The Wheels Down Politics Show – State Sen. Beau McCoy

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Beau McCoy 02Jerry Kratochvil interviews Nebraska State Senator Beau McCoy.

Jerry and Beau start out discussing the results from Super Tuesday and the rest of the Republican Primary, and look how things may go in coming months.

They next discuss the upcoming Winner Take All vote in the Nebraska Legislature and the prospects of its success in the coming months.

They then discuss the issue of Medicaid expansion, and the some of the new proposals that may include an increase in the cigarette tax. McCoy also gives his view on whether taxes should be increased.

They finish up talking about the final issues before the legislature before Sine Die (around April 20th) and how they will be major issues for Nebraska.

On the web: State Senator Beau McCoy
Twitter: @BeauRMcCoy
Facebook: Sen Beau McCoy


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  1. M.I.A. says:

    You should have asked Sen McCoy why he feels his job with Herbster is more important than showing up and voting this session.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Winner take all?

    The Eunuch-Carnival isn’t concerned with Nebraska lacking normal two legged balanced lawmaking. Not concerned with having any partisan oversight. They worry about winner take all?

    That is like a child rapist worrying about the school grades of his victims.

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