What is their stance on kittens?

Coming OWH Editorial: We are totally pro-pizza.
Coming OWH Editorial: “We are totally pro-pizza.”

Reactions to State Senator Ernie Chambers are almost always more interesting that what he actually said.

And of course, you know that he just looooooooves that. Like Donald Trump, his day is made with the knowledge that people are talking about him. Doesn’t matter if they’re praising or cursing — just that his name is part of the conversation.

In any case, just for the record, the Omaha World-Herald’s editorial department is still silent on this Good Friday regarding Chambers’ statement on the floor of the state’s Legislature.

Unlike when State Senator Bill Kintner put, on Facebook, an image of ISIS killing someone. Kintner’s pic went up on a Wednesday, the OWH reported on it on Thursday, and wrote a tersely worded editorial on Friday.

Again, for the record, Chambers took to the floor of the Unicameral with his scenario of “mowing down” his fellow Senators with a semi-automatic rifle on Wednesday.

Now on Friday, the OWH editorialists took the very brave stance of criticizing the Westboro Baptist Church.

Looking forward to their next brave stance in support of National Puppy Day.



Credit should be given to Speaker Galen Hadley for eventually standing up to Chambers. The fact that he said nothing immediately after Chambers spoke can probably be excused, as sometimes in the heat of the moment, it isn’t clear what was said, etc.

It is unknown if that was the case with Hadley, or what his thoughts were at the time. But it is good that he spoke out yesterday.

And then the rest of the Legislature applauded — which is almost worthless. They also applauded after Hadley excoriated Senator Kintner for writing an Op-Ed for his local paper suggesting that the Legislature won’t try new things.

Thennnnn, the OWH reports that State Senator Dan Hughes of Venango (spitting distance from the Colorado border), said…”That’s Ernie being Ernie.

And can we please just stop that?
Can we?

Can we simply say that when Chambers or any one else says something ridiculously out of bounds — that it’s just ridiculously out of bounds? Without adding essentially, “oh, he’s a character, so it’s all right.”

If it wouldn’t have been appropriate for anyone else to say, it shouldn’t be for Chambers. End of story.


Requiescat in pace

So to end on a happier, though melancholy note, those of you who were fans of Garry Shandling should watch this relatively recent episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” with Shandling.

Shandling’s “The Larry Sanders Show” was funny and brilliant, and he discusses it briefly with Jerry, along with his own mortality and other stuff — and it’s funny.

Take 20 minutes out of your life and enjoy.


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  1. Ed Stevens says:


    While I agree with your condemnation of the old “That’s just Ernie being Ernie” schtick, it must be said that the other 48 Unicameralites are not just good-naturedly “tolerant” of Chambers’ reprehensible shenanigans – they are terrified of him. Ernie has a well-deserved reputation for being mean, spiteful, and vengeful; he is one of those individuals who cannot be embarrassed or shamed and is completely refractory to ordinary human emotion. He simply seems to lack that circuitry. Further, he will stalk his perceived persecutor(s) literally till the end of time to exact revenge for any kind of slight, real or perceived. It’s what he does. Notice that after Hadley’s Milquetoast-esque reprimand the other day, Chambers was the first one on the microphone, ranting about being persecuted and promising not less but more disruptive behavior. Mix that kind of single-minded paranoia with a towering narcissism. and you get Ernie.

    Like bullies everywhere, all it would take is one or two robust smackdowns to cure his incessant antics, but sadly the other senators don’t seem to have a pair amongst them, so Chambers will continue to run amok until old age, or God or the District 11 electorate steps in.

    And can we just get beyond this nonsense about how “smart” he is? Clever, yes … cunning, yes … devious, yes … supernaturally garrulous, yes … but smart? Not by a jugful. If one listens carefully to his run-on ramblings, he often contradicts himself within the same paragraph. He is often ill-prepared, fumbling through notes, etc., looking for references, then covering up his confusion with benighted blatherings, poems, songs, and just plain BS. He even attributed a well-known Carl Sandburg quote (“City of big shoulders”) to Walt Whitman on the floor of the legislature the other day. In the true mold of a blowhard, Chambers is long on quantity but short on quality.

    The next person who runs for the unicameral (from any district) on the sole campaign promise of de-fanging Ernie would, I suspect, be elected in a landslide; alas, no one will likely pick up that particular gauntlet.

    • Macdaddy says:

      How about the Speaker call him out of order until he apologizes and have the Seargent-at-Arms remove him every time he approaches the mike?

  2. Reuters reports that 18 of the 21 hedge funds genius businessman Donald Trump invested in last year lost money. Average loss was 8.5%. A portfolio manager opined that Trump’s “investing prowess is very pedestrian”, while another suggested that in the unlikely event Trump is elected president, the only thing likely to go up is the price of hairspray.

  3. BREAKING RUMOR: Cruz to drop-out of race on Wed. or Thurs. says:

    Also, rumor that Drudge to unload on this story Monday morning.

  4. Lil Mac says:

    Is the Cruz sex scandal real? What scandal has ever run on legs without some bones being in them?

    If isn’t real, it will go nowhere. Most of this story however is pre-Trump.

    This scandal involves Katrina Pierson; a Texas Tea Party leader who worked for Cruz in 2012 and now works for Trump. Thus, if this story was leaked by the Trump camp, Pierson herself leaked it. Trump is either getting a Texas Tea Party woman to accuse herself of adultery to help Trump (a testament to Trump’s hypnotism) or the woman really REALLY dislikes Ted Cruz whom she once avidly supported.

    Regardless of Pierson’s problem with Ted, Trump has been waiting for an excuse to nuke Cruz. Ricketts supplied the excuse. While many think Donald is lucky to have a pretty model as wife, Ted’s own core voters are the moralists who most hated Clinton’s philandering and who today see a Texas Tea Party woman rejecting Cruz politically and perhaps as a lover. For sure, Pierson points the way to other women Cruz may have diddled. And maybe its true. For Trump is usually careful to tell truth. Trump’s delivery so rudely challenges PC that were his nuggets of fact not precisely true everyone would simply discount them. Therefore, it would be surprising to find there wasn’t some nugget of truth in this about Ted screwing around. After all, this is Ted Cruz who crept around women’s dorms in a bathrobe and who was raised amid the moral hypocrisy of a Catholic father who divorced, became an Evangelical preacher, and then divorced again. That is not the image moralistic voters see of Ted. Then too, philandering in the Senate is an exercise as common as playing golf.

    Pierson and Cruz go back before Trump. The more Cruz blames Trump for “leaking” the Pierson story, the more it makes people talk about the story.

  5. vet says:

    Trump counterpunches tactically but strategically he is always on the offense; with the fullest use of intelligence, estimate, maneuver, terrain, etc. He has the largest tool kit of generalship I have ever seen. He feigns weakness so that those who pursue him march with limited visibility, and meet him on ground of his choosing where he defends with strength in depth. His opponents are so completely deceived, and so forcefully plunge into his deft feints, they go off right the cliff without hurting him. This is straight out of Sun Tzu and Clausewitz.

    As Trump’s opponents fall to the rocks below you hear them wail “but he’s so stupid!” and you almost are tempted to feel sorry for them. Almost, except our nation is dying of that sort of stupidith and it’s the idiots who are committing suicide when they face Trump.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “Stupidith” is as “Stupidith” does. Go thee forth and rend the stupidith from thyself.

    Vet, proofreading is a good thing. But if I disagree with you on that basis alone I become s stupid as the politically correct fools who fall to Trump’s strategies. And I cannot disagree with what you say.

  7. vet says:

    GH & MD, not long ago you thanked me for my service. That was when you liked what I was saying. I was a commissioned officer in combat arms, am a VA patient and a member of the Legion, VFW, and DAV. What I described is technically correct. I would add however that Sun Tzu is elementary fodder that MBAs tend to focus on; more philosophic than useful in a military sense. The campaigning that I was talking about is political not military, though there be correlations.

    I notice you don’t criticize my assessment. You don’t even say it doesn’t apply to Trump. You just slander me. It is as if you assume that all those thousands of people voting for Trump are not real. And that Trump is simply stupid. In that case, he is very lucky.

    It is always most dangerous to underestimate your enemy. To overestimate your friends is to risk being left unsupported. But to underestimate your opponent is to risk being defeated. To overestimate Trump is to act accordingly and by so doing, the worst you risk is that you smash him twice or thrice over.

    • Macdaddy says:

      Really, vet? This is what you fought for? So you could get sold a bill of goods by a guy who can’t possibly deliver any of it? Who has no concept of anything other than bilking investors out of their money and sleeping around? Who has dragged our politics through more mud than a whole platoon crawled through in WW2?

      Trump may be brilliant, but he’s not following Sun Tzu. He’s following P.T. Barnum. And yes, the same idiots that elected Obama twice are currently making sure our choices are between a woman who should be in jail for 50 different crimes and a short-fingered vulgarian. Trump is succeeding because of people like you who are so blinded by anger that you are more than happy to make sure the nation commits suicide. That’s the bottom line. This isn’t all on Trump. He’s got accomplices like you, who will share in the blame of putting this country through hell. This is what you fought for? Thanks for nothing.

    • Well, I said it was quasi-military Bravo Sierra. Having read SunTzu myself, I think the Art of War is obscurantist nonsense. “When they advance, we retreat’ and so forth.

      And I never slandered you.

      The people who voted for Trump are real, certainly, but they are a very small fraction of the population, which for the most part despises Trump. For which I say, God bless the USA!

  8. vet says:

    No, Mac Daddy, I fought for your right to disagree with me in a bloodless battle of ballots. You say thanks for nothing. I don’t think your right to have a political opinion is nothing.

    I get it that you don’t like Trump. Maybe you like Sanders. Maybe you liked one of the dozens of Senators and Governors who have all quit running. So go bitch to them. You want to blame me? For Trump? Or for Cruz? Or for Sanders? Fine. But, sir, that is your privilege because I now get my care at a VA hospital. So my opinion is you make a mockery of the sacrifices made for your freedom to bitch. And boy do you ever bitch like a bitch. Happy Easter.

    • Macdaddy says:

      No, you’re making a mockery of your own service by supporting a man who has no respect for the Constitution, military service, first responders, rules, American workers, or even Christian values. Trump is a man who said of John McCain:” He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” Trump spits on your service and he spits on my service and I don’t take kindly to that. I don’t know what kind of leadership classes you had, but the Navy definition of a good leader was 180 degrees from Trump.

      I would hope you don’t agree with his characterization of McCain. Trump does care, though, if you disagree. If you disagree, he’s likely to describe you as a failed officer who was lucky you weren’t fragged by your own troops. You’re really just the worst there ever was. That’s how Trump rolls. That’s the guy you think ought to be President. That’s the guy you got wounded for. I understand we fought for people to be idiots but there’s no way I’ll ever support someone who would spit on people who get in his way.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Vet, most Americans don’t serve in our armed forces. But they all have a big mouth. In 1776, most Americans didn’t fight for the patriots or for the British. Most bitched and moaned and did nothing. They were born to be angry 1:30 am blogging do nothings. Pissed off, frustrated, ungrateful, people who didn’t spend 10 months in a military hospital like myself. If they had, they might better appreciate that voting for a President isn’t fighting a war. Not hardly. If anything comes from being shot at and blown up and doing it to others, it is adult perspective. Don’t waste your breath on the inexperienced.

  10. To GH says:

    He is just upset because his flame cocktails were ill received at the Bogside Massacre. Shame on you attacking defenseless Brits. God save the Queen!

  11. Veteran says:

    Macdaddy and RWP, say again how you hate disabled veterans who support Trump. Trump-hating Republicans deny Trump voters physical attendance at Trump rallies. They now petition to deny Trump interviews on network news (Networks say Trump never turns down an interview while the rest balk).

    Trump-haters deny freedom of assembly, speech and press to American Trump voters, while guarantying members of a murder cult freedom of religion. ISIL now reportedly has nuclear weapons tech. Did you run a shop at Stratcom? Because I did. You are deadly naïve. Trump isn’t your enemy.

    Katie Couric interviewed five GOP Congressmen, “When pressed by Couric on… building a Mexico-funded wall, banning Muslims from entering the U.S., deporting undocumented immigrants, and forcing Israel to pay for its defense aid — none agreed.”

    NONE? — No GOP Congressmen wanted our border to be a border? Not one Republican questions a “religion” that advocates an eternal rape-fest heaven for murdering innocents? None of these lawmakers would deport lawbreaker invaders? None of these tax-dollar spenders would force Israel to pay for its own defense? — Israel is happier with Trump then these fake Republican US Lawmakers are.

    You GOP Trump haters –you the entire GOP establishment– want civility not law, PC not common sense. Damn you for your shit filled heads endangering the USA. I hope Trump wins so you leave this country, so that those of us who have defended it under fire can again defend it.

    • Macdaddy says:

      You’re obviously buying, against all evidence including things Trump himself has said, the load of horse shit he’s selling. Guess what? We’ll never find out how horrible of a President he’ll be because Hillary Clinton is going to mop the floor with him. The one person Americans don’t trust more than Hillary is Donald Trump. Thanks for f’in nothing.

  12. anon says:

    Good description of Ernie, Ed S @7;41. OWH editorial today on voting secrecy on LB 1109, yet endorse, as well as Chambers, secret committee votes. Also where is Morfeld and Civic Reform for open process for voting.

  13. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Good points from Sweeper and Ed on Sen. Chambers getting away with things that others could not. I’m glad the Speaker addressed the issue on the public record the next day because EC is constantly on the record with his racist, bigoted, inflammatory remarks. It was only right that the Speaker do so after he had called out Sen. Kintner for the monkey newspaper column. Of course EC’s response is just more defiance but it would be helpful if the “that’s Ernie just being Ernie” attitude was tamped down. Honestly there is no one else in any other environment, workplace, school, social, etc. who could say the things Sen. Chambers says and not have some type of reprimand or dismissal.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Julie Schmit-Albin, Now you want to scrap the Ist Amendment, what part of the Constitution do you approve of?

      • The Grundle King says:

        You’re a smart guy and a lawyer, so surely you must know that asking for a reprimand when Ernie says inflammatory things is not the same thing as demanding that Ernie be prevented from saying inflammatory things.

        The 1st Amendment protects freedom of speech…it does not guarantee freedom from consequences.

  14. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    I’m a huge defender and user of the First Amendment. EC has complete immunity on the floor and in hearings on public record to say whatever he wants, and he does. The point is, you can’t yell “Fire” in a crowded theatre and neither should you be able to incite violence whether on or off the public record, without there being some ramifications. If anyone walked into their workplace and said half the things Sen. Chambers said, there would be serious repercussions. A double standard has been employed by the Legislature when it comes to him. The prevailing sentiment around there is the less they rile him up or engage him, the less he will drone on or filibuster the bills they want to pass. Thus the “it’s just Ernie being Ernie” mentality which is giving him carte blanche to do and say whatever he wants without any public reprimand, censure, etc. No one else gets away with that.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Julie Scmit-Albin Nothing Chamber says come close to fighting speech and he is not walking into a private work place. What you want is some sort of hate speech rule applicable only to Chambers. Ernie’s knowledge of case law shows in his remarks, he never approaches incitement.

      • The Grundle King says:

        You’re so right. Why…barely over a year ago, Ernie said that IF he carried a gun…though he says he never has (which is a lie)…it wouldn’t be to protect himself from crime or terrorism, but to protect himself from the police…because the police are like ISIS to him and those like him (African-American men).

        Then, nary two months later, an African-American man gunned down one of those American ISIS members (OPD Officer Kerrie Orozco), leaving three children without a mother. And all of this within 9 blocks of Ernie’s own district, no less.

        Not incitement, though.

  15. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Accusations of “hate speech” have been thrown at conservatives for far less than what Ernie says when he’s on a roll. I would be somewhat mollified if he wasn’t treated differently than his colleagues in this regard, but he is and has been.

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