Moral equivalence

AR15On Friday it was written here that the OWH failed to write anything about State Senator Ernie Chambers’ suggestion that he mow everyone in the Legislature down with a semi-automatic machine gun.

But looking back at another incident gave a glimmer into what the OWH would say — in their Editorial this Monday morning.

Remember when Leavenworth St. broke the story (no, it didn’t just “show up” on Facebook…) on Councilman Chris Jerram holding up the “Stripper Stothert” shirt? Just about everyone thought Jerram had gone beyond the pale — even he apologized as quickly as he thought he could.

But the OWH’s Erin Grace quickly took to the pages of Warren Buffett’s fishwrap to declare, “It’s not just Jerram! Lots of people do this! For instance, here is a low-level ‘politico’ who called a state senator a bad word!”

And therefore what Jerram did was just what everyone else was doing, see?

Well the cowardly, intellectually dishonest Editorial Board at the paper did it again.

See cretins (says the OWH), when Chambers suggested mass murder at the Legislature, this was just small part of a larger problem in government of “disrespect”.

As a matter of fact, Chambers’ statement is just lumped into the middle of some other newsy items.

And once again they point at State Senator Bill Kintner and say, he “likened his colleagues to monkeys”…and just like that, the OWH shows that they are not only worthless in their opinions, but collaborators with Chambers’ and the worst kind of mass-liars.

Just to say it one more time here, Kintner told a story — lets cal it a parable — noting that the Legislature was doing the same things over and over, and their only reasoning was because “that’s the way they’d always done it.”

Now, the story could have been about Monks, instead of monkeys, and the point would have been the same. Because the point was not about throwing feces or swinging from vines. It was about a manner of thought, of which the Legislature was guilty.

By the way, it is an OLD story, used many times before.

And this bears repeating, because if you knew nothing of it, you would guess that Kintner stood on the floor of the Unicameral and yelled, “My colleagues are nothing but a bunch of banana eating, feces throwing monkeys!”

But no matter.
The OWH says Kintner called them “monkeys”.

Because they are intellectually dishonest and cowards.

By the way, they also point at Paul Meyers from the Millard School Board for saying bad things about Atheists. Which he did.

And he apologized for.

But the OWH did not note that not only did Chambers NOT apologize, he doubled down on it and said he’d keep going.

Must have missed that in their missive from up on high.



Oh, and the LJS editorial page, including their premier political writer skipped the issue altogether.

Five years hence

But, FWIW, The Don does have a few interesting bits in his column today, with suggestions about how Congressional redistricting could happen…in 2021.

“…either move Platte County (Columbus) and Seward County into the 3rd District or move Madison County (Norfolk), Stanton County and Thurston County into the 3rd District while the 1st District absorbs more of Sarpy County from the populous 2nd District.”

That is noting that nothing else significant happens in 5 years.



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  1. Gerard Harbison says:

    EC is never going to change. He’ll go to his grave a flaming bigoted lower alimentary orifice. What is needed is to punish senators when they vote with Chambers. I suggest the Ernie BBF rating, dividing the number of times Sen. X voted with EC, as a percentage of the total number of votes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s your take away from this? Typographical errors? Why not dip into your political correctness and damn disabled veterans for sake of your Democratic or Republican establishment status quo?

    Chambers is doing what Obama does by playing the race card, to appear the victim of being called a mindless ape while they call others mindless apes. That it works for them because mindless whites really do think there is different between white apes and black apes being apes. The silliness of this would be funny except so many GOP and Democrat leaders believe it. And so too do most journalists.

    People aren’t apes no matter how much you call them that. Nor by how much you cringe at that obviously stupid impossibility. Chambers and Obama aren’t victims as much as they love to play that role. If unsupported by political and media regulars, who cringe before it, they’d be adolescent children in their behavior. But they are simply expedient assholes. They behave thus because white and black regulars are too wimpy to give the assholes the boot they deserve as assholes.

    Street Sweeper gets it. Our entire country is dying of the regulars swallowing bullshit. OWH and LJS and Unicameral Republicans and Democrats. They are eagerly choking on it.

  3. Backbone says:

    Wish we had some senators–liberal or conservative–with a backbone around the Capitol. Everyone walks around the hallowed halls on pins and needles just to avoid having Ernie rip into them on the floor of the Legislature. It’s interesting how both sides always call for civility, but when a rambling bigot like Chambers gets going, then that’s “just Ernie being Ernie”. Grow some grapefruits, Senators!

    • Macdaddy says:

      The obvious people to call Ernie to account would be his fellow liberals. Unlike conservatives who have no problem having it out in public, liberals will never do anything that might threaten their power. Ever.

  4. Leg' Watcher says:

    Both the OWH and LJS claim to be news papers. There’s nothing about the speeches Ernie Chambers gives on the floor of the Legislature that amounts to “news.” Ernie’s rants aren’t even fit for printing in the tabloids.

    You’re expecting a lot if you think they should cover this non issue. The fact is they don’t even bother to cover most of what goes on in the Legislature that’s actually relevant.

  5. Unicam Watcher says:

    Both the OWH and LJS claim to be news papers. There’s nothing about the speeches Ernie Chambers gives on the floor of the Legislature that amounts to “news.” Ernie’s rants aren’t even fit for printing in the tabloids.

    You’re expecting a lot if you think they should cover this non issue. The fact is they don’t even bother to cover most of what goes on in the Legislature that’s actually relevant.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yet when Kintner writes a weekly newspaper column for his District that makes a harmless analogy, both the LJS and OWH cover it in print and online as if it’s a big deal. Ernie’s speeches are “news” when he goes off the deep end, which is often. But the print media reports only a tiny portion of his most bizarre statements.

  7. repenting lawyer says:

    Sweeper, 3 blogs in a row on Ernie’s stupid remark, which threatened at most throwing law books. OWH and LJS may not be great newspapers, but they have not manifested such a silly fixation on such nonsense. Do not always agree with Erin Grace but she has not turned into a bore. Calling Chris on the shirt was right, he made a fool of himself. Ernie’s remarks hardly justify recalling your last moment of glory.

    • Professor, I get that Ernie was a former client of yours, and you see no faults in him.
      But the failure by the OWH to sufficiently comment on this was absolutely worth discussing.
      And if I see a reason to write about it tomorrow, I’ll write about it tomorrow.
      The Jerram incident (lemme guess, YOUR Councilman???) and the resulting OWH article was analogous to the Chambers incident and the resulting OWH editorial.
      And I can understand that you find criticism of views you believe in to be “boring”.
      I don’t claim to be as exciting as a double-dose of “Matlock”.
      And thanks for reading.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Street Sweeper, Ernie was my client 5o year sago, hardly a lifetime relation. I though Chris made a fool of himself, and was not being critical of you, I just thought you were reaching for the analogy. In homage to ProfGHB and Aristophenes , I think on Ernie you remind me of the Frogs. Otherwise I do enjoy, so I leave you to your Ernie fixation.

    • NE Voter says:

      The casebooks from my years in law school are very sturdy. They make superb projectiles to this day. And still quite handy for clubbing myself over the head. Why, you ask? Because it feels so good when I stop.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Stolen from one of Dean Rod’s favorite books the Many Loves Of Dobbie Gilles, good choice’

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Chambers problem is more than merely challenging him. Senators who openly challenge him are marginalized by the other members. Merely taking on topics that raise his ire and prompt his rants result in punishment to the introducing senator, for “knowingly wasting the time of the body”, not Chambers or his disciples. Any issue unpopular with him is summarily killed by those who hope to stay in his favor for their own use. It is not merely his actions that bully, but the threat of his actions. All of that further feeds his ego, which is his only guiding ideology.

  9. Sneaky Pete says:

    So Ricketts calls out Ernie but doesn’t apply his own “McPherson Rule” against him and ask for his resignation. Pete is a Coward

  10. Anon says:

    And people wonder why Trump will probably get the GOP nomination (though without my vote, but some sympathy for the devil). Most recognize that if Kintner or most of the white members of the Unicameral had said what The Ernie said that it would national news, with the appropriate wrist-slitting about how the U.S. is still fundamentally racist. Although I didn’t vote for him either time, I had hopes that Obama would make race relations in the U.S. better. Instead, they’re worse in part because it has given The Ernies of the world free rein to say that they will while the Kintners of the world cannot say a word without cluck-clucking from the Omaha Daily Fishwrap.

  11. bynd says:

    Susan Sarandon has come out and said she will not support HRC if she is the Dems. nominee. That HRC is untrustworthy because she has taken money from the fracking guys. So if her guy Bernie doesn’t make it, she will support Trump. Out of all the crap said about the Republican side in this election, this is a true stunner

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd, why a stunner? There is an anti-establishment theme among Bernie’s supporters, particularly those like Susan who were once of the then new left. They never liked Bill Clinton and have viewed Obama as disappointingly moderate. Same type of attitude beat Hubert in 1968 though he was in days of turning it around.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Professor, we will be at your home, push our way into your living room and protest you talking to your kids.

    That’s our free speech right.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Anonymous, Free speech does not protect trespass. I do not know about ProfGH’s children, mine are mostly grown and gone but would have enjoyed the company.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        ProfGh, if Anonymous was responding to your noticing the arrest of the Trump campaign worker, the complaining witness was not a trespasser or any other kind of disrupter. She was a reporter attempting to ask a question. The event was not by invitation and did not require a ticket and shouting of questions by the press is customary American politics.

  13. Macdaddy says:

    Wasn’t there supposed to be some video out yesterday that was going to make Cruz quit mid-week? Any updates on that?

  14. Meanwhile, Medicaid expansion went down in flames in the unicam, once again. Amusing the local press was speculating whether supporters have enough votes to override a veto or end a filibuster. They didn’t even have enough votes to prevent it from being bracketed (they needed 25, and had 20).

    • Sparkles says:

      The state of Iowa collected $381.2 million in city, county and state gaming taxes in 2014.

      You can be certain at least $200 million of that largess was plucked directly from the pockets of Nebraskans. Thanks to Pat Loontjer, Tom Osborne and Pete Ricketts (’cause.. Jesus). a mountain of money that Nebraskans gleefully dump into the Iowa coffers every year. Money dumped immediately before leaving to casino to load that ‘boogeyman’ of gambling addiction into their car and head back to Nebraska.

      In addition those rascally Iowans, recognizing that Free Money From Other People = GOOD – accepted the offer of Billions of dollars from the Federal Government and adopted Medicaid expansion in December of 2013. An act lauded by the Des Moines Register as one of Branstad’s two most notable achievements as Governor.
      Billions of dollars (again, many from NE taxpayers) flowed in Iowa’s coffers from afar, supporting thousands and thousands of new Iowa jobs, fortifying the balance sheets of hundreds of Iowa hospitals and improving the health and security of ten’s of thousands of Iowan’s men, women and children, and in the process easing the long term fiscal burden on Iowa’s own Medicaid program.

      And here in Nebraska, Pat Loontjer, Tom Osborn and Pete Ricketts (’cause.. Jesus), were joined today by a gaggle of half-wits, cretins and poltroons.
      A group for whom Free Money From Other People = BAD!.
      A group outwardly defiant at the prospect of thousands of new, good paying Nebraska jobs, rural Nebraska hospitals no longer in fear of insolvency and a healthier Nebraska workforce finally capable of working their way out of poverty and no longer having to choose between food, heat, or medicine for their ailing child.

      32 states have made the no-brainer decision to adopt medicaid expansion.

      But not the cognitive backwater that is deep Red Nebraska.
      28 abject imbeciles, all dressed in suits, all pretending to be among Nebraska’s thought leaders.

      The Republican party simply can’t collapse soon enough.

      • bynd says:


        No taxes have been lowered because of the stealing of old people’s nickels and pennies by the gambling industry in Iowa. To give even more money to politicians who have proven they can not handle even what they get now responsibly, is a fools errand. But being the tax and spend liberal you are, I expect you to support such a thing. Question is, why do you hate old people and the most who can least afford to loose any money to gambling so much.

        My in laws lost their last $500,000.00 to the casinos in the Bluffs. So the idiots cretin to me are those like you who have no problem fleecing the least of those who can afford it.

        That would also put you in the position of being one of the biggest hypocrites around.

        As to the other gambling in the state, if you slit your thumb with a knife and live, shall you then slit your throat even though the purpose was not to die?

        Gambling is stupid. Those who support it are not only stupid but without compassion, all for the sake of money. How noble!

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