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RIP, Jerry Anderson,
RIP, Jerry Anderson,

The battle for Medicaid Expansion in this year’s legislative session is over, with the Nays overcoming the Ayes, 28-20 (well, nay-ing the concept, in any case).

To read an extensive list about how awesome the proposed bill was, please read the OWH’s Martha Stoddard’s report.

Looking for the WINNING, opposition’s view on that bill in Martha’s story?
Well, tough luck for you. None in this one.

For the other side, you can look at the LJS’s Don Walton’s story, which does a nice job of pulling the more “colorful” statements from the floor debate.


Rest in Peace Jerry Anderson.

Jerry Anderson was the Chair of the Sarpy County Republican Party. He was an Air Force veteran. He loved his city, his state and his country and believed staying involved at all levels was his duty.

He passed away yesterday.

But Anderson never lost his gumption in life.

You may recall that just a few months ago, he took to the internets to express his displeasure at Chip Maxwell’s candidacy for the 2nd District Congressional seat. Anderson sent out an email blast stating that he was going to prevent Maxwell from speaking to the Sarpy GOP (he was still angry about Chip’s brief independent candidacy against Lee Terry in 2014).

Not to harp on Chip, mind you, but just to note that Anderson believed in what he believed in, and he was going to let everyone know it.

Here is one of many tributes to Anderson on the internets today — this from Chuck Isom:

Shortly after we moved back, I took Ana (then probably about 4) with me to a GOP event.

Jerry was there and as soon as I arrived he cornered me about some issue (I honestly don’t remember what) that we differed on. I explained where I was coming from and we agreed to disagree.

A few minutes later I had to run back to my car and asked the folks I was with to watch Ana. When I came back, he had found a juice box for her from somewhere, was holding her hand and explaining to some other activists my position and why he thought I had some good points.

There are just too few people in this world who can be rock-ribbed in their beliefs while acknowledging that other arguments might have merit. The fact that he loved all children like his own grandchildren just makes his loss sting that much more.

Rest in Peace Jerry, and thank you for your service, many times over.


Yeah, that’s right…

And just to round out the “Semi-Automatic” coverage, Governor Pete Ricketts said he agreed 100% with a caller who said State Senator Ernie Chambers was “prejudiced” and his comment “as bad as a terroristic threat from an average citizen.”

Ricketts stopped short of calling for Chambers’ resignation — as he did for state Board of Education member Pat McPherson.

Instead, Ricketts suggested the Legislature should vote to “censure” Chambers.

Somewhere, Chambers is yelling, “Let ’em!”


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  1. Sparkles says:

    Watching Kolterman, Kintner, McCoy, Riepe, Bloomfield et al, speak this morning on the floor of the legislature reminds me of how wildly delusional and beholden the Republican party has become as a whole.

    But I hold out hope, for we are indeed living in historic times.
    If anyone cares, here are two articles that explain the demise of Republican party currently underway.

    GOP and the Rise of Anti-Knowledge, by Mike Lofgren


    The Long Con; Mail-order conservatism – by Rick Perlstein

    Lofgren’s piece is a quick read, Perlstein’s a bit longer and more in-depth.
    Both offer a peek into “An Infrastructure of Know-Nothing-ism” and a quick tour of the business model of “Waging Culture War for Fun and Profit”. These pieces each explain the decades of terraforming required to make possible the rise of carnival acts the likes of Trump, Cruz, Carson, Huckabee, Santorum, Gingrich, Cain, Palin, Bachmann, Steve King, Louie Gohmert, Kintner, Kolterman, McCoy and Riepe – and even the Monumentally Mendacious Mitt – who, upon closer examination, fits into this coterie far more neatly than most would imagine.

    • bynd says:


      Susan Sarandon, a libs lib, would beg to differ. Essentially stripping you of any valid lib credentials you may think you have. Democratic party, friend of the frackers. Which is not meant to replace another foul word.

      • Sparkles says:

        Keep stringing together consonants and vowels bynd, you’re bound to someday stumble across a thought beyond the wholly inane.

        Even a blind squirrel…

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, Where does one obtain liberal credentials? Are you Susan Sarandon’s agent or must application be made directly to her? Do I have them to lend Sparkles or did she also revoke mine?

  2. harper says:

    Street Sweeper, you are harping on Chip. Moreover, you are chivvying Chip because Jerry is dead. Chip cannot respond to your chide without looking like a mean-spirited jerk attacking dead Jerry.

    That said, if Maxwell cannot take the heat, self immolation is good. Chivvying suicidally stupid reactions out of those who deserved to be chivvied never fails to entertain. Maxwell handed Second District to Democrat Brad Ashford. Jerry is smiling down and thanking you Sweeper. Harp on.

    • “harper”,
      a) I’m not familiar with the verb “chivvy”, but rock-on.
      b) I mainly included the Anderson-Maxwell story, b/c it was the most recent I had involving him, and showed his moxie.
      c) If you read THE VERY NEXT PARAGRAPH you’ll note ANOTHER example of him disagreeing with someone and that same person complimenting him on his graciousness.

      Thanks for “reading”.

  3. To Harper says:

    Terry lost because of a nice house comment. Terry lost because of Nikko Jenkins endorsement. Terry lost because his team took at advantage of him because he was kind hearted and trusting. Jerry actually let Chip speak and reversed his stance. Do not make something political. We lost a true American yesterday.

  4. TexasAnnie says:

    On Medicaid Expansion and within today’s OWH article (imbedded above), Jim Vokal (Platte Institute) said: “Nebraskans are fine with helping workers afford health insurance, but they object to new entitlements and more welfare dependency being pushed on our state by the federal government.”

    Do y’all know how Nebraskans “help” workers afford health insurance? This is a real inquiry, so no sarcasm is necessary. If y’all don’t know how you’re helping, you may be surprised!

    Of course you’re helping by NOT collecting the federal dollars flowing into the 32 states which have expanded Medicaid. But there’s still another means for helping that you may be unaware Nebraskans are doing…

  5. bynd says:


    I not ragging or trying to be mean. But it baffles me to no end that one who states they were forced to live in this state to up our state income via your taxes. Was totally disgusted with state care of needy citizens and couldn’t wait to leave, still finds interest in writing about this state on a state blog. Especially coming from a state, probably the largest, that has not expanded medicaid. Is it wrong to be like Texas?

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Texas is WRONG to refuse Medicaid expansion. But Texas does not compel it’s citizens who lack medical insurance to “help” those already getting medical insurance in their workplace.

  6. Sneaky Pete says:

    Right on Sweeper. Good to point out how Pete dis not apply the “McPherson Rule” to Ernie Chambers. Pete and his incompetent staff are inconsistent.

  7. Lil Mac says:

    Trump voters aren’t nearly as angry. Of course, they are miffed that some invade Trump rallies, etc. And like Cruz voters, they abhor the status quo in DC that hurts America and they despise the RNC’s habit of losing to Democrats. But campaign-wise, Trump voters happily seeing Trump ahead.

    Yet, happy or not, I doubt many Republican here support Kasich, a liberal Romney type and part of the RNC that is invested in Democrats winning. – The RNC today wants Clinton or Sanders to be the next President rather than Cruz or Trump. You can feel it. It’s palpable. And that is killing the GOP from the inside out. Kasich then Cruz and finally Trump, now won’t automatically support the GOP winner. That is the result of a RNC that hates its own GOP voters. The RNC promotes disunity.

    Iconoclast Cruz and outsider Trump signal a rebellion by voters who see the RNC’s staff profit from anger-drive Conservative donations due to Democrats being in office. RNC bureaucrats aren’t wealthy. They get a paycheck from anger-donations and their power stems from funneling PAC dollars to candidates; a money stream that doesn’t necessarily include or rely on actually winning.

    Rather than Cruz or Trump, the RNC much prefers to lose once again.

    Cruz and Trump better get their heads together or the GOP will make sure that Obama’s follow on is either a Socialist or the harridan.

  8. TexasAnnie says:

    I had to look ‘harridan’ up! It’s been a long road, Lil Mac, but I think the RNC began coming apart back when they moved inside that ‘big tent.’ There’s no way to reconcile the RNC’s stinginess with human needs vs. generosity with corporate needs as a common good; nor can one reconcile that stinginess with Christianity; nor can one reconcile anti-same sex and anti-abortion with ‘family values;’ nor can one reconcile it’s refusal to participate in collaborative government.

    Simply put, the RNC can’t harbor competing ideas within it’s own clan; thus as you state: “The RNC promotes disunity.” So y’all might as well register ‘Independent’ and let’s find out who the moderate electorate wants. The good thing about electing Hillary is WOMANHOOD. But that’s not enough to evoke my vote, yet. What’s the good think about electing Trump or Cruz? Help me out here, Lil Mac…
    Just last night Trump said security, healthcare and education are the most important issues for the FEDERAL government to undertake. That doesn’t sound Republican to me.

    • The Grundle King says:

      “nor can one reconcile anti-same sex and anti-abortion with ‘family values;'”


      The ‘family unit’, since the dawn of civilization, has consisted of a coupling of a male and a female, and their resulting offspring. Sure, there have been the few ‘loners’ along the way that did things a little ‘differently’…but never was their different way of doing things considered a pillar of the family foundation.

      So how someone could fail to reconcile being against same-sex unions, and being against abortion, with being in favor of ‘family values’…it’s just beyond me.

      And how a ‘lower case’ libertarian (which is much, MUCH different than being an ‘upper case’ Libertarian…wanted to make sure I made that distinction lest someone get offended) could reconcile their alleged political views with voting for Hillary…well, that would be beyond anyone with a fully functional brain.

  9. Unisham says:

    If anyone wants schooling in how this works, livestream NET coverage of legislative “floor debate.” Yesterday Tyson Larson challenged the germaneness of Ernie’s amendment to his bill on prohibiting employers from demanding social media passwords of employees. Lt. Gov. Foley was in the Chair and ruled that Ernie’s amendment was valid. EC is now on like the 3rd hour of filibustering Larson’s bill with nothing about the substance of the bill but just his usual blather about Christians, the Bible, etc. So Foley could have stopped it but probably ruled in EC’s favor because EC would just keep filing unrelated amendments. This is how it spirals down whenever Ernie wants control. We’ll see how long the Speaker lets him go on. Ridiculous and they bring it on themselves. Other State’s legislative bodies would be appalled to see what passes for the legislative process in Nebraska.

  10. Sparkles says:

    “More Than 80 Major CEOs and Business Leaders Demand North Carolina Repeal New ‘Anti-LGBT’ Bill”

    Rational, thoughtful Americans defeated the zealots in Indiana, then in Georgia and now are about to defeat them in North Carolina.

    Nebraska’s own political opportunists and fundamentalist ideologues who peddle in fear, paranoia and hatred of their neighbors – and their own family members – will also soon fall to modernity.
    The only question is, how many businesses do we stand to lose and how long must we suffer their continued presentation to the world of Nebraska as a backwater of society, populated by hateful hillbillies, bumpkins and rubes.

    It’s this same rejection of modernity, by these very same ideologues, who should be held accountable for losing significant economic development opportunities when Facebook and Google chose Iowa over Nebraska for the new $Billion+ data centers. Both companies citing the reason for the decision being Iowa’s embrace of renewable energy.
    Nebraska ranks 4th in the nation for wind energy potential. NE’s democratic legislators have long pushed for the development of our wind energy resources, in the process clearly detailing for all to see it’s irrefutable economic benefits.
    Regardless of the obvious benefits the efforts were vehemently opposed by Republicans and any hope of progress stifled by maroons like Heineman, McCoy, and Agenda 21 nutters Tom Hansen and Charlie Janssen.

    Here’s just one example of their years long obstruction –
    “Legislative committee draws ire for advancing wind energy bill”

    In just the last decades, Republicans are accountable for an economically damaging aversion to renewable energy; economically damaging, socially regressive mores; economically damaging denial of billions of dollars to improve the health and welfare of Nebraska’s citizens; and economically damaging opposition to hundreds of millions in gambling revenue – while knowingly incurring every ill associated with the activity – because that muddy stretch of water ain’t gonna wash clean those ills you’ve acquired as you drive back across that bridge.

    Like the unfathomable primary that delivered to us Donald Trump and Ted Cruz – Republicans are a party no longer moored by reason or logic.
    It’s a party of economically damaging, socially regressive, inequality fostering Anti-Knowledge.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Mostly I agree. But asking the taxpayers to pay for the development of wind energy, after they just got screwed on corn energy is just too much! Economic development doesn’t work for taxpayers unless they get the profits; instead they get the burden of tax incentives.

      • Sparkles says:

        Thoughtful reply, as always.

        Several studies have provided conclusive evidence that – unlike the massive taxpayer suck and resource waste that is corn ethanol production – the net economic benefits of wind energy far exceeds the initial cost of developing wind energy.
        Wind energy farms generate significant property tax revenue by substantially increasing the property tax base.
        There is constant and perennial furor over property taxes here in Nebraska and wind farms would bring significant property tax relief.
        Actually, that property tax relief also happens to be remarkably well targeted:
        “the benefits from wind power would be most likely to accrue to parts of the state that are in greatest economic need. Median income levels in Nebraska’s ten windiest counties are, on average, 21 percent below the state average, and poverty rates are higher than the state average in all but one of the windiest counties.”
        And again, anyone that’s lived in NE for more than few months knows that wind is an abundant natural resource here in Nebraska. (because Oklahoma.. you know..)

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Oh, and the LGBT issue not only causes business to reject Nebraska, but Nebraska-educated graduates as well! I personally know a couple who left Nebraska in 2001 directly after one completed a Masters Degree while her partner completed her Doctorate at UNMC. They went to the west coast.

      Their educations were a great expenditure for Nebraska taxpayers, too!

      • The Grundle King says:

        Doubtful it was that great of an expenditure. Hopefully they found good-paying jobs on the west coast by which to repay their untold thousands in student loan debt.

    • bynd says:

      hateful hillbillies, bumpkins and rubes. Great self description Sparkles.

      “Keep stringing together consonants and vowels Sparkles you’re bound to someday stumble across a thought beyond the wholly inane. ”

      “Nebraska ranks 4th in the nation for wind energy potential. NE’s democratic legislators have long pushed for the development of our wind energy resources, in the process clearly detailing for all to see it’s irrefutable economic benefits.”

      You will find no studies that show land value going up where wind farms are built. Although some argue that they are not affected. Unbiased sources such as, groups that represent appraisers and courts have verified 21% to 55% of value lost where wind farms are built. There are many more negatives such as health issues for those who live within hearing distance of turbines. god Sparkles, you are truly an ignorant jerk.

      It is nice to see you now support economic incentives for corporations. At least you have that right.

      Sparkles, you need to get a monkey. Your ability to string consonants and vowels into meaningful sentences is obviously non existent and inferior to most monkeys.

    • bynd says:


      So business’ running rough shod over elected officials is a good thing. And you probably believe they are doing it because of their moral code. Nice to see you now support the corporate take over of the politicians. Citizens United, Sparkles kind of law.

  11. TexasAnnie says:

    Been there. Saw that. Also saw the addition of whole bills that previously didn’t make it through three rounds of debate get attached to a bill on second round, or, attached to a bill that has been sent back from final reading. And speaking of three rounds of debate, how about those final readings? Informative, are they? Also saw contentious bills on first and second readings go onto consent calendar, —when Ernie says they can!

    Pretty unpredictable for the watching public. That’s because all the compromising is taking place off camera. A bill prohibiting employers from demanding social media passwords seems innocuous enough. Why does Ernie want it blocked?

    • Unisham says:

      Because he can bring up the other bill that got killed in Committee, about workplace considerations for LGBTQRSTUV employees. And Patty Pansing Brooks can join in for the 5,000th time about how the Unisham is discriminating against her son.

    • Anon says:

      If people did not have to work as hard as Morfeld and had time to watch the would be disgusted with who they elected. Maybe NPT should run it at night, but who would watch, it would be an extension of Ernie’s cable show

  12. Anonymous says:

    Seems to me that Ricketts is the one at the top and his staff shouldn’t be at fault for his willful stupidity to ask for a duly elected representative to step down when the voters make the call such as they did with McPherson. Never mind Mom and Dad gave nearly 10K and the apple is the one with the knife to Pat’s back. Nice core……values.

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