race) who demonstrated the closest ideology to my own: John Kasich!

    I still don’t believe that you are a Trump supporter; but I think you are a great Trump predictor!

  14. bynd says:


    I’m not sure continuing this conversation is worth the time. However, the charge of racism is used profusely by liberals when ever they do not have another charge to make but the opinion expressed is not in accordance with theirs eg. white Americans have a racists view of Obama and that is why they hate him so much. I simply turned that lame argument back in the same lame way that libs throw it out.

    As pointed out, abstinence only is not the curriculum of OPS, although it doesn’t go as far as some may want it to go. Even PP presents to kids in the area. The point is simply this, as old, bald, white people proclaim the advances of education towards sexuality and it’s the lessening of it’s darker consequences, such is not always the same for the minority groups.

    In deed, I have a good friend who is the head of a ministry group in North Omaha that deals with incarcerated kids, family intervention and group homes. He will tell you, it isn’t so much about sex education as it is about family and family values education.

    Also to tout sex education as a silver bullet is misleading also. Reuters, 2/9/2012. The point is, generalized statements on such important subjects are not of any value to the discussion for edification purposes. They are for inflammatory and selfish agenda pushing on the backs of those that they exploit. It is, as the libs say, disgusting. Do both sides do it, sure. But the vitriol of minority parties in most states, at least in the sites i see in this state, far exceed what is considered a civilized debate or discussion or one of any value. Thus, the state of our political system today.

    But in any case, thanks as always for the discussion and I am sure we will have more in the future.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd, I am sure sex education is not a magic bullet. I suspect it probably does more good than harm even when it conveys knowledge about contraception. Last person I called a racist was George Wallace while watching the integration of U of Alabama on tv, and he changed some over the years. I do not like the politics of epithets, which is why I have not been politically active since 1972. Do this conversation to keep my brain active and to help with audience deprivation.

  15. You Know says:

    She must be getting fired if she’s running for MPS Board. Know it s hard for a political hack whose longest emplment was as a checker at SuperTarget, but try and be professional when representing the people of the 2nd Congressional District.

  16. Parking Lot Creeper says:

    Hiding from the police is a, um, CRIME. Flight to avoid arrest, but IF he wasn’t hiding in the parking lot, who was he stalking? Ashford’s getting off to a really creepy start to his re-election that he “doesn’t have time to raise any money for.”

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