Sasse polling on Trump?

First, a quick Local News Separated at Birth:

Young Oakley - Rubio - SAB

A young KETV’s John Oakey and a young Marco Rubio!


“What I said about what he said”

A company called Victory Processing is doing an automated poll in Nebraska.
There are questions about Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse.
And there are questions about Donald Trump.
And there are questions about what Ben Sasse says about Donald Trump.

The gist seems to be that Ben Sasse wants to know what you think about Trump.
And he wants you to know what HE thinks about Trump.
And he wants to know what YOU think about what HE thinks about Trump.

Which is all a little strange.
Here are the main (non-identifier) questions:

1.  What is your view of U.S. Senator Ben Sasse?

Somewhat Favorable, Very Favorable, Somewhat Unfavorable, Very Unfavorable, or No opinion

6.  And with which part of the Republican Party do you most closely identify?

Traditional, TEA Party, Libertarian, Social/Evangelical Conservative, or None of the above

7.  If the Republican Primary election for President were held today, who would you support?

John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, or undecided

8.  Senator Sasse opposes Donald Trump’s campaign for the Republican nomination for President. Have you recently seen, read, or heard anything about this?

Yes, no, (go to informed oppo question) or not sure, (go to informed oppo question)

9.  And does what you have seen, read, or heard make your Opinion More or Less Favorable toward Senator Sasse?

More Favorable, Less Favorable, No Change

10.  Ben Sasse opposes Donald Trump because of Trump’s positions on single payer healthcare, Trump’s mixed record on the 2nd Amendment, Trump’s disregard for the Constitution, Trump’s support for Planned Parenthood, and refusal to disavow the endorsement of KKK members. Because of this, Sasse has said that even if Trump is the nominee GOP nominee, he cannot support Trump. Sasse says he will never vote for Hillary Clinton either, but he cannot in good conscience support Donald Trump.

(Editor’s note: No question here.)

11.  Knowing this information, is your view of Senator Sasse More or Less Favorable?

Somewhat More Favorable, Much More Favorable, Somewhat Less favorable, Much Less Favorable, No opinion

This seems a little unusual.
Sasse isn’t up for re-election anytime soon.
And he is certainly sticking his neck out — in Iowa and across the nation — opposing Trump, on a purely principled platform.

“Trump isn’t a Constitutional Conservative. I am. Therefore I cannot support him and neither should you.”

So…why the poll?
So that he can wave it, saying, “Nebraskans support my position“?
Should that matter?

And isn’t that Question No. 11 a little off?

They rattle off a number of “oppo research” points (and there are those who think particularly that the KKK question is unfair at best, and at worst false).

But then after that the question isn’t, “Knowing that, what is your opinion of Trump?

It’s, “What’s your opinion of…Sasse?

But, Senator Sasse just confirmed that he’s not running for President.
And he isn’t up for reelection for nearly 5 years.

Is Sasse making a principled stand here against Donald Trump?
That usually doesn’t require polling.

[Click here to read the whole poll.

Note that while this poll is about Sasse, I do not have any info on who is actually paying for it. Sasse’s official Senate office says that it is not them.]


Conservative Stance

And in case you missed it, Nebraska’s Senior Senator, Deb Fischer, put it in no uncertain terms that she disagrees with Sasse’s position of #NeverTrump:

“There is way too much at stake to hand it to Hillary Clinton — and the strategy of a third party, I believe, would do just that.”

“I will support the Republican nominee.”

But then she went a step further:

“I don’t know how any Republican or conservative can support that.”


She won’t say it, and I’m not trying to start a fight, but lemme just point out that Deb Fischer called into question Ben Sasse’s conservative credentials.


It is still my belief that Sasse actually does believe that a third-party candidacy hands Hillary Clinton the keys to the Oval Office.

And I think his strategy of #NeverTrump is that he believes that the ONLY way to beat Trump is to say “never” and the ONLY way to really let people know that you mean NEVER is to say, “I’d rather go third party“.

And I get that strategy. And it could work. And if it does, then kudos.


The problem is that if Trump gets the majority of delegates, and he becomes the nominee, where does that leave Sasse?

If he DOESN’T support a third-party, he seems…weak.
If he DOES support a third-party, he’ll get blamed for Hillary.

He has put himself in a weird and difficult situation — unless he has a plan to stick with Trump in the end —  if he gets certain promises, etc. etc. Which wouldn’t be a bad plan.

And maybe Sasse just isn’t showing all of his cards at this point.
One would hope he has aces up his sleeve.

Gimme your money

Interesting photo Tweeted by the LJS today:

This is a line of people waiting to see Bernie Sanders at Lincoln’s Lied Center.

Bernie Sanders, who has NO CHANCE of winning the Democrat nomination.
Yet people are still lining up to see him.

So Democrats are still lining up to listen to a Socialist.
And they’re not exactly turning out in droves to support Hillary.

Interesting year.



A quick note on Mitt Romney’s speech today.

I like Mitt Romney. A lot. I wish he was President. I think he would have been a fantastic President.

But his anti-Trump speech today came waaaaaay too late.

And he is EXACTLY the type of person that Trump voters do NOT want. And Trump can probably take him down in a couple of Tweets.

Romney’s “release your tax returns and the NYT interview” gambit isn’t the worst, but I can see Trump stepping around that one easily as well.
My guess is that it changed no one’s mind.


That’s “Senator-re-elected”, to you…

State Senator John Murante is pushing a bill to move up the Nebraska Presidential primary.

The irony is that this year the Nebraska GOP Primary COULD matter.
It would be fascinating, if things get really close, if it mattered a lot.

The additional price tag, to have the Presidential primary vote earlier than the rest of the voting, would be a little over a million bucks.

In the mean time, maybe just a little more of a push could be made at the national level for rotating regional primaries. And maybe we can instead rid ourselves of the goofy, voting on strips of paper, banana-Republic caucuses, with almost no oversight.

It’s amazing that this is still going on in 2016.


Date Night Debate Night

It’s once again GOP Debate Night!
That means I’ll see YOU on the Twitter @LeavenworthSt (8pm CT).

Can it be anything less than a 3 on 1 Battle Royal, with jumps from the top rope and folding chairs being swung? (And I’m old enough to remember when a top-rope jump got you immediately disqualified in a WWF match…)

Rubio shined last time by using Trump’s own strategy to throw Trump off his game. But it withered when he did the same stuff off the debate stage.

Trump on the other hand seemed to shine when he was “Presidential” on the post-election stage. But would that same strategy serve him poorly at the debate?

And does Trump get sympathy if he gets ganged up on, by Rubio-Cruz-Kasich, not to mention Megyn Kelly?

These are all questions, because I’m not sure anyone can answer them before we witness it.

So Witness along with me tonight @LeavenworthSt on the Twitter!


  1. Macdaddy says:

    What makes it more interesting is that the guy who set up Hillary’s illegal server is being granted immunity. Assuming that he is still alive on the day he testifies, we could very well see the Democrat nominee get indicted for some felonies before the election, but too late for someone else to legally jump in.

  2. Gerard Harbison says:

    Victory research don’t have much a record, but they did an IL poll very favorable to Trump last July. This is likely an attempt at intimidation by the spray-tanned swindling liar.

    • Sparkles says:

      It’s Victory Processing, LLC, not Victory Reseach.

      Victory Processing, LLC was registered in in 2012, in Michigan, by David Dishaw. It’s the same company as Victory Phones, with a very simple website offering campaign polling services.
      Dishaw’s public profile shows an association with a handful of right wing political activists.

      Victory Processing LLC conducted a very similar poll last fall, with Michael Tackett of the NYT speculating it was an attempt by Michael Bloomberg to the test the waters for a third party run.

      This poll has 1/3 tem Senator Sasse Baron and his grandiose ambitions written all over it.

      • You must have found it pretty hot last night when Trump actually talked about the size of his penis at a nationally-televised debate.

        You can’t make this stuff up, though Trump tries.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Gerard, I get the feeling that Trump talking about the size of his wanger probably had some impact on the size of R.D.’s own member.

  3. Lil Mac says:

    While the Koch Brothers refusing to attack Trump sends a clear message to GOP leaders who live and die by GOP big money, Romney attacking Trump as a lousy businessman is guaranteed to give Trump at least a 5 point boost. FOX and MSNBC are already running old videos of Romney praising Trump as “a better businessman than me”.

    Last summer, Romney bragged that “Without Romneycare there would have been no Obamacare.” What a tool. No wonder Obama was reelected.

    Trump doesn’t pay GOP idiots to make Trump appear a crucified underdog. It is as if the dumbest degreed people in the GOP are shoving grenades up their own asses to blow up Trump.

    This is a bloody Gallagher concert where the melons smash themselves! If you are in the front row, bring a big plastic sheet or you will be wearing bits of Mitt.

    • In April 2006, at the launch of Trump Mortgage, Trump the Great Businessman proclaimed that there was no housing bubble, and the mortgage business had never been better. 18 months later Trump Mortgage had gone broke, stiffing small businesspeople out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

      Trump is in hock to his eyeballs, and at high interest, because his credit is worse than a Lincoln panhandlers.

      I’d rather be degreed than delusional.

      • Republican Donor says:

        You seem extremely envious of Trump. Why can’t you just be satisfied with what you have?

      • The Grundle King says:

        “Why can’t you just be satisfied with what you have?”

        It’s not about lack of satisfaction with what folks have…but lack of comfort that we’ll still have it in a future with Pres. Trump. I got a pretty good kick out of something I saw the other day…

        2016: No way in hell does Trump get elected.
        2018: No way in hell does Trump launch those nukes.
        2027: No way in hell am I taking orders from those apes.

    • Sparkles says:

      If you examine those who fill the lines at a Sanders rally, you’ll realize they’re mostly young idealists, who simply want to someday be the people you find standing in line at your typically Trump rally –
      retired people (former teachers, cops, clerical workers, fire fighters, postal employees etc.. a surprising number of them in their 50’s) living on generous government pensions, screaming about the ‘takers’ and demanding Big Govt to keep it’s hands off their Medicare.

      • Oracle says:

        I was at the rally, and you’ve got it completely wrong, Sparkles. His supporters are aware that something stinks (actually a lot of things stink) in this country, and they want change. Bernie does a good job of detailing his positions and proscriptions, and he’s not even close to a single-issue candidate that Hillary claims he is. It’s not just free give-aways. For everything he promises that cost money, he specifies where the money will come from. Now I’m not naive enough to believe that if he is elected, everything changes immediately. He probably would be lucky to get even one of his plans enacted. But he starts moving the Overton window back to the left, and he starts a movement to eventually get his proposals enacted. Elect Hillary, and 2020 won’t look much different from 2016. Her “incremental change” platform sounds more pragmatic and doable, but she won’t come close to addressing the major problems in this country as her major contributors don’t want her to.

      • Sparkles says:


        I was being facetious with the comparison of the Sanders and Trump/Tea Party audiences.

        I would so love to believe the platform Bernie sets forth is feasible. I find the man, his spirit and his determination inspiring.
        Two problems I find insurmountable –
        1) It would require a populist uprising unprecedented in our nation’s history to force politicians to act on his initiatives.
        2) Even then, until the congressional districts are redrawn in 2020, we’re stuck with an intransigent tea-addled House that will never, ever, allow one of Bernie’s for-the-people visions to become law.

        Instead of assured and absolute gridlock, I’ll settle for incremental progress from a master of the game, with an iron will who knows where all the bodies have been buried for a quarter century. One who happens to bring with her to the office a man who’s been ranked the 8th greatest president in history.

        I hope to be able to revisit the conversation of a political revolution in 2020, when both Houses are within reach.

      • Republican Donor says:

        I hate this comment tree structure (it sucks) — my post was in response to Scotty at 12:54pm

  4. Cornelius says:

    Sasse seems like he’s trying to grow too big for his britches too quickly. Not only does he have a terrible twitter (gym-rat), he consistently acts like he is a godsend to the Republican party. He needs to actually accomplish something before trying to step out. I am hoping someone formidable challenges him in the Republican primary in – sadly as you sad – 5 years.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This isn’t tough. Nebraska elected itself a political hot dog looking for the next gig so he’s riding Trump’s media wave now. No accident he was in IOWA and has taken to the air waves. But, why isn’t he busy working for Nebraska instead of himself? Why isn’t he doing something other than putting in broadcast appearances? Doesn’t he have a huge pile of Nebraska work to do? Or did Nebraska elect someone they fell in love with, but failed to read his full resume from where he came. He never answers a question direct and instead goes on and on and on. Glenn Beck had to shut him off last night though in the course of another Ben Sasse speech he pointed out how politicians never stop talking. Guess he knows who he sees in the mirror. He pimped his kids in ads to get elected. The guy’s ambition of using whoever is so transparent so here comes Trump and it’s Ben Sasse calling him out for ignoring the Constitution? Why doesn’t Sasse, the public SERVANT read the Constitution to see what it says about serving instead of looking for the next big wave he can ride to his next political level. He’s brilliant for sure, but if he was all in for “we the people” he’d have used his energy as a Senator instead of knocking the guy who has captured voter anger for a do nothing Congress which includes Sasse.

      • Sparkles says:

        But Anonymous at 2:40 pm complains Sasse is not doing the business of the people.

        Your complaint is that Sasse has not yet gutted or burned down enough government agencies, or cut taxes enough for the nation’s wealthiest, or defunded enough programs for the working poor and impoverished, or spent enough trillions building walls along our borders, or passed a balanced budget amendment economists have guaranteed would devastate our, and the global economies, while at the same time committing trillions more to the expansion of our bloated military industrial complex.
        It’s nothing short of insane.

        The problem with the modern day solutions-free GOP is not, as you’ve claimed, that they favor the status quo, it’s that their entire agenda can be summed up as simply status NO!.

        They really need to change the formal swearing ceremony for newly elected Trumpettes and TeaPublicans. Instead of being photographed standing with their families next to the Speaker of the House/Senate, they should be photographed in front of a Koch Industries sign, flipping the bird to the American people.

    • Believe says:

      You sound like a Hillary Clinton fan. Say all you want about Mr. Ricketts, but at least he won’t be in the slammer before long, like Hillary Clinton will be. If you don’t like who’s running Nebraska, you and your liberal friends should try winning an election once. Or better yet you could move to another state! Out of sight out of mind.

  6. bynd says:

    For as much as people complain about NO, evidently, they are not to happy where YES has gotten us either. Or should we say when the opposition says yes to themselves. Especially since the Pres.’ favorite word today is NO. The lemmings have no idea. They just parrot more headlines.

    Ouch, was that a piece of sky that just feel to the ground. You can’t buy better entertainment.

  7. Sparkles says:

    How absolutely perfect is the the timing of this –

    Sony has a new movie making it’s American debut on March 11th, called
    “The Brothers Grimsby”.

    Sacha Baron Cohen stars and in the movie “Donald Trump” accidentally gets AIDS.

    It’s reported the when screened in London last week the audience erupted into cheers, clapping and standing ovations at the part of movie where “Trump” contracts AIDS.

  8. Lil Mac says:

    RWP, you twice mention you are “degreed” thus I assume you are referring to my 12:33 post ala “dumbest degreed people in the GOP are shoving grenades up their own asses to blow up Trump.”

    With all due respect, you aren’t blowing up Trump. And I am not helping Trump no matter how accurate my assessments of why he is winning. We are small potatoes.

    Romney spoke today. By “dumbest degreed,” I was thinking of Romney and Trump as two fellows from top business schools, each in the public eye where missteps are suicidal. I was also thinking of Sen. Sasse, who Sweeper implies is polling for opinions regarding Sasses’ attacks on Trump.

    If Sasse is indeed checking opinions before pulling the pin, fine. But, frankly, asking your constituents if they think a grenade being up your butt is or isn’t a good idea, that isn’t where I want my U. S. Senator to be. And apparently Senator Fisher shares that concern.

    We are here to blog not flog, especially since, as we all know, no one can flog a zealot with more zeal than the zealot himself. They say chicks dig scars.

    • It’s not just anti-intellectual, it’s stupid to use ‘degreed’ as a pejorative. In America, 2016, if you don’t have a college degree, you’re screwed. The only jobs that don’t require one are miserable.

      Trump promises to make America great again. His supporters think that means going back to the days when a manufacturing job could sustain a breadwinner and his family, and maybe save enough eventually for a place on the lake. Look at the demographics; Trumpkins are male, older, mostly not college-educated and live in places from which manufacturing disappeared.

      It ain’t ever coming back, folks. And you can bluster all you want about forcing Apple and Ford to manufacture in the US. It will ignite a trade war, and either force them under or (more likely) move overseas.

      • Republican Donor says:

        I don’t have a degree, and earned pre-tax income of $414,000 last year. How about you Gerry?

      • Republican Donor says:


        Also, this particular argument of yours is complete and utter bullsh*t. “Free trade” has destroyed the middle class in this nation — that is, our trading partners have gained far, far more than has America due to our government’s refusal to require a level playing field. If Trump is able to apply tariffs to foreign produced goods which are sold by AMERICAN companies trying to import back into the U.S. it will drive an incredible resurgence of Manufacturing here…only a clueless fool with deny this (so I fully expect this response from you).

      • Republican Donor says:

        Another thing, Gerry:

        Do you actually know anyone in the U.S. who works in “Manufacturing”? These people actually do well enough to fall into the “middle class”…problem is, Unfree Trade has taken away most of these jobs. There are MILLIONS of Americans with the requisite work-ethic and I.Q. to learn almost any Manufacturing job if only their elected representatives hadn’t been “for sale” to the highest bidder over the past 30+ years.

        Like most self-professed intellectuals (regardless of Party affiliation), you sir are a snob.

      • More, RD. Sorry.

        And haven’t we already been through this? Nothing you say about yourself can be checked out, and therefore I’m simply assuming it’s all false.

      • This is a myth (and don’t call me Gerry). Tariffs have inevitably been an obstacle to economic growth. Republicans used to believe that, too. In fact, real Republicans still do.

        If someone in the Philippines can make a running shoe for 1/10 of the price of an American manufacturer, do you really think a 1000% tariff could keep their product out of the country? What do you think an iPhone would cost, were it assembled in the USA? What happens to Nebraska corn growers when other countries slap on a 1000% retaliatory tariff? Even your Daddy makes his tawdry little gimcracks offshore. What a hypocrite.

        (This is all irrelevant, anyway; we’re bound by NAFTA and the WTO and a host of other treaties. And presidents don’t get to unilaterally abrogate treaties.)

        Google ‘Smoot Hawley’. Those who cannot learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

  9. GOP ELITEST says:

    Trump has conservatives starting to declare they’re boycotting FoxNews. It’s Sparkles’s wet dream!

    • Sparkles says:

      Hold tight, wait ’til the party’s over
      Hold tight, we’re in for nasty weather
      There has got to be a way
      Burnin’ down the house

  10. The Eye Ball says:

    There is a lot of petty nonsense on the board, particularly from the anti-Sasse crowd.
    Conservatives sat patiently through McCain, Romney and now face Trump.
    So some say Trump is growing the Republican Party but towards what? He has opened the door to anti-Semites and paranoid conspiracy theorists who attack his opponents as “Jews”.

    Conservatives have a better chance of fighting a President Hillary Clinton compared to a President Trump who ignore conservatives outright.

  11. Today’s update from lying cheating spray-tanned swindler land.

    Trump yesterday claimed the ludicrously named Trump University had an A+ better business bureau rating. In fact, even at the beginning it never had better than an A, and by the time it closed, it was rated D.

    Now these aren’t credit ratings, Trumpkins. (Tho’ his credit ratings are a joke too). This are ratings on how bad you ripped off the suckers, or as you might call them, your customers. And a D says you stole their checkbook and started writing checks.

  12. Interesting piece in the Times today about the antecedents of Donald Drumpf, that is, Trump. His grandfather fled Germany to dodge military service (I wonder if anyone’s found a draft dodging gene.) . He opened a brothel in Seattle and then two in the Yukon, for the purposes of fleecing the miners during the Gold Rush. When that started winding down, he attempted to return to Germany, which, however, would not take him, because of his history of draft dodging and tax evasion. So he settled in America. Lucky us. I guess the apple never falls far from the tree. Sounds like the sort of sleazy immigrant the grandson would like to keep out.

    Drumpf has of course lied about his past (he lies about everything) claiming his ancestry was Swedish. Aber nein!

      • Sparkles says:

        Only the synaptically-challenged could have witnessed last night’s tantrum of the that short-fingered vulgarian, and imagine he’s qualified for anything more dignified than calling out to midway patrons to drop a few bucks at the ring toss.

  13. ICYMI 9:06 said
    “Who you going to fight her with”

    And RD replied with

    ‘Bullsh*t, over-generalization, and baseless accusations.”

    He’s more honest than his ‘Daddy’, I’ll give him that.

      • So this is what Proverbs says about Donald Trump, braggart.

        “Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.”

        But maybe I should check Two Corinthians.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Trump’s philosophy and “the Good Book”.

        One can only assume that by “the Good Book”, you’re most certainly NOT talking about the Bible…at least not “The Holy Bible”.

        Maybe he means “The Anarchist’s Cookbook”.

    • anon says:

      Who is going to beat Hillary, Cruz is OK, I don’t think Cruz can beat Hillary in the electoral no.s. They try to put another candidate at this point besides Cruz it’s over.

      • The Grundle King says:

        To the contrary, R.D. The polls appear to indicate that Trump is the GOP’s only chance at losing the election.

  14. Sparkles says:

    Ignoring the reprehensible, genitalia waving event that was the televised dying gasps of the Republican party last evening..

    Dahlia Lithwick (JD – Stanford) of Slate has a fascinating read on the oral arguments in the Texas abortion case currently before SCOTUS. It’s titled: “The Women Take Over”.

  15. Follow The Google says:

    The “groundswell” that put up a “Draft Sasse” website and social media presence links back to a Daniel Ledoux who was on KOIL the other morning talking of his newfound desire to see Ben Sasse as the savior of the country. Turns out Daniel lives in Houston, TX and the radio interviewers failed to ask just what he does for a living. Seems if someone from Texas is throwing up astroturf to Draft Sasse to run as a 3rd Party Presidential candidate the first thing you might wonder about is where this person is coming from, how do they know Sasse, what is THEIR background, on and on. With a Google click or two I found a Daniel Ledoux at Avenel Strategies out of Maryland. That website says they are a “Full service consulting firm” and their “team” includes “campaign veterans, communication strategists, marketing gurus and technology and PR experts.” Mr. Ledoux is listed as “Partner & Director of Sales”. Is this the same Daniel Ledoux interviewed by KOIL as heading up a Draft Sasse effort? Who knows but Robyn T. or Don W. with just a Google machine ought to be able to get to the bottom of it. It is instructive that the “Draft Sasse” website shows no Nebraskans as being behind this movement, kind of a glaring error for guys who are supposed to be PR experts. The website has no substance other than to act as a name and info petition grab. Can you say list builders? It all gets so tiresome when there are layers to peel back to find what really is going on. But one would think our esteemed political and investigative reporters would do the bare miminum for which they are paid and the Internets make it so easy for them to do their job these days.

    • Zero says:

      Nice work…Sasse is less qualified than is Lee Terry to be our next President. I am actually shocked that he was elected to the Senate…folks ’round these parts never cease to amaze me with their head-up-the-butt political views.

  16. Lil Mac says:

    Republican Donor has no college degree. Neither does John Hoich who owns a chunk of Omaha. I on the other hand have several honors university degrees, a bowl full of medals, and I have never earned more than a professor in my entire life. That’s what I get for being wordy and what you get for learning the periodic table of elements instead of getting an MBA.

    Then again, my cousin is a econ prof who lost his house to a finance company. So “degreed” means what it means. A perception of being smart which is not necessarily wise. We two should have attended Harvard Business or Wharton. But even then, the key to making money is for one to simply want to make money. And the key to making America great is to want to do it. After that being not stupid is a plus.

    • Republican Donor says:

      Perhaps after reading your post, Gerry will have somewhat of an ‘Acts 9:18’ moment relative to this conversation (not to diminish this verse)…but I doubt it.

    • Sparkles says:

      .. the key to making America great is to want to do it.

      The key to a spending a year is space, is to want to do it.
      The key to deactivating a nuclear warhead, is to want to do it.
      The key to the composition of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, is to want to do it.
      The key to synthesizing maitotoxin, is to want to do it.
      The key to a successful do-it-at-home frontal lobotomy, is to want to do it.

    • Republican Donor didn’t even graduate from clown college? There’s a surprise.

      Things have changed. 66% of high school graduates now enroll in college. It’s now pretty much required for any job that doesn’t involve pushing a broom.

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