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Life is funny.

You write and write, and edit and write, and think and write, and pour over words and phrases all for your adoring(!) reading public.

Then you put up a suggestion of erotica posing as a license plate and you get your largest hit count on the website of the year (so far).

So on that note, I will personally purchase an alcoholic beverage at a licensed drinking establishment for the person who eventually gets this personalized license plate:


Now, back to the words…


Kicking off the season?

As expected, yesterday U.S. Senator Deb Fischer endorsed Don Bacon for the GOP nomination for Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional seat.

On an appropriate day, Fischer noted Bacon’s military leadership as a Brigadier General.

“General Don Bacon’s 29 years of military leadership experience gives him a detailed understanding of our military and the terror threat facing our nation”, said Fischer. He’s a conservative who will work to balance the budget, provide tax relief and repeal Obamacare. With our nation facing serious challenges at home and abroad, Don Bacon’s leadership is needed in Washington.”

Bacon also served as a military advisor to Congressman Jeff Fortenberry.

With Bacon officially bringing in the big guns for the Primary, one would think this would truly start off the political season in Nebraska.  Most of the politicking has been door to door and person to person to this point.

No word yet as to when Bacon — or Chip Maxwell — will take to the airwaves. Not for nothin’, they could both be working on a Free Media workaround to put up web videos that are pretty much free, and still hit the voting audience.

We will see.


For Lee before she was Against him

The Douglas County Republican Party held a candidate forum last night.

One of the speakers, Patrick Borchers, Unicameral candidate for the 39th West ) / Elkhorn district, made an interesting pitch.

He noted that while he wants to win the 39th, his higher priority is to see a Republican win in the above-referenced 2nd District Congressional seat:

“I never have, and am not currently, and never will support Brad Ashford,” Borchers said.

That would be a not-so-subtle dig at his “GOP” opponent Lou Ann Linehan who somewhat infamously supported Brad Ashford over Lee Terry in 2014, and then gave money to Ashford for the 2016 campaign as well.

Linehan had a surrogate speak who argued that Linehan actually had supported Terry — apparently when he ran for City Council 25 years ago.

That race should be an interesting one — especially with an eye that Linehan is generally supported by Governor Pete Ricketts’ top-advisor Jessica Moenning. The primary numbers in this one will be ones to watch.


Early and often!

For the conspiracy theorists among you, notice this story from a Utah GOP caucus-goer. The person notes:

UT ballotsI’m sitting at the end of a row and people start handing me stacks of extras [ballots]. I literally had over 50 ballots in my hand.

We were told to mark our vote and place our ballot in a tin can. They then asked for a volunteer to hold the can. At this point, most people filed out the door.

I cast ONE vote, then stuck around to see what would happen with the votes.

About 15 minutes later, with only about 10 or so people milling around, someone walks in the room with an envelopes STUFFED full of “absentee” ballots – some envelopes having 2-5+ ballots.

I raised a question and said, “isn’t there an absentee process already in place? Didn’t people have to register for that last week?” and was told “Oh no, this is completely normal”.

From the earlier polling, I would bet that it was unlikely that Trump would win Utah.

But…Utah was a “Winner-Take-Most” system, where it is only winner-take-ALL if one candidate gets over 50%. And Ted Cruz got 69%. And Trump ended up getting none — where he could have received a proportional amount, had Cruz come in under 50%.

Now was there was ballot-stuffing going on? I dunno.

But, at the very least, we can agree that caucuses are a ridiculous method for selecting a President in the 21st Century.



You know what else is ridiculous?

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  1. Fischer endorsement says:

    This is nice, however I really only care about who Lee Terry endorses. He served our district honorably for many years. Do not know if he still follows politics but his opinion matters IMHO

  2. Fraud Linehan says:

    Surrogate??? What Lou Ann does not want Republicans to know she gave money to Jim Esch against Lee. She gave money to Brad when he ran against Lee and she gave to Brad in September of 2015 when Brad was already elected as a Congressman. If her beef was with Lee, that disappeared in November of 2014. She is as serial giver to Democrats running for the 2nd District. She worked for Obama, Hillary and Kerry on her own accord. She is a Fraud!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm a liberal who hides who/what she actually is…. Lou Ann would fit in nicely down at the unicam if her campaign weren’t doomed.

  4. Ricky says:

    Deb Fischer means a lot to Mr Bacon! err maybe not. FIscher’s endorsement and two dollars will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.
    Does anybody think Mr Ashford will lose to a SAC retired General who has never run for office before?
    And who will be out raised by 2 to 1?
    Highly doubt that. Bacon has about as much chance of winning that race as does Senator Nicole Fox, appointed by Mr Ricketts, has of winning her South Omaha legislature seat. And after all that obedience Fox showed Ricketts too, voting the way he tells her to.

  5. To Fraud Linehan says:

    “Serial Giver’ now that is funny. She gave Brad Ashford money within the last year to use against Republicans and to keep a vote for Nancy Pelosi as speaker. As mastermind of “Team Hagel”, Team Hagel always said screw the party so we can further our own interests. Look what they did to Mccain in 2008. I remember when Mccain supported Chuck all those years. Frauds!!! All of them!

  6. Seriously says:

    So…the thrust of Chip Maxwell’s comments centered around everyone getting behind the guy who gave money to Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, Schumer so it would help him. But we’re gonna attack the person who’s gotten more Republicans than anyone else in this state? OK…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jan 27, 2016, NYTimes. “Donald Trump Finds New City to Insult: Brussels”

    “There is something going on, Maria. Go to Brussels. Go to Paris… There is something going on and it’s not good, where they want Sharia law… you know, there has to be some assimilation. There is no assimilation. There is something bad going on… You go to Brussels — I was in Brussels a long time ago, 20 years ago, so beautiful, everything is so beautiful — it’s like living in a hellhole right now.”

    Trump haters. from Romney to Hillary and Ricketts to Sanders. saw only Trump being insulting.

    Today Brussels’ children are blown to bloody bits, and on NATO’s doorstep days after Trump said NATO cannot even protect itself.

    Its not that the rest are so wrong. Its that Trump is so damnably right.

    • Trump called Brussels a hellhole two months ago. Therefore he foresaw the bombing. Brilliant!

      Back here in the real world, it looks like the result of a series of police screw ups. One of the bombers was deported from Turkey last year, because of his involvement in terrorism. Belgium did nothing.

  8. Lil Mac says:

    Ashford and Bacon are raising money. That’s the aim. Out-raise the other guy so you can pay for more scripted campaign ads. Dollars are votes, donations democracy, you dollar your voice. Your candidate needs to beg money to sculpt his image in a publicity office and sell it to voters. Donations fuel good government. — I believed this all my political life. I may have been wrong.

    What if campaign donations makes government bad? Not just big money PAC donors who subvert freedom by buying incumbents, but what if every grassroots donated $1 make government inept, wasteful, and dangerously stupid. You know, like Washington DC is today.

    What if every donation is a crutch that props up an unfit candidate who is unfit because of the donation?

    Executives lead, communicate, negotiate, and spend your money. Legislators deliberate, communicate, tax you and spend your money. If they are unable to do this for themselves, should they be empowered by begged dollars to do it for We The People? After all, inept communicators are only convincing in scripted paid ads and candidates will only beg for bucks because they are bad money managers for themselves. Ineptitude doesn’t wear off or improve with empowerment.

    We cannot throw enough money at problems, government, or candidates, to fix them.

    I submit that the last persons we need leading us (taxing us and spending our money) are fiscal inepts who are so Media stupid they cannot get aired by a for-profit Media that is begging for news.

  9. To Lil Mac says:

    You have good points. I for one am sick of voting for the next chosen one. McCain Romney.. I am sick and tires of the pat on the head telling us we no best. I look at endorsements as a liability. These establishment types are soooooooooo out of touch. The people decide not some lobbyst

  10. Fox News poll 3/23

    Kasich beats Clinton 51:40
    Cruz beats Clinton 47:44
    Clinton beats Trump 49:38

    Yes, that is beyond the margin of error 🙂

    By the sainted William F Buckley’s criterion — the most conservative electable candidate — Cruz is the nominee.

  11. Trump Wins! says:

    The news coming out on lyin and cheatin ted today is not looking good. When you put yourself out there as a devout, holier than thou Christian and then get caught cheating on your wife many times, people are not going to trust you to run the country.

    • Trump Wins! says:

      So Trump has laid some pipe over the years…BFD…he never claimed otherwise.

      Ted on the other hand…

      The lawsuit you referenced is against Trump’s business, not him personally. Big difference. His business will have its day in court and a verdict will eventually be rendered. Yawn.

  12. repenting lawyer says:

    Trump wins, App Div of NYSCt. has allowed a civil damage case of fraud under the education laws of NY to proceed against Trump. Trump’s sexual exploits are legend at least in his own mind. Rumors about Cruz seem so far to be rumors from unreliable sources. In terms of trust how does Cruz come out the loser? Do not much like Cruz, but you seem to be condemning him with out evidence and giving Trump a total pass.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Trump wins, Trump is a named defendants and will . be liable for damages. You defense of him is that he’s an honest cheat because he never denied cheating, but he has not repented.

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