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makeWell, both the debate and the Jay’s were disappointments. At least the Huskers won. I can’t say the same for Kasich.

Let’s open it up for a Carl Curtis Open Comment Friday.

Dive in on the Presidential race, the Unicameral or anything else you’re political heart desires.

And have a great weekend!


  1. Jmurra says:

    I can only hope that Kasich starts to gain traction quickly, as the only reasonable and experienced gentleman of the bunch to take our Country forward during these troubled times.

  2. cynical richard says:

    ………………….Kasich as a conservative ……………….right …… that’s as phony as the botox injections received by certain advisors to the governor …………………………….

  3. Anonymous says:

    When Reince Priebus said the GOP will “support the nominee 100%” what’s that mean?

    At the convention Priebus may want delegates to appoint a GOP “nominee” over the will of most GOP voters and he’d still be technically correct.

    That’s the feeling I got from his statement before the debate.

  4. Anonymous says:

    When Reince Priebus said the GOP will “support the nominee 100%” what does that mean?

    At the convention, Priebus may want delegates to appoint a GOP “nominee” over the will of most GOP voters and he’d still be technically correct. He hates Trump but then Kasich? Rubio?

  5. Meanwhile Catherine Herridge is reporting Bryan Pagliano was a ‘devastating witness’ (according to an FBI source). My theory is the FBI is leaking these sort of details to make it harder to quash the indictment politically.

      • Our place in Rosslyn is five blocks from the famous Watergate garage where Deep Throat held his meetings. And about 8 blocks from where Al Gore invented the internet, back in his high-school days.

        the FBI, like everything else in Washington, plays politics. Andrew McCarthy predicts that if the AG refuses to impanel a grand jury or indict, there will be mass resignations of senior staff.

        It’s now clear Clinton had material on her server that was classified from birth. And it now appears she wrote classified emails on her server.

  6. Meanwhile Obama’s off SXSW, making ignorant remarks about encryption. Does Obama understand encryption? No, of course not. But he’ll share his opinion anyway.

    Putting in a universal backdoor key compromises every iPhone that has it. If the key gets leaked, then the encryption is dead. And if you think that won’t happen, remember people at the NSA were using their technology to spy on ex-girlfriends.

    he did say something accurate, though.

    “How we design that is not something I have the expertise to do”

    If you don’t know anything about it, why not just shut up?

    • Anon says:

      Surprised that Alan Dershowitz was for the government’s case. I got the feeling he was talking security instead of law

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Anon,at 5:46, Dershowitz tends to see issues of national security as blending into reasonableness issues under the 4th Amendment and is not likely to accept the distinction you draw. To steal a phrase from Judge Posner he does not see the Constitution as a suicide pact. Alan has always admired Israeli approaches security issues.

      • Sparkles says:

        That’s not true at all Gerard. I’ve got a lot to say about the current POTUS, a man, who like Bill Clinton, will be recognized by historians as one of our greatest Presidents.

      • Just another admission you’re a partisan koolaid drinker.

        I can, and have, criticized George W Bush. Frequently. But only one of us actually thinks rationally.

  7. Key says:

    Sanders’ Chicago supporters invade a Trump rally, punch people, and throw the American flag on the floor. I saw it. I saw a patriot wearing a Trump shirt try to defend the flag.

    We aren’t talking about Democrats standing outside with picket signs. We are talking about an invasion of another candidate’s rally, attacking his supporters in order to suppress the Free Speech of Trump and Trump’s voters who appeared to hear him speak. This isn’t just shouting your support for your man. This is denying the Free Speech of others. How is denying Free Speech, free speech?

    Remember Reagan’s “I’m paying for this microphone!” Remember Sanders being hounded off a stage by people who violated his Free Speech rights while they demanded to be heard at his mic?

    All Trump is doing is talking. Since when has Free Speech been so intolerable to Democrats?

    • I saw the videotape of a Trumpkin cold-cocking a demonstrator. Don’t start trying to excuse it.

      Protest is quintessentially American. Other candidates manage to deal with it without egging on their supporters to act as a goon squad. George W Bush never called on any of his supporters to rough up protestors. And they never did, as far as I know.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        ProfGH, No fan of Trump’s, but do his comments amount to incitement or in the Con Law term “fighting words?” If not what of free speech.? Or is this one outhouse he had the right but was not right cases? Obviously Trump lacks the basic decency of George W, apparent even to those who disagreed with him.

      • I have no opinion on whether Trump encouraging supporters to beat up protestors is protected by the First Amendment — though I suspect it isn’t — but regardless, it’s evidence he’s a thug who in a rational society would not be allowed within ½ miles of the White House

    • Sparkles says:

      After seeing the Trump protestor sucker punch the black youth, I told you this uprising against Trump was coming.
      They shut the short fingered vulgarian down in Chicago, just as they’ll shut him down in successive cities.

      It appears as if those who find Trump’s increasingly irresponsible rhetoric repulsive, which is a majority of Americans, have themselves decided to eschew political correctness.
      I applaud them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    In Chicago, Sanders Democrats invaded a GOP candidate’s rally inside a GOP Primary that isn’t even half over.

    Nothing can make elephants circle like a donkey attack. I saw Megyn Kelly defend Trump’s “free speech”. But what might be the impact of all this on the GOP leadership?

    With Democrats invading Republican Trump rallies, that may make it hard for Republicans who are attacking Trump to not look like they are abetting the Democrats.

  9. Ballots says:

    Sparkles, are you trying to get on a police watch list?

    You say you applaud violence against rhetoric you find repulsive. That sounds like inciting crime to interfere in the election process, which may be a felony. These candidates have Secret Service you know. They watch out for nuts like you.

    The Bill of Rights doesn’t exist to protect rhetoric you agree with. It exists to protect rhetoric you find repulsive. If you don’t like it, get some ear plugs. But if you want to hurt people for saying things you don’t like, by all means go to prison.

    What is it about you undemocratic Democrats? We have Republicans here knocking the tar out of each other but they aren’t advocating or applauding violence.

    Where does your Progressive Democrat cruelty come from? Do you get a violence allowance per how many trees you hug? Do you feel so altruistic that you somehow earn the right to be sadistic?

    • The Left has a longstanding voyeuristic violence fetish; this is why so many of the Weathermen terrorists waltzed into academia. Clearly the ‘protestors’ wanted not to protest, but to shut the rally down. And they got their wish. As with most fights, both sides helped create it, and I have no problem condemning both sides.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        ProfGH, There is a fascination with violence in some of the left and some of the right. Current fascination with Carl Schmidt is on both ends of the political spectrum. The Hegelian left and the Hegelian right did not settle their argument at Stalingrad.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Ballots, abstract remarks favorable to violence are protected by the First Amendment, only when words are an imminent incitement, clear and probable risk, is there a potential for criminality. Sparkles is not even in the ball park.

  10. Meanwhile, from this morning’s London Times…

    “President Obama’s withering attack on David Cameron over Libya appalled US officials seeking British help to expand military operations there, according to figures in Whitehall.

    The Pentagon and State Department have made clear their private “astonishment” at Mr Obama’s words. The timing of his claim that a “distracted” prime minister failed to “follow up” after the Libyan military intervention in 2011, allowing it to become a “s**t show”, caused particular dismay.”

    Nice job undermining your own diplomacy, idiot.

  11. bynd says:

    So, in the lala world of the left, violence is OK to shut down speech they don’t agree with. No doubt the same logic was used by James Earl Ray.

  12. Lil Mac says:

    Professor, you may be part of the problem as a straight up guy in an uneven world.

    When you say “I have no problem condemning both sides” please compare that to Democrat Sparkles who has no problem condemning only your side and also has no problem physically hurting you because he disagrees with your rhetoric, with your words, your opinions, your free speech.

    He also has no problem gagging a presidential candidate. Neither did Stalin or Hitler who both, BTW, were socialists like “Sanders” who was being chanted by the protesters in Chicago. (Yes, we know the fascism argument, but obamacare is classic fascism. The broad theme of being anti-individual is socialism; be it national socialism or marxist socialism, its progressivism here in the USA.)

    RWP, they aren’t playing by your rules. And they mean to harm you. To Trump voters, that is in fact Trump’s main message; i. e. that uncomfortable truths must be faced because embracing lies for political correctness, or for Sparkle’s desire to inflict harm to those who disagree with him, etc., regardless if that untruth is coming from the right or left, makes an un-level playing field for you who demand truth. –America has the same problems eternally. America plays by PC rules but terrorists don’t, Russia and China don’t, border invaders don’t. And Sparkle’s favorite President blames America for everything anyone does to America. The GOP establishment lets Democrats get away with it,

    RWP, your rules are a nonviolent verbal battle of democracy. And you fight hard, but with words. Sparkles twists MLK to say MLK advocated violence, which is a horrible lie, and the Democrat then embraced that lie, we must suppose, to advocate violence upon you for your nonviolent verbal battle unless you agree with him.

    You may have no choice but to pick a side. And if your answer is Trump must be gagged and I don’t have a right to listen to Trump, that is Sparkle’s side. — The GOP regulars in DC fight violent anti-democracy “Democrats” with powder puffs. We both have seen that. That’s why Trump is popular. And that’s why two US Senators and a GOP Cong/Governor from the GOP pool are less so.

    • When I joined the Libertarian Party, a long long time ago, I pledged — we all pledged — never to initiate political violence. I still adhere to that. In the face of violence and suppression of speech by so-called protestors, the solution is to let the police deal with it. Don’t get me wrong; I fully support the right of self-defense, including lethal self-defense. But the cost, in having the rally cancelled, is lower than an outbreak of rioting. Had the Trumpkins backed off, then the protestors would be entirely in the wrong.

      • Sparkles says:

        “When I joined the Libertarian Party, a long long time ago, I pledged — we all pledged — never to initiate political violence.

        I find that an odd statement.

        I joined the Republican party as a youth (and remained with it for 30 years) and a pledge of political non-violence wasn’t required, it was implicit.

        I joined the Democratic party a dozen years ago, and a pledge of political non-violence wasn’t required, it was implicit.

        I’ve joined numerous organizations throughout my life, and a pledge of non-violence, political or other, wasn’t required, it was implicit.

      • It’s not implicit, though, is it? Southern Democrats attacked and killed black people in the 1960s. The Chicago Democratic convention in 1968 was beset by violence. Most of the most violent elements of Weather Underground slid effortlessly into the Democratic Party; Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn held Obama’s first fundraiser. Nowhere do I see evidence of an implicit pledge not to initiate political violence.. The actual evidence is to the contrary. To use Ayers’ celebrated quip, they believe violence is as American as apple pie.

    • bynd says:

      Fascism is here and they stomp on the flag and abhor the cross. But it is all about perspective. Different sides, same coin. Violence in the name of righteousness. Must be the christian left.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, the history of the Christian left, particularly in English speaking Christianity, has been pacifism. Even those among the Liberation theologian who justified violence saw it as defensive against authoritarian and violent states. Is you ignorance of Church history total?

      • Anonymous says:


        History, in this case, is no longer relevant. This is today, this is the evolution of the system that the citizens of America have built. It is not violent. It is not civilized.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Anonymous at 5:01, What evolution, I must have missed it? What does it have to do with the Christian left? Gnomic utterances are in need of translation.

  13. Sparkles says:

    The delusion has taken on an air of desperation.

    It is only through manipulation and imagination that my words can be construed in any way as promoting violence.

    It’s not as if I stood in front of an impassioned, marginally literate crowd of thousands and declared:
    “knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously. Okay? Just knock the hell— I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees. I promise, I promise.”


    “See, in the good old days this doesn’t happen,” Trump told his fans, “because they used to treat them very, very rough. … They’d be carried out on a stretcher, folks.” ..

    Desperation, as the Republican party crumbles and yet another Presidential election slips away.

  14. Gerard Harbison says:

    Trump just polled -39% in net favorability. Worst rating ever for any presidential candidate since polls began. And there are fools who still think he can win.

  15. Gerard Harbison says:

    Trump is getting a serious beat down in the Wyoming caucuses. 6% of the vote. He is uncompetitive west of the Mississippi.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Must say, I had a really good laugh as the 78 year old “thug” suckered punched the young thug. Hilarious. And what would one expect? Especially since many call his rallies those of Hitler. Would Hitler have tolerated such actions? No, they would terminated.

    But here is the best part, any of the men on here who had daughters, when they got to dating age, and started dating a loser, what happened when you told them to stop? If you were smart, you didn’t. It only made her want to date him even more. No difference here. The harder the left tries to shut him down, the more rabid his fans become and the more that will feel he is being crucified and therefore justified.

    They didn’t defeat him in Chicago, they probably gave him a bump of 5 points or more.

    Can’t call a young thug a thug, but you can call a 78 year old a thug. You can’t make this lunacy up. RTFLMAO

  17. Anonymous says:

    People get killed at NFL games. People are killed in malls. People get killed voting. Married people kill each other. If you “worry” about being victimized, sell yourself into slavery. Slaves are owned like cows and get a welfare existence. You are taken care of, kept alive, for you are a property with transferrable value. But if you want freedom, grow up, protect yourself, pull yourself up and quit whining.

  18. bynd says:

    My apologies, cleaned out my cookies. forgot sign in again. anonymous @5:10, both of them are mine.

    Gerard, the lefties have been about Hitler since Trump started speaking. I think they have a secret crush on him.

  19. Sue Doughnym says:

    Actually, the left’s wet dream is a dryly rational rightwing academic who when he gets an inch away from his area of expertise turns into the proverbial economist who loses his house to the finance company because he was led by his heart to an irrational purchase. Trump’s act has suckered you in like it did his opponents. It is bait. It is an act. If you had researched his early interviews, which you didn’t because you are too busy swallowing his bait, you’d have seen a boringly calm fellow who would have been snoozed out of this race last summer. Your vote is numerically meaningless and you aren’t the one catalyst atom that starts a crystalizing chain reaction. So quit thinking with your heart because you cannot out sparkle Sparkles in that regard. And if you must try, use a pseudonym.

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