Drafted Sasse?

zKNStie_A few notes post Super-Tuesday (as opposed to “Über-Tuesday” on March 15th)…

There a a million ways to slice it, but there seems to be a consistent view now, that the only way Donald Trump loses is if he cannot get to 1,237 delegates — as opposed to Rubio or Cruz reaching that number. In that case you have a contested convention, and all heck breaks loose.

But keep in mind that when Uber-Tuesday starts, you have states that give the delegates Winner Take All — Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri — and if Trump wins those, it is likely game-over.

Of course, many note that Kasich could win Ohio. There is hope for Rubio in Florida…

But because some are more hopeful on this stuff, note the following:


Yes, that means that Nebraska’s May 10th vote would come prior to that date.
But with those numbers, one would think it would be a done-deal.

But with this weird year, who knows.


The Christie stare

Lots of making fun of Chris Christie standing behind Trump at his post-win presser last night but…a masterful move by Trump with that conference.

He could have done the bellowing from the pulpit to his fans like everyone else does. But instead, he took questions, answered them politely, complimented some of his opponents, and was generally calm.

And he is already looking post the primary, with his position on Planned Parenthood. You know that many Dems are one-issue on abortion, as many Republicans are. But Trump may have put that past, by saying no federal funds, but otherwise…praising Planned Parenthood.

Now it may piss you off that Trump isn’t saying he’ll stop abortion. But he’s saying “no federal money”, which has been the goal of many in the movement. And yet he doesn’t go so hard as to piss off the other side too much.

Again, maybe neither side is happy with that answer, but sometimes that is the compromise position. I’m not saying that is good, but it puts him in a decent, middle spot.



Senator Ben Sasse has been getting a fair amount of mileage from joining, or leading, the #NeverTrump ranks. He is pretty much saying he’ll go third-party, if Republicans nationwide choose Trump as the GOP nominee.

But Nebraska’s Senior Senator, Deb Fischer, is specifically NOT in that camp:

“I think a third option would give the White House to Hillary Clinton, and I’m not about to do that. Her first action as president would be to nominate a liberal progressive Supreme Court justice, that’s what’s at stake here and we can’t forget that.”

But the OWH, specifically reporter Robynn Tysver, tweets that Republicans have to come to grips with Sasse’s demands that “If GOP embraces politics of Donald Trump, ‘I’m out’

Well, except that how do you define almost ALL of those terms (save “if” and “of”)?

GOP — the chair? the convention? the voters? the Congressional leadership? the governors?

embraces — where to go with that gigantically broad idea?

politics — same
(Sasse’s spokesman say he means the “identity politics”, but that doesn’t make it any easier to define)

Donald Trump — ok, we get that — but WHICH of his “politics”, if you define that term? The wall? foreign policy? tax policy? ObamaCare? Some of those? All of those?

out — leave the party? just not vote for him? follow a 3rd Presidential party? start a new party?

As I’ve said before, I think Sasse’s goal here is to go hard-core, so that GOP voters see a stark contrast, and don’t think a Trump vote is any sort of option.

And that’s not a bad strategy, in the Primary.

But if Trump does end up getting the nomination fair and square, Sasse putting his thumb into the eye of all of Trump’s voters is…a different move.

But until then, it is probably the only move the rest of the GOP has at this point.


Gym Rat Draft?

But there are SOME supporters who don’t see Sasse’s play as just a political gambit.

Late yesterday THIS site started:

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.16.23 PM

They are basically via the Twitter handle @DraftSasse, but also made a bare-bones web page at DraftSasse.com.

For a while, they were even putting up first-person Tweets, as if Ben was putting them up himself. But that seems to have changed.

They now state

We are collective of conservative young people who want to encourage him to run, should trump win the nomination.

Our mission is to gauge wether there is enough interest among conservatives to support and unite behind Sen. Sasse.

Sasse hasn’t “disavowed” the site, but one of his lieutenants, Jordan Gehrke, tweeted back at them:

And he asked them to stop tweeting under the name “Ben Sasse”.

Then again, the OWH cartoonist Jeff Koterba joined the fray as well…



Pete’s Mom’s PAC

And Pete Rickett’s mom has a new ad out against Trump.

Well, from “Our Principles PAC” that “she” is funding, anyway:


THAT should get the Speaker’s attention…

And in all that excitement on Super Tuesday, freshman House member, from the minority party, Brad Ashford, proposed amending the Constitution to require a balanced budget.

Because now he can say he did!


ICYMI (update)

Dr. Ben Carson’s statement on suspending his campaign for President:

I have decided not to attend the Fox News GOP Presidential Debate tomorrow night in Detroit.  Even though I will not be in my hometown of Detroit on Thursday, I remain deeply committed to my home nation, America.  I do not see a political path forward in light of last evening’s Super Tuesday primary results. However, this grassroots movement on behalf of “We the People” will continue. Along with millions of patriots who have supported my campaign for President, I remain committed to Saving America for Future Generations. We must not depart from our goals to restore what God and our Founders intended for this exceptional nation.

I appreciate the support, financial and otherwise, from all corners of America.  Gratefully, my campaign decisions are not constrained by finances; rather by what is in the best interests of the American people. 

I will discuss more about the future of this movement during my speech on Friday at CPAC in Washington, D.C.


Exciting, real, stuff!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am a former party executive. I find the garbage pouring out of some GOP leaders breathtakingly impolitic. If they want to fight, fine. But this is crazy party suicide.

    Sen. Graham told the press that anyone can kill Ted Cruz, actually murder Sen. Cruz “on the floor of the Senate and nobody would convict”. Murder US Senator Cruz. But just today Sen. Graham turns around and says he is “warming up to Ted Cruz”. From murder to friendly.

    Like Sen. Sasse’s behavior toward the frontrunner, Graham’s is breathtakingly impolitic.

    • Sparkles says:

      Yea, right.
      Because being impolitic is something new and novel to the Republican party.

      “It would be terrible to think that the left was right about the right all these years,” Bret Stephens ( deputy editorial page editor) wrote on Monday at the Wall Street Journal. “Nativist bigotries must not be allowed to become the animating spirit of the Republican Party. If Donald Trump becomes the candidate, he will not win the presidency, but he will help vindicate the left’s ugly indictment.”

      A sentiment Ross Douthat, conservative columnist for the NYT echoed today.

      Since the evolution (or devolution) of the Tea Party, impolitic is litmus test for Republican elective office.
      Just ask Joe Wilson (R-SC), who raised over $1 Million from “You Lie!”

      When reading this morning’s take on last nights events, I couldn’t help but think – I love the smell of a good reckoning in the morning.

    • Republican Donor says:

      The Republican Party is in the process of an aggressive transformation that has been in the works since Bill Clinton became President. To those Republican politicians who refuse to play ball with those they purport to represent – well, they will be elected OUT of office and replaced with the new guard. Sasse is too “establishment” to ever change, so I expect he will be voted out during the next NE Senate Primary.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I heard the Marijuana Party was running a candidate against Adrian Smith out in the 3rd district, maybe they’d be willing to pick up Sasse for President. I hear they have ballot access in 8 or 9 states in 2016.

  3. Ricky says:

    Ben Sasse is a very weird guy.
    Did he ever answer the question of whether or not he wrote “torture memos” for W Bush while at Justice?
    I think he did but the fluffiness of the media won’t ask him.
    What a goofball.
    ricky from omaha

    • Sparkles says:

      GW’s Deputy AG, John Yoo wrote the Torture Memos.

      Two days after taking office, President Obama signed an Executive Order repudiating and revoking all legal guidance on interrogation authored by Yoo and his successors.

    • The Grundle King says:

      There ya go, Ricky. Your idiotic conspiracy theory up in smoke.

      There’s a difference between being ignorant, and being an ignoramus. Every post you write further clarifies which term best fits you.

  4. Amazed says:

    Pete and his family need to quit hiding behind his Mother’s Apron. Pete- “So what did you do today Mom”, his mom- “Well son I wrote some nice gentleman a $3million check to give Mr. Trump a piece of my mind” , Pete- “Oh mom did you tell dad, or the rest of the family about this”, his mom -“No, I remember that trouble you guys got in when you spent millions against Obama and the Mayor of Chicago messed with your baseball team so I kept it to myself” Pete-“Mom next time let us handle the politics, you keep baking those famous Oatmeal Cookies for the Grand kids”

  5. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this “draft sasse” nonsense the same way that Sasse was “drafted” into the senate race by fahleson? Very sad and transparent yet again.

    • Republican Donor says:

      Clearly, he’s a legend in his own mind…he reminds me far too much of Rubio (that is NOT a compliment).

    • Republican Donor says:

      Trump has brought (so far) hundreds-of-thousands of new voters to the first 15 GOP Primaries & Caucuses, which translates to millions of new GOP voters in the general election. Make no mistake, Trump defeats Ms. Clinton in a landslide come November – bigger that even Reagan’s victory in 1984.

      The establishments of both parties are frightened beyond belief at the prospect of a government that is actually forced to act on behalf “of the people”…Trump is perhaps our last and best hope at saving the greatest nation in the history of the world.

      • Oracle says:

        …that is actually forced to act on behalf “of the people”…
        Please tell me why you believe this. There is nothing in Trump’s history that shows him acting on behalf “of the people”. His history is one of screwing people. An actual person is running, not his TV persona. Many have trouble discerning the difference.

  6. Republican Donor says:

    How about Sasse actually accomplish something noteworthy as a U.S. Senator before running for President.

    As a 20+ year donor to the Republican Party and follower of Jesus Christ, I have prayed and will continue to pray that God delivers Donald Trump as our next President. No, the man is not perfect, but to anyone who has been attention to our generally deteriorating nation over the past 30 years, it is obvious that the “leaders” of BOTH parties have been working together to diminish American Liberty while fleecing America’s taxpayers. Enough is enough – Go Trump Go!

    • Oracle says:

      Funny! You’ve actually got that backwards. Trump has quite a history of fleecing people (see Trump U) so why you’d think his game would change is beyond me.

      • Oracle says:

        It’s sad that people buy into Trump’s schtick, when it’s very easy to debunk his serial lies. He’ll get some Dems to vote for him, but most of us are not so gullible. A tiger can’t change its spots.

      • Go read some polls, alleged Republican Donor. There aren’t enough yahoos like you to get to 50%. Personally, I’d predict against Hillary, he’ll get 30%.

  7. Tired Of The Professor Yet? says:

    Dear Professor Sasse:

    Donald Trump has gone through the same process as the rest of the GOP field. He is following the same rules, which were written and agreed to by the Republican Party — your party. Through this process, he is currently holds a commanding lead in both the polls and delegate count. Republicans are voting for him because they’ve had nearly 30 years of elitist, ineffective rule by the Bush wing of the party. It’s time for a change.

    Your constituents don’t appreciate being called stupid, racist, ignorant and the other invective you hurl in Rubio-type fashion. In the voting booth, we’re all equal and your vote doesn’t count any more than one of ours.

    If you want to lecture and espouse your own personal preferences, go back to the college classroom where you can spew hot air to minds full of mush all day. Otherwise, get back to work in the Senate and represent the people of Nebraska.

    • The Eye Ball says:

      Are you really so foolish? Adolph Hitler followed the rules and was voted in to office. Gees, was there any consequences to that? Trump is nothing more than a Democrat with an R by his name. You want to board his train, not realizing what a concentration camp it is leading to? What dead end road it leads to?
      Too many Republicans have had no experience of just want Trump is and what he does, and how he interacts with people. He is first, and foremost, a bully. He never admits to do wrong, he just takes what he wants. There consequences for supporting such people.

      • Republican Donor says:

        At least 2/3 of Republican’s in DC are little more than Democrats with “R’s” by their names.

        I gave up on voting for social/moral issues a long time ago as focusing on these things as “Conservatives” are completely ineffective. Here’s what is important to me at this point when considering a Presidential or Congressional candidate:

        1. Protecting our borders and aggressively enforce existing immigration laws
        2. Low taxes (the lower the better)
        3. Shrink the Federal Government and put much more power in the hands of the states
        4. Balanced Budget EVERY year
        5. Keep our military strong, give the vets what they’ve been promised, and deploy military force as an absolute last resort

        That’s it for me, and I believe Trump is on the right side on all of these particular issues.

      • Republican Donor says:


        Why are the majority of your comments laced with attacks on other people’s intelligence, presumed lack of education, or their supposed disdain for educators?

        I’ll bet you drive a big ol’ pick-up truck…probably diesel (for the growl) and with dualies. LOL!

      • Every Tweet I get from a Trumpkin contains some sort of slur, usually misspelled. Today one of them called me a ‘phaget’. That’s your movement. So don’t whine. You want bare knuckles, I’m happy to provide.

        Trump’s a serial liar, eminent-domain-abusing, unsuccessful real estate huckster who in the past has supported abortion and the Clintons. For all his bluster about immigration, he has employed illegal aliens for his projects multiple times. He has been bankrupt 4 times and married 3.

        All of those are easily discoverable facts, but you haven’t bother to discover them. Time you did.

      • Republican Donor says:

        I don’t dispute Trump’s transparent past, nor do most of his supporters…and even armed with this data, we all still support him when shown our other choices. I imagine this bothers you a bit.

      • Republican Donor says:

        So if not Trump at this point, who should we vote for who has the balls to force the agenda of Border Security & Enforcement of Immigration Laws, Shrinking of the Federal Government, and Balancing the Budget?

        Rubio? LOL!
        Cruz? The guy can’t negotiate and is far too tight with Goldman Sachs.
        Carson? I respect him immensely, but he isn’t nor will he ever be, a Leader.
        Kasich? He is Rubio in 20 years.
        Mittens? As light-weight and as malleable as can be.

        WHO? If not Trump, who?

      • The Grundle King says:

        “I’ll bet you drive a big ol’ pick-up truck…probably diesel (for the growl) and with dualies. LOL!”

        If I were a betting man, I’d bet that better exemplifies Trumps supporters than his detractors.

  8. GOPer says:

    I believe RD is a Republican Donor. Why not? I am. Ed, aren’t you? Heck, who comes to a political blog and yet won’t send cash to their party?

    I’m for Trump and he’s self funding so that is good for my wallet. But I get the same fundraising mailers from the NRP, RNC, Pete, Don and others. Why are you surprised? Because a GOP donor or a party executive supports Trump? If that’s the case, shame on you. Re-read 5:30’s analysis. It does a fair job of explaining what’s going on.

    Who do you think are casting all those votes for Trump in this Republican Primary? They are just Republican voters.

  9. Anon says:

    Oracle@5;48-How’s that present GOP working for you(Romney)Seems to me in this case a tiger doesn’t change his spots works both ways. Gullible. maybe time to reflect with a look in the mirror

  10. casher says:

    Imagine someone who donated $2,600 to Perry who dropped out, and then donated $2,600 to Walker, and then to Jindal, Graham, Pataki, Huckabee, Paul, Santorum, Fiorina, Christie, Gilmore and Jeb Bush. That would puts a GOP donor into the hurt locker to the tune of $31,200; all non deductible. Trump gets a more voters who donate nothing. His campaign costs less too.

    Joe Ricketts handed Scott Walker four million bucks and two seconds later Walker quit.

    It must gall GOP donors to know they have wasted their hard earned dollars like drunken Democrats. They think Trump did that, that Trump made them stupid.

    • Republican Donor says:

      It is absolutely shocking to me that voters support folks like Ben Sasse, Marco Rubio, and Paul Ryan – none of them are even close to worthy to represent the Party of Reagan…the Trump victory will be the beginning of a long overdue house-cleaning of the GOP.

      One thing is for sure – once this ball gets rolling, I will open-up my checkbook for far greater amounts than I’ve given in the past to support real change-agents and not people like the three aforementioned RINO’s.

      Today’s Republican Party is like mold-infested house; that is, it must be torn down and rebuilt…and in this scenario, Trump is the wrecking-ball. GO TRUMP GO!

      • Yeah, a pro-abortion, pro-eminent-domain, pro-national-health-care, illegal-employing, thrice married, four-time-bankrupt real estate huckster is heir to Ronald Reagan.

      • Anonymous says:

        Populism is a scourge, and you are just one of the many prime examples. I thought Sasse and Rubio were swept in by the tea-party, and that Ryan helped push the tea-party….funny how now that you disagree with them they’re “establishment”.

        How very fascist of you.

      • Republican Donor says:

        Abortion is legal and until the Supreme Court is comprised of enough God-fearing, Constitution-loving Justices, it’s not changing (a non-issue at this point, to the New GOP).

        Eminent-domain is legal and will continue to be utilized by local, state, and the federal government until the end of time.

        Trump has stated very clearly that he will dismantle the ACA and will push to allow competition within the Insurance Industry by allowing insurers to compete nationally…this will drive down costs to consumers.

        Trump employs thousands of people – you think he has a hand in every hire? Please.

        Trump’s divorces are no business of mine. If you think establishment politicians have been squeaky clean, you really should go do some research.

        Trump legally utilized the bankruptcy laws to his advantage. While not an ideal solution, this is simply called smart business.

      • Oh no, you don’t away with that. Trump tried to use eminent domain for his own private enrichment. There was no public good there.

        Every GOP proposal involves national competition. This isn’t Trump’s idea.

        Trump isn’t responsible for his own companies’ employment practices? So much for personal accountability.

        Bankruptcy is sometimes unavoidable, but it’s a fundamentally immoral act, that defaults on contracts and amounts to stealing. One bankruptcy might be forgiveable; four sounds like policy.

        The man is no kind of conservative.

      • Republican Donor says:


        Regarding competition…take a look at Trump’s plan to overhaul Healthcare & Insurance – it was just released today. This alone wins him the election.

  11. Na Na Na Na... says:

    Goldwater, Reagan, Buchanan, now Trump. Why are you populist conservatives who put America first surprised by the establishment boys (dwindling in numbers) smearing and fearing?

    Their days are numbered, but they don’t know it yet.

    Vote Trump in 2016.

      • Republican Donor says:

        Gerard, I expect folks like you will go off the deep end once Donald Trump is elected President. You see, it is “conservatives” like you who gave us Bush I, Bush II, Jebby, Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mittens; and the silent majority has collectively decided to throw off your RINO chains of myopic stupidity and ignorance once and for all.

        The GOP, as you have always thought you knew it, is over. We the people have at long last decided to stand up, assert ourselves, and take our rightful place as “the deciders” (I got that one from your hero), so sit down and enjoy the show.

      • Republican Donor says:

        I like Rand and his dad, but while both have the right convictions – neither are a leader…and that’s what we need today, a pro-business and pro-taxpayer Leader who will shove his agenda down the throats of wimps in Congress. And if Congress doesn’t play ball, they get voted out.

      • The Grundle King says:

        “…and that’s what we need today, a pro-business and pro-taxpayer Leader who will shove his agenda down the throats of wimps in Congress.”

        That sure makes for a nice sound-byte, but the problem with that is this…whatever you think Trump’s agenda might be, it’s only what he’s led the gullible low-information-voters to believe. The man’s moral code is about as strong as string cheese. This whole presidential campaign is his personal exemplified…he’s a power-hungry egomaniac, end of story.

      • Republican Donor says:

        @Grundle Queen,

        He will be your ruler. If you don’t like it, there’s always Canada or Mexico.

      • The Grundle King says:

        My ruler?! Pfft…we’re not electing him as king, you dunce. IF elected, he would be the American President…and he’ll have earned no more respect from me than the current occupant.

        But if a power-hungry ego-maniacal ruler is your thing, the perhaps it’s you that needs a change of scenery. I might suggest North Korea…there’s a great wall dividing them from the country to the south, and political opposition (when it dares to speak) doesn’t last very long.

  12. Sparkles says:

    Having read through last night’s/this mornings, er… conversation?, I feel compelled to reiterate;
    I love the smell of a good reckoning in the morning.

    This come-to-Jesus moment for the still rational members of the Republican (and libertarian) party, is long overdue.
    In the best of all worlds, Eisenhower Republicans win this internecine feud.
    We really need two thoughtful, engaged parties to tackle the challenges that will continue to face our nation.

    • Republican Donor says:

      The GOP is a vehicle – nothing more, nothing less. We had a drunk and blind idiot driving us towards the edge of the cliff for a long, long time. The coming purge is simply the passengers deciding to put a common-sense driver with 20/20 vision in the driver’s seat…what is happening to the GOP at this moment in time was long overdue.

      • Sparkles says:

        Republican Donor,

        It is my firm belief you’ll find yourself remarkably displeased with who is it is that is jettisoned in the coming purge.

        Nevertheless, please continue to give generously and may the best man, or woman, win.

      • Republican Donor says:


        I doubt it. Today’s Republican Congress is chock-full of self-serving imbeciles who will fight tooth-and-nail to keep the status quo…I will be happy to see almost all of these fools voted-out.

  13. Sparkles says:

    By the way, does anybody not believe William F. Buckley Jr. would have snuffed out both Trump and the Tea Party in their respective cribs?

    I would guess Buckley would deem that it is Trump and the Tea Partiers who are RINO’s.

  14. Sparkles says:

    It’s official, crank up the dirge, the GOP is f$%&ed.

    A Rupert Murdoch tweet from last night –
    As predicted, Trump reaching out to make peace with Republican “establishment”. If he becomes inevitable party would be mad not to unify.

    And New York magazine reported yesterday, according to three Fox sources, Roger Ailes has told people he’s lost confidence in Rubio’s ability to win.
    “We’re finished with Rubio,” Ailes told a Fox host. “We can’t do the Rubio thing anymore.”

  15. melon smasher says:

    While the Koch Brothers send a clear message to Ryan, McConnell, and Priebus who live and die by GOP big money, Mitt Romney is attacking Trump as a lousy businessman.

    Romney is giving Trump a 10 point boost. FOX and MSNBC are right now running old videos of Romney praising Trump as “a better businessman than me”.

    GOP idiots attacking Trump make him appear a crucified underdog while shoving grenades up their own asses to blow up Trump. Well, wear a raincoat if you want to sit in the front row for this concert.

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