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Jeff Fortenberry

Jerry Kratochvil interviews Nebraska 1st District Congressman Jeff Fortenberry.

Jerry and Congressman Fortenberry hit the ground running talking about the Presidential race, and the Congressman’s thoughts on the current makeup of the Republican field. Fortenberry talks about meeting Carly Fiorina and his early endorsement of her.

He then delves into the other candidates, including Marco Rubio and Donald Trump — and Fortenberry gives his thoughts on the whether or not he would endorse Trump as the Republican nominee for President.

They then dive into one of the biggest issues in Fortenberry’s district — the repair of the Offutt, Strategic Command runway. Fortenberry talks about some of the challenges addressing the runway and his thoughts and information concerning the status.

Fortenberry then shares some of his thoughts on the issue of the genocide in Syria, and the administration’s duty to use that term — genocide. He talks a little about his discussion in Committee with Secretary of State, John Kerry, on the subject and the importance of using the terms that the international community understands and will address.

Scalia+FortenberryThey conclude by talking about Fortenberry’s relationship — particularly as a hunter — with recently deceased Justice Antonin Scalia. Fortenberry talks about a few of their duck hunting trips, what the two of them talked about in the duck blinds, and a gift Scalia gave to Fortenberry after their last hunt. They finish off clearing up a question that some had posed about a little-known hunting society of which Scalia was a member.

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  1. Doubt the Fiorina endorsement will hurt him; most GOPers liked Carly; we just doubted her electability. And it”s possible Fort’s endorsement will improve his standing with women.

  2. Lil Mac says:

    The topmost quality any Congressman has is good judgment and Fort misjudged. But, sure, maybe women like him picking Carly. He can get feminists to switch from the NDP to NRP to vote for him.

    But then Fort went into full BS mode. He is delighted with Rubio (and thus likes legalizing 11 million criminal invaders, right?). Fortenberry then trashes Trump as “vulgar” while it was Fort’s favorite Rubio who spoke of genitalia. Fortenberry then accuses Trump of “KKK”. Why not add Mob Don, Hitler and Anti-Christ?

    And yet, after all of that, Fortenberry says he cannot do anything that helps Hillary Clinton.

    That’s Fortenberry’s deal with Trump? Piss and moan and then fold like a little girl?

    If you hate Trump, or if you prefer Trump, how do you justify this? How do you justify bad judgement followed by pissing on the frontrunner and then folding to him while you piss on him?

    Trump can lose. Oh heck yes he can. But then what is left but the same old GOP that acts exactly like Fortenberrry; bad judgment, pissing and moaning, and folding under pressure. At least, that’s what most voters say they see.

  3. “And you know what they say about men with small hands?” is not speaking of genitalia.

    If you prefer Trump, there’s really no point in trying to reason with you. There’s nothing there to reason with.

    • Sparkles says:

      “And you know what they say about men with small hands?” is not speaking of genitalia.

      Jesus H, Harbison, of course it is. The whole planet knows it is, apparently, with the exception of you.
      Your ideology has blinded you.

      I’ll be so glad when this time next week finally arrives and we can finally lay to rest the sheer fantasy that Rubio is even in contention.
      Presidential aspirations vanished, Senate seat gone.

      • Sparkles says:


        speaking of

        in connection with
        with reference to

        No Gerard, it’s not English you’re speaking.
        You’ve embraced gibberish.

  4. Jmurra says:

    Disappointed with his crass dismissal of his responsibility to serve the citizens of this state that elected him to serve all in his district. His thought that he will vote for his party’s candidate even though he doesn’t agree with him, just because he is à “R” is mindless. Fortenberry needs to vote what is best for our Country and his constituents, and forget about voting for the “party” (any party). Vote the person and not their affiliation.

      • bynd says:


        How can anyone serve all the citizens of any district? What a bunch of BS. How juvenile or just plain self serving bile.

      • Anonymous says:

        Representatives “serve all” constituents when they perform representational duties.

    • Joe Bob says:

      I would note that Fortenberry’s vote for president is HIS vote to make, regardless of who elected him. He doesn’t need to listen to his constituents when he casts his vote for president. That’s a personal choice for him to make, and he doesn’t even need to tell people how he voted. With regard to voting for president, Fortenberry’s vote is no different than yours or mine.

      Fortenberry’s vote for president is different than his votes in Congress, however. That’s where his constituents’ opinions come into play.

    • bynd says:

      Just like Ben Nelson did. Just like all politicians do. Naive or just so partisan? You self righteous bunch sure a hoot.

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