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First a little breaking-news Separated at Birth for you — inspired by Dan Moser’s Tweet that maybe Trump’s campaign manager wouldn’t be having so many problems if he didn’t resemble one of the Delta Tau-hating Omegas from Animal House


Corey Lewandowski and Neidermeyer!


And now, we dance!

Yesterday the Medicaid expansion bill was shot down in the Nebraska Legislature. But not without the support of 50 or so blacked-out supporters from Nebraska Appleseed. They flanked the halls of the 2nd floor Rotunda, holding signs with numbers and somesuch.

These Sprocket-like supporters/protesters were featured prominently in the photo essay accompanying the LJS’s story on the vote.

And they immediately caught the attention/ire of another frequent protester at the capitol — Nebraska Right to Life’s Julie Schmidt-Albin.


Well, when the NRLers hit the capitol, the rules are put very specifically to THEM. No signs inside the capitol. No STICKERS. And no DEMONSTRATING.

This is specifically different from the lobbying that goes on in the halls, discussing issues with Senators, etc. Even if there is a press conference in the area, those watching aren’t supposed to be holding a demonstration while they’re there.

But, as Schmidt-Albin points out to Leavenworth St., it depends on who you are:

“I can guarantee you they wouldn’t let 5,000 pro-lifers into the Rotunda with signs and banners on a cold Saturday in January. We would be met at the doors by Capitol Security.”

Here is what is noted in the rules:

Demonstrations/Picketing – All demonstrations must be non-disruptive and peaceful in nature. All such activities are restricted to public sidewalks, the East and West Terraces and the lower North Terrace. Demonstrations and demonstrators shall not block or restrict access to any public entry or exit to the State Capitol and Grounds at any time. All corridors, stairways and aisles shall be kept open and no activity that could disrupt the normal order of State business will be allowed.

Here is the Appleseed group from yesterday:

Appleseed Demonstration

As Schmit-Albin notes:

“If that wasn’t a “demonstration” by Nebraska Appleseed I don’t know what it was. From what I have seen in previous instances, today’s demonstration clearly stretched the boundaries of what has been allowed in the past.”

Curious to see how security would act if a bunch of Right to Lifers stood blocking the threshold of the legislative chamber.


Kid Rock Revolution

It is not clear how much this would cost — and the guess is it wouldn’t be free — but here is an actual bill filed by State Senator Ken Haar:

LR603 – Interim study to examine the issues faced by residents of mobile home communities.

The study committee shall examine the following:
(1) Demographic information related to rates of income and poverty, employment, age, and the health of such residents;
(2) Methods of addressing such health risks;
(3) Methods of providing access to shelters and safe rooms during inclement weather; and
(4) Such other issues as are necessary for a complete examination of this matter.

This doesn’t seem to be a priority bill…yet!


WARNING: Any person using a ticket voluntarily assumes all risk and danger incident to attending a game of baseball the Unicameral including specifically (but not exclusively) being injured by: thrown or broken bats; thrown or batted balls.

Things got a bit testy in the Unicameral as well!

Apparently Senator Bill Kintner got a bit frustrated about a vote on his priority bill.

Two versions of the story:

1) Kintner threw his glasses across his desk.
2) Kintner “chucked a pen over his shoulder in the direction of a fellow Senator who had voted against his priority bill,as reported on the Twitter by Lincoln Journal-Star reporter Zach Pluhacek.

The chair at the time, Senator Bill Krist, then warned if it happened again, he would have the Sergeant at Arms remove the person. Krist did not mention Kintner by name.

Kintner took to the Twitters himself to contest Pluhacek’s reporting, noting that he never had a pen in his hand and never threw anything at anyone.

Pluhacek noted Kinter’s version of events, though asked Kintner whether this meant Krist was “lying”. He also Tweeted that there were multiple things “thrown in the chamber”.

Of course the chair is familiar with this sort of thing — such as when someone “chucks” files across his desk when his bill is passed over. Maybe personally familiar.

Nebraskans are lucky there isn’t a bi-cameral legislature…


We will have so much winning

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Quite the diverse bunch of white people the liberals at Nebraska Appleseed put together for their protest. I thought their movement was all about inclusion and diveRRRRsity (say it like Chris Baker). Did you see the up close pics in the paper? These people look pretty sickly, too. Not sure I want them in the same risk pool as me.

  2. Sparkles says:

    Poor Julie Schmidt-Albin, her cause receives sooo little attention, and no special treatment at all from our vociferously pro-life Governor and our single-issue Lt. Governor. Both of whom prominently parade in front of the cameras at each and every RTL event.
    Let’s compare where the two issues in question, healthcare and pro-life, are rated in importance by our fellow Nebraskans.
    Fortunately a poll (Optimus) was released only a few days ago to guide in our search for insight. A poll handed to each and every legislator, presented in the OWH and LJS and cited right on Leavenworth St – a poll asking – What do Nebraskans Most Care About:
    #1) Economy and Jobs
    #2) Healthcare (ranked #1 in both NE2 and NE3)
    #3) Education
    #4) Taxes
    #5) Government Spending
    and finally coming in ranked Number 7, out of 9 categories in both NE1 and NE2, and Number 6 in NE3, are Pro-Life / Family Issues.

    And really? Comparing Nebraska Appleseed and an effort to expand medicaid with the anti-abortion movement?
    “Curious to see how security would act if a bunch of Right to Lifers stood blocking the threshold of the legislative chamber.”

    Correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t yours the party that wants to ban all muslims from entering the country? The party calling for the patrol of muslim neighborhoods throughout America, apparently with the intent to sweep up anyone who might look ‘suspicious’. A party who relishes the opportunity to drag from their homes and places of employment 11 million men, women and children and summarily deport them?
    If you can justify those actions, based on the crimes of an infinitesimal minority among their population, how is it that capital security can’t justify being fearful of a NE Right To Life rally?
    By your logic It doesn’t matter that NE RTL is by all accounts a peaceful organization. It only matters that they broadly share in common the ideology of an array of domestic terrorists and cold-blooded killers. Terrorists and killers not in Belgium, or Boston, or San Bernadino.
    Killers right next door, raised in America, church-going men of God, with Conceal Carry permits and the 6 gallons of gas in their car required to make the drive to Lincoln.
    Killers like Scott Roeder, who shot dead George Tiller while he attended church in Wichita Kansas. Or Robert Lewis Dear, who only months ago screamed of ‘baby parts’, as he killed 3 people and injured 5 others in a Planned Parenthood shooting in our neighboring state of Colorado. Only two out of an many maniacal activists with a decades long legacy of murder, arson, stalking, threats, bombings and kidnapping.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’ve left out all of the leftists who have killed people over the years and you’re generally wrong on this, but why should it be any different than every other time you log on?

  3. “Correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t yours the party that wants to ban all muslims from entering the country? ”

    You’re wrong. But why should it be any different this time?

    • Sparkles says:

      Trump will indeed be the best tool in modern times for Democratic Get Out The Vote initiatives.
      The handful that would cross party lines to cast their lot with Trump will be deluged by the millions of Democrats who would crawl through glass shards to cast a vote against that unprincipled buffoon.

      A deluge of millions certain to not only secure the White House but put the Senate back in Democratic control (can you say Majority Leader Schumer?).
      And, as the GOP farce of a primary continues to devolve, some political experts now warn that even the House may be up for grabs.

      Speaking of the House, it appears the asshat obstructionists that constitute the House ‘Freedom Caucus’ are now demanding Congress simply not meet – at all – after Election Day in November.

      What a horrific f%^&ing clown show.

  4. Sweep, there’s a SAB out there with a more recent picture of Lewandowski compared with Doug Stamper. This works better because (1) the cultural reference is actually in this century and (2) well, personality.

    • You’re assuming I’ve ever watched “House of Cards” (I had to look up the reference.)
      I’ve never heard a single person who has worked in DC who likes the show.
      But EVERYONE likes Animal House!
      (And Lewandowski looks more like Niedermeyer…)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Appleseed protesters illegally inside the Unicameral, like Sanders leftists inside Trump rallies.

    If an Appleseed or a Right to Life protester evades security to invade the floor of the Unicameral and shout down the Speaker and deny him and attendees their right to hear or speak in their own chamber, or as a reporter pushes past security to grab at the Speaker demanding an interview, is that okay? Or not.

    Doesn’t the Bill of Rights exist as much in a rally as on a legislative floor? Just asking.

  6. huskerred says:

    Only Sparkles cares about the poor, the rest of us are just greedy capitalists who don’t care about babies after they are born. We just like to cling to our religion and guns, we’re not enlightened like Sparkles and the ACLU, Appleseed, etc.

    • Macdaddy says:

      Naw. Sparkles only cares about taking your money to keep poor people poor. $22 trillion and nothing to show for it. And it’s never enough.

      • Sparkles says:

        The non partisan Tax Policy Center has determined Trump’s tax cut proposals would drain the Treasury of $9.5 trillion over the coming ten years, while Cruz’s tax approach would reduce revenues by $8.7 trillion over the same period.

        In addition to blowing massive holes in our debt with tax cuts that reward primarily the most wealthy, both have promised a massive expansion of our military. Cruz increasing military spending by $2.7 Trillion over the next decade. Trump is, of course, vague on the numbers, but promises “to make our military so big, so strong and so great, so powerful”, in addition to a pledge to spend $1 Trillion more dollars on Veterans care of over the next decade.
        In addition, both have promised to repeal Obamacare, which the CBO has determined would add $353 Billion to the deficit over 10 years.

        Of course voters never hear about these numbers because the GOP candidates for PResident of the United States are too busy talking about the size of their penis, or who’s wife is the bigger slut, or how many women each of them have slept with since being married, punching audience members in the face or asking supporters to “knock the crap out of” rally participants, or punishing, possibly even locking up women who seek a legal abortion, or not ruling out having to drop nukes on Europe, or which candidate can more quickly decimate the civil rights of Americans by snatching them from their homes or off the streets, or who can make the sand glow more brightly while carpet bombing hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children…..

        Because this is now what motivates a GOP electorate, the insane policies of the Republican POTUS hopefuls are never discussed.

  7. bynd says:

    Sparkles, an inconsequential, lonely, little man, in a fly over state whose 1.7 hillbillies, rubes etc could care less what he has to say. A person who truly needs our pity.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd, we are not all rubes, some of us can read and write and appreciate Sparkles. Attempting to speak for all of NE amounts to terrible ego inflation or steal a line, “Speak for yourself Bynd.”

      • bynd says:


        I did speak for my self RL: It is Sparkles that lumped you with the rest. But then, it appears you have some sort of love fest going with him. If you can’t get it right because of your love for Sparkles, maybe you should back off and see what is really going on. You have lost all perspective. I guess that’s make you an incestual hillbilly from Sparkles family. How sad, you do more to prove Sparkles description of Nebraskans true than separate yourself as a superior elite.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd I was addressing your comment which presumed to speak for all. The rest of your comment is both confused and vulgar and your claim to extraordinary insight into current affairs is not supported by anything you say. You complain constantly about rhetorical excess but have no answer beyond abuse to anyone you disagree with on any issue.

  8. repenting lawyer says:

    I think we should congratulate Senator Kintner, Senator Chambers was using hyperbole when he suggested armed white senators might shoot up the Unicameral, understanding this Kintner threw his glasses or his pen. So Ernie did inspire violence, white violence, though leaving the Chamber if speech was upsetting was what Ernie actually advocated Kintner’s next effort should be to learn about contrary to fact conditionals as in,”if I were not Senator Kintner I would be comfortable on the Cable Car.”

  9. bynd says:


    I use other peoples words to show their disdain for you and your family and all Nebraskans and it is my fault? And I claim no extraordinary insight. Once again, your ability to comprehend is lacking. But you get what you give especially when you reply to posts not meant for you. And quite frankly, your post to me lately are received no different than how you receive mine.

  10. repenting lawyer says:

    Bynd I try to pay attention but some times I think you are speaking in tongues. My own view is that differences of opinions make political chat as well as horse races and I enjoy the back and forth. I would not wish to banish any voices from our fugue.

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