The consensus

OpenConventionWell…the consensus is STILL…

…it will go to a contested convention…


…Trump has it all wrapped up.

Feel free to pick one.


THIS still

And from Politico this morning:

LOOK FOR a series of meetings in New York and D.C. this week to try to recruit a conservative independent. The top targets are Mitt Romney, Speaker Ryan and Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), age 44. Willie Geist said on “Morning Joe” that the recurring stop-Trump machinations have “become a bit of a parody at this point.”

No context for this, except that there are unverified reports of “conservatives”, “meeting” to talk about “Trump alternatives”.

Is there anyone who doesn’t think a 3rd Party candidate, if Trump gets the nomination, delivers the election to Hillary?



Governor Ricketts agreed that Nebraska’s late primary could still matter in the political math.

And while Nebraskans want their primary to “matter” consider a few states who are later than Nebraska:

New Jersey

Think those voters would like to be involved?
A nationwide fix on this system needs to happen.

Fort retort

Jeff Fortenberry’s resolution calling the massacre of Christians and others in Syria a “Genocide” passed the House 393-0.

You can hear Congressman Fort discuss this issue with me during our recent conversation on The Wheels Down Politics Show podcast.



Not that you really need to be encouraged, but go ahead and open up the comment boards to your other political thoughts.

Have at it!

And just because, I did think this was funny…



  1. Bluejay says:

    Sasse is no fool. A third party run would be political suicide.

    Same for Mitt and Paul.

    This thing goes nowhere.

    The GOPe needs to get behind the Ted-Carly ticket. And get Marco at Defense or State.

    • just a voter & taxpayer says:

      Carly and Marco should have no place in the new administration. Neither has the qualifications to enact or enforce policy.

    • I’m afraid it may be too late. I don’t think Trump will make it to an absolute majority of delegates (though it’s a possibility) but Cruz will have far fewer, and he will have far less chance than a consensus alternative.

      Not that it matters. I’m already getting used to the idea of President Clinton.

    • Bluejay says:


      You are correct. Under the Ted Stevens precedent, Hillary wins.

      She gets out only if Obama pardons her and her pals.

      Biden 2016.

  2. just a voter & taxpayer says:

    Trump will win the 1,237 delegates. What happens after that is up to the RNC – their actions thus far into this election season has left me both shocked and embarrassed to be a Republican. It’s as if the will of the people is completely unimportant to GOP Leadership (I’m using this term very loosely as there are very few “Leaders” in the GOP anymore).

  3. NE Voter says:

    Posted this early this morning in yesterday’s post — Taking a Mulligan.

    It is truly frightening that the Republican electorate has just nominated as its standard-bearer, to the highest office in the land, a man who embodies each of the Seven Deadly sins and who has no virtues or principles.

    Speaks volumes.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That was Sasse’s goal. i.e. To ride the GOP Establishment Elephant which happily awaits the return to boosting its brilliant candidates like the cancerous dwarf and the inhuman Mitt. Now another rat faced boy in the mix. Oh goody.

    An elephant makes one stupid looking lemming but. man, when it goes off that cliff that is one helluva mess of guts splashed at the bottom.

  5. There will be at least one third-party candidate anyway, unless the Libertarian Party dissolves itself.

    ‘Deliver the election to Hillary’ implies that Trump is any way preferable. He isn’t.

    • Jake says:

      Tens of millions of your fellow countrymen disagree with you with regards to your opinions on Trump’s suitability to be our nation’s next Commander-in-Chief.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Jake, Do you not mean the 2nd Amendment as you imagine it. Even under existing case law the question of what less than a total ban is permissible and what the standard of review will be Only Thomas appears to agree with Scalia that any weapon Americans in numbers want is protected and that the scrutiny should be strict. In addition given how new the cases are :as we know it” seems a strange phrase.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        ProfGH, given the outstanding issues and the room they leave for the political process on gun control, a Justice of Garland’s temperament is not likely to want to overrule the two gun cases. That is probably true of Breyer as well. Though to those with notions about the 2nd Amendment that might view the process as death by a thousand cuts. I notice the 4th Cir. has ordered in bank on adoption of strict scrutiny, probably influenced by cert. denial in Chicago suburb case.

    • Sparkles says:

      The Garrulous Obstructionist Phylum will, as preordained by Sen John Cornyn, be treated like a “piñata,”, transforming the highly accomplished and widely admired Merrick Garland into someone bearing a striking resemblance to John Merrick.

      And, after the GOP rejects the 63 year old Garland, Obama and/or his successor HRC will nominate, and a Democratically controlled Senate will appoint, the 49 year old Sri Srinivasan.

  6. Sparkles says:

    I agree with Willie Geist.

    Isn’t the #NeverTrump movement just a tad bit ridiculous at this point?
    Sasse got his Fox News, Breitbart, Weekly Standard face time out of it, so it was a successful political ploy. But it’s time to let it whimper off and die a quiet, undignified death.

    Or if they insist on flogging it, maybe Sasse Baron Cohen can breath into new life, by accompanying it with something equally outdated, like a #NeverFord movement.
    Word is the buggy whip lobbyists are willing to throw around some serious cash.
    And maybe it will get Sasse Baron an appearance on Lou Dobbs, or a write up in World Net Daily, or The Blaze.

    Speaking of serious cash, isn’t it remarkable how many countless millions of dollars Nebraska’s first family continues to fritter away on losing causes?

  7. Wild Speculator says:

    A Trump nomination already hands Hillary the White House, given his unfavorables and dismal polling numbers against her. He also costs the GOP the Senate (meaning Hillary can get an even more lefty-Justice through to SCOTUS) and he seriously damages the party for several years as rational, non-white supremacists will associate the party with his crazy agenda. A “true conservative” third-party candidate would at least provide an ideological life-boat for sane GOPers to distance themselves from Trump, maybe allowing the GOP to keep the Senate and perform some triage on damage to the party. But Hillary would still win.

    But, a serious center-right third party candidate could hypothetically draw votes from both parties, causing all of the candidates to fail to reach 270 electoral votes, resulting in the House picking the next president. If there is a way to combine the “true conservative” and center-right third party options into one candidate (Condi Rice, if true conservatives will give her a pass on being “mildly” pro-choice) then this could work.

    • Sparkles says:

      Very insightful post.

      Two questions –
      A serious, center-right candidate, as in… John Kasich?
      (Kasich’s policies are actually far to the right of center, but wouldn’t be viewed as such by the ‘conservatives’ you are targeting)
      And the polls have clearly shown Kasich poses the greatest head-to-head threat to HRC. And Kasich would in fact draw Democratic votes from Hillary, just as he did yesterday in Ohio.

      And Condi Rice? A Bush cabinet member, so soon?
      Condi was a highly vocal proponent, a lead salesperson, for the Iraq war. In fact, as National Security Advisor she provided the quote “we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.”
      No one was closer to the facts than Condi Rice, and in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, no one made a worse call.

      Also, Condi is single, never been married, no children.
      I believe the last time she was confirmed to have dated was in the 1970’s. Really.
      Fine with me and it would never be an issue to democrats if she were the party’s standard bearer, but we’re not talking about the democratic party. (by the way, Condi was a Dem until ’82)
      We’re talking a vocally regressive GOP party whose candidates promise to overturn marriage equality and whose current de facto leader has re-invigorated the White Supremacist movement.

  8. Anonymous says:

    An Independent candidacy is the heighth of stupidity and no, it’s not going to allow the GOP to retain the Senate. People need to pull up their Underoos and get a grip. Angry voters are delivering payback to the Republican Establishment. It couldn’t last forever. Might as well take the beat-down they’ve got coming. I don’t believe that Hillary will automatically beat Trump either.

  9. Macdaddy says:

    This will go down in history as the worst Presidential election in terms of the truly crap candidates that each party has vomited onto the rest of us.

    • The Grundle King says:

      I would agree…but I think it’s unfair to say that the GOP vomited Trump upon us. Trump foisted his vomitous self upon us all…and a disturbingly large handful of people seem to love the taste.

  10. Anonymous says:

    As a party leader and former Bush appointee, I am amazed to see national top GOP leaders openly say millions of loyal GOP voters can all go to screw themselves, while in fact many of the same GOP voters are also the majority of GOP donors.

    How is this brilliant scheme supposed to work?

    — “Dear Republican Donor: Please don’t bother voting in any more GOP primary elections. Instead, send us all your money so we can shove our favorite guy down your throat.”

    Today Paul Ryan wants to be appointed the GOP “nominee” for president without one GOP voter’s vote being cast for Ryan. Boehner agrees. Boehner who weeps like an insane woman and Ryan who showed up as Speaker wearing a ISIS beard. McConnell and Romney agree with these nitwits.

    This election reveals two terrible truths:

    1. Democrats deny GOP voters Free Speech in a GOP election.

    2. Republican leaders deny GOP voters “voting” in a GOP election.

    • Sparkles says:

      Paul Ryan can’t successfully govern the handful of nutballs in his own House that make up the ‘Freedom Caucus’!
      March 14, 2016 –
      “House Conservatives Say No To Republican Budget”

      If you can’t handle Louie Gohmert and Steve King, how the f%^& are you capable of governing a nation?

      And telling “millions of loyal GOP voters can all go to screw themselves” is only the first step in the process.
      The next step to is return the party to hands of men and women with vision, who are willing to participate in the hard business that is governing. The Republican party was once filled with such people. Leaders who brought to the table well thought out policies and painstakingly crafted bills, each designed to address the problems facing our nation and it’s citizens. Bills which were then shared, debated, refined through compromise and made into law.

      As conservative author Trudy Rubin suggested a few days ago, the time has come to scrap the party and start anew, “leaving the GOP to the bigots, the con men and the fans of dictators.”

      • Sparkles says:

        Jennifer Rubin, not Trudy. always do that, don’t know why
        Jennifer Rubin, long known for her “Right Turn” column/blog at the WaPo, formerly with Commentary (Podhoretz), PJ Media, Weekly Standard and Reagan’s favorite, Human Events.

    • Macdaddy says:

      The Repblicans have their nomination process set up like the electoral college. This is not a secret. If Trump doesn’t get a majority of the delegates, anything can happen. Again, for those of you in Rio Linda, this is not a secret. Maybe you could talk to your candidate and tell him to try to appeal to at least 59% of primary voters from here on out. Maybe he could act a little presidential. Unfortunately, he is capable only of lies, insults, bragging, and a truly spectacular desire to remain ignorant.

      And Paul Ryan said no.

  11. The Eye Ball says:

    Has the conventional wisdom been right at all in this primary?

    If Trump gets the nomination, conservatives will spit their ticket and focus on House and Senate seats. Trump will lose in a landslide in the general .

  12. Macdaddy says:

    Maybe we do need to go 3rd party. I think people could get behind Warren Buffet or Oprah, or maybe Rudy Guiliani if we want a politician. None of them could be worse than the clown or the criminal.

    • Anon says:

      Trump exposes a path for a person to go third party, even a strawman for a candidate with a electoral split, This is the media’s and both parties biggest fear.

  13. The latest: PBS did a news item on the Tilly family of Fayetteville, NC, who are ‘phone banking for the Trumpenfuehrer. PBS apparently didn’t notice this, but the charming Ms. Tilly has an Odin’s Cross tattoo on her right hand and 88 tattooed on her left. Both are Nazi/white power emblems.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Saw that…was not surprised at all. Then again, what else does that gal really have to take pride in, aside from her skin color?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Socialism in all its forms murdered 200 million innocents in the 20th Century. An actual real Socialist is a presidential candidate today. And you are worried about one family of idiots?

    Look at yourself. You are a professor who is willing to kill his own career by appearing a kneejerk political ass. Your career suicide won’t make a difference in the outcome.

    • Macdaddy says:

      So posting a political opinion on a blog is grounds for termination? Wow. Trump wants to jettison the First Amendment and you guys are immediately right there with him, adopting the tactics of the Left with ease.

    • My career’s fine; thanks for asking. I’m fully promoted, amp producing papers, have a research grant,.

      Nobody here’s backing Sanders, who won’t be nominated anyway. And socialism’s history of gore has exactly zero relevance to that lower abdominal aperture Trump (except to the extent he’ll be tempted to emulate Hugo Chavez. )

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