Chambers gets schooled at the Unicameral

Ernie Chambers 001Yesterday in the Unicameral State Senator John Murante’s bill on the procedures for the University of Nebraska President passed the first round.

The OWH said…

“Following the vote to advance the measure, [State Senator Ernie]Chambers contemplated filing a motion to reconsider the vote. But Hadley, who was presiding over the Legislature, said that wasn’t allowed.”

The LJS said…

A motion by Chambers to indefinitely postpone the bill was defeated before the vote on first-round consideration.

But that’s not exactly how it all went down.
From a Unicameral observer…

Chambers vowed to filibuster — take the full 12 hours by himself (over 3 rounds) to show he could do it at his age, etc. — usual blather.

As they got into the afternoon debate, Murante sees Chambers at his desk furiously writing an amendment long hand. He’s failed to prepare/file any ahead of time, or have any motions pending.

There are 4 people waiting to speak, all on Murante’s side.

Murante gets them to shut their lights off.

The chair says, “Seeing no one in the queue to speak, Senator Murante, you are recognized to close.”


Chambers’ head pops up, and he runs up front with a half-written amendment — which they won’t accept on this round because Murante has been recognized to close.

The vote is lopsided.
Chambers files a motion to reconsider.
The chair refuses, because EVERYBODY KNOWS you can’t reconsider a bill that advanced — there has to be finality.
Chambers threatens to try to overrule the chair, and is basically told, “Go ahead”.
He folds.

So Chambers — the Master of the process, the King of the filibuster — has a humiliating screw up.

Both the OWH and LJS have stories mentioning a filibuster, but no coverage of how it was overcome.
Cloture vote? Rock, paper, scissor? What?
They don’t seem to want to go into it.

Murante clearly outsmarted Chambers big as life.

Now you know the rest of the story.


STUXnet returns!

Then again, it is not clear whether ANYONE in the Legislature is even reading the Lincoln Journal-Star anymore.

At least not online…

From Gary Wieman, Network Manager for the Nebraska Legislature:

The OCIO’s security appliances have detected malware coming from the Lincoln Journal Star website. Numerous machines have been infected. Effective immediately, we will be blocking access to the Lincoln Journal Star. We would ask that you share this email with your employees.

Well then.
The LJS does have a bitchin’ new website.

Too bad apparently the North Koreans took it over.

But, Huzzah!
The ban was lifted this morning.

We will continue to monitor to ensure the issue does not return.

Well, at least SOMEONE is…


Trump U. in the Final Four

The biggest issues I discovered from last night’s returns?

Trump Steaks are delicious.
Trump Water is quenching.
Trump Magazine is read everywhere.
And Trump Wine is the former Kluge Wine — and I’ve been there with the missus!
Nice little place near Charlottesville. Funky “Cru” wine.

In any case, hilarious that neither FOX, nor CNN nor MSNBC broke from Trump’s infomercial/press conference.

Hillary’s miserable speech came and went and no one watched.

And now everyone sees what someone in Rubio’s camp meant by possibly dropping out prior to Florida. It won’t happen of course, but after last night’s results and potentially losing Florida, you could see that his inner circle may be playing the much longer game for Young Politician Marco Rubio.

He’s going to be around for awhile, and while this might not be his year, maybe another is.

Then again, if this does go to the convention, you would think his name would still be in it, so he needs to keep everything positive ’till then anyway.

Count me as surprised that his stock dropped so rapidly over the last few weeks.

And there still seems to be a fair amount of confidence that this will all go to an open convention in Cleveland. But I’m not so sure anyone will be shocked if Trump DOES wrap up the delegates before then.

Just make sure that someone puts those steaks back in the fridge before then.


Senator Nelson

Our thoughts and prayers go out to former Senator and Mrs. Nelson and their family on the horrible tragedy of the passing of their daughter Sarah.

I can’t really imagine much worse, and hope that you will keep them in your prayers.




  1. Henry Robert says:

    Wow street sweeper you forgot to add that tonight is election night! UNL student body government elections! Gonna be crazy!

  2. Sparkles says:

    Trump’s 1237+ will insure any mention of Rubio’s name at the convention is merely as filler in the mix of nervous chatter, as GOP operatives and riot gear-clad security details anxiously await the arrival of the unruly TrumpNation to Cleveland.

    Great article by Dahlia Lithwick in Slate today re the surprisingly abrupt and noticeable shift of SCOTUS;
    “The Conservative Era Is Over”

    Republican obstruction can no longer stem the tide.

  3. Ed Stevens says:

    Few things warm my cardiac cockles like Ernie getting bitch-slapped on the floor or the Unicam, Murante now joins the pantheon of those relative few who have had the stones to bend Ernie over in full view of Gawd and everybody.

    Way to go, John M … and thanks, Sweeper, for bringing this to us. It is certain than none of the local/regional MSM will do so.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t know about “racist,” but this Ed Stevens fellow sure talks tough out of Ernie’s reach.

      • The Grundle King says:

        “Anonymous” seems to believe people would be too afraid to ‘talk tough’ within reach of Ernie…as if Ernie would abrogate free speech rights and silence dissent through violence.

        Of course, Ernie has been arrested whilst illegally packin’ heat before (and has lied about it), so maybe folks SHOULD be concerned about their safety when Ernie’s around.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Grundle King, The arrest was unlawful, the charges were dismissed and there was no violation anyway. I know I wrote the brief. How could he lie about such a favorable outcome.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Grundle King, Packing? The gun was in a cigar box on the front seat of a car. It was kept there and traveled with the money from the barbershop to the bank. It was Ernie’s day to make the deposit. The Omaha ordnance barred carrying a concealed fire arm except for a good purpose. Unconstitutional vague, purpose good, and aimed at concealed on the person anyway. Stretch to in car made any weapon in a vehicle unlawful, including long guns for hunting.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Oh, repenting lawyer…a little more repenting, you should do.

        Just short of a year ago, Ernie dropped this little verbal turd nugget, ““I don’t carry a weapon. I’ve never carried a weapon.”

        But you admit that, indeed, he has carried a weapon.

        Words matter. He lied. Up yours.

    • Sparkles says:

      Beau McCoy joined Ernie in opposition to this bill.
      Although it’s likely just a reflexive ‘NO’ from McCoy. It’s possible he accidently found himself passing through the legislature (running an errand for Chuck Herbster) when the vote came up, so he just reverted to form and yelled out in opposition.

      I don’t understand Ernie’s opposition to this one.
      It’s seems really obvious that we severely limit our pool of candidates by requiring the public disclosure of the 4 finalists.
      After all, the Board of Regents are each elected. If you don’t trust their judgement, why would you elect them?

      I also agree with Sen. Groene, who wants to know why it is only the University who is allowed this exemption from the state’s public records law. Again, it seems obvious this law is a detriment to attracting the best candidates for a wide array of public offices.

      • To Sparkles says:

        There’s this concept of shared governance between the regents, administration, faculty, staff, students and the public. By stripping everyone out of those decisions, the Board of Regents (who serve 6-year terms and who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get elected and re-elected) and the President can essentially make decisions without any input from those groups. Don’t kid yourself that all voices are heard and concerns aired on these search committees the university puts together.

        Are you suggesting the Unicameral do away with these provisions of the public record law altogether? Some of us at least like *some* transparency in our government.

      • I completely disagree. We contract a public short-list for every faculty hire, including senior hires where the candidate could as easily be dissuaded from applying by publicity. I see no reason why administrative searches should be any different.

        In my experience, the Board of Regents are at best nonentities and at worst unhinged. No one who’s ever sat through a Regents meeting would think giving them more power is a good thing.

        And besides that, the Board of Regents are rarely independent of Varner Hall. They have no independent staff, and are dependent on the body they’re regulating for information. Control the input, and you control the output. They’re a textbook case of regulatory capture.

      • Sparkles says:

        To Sparkles at 4:56 and Gerard.

        Thank you, I now have a better understanding of why Ernie rose in opposition.

        I had actually assumed I was missing some important parts of the picture. Ernie is a keen intellect, it is rare he get’s these things wrong. It’s even rarer he is not acting in the best interest of the people of Nebraska.

    • Sparkles says:

      His fanatically devout followers may want to be cautious should Trump Wineries suddenly introduce any new blends.
      Word to the wise, if offered a new Guyana Berry Ale, just say no.

  4. Ricky says:

    The real sad part is nobody is willing to stand up to Regent Hawks and his many millions of dollars.
    Even President Bounds, hired in the current process, supports Hawks bill.
    Hawks has routinely flouted the open meetings laws, but never has to suffer any repercussions.
    However, LB 1109 is not over. Ernie can still filibuster the bill.
    I predict LB 1109 will NOT become law.

    • I once had to ask the Attorney General to make the BoR comply with open-meeting laws. University counsel had told them they could flout it.

      And to Jon Bruning’s credit, he made them comply.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your prediction may well be correct Ricky. But shouldn’t the bill be considered on it’s merits and voted up or down? All this filibustering and holding other bills “hostage” makes a mockery of the legislative process.

  5. Sparkles says:

    48 hour watch –

    Rubio drops out, throws his support (and hopes delegates) to Cruz. In return, it’s a Cruz/Rubio ticket.

    Without question, Rubio’s best play, the optimal outcome for a fractured GOP, a great strategy for capturing the required share of the hispanic vote and as a kicker, Rubio brings with him his billionaires.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        ProfGH, Irony that, as Tribe pointed out, the only way Cruz is eligible, is if you abandon textualism and adopt a living Constitution approach, an approach Cruz rejects. If nominated should not, in my view, be a problem, but it is amusing.

    • Republican Donor says:

      If a Cruz/Rubio ticket wins the nomination, I won’t vote and will stay home on Election Day…as will the millions of fed-up voters who stayed home in 2012 when Romney was our establishment-selected choice.

      For tens-of-millions of people, unless Trump is the GOP nominee, many of us will choose not to vote…guaranteeing a Clinton victory.

      • You should stop calling yourself a republican, then. Nobody questions Cruz and Rubio are republicans — Rubio in particular is pretty mainstream –but we certainly do question whether Trump is.

      • Republican Donor says:

        To clarify:

        If Cruz wins the nomination sans Rubio, I will vote for him. I cannot in good conscience cast a vote for any ticket that includes lil’ Marco.

      • The Grundle King says:

        It’s funny that Republican Donor says he’d just stay home and not vote for a Cruz or Rubio ticket, because been bitching and moaning about Ben Sasse for saying the same thing about a Trump ticket.

        Double standard? Or no standards? You decide.

  6. Republican Donor says:

    To further clarify:

    If Cruz were to accept Rubio as his VP, it would show me that Cruz is not the principled man that I presently believe him to be, and thus I would not be able to vote for him.

    Ideally, Trump wins the Presidency and appoint Cruz to the Supreme Court…this would be the best possible outcome for America.

    • Sparkles says:

      I predict the Trump campaign is about to enter new, much uglier territory. It’s a horrible thing to imagine, but it’s very possible he will soon no longer be able to hire enough plain clothes security to monitor his rallies.

      There’s a video, blowing up right now, of a Trump rally in NC which a Trump devotee throws a sucker punch, connecting directly to the face of an unsuspecting young black man.
      The young black man was then summarily wrestled to the ground and handcuffed by a three policemen.

      You can’t watch the video without being angered.
      This whole thing may end up making 1968 look like a leisurely walk in the park.

      Rick Perry was right –
      “Let no one be mistaken – Donald Trump’s candidacy is a cancer on conservatism, and it must be clearly diagnosed, excised and discarded.”.

      I would the expand Perry’s host from merely ‘conservatism’, to the collective soul of all Americans.

      • Republican Donor says:

        Don’t judge the many by observing the actions of the few…generalizations of all shapes and sizes are always the wrong approach.

      • Republican Donor says:

        Also, the protesters were on private property and were causing trouble before this incident took place. When a person goes looking for trouble, especially at an event like this, they will usually have an easy time finding it.

      • Sparkles says:

        “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,”

        “I’d like to punch him in the face,”

        “Are there any remnants?” Trump asked, as another protester shouted out.
        “There’s a remnant,” he said, pointing. “Throw him out.”

        “so obnoxious and so loud”… ..“maybe he should have been roughed up.”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well said, Professor at 5:09. Once we get you off of your screaming hate fest of Trump and actually talking about something you know, NE Regents, your rational brain is very good.

    But then you stick you head right up your own bum again. We hear your tortured muffled scream… “Trump…!” Good luck with that anger management problem.

  8. bynd says:

    Glitters part Deux.

    It is fun to watch those who usually skewer non voters for not doing their “civic” duty, as they tell every one under what conditions they will not vote. Thank goodness there is no diversity or different thoughts allowed in the Dem party to cause such declarations. Lemmings one and all.

    Meanwhile, Hil and Bernie do the equivalent of a Grover Norquist Dem style, by pledging not to deport certain illegal aliens. Not that they will start deporting criminal illegals either.

    And the ACA Coops that have failed owe the government more than $1.2 billion. Which is really just a drop in the bucket of the expenses that the ACA has accumulated. Which means they administration can claim that it is a drop in the bucket. Except they also owe hospitals and other medical personal over $700 million. Yet, Medicaid expansion will solve all the money problems for rural health care.

    Or how about the Dem senator who wants the government, and it appears the administration, DOJ and FBI are considering, suing big oil for denying climate change. Kind of like when the government sued the cigarette companies for hiding the dangers of cigarettes. Free speech be damned, it appears the charge of Nazism can be leveled at both sides. As I like to say, different sides of the same coin.

    Also, it appears Melissa Click is now the security coordinator for the Trump campaign, and it appears that Prof. Joy Karega has applied for the job of spokesperson for the Trump campaign. Looks like the Dems and Repubs. are finally putting their partisanship aside and working on their hatred and bigotry together. It is another brilliant strategy by Trump. Have a wack job left wing Prof. spew his hate for him so the left can not attack him.

    How much principle and integrity must one give up to vote for any of these egotistical maniacs. By the way, if Bill and Hil are no longer intimate, then what is the arrangement?

    I would identify my sources but then I would have to hack Leavenworthst and destroy it:)

    And the madness will continue as the diatribes of hatred keep coming in at Leavenworthst.

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