Cruz’s Nebraska path

MSNBC's Steve Kornacki gives outlook on Trump's path (X -- for Cruz -- on Nebraska)
MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki gives outlook on Trump’s path (X — for Cruz — on Nebraska)

We have a whole ‘nother week to endure subway malfunctions, matzah factories, former mayors and probably Yankees and Mets arguments before the New York Presidential Primary on Tuesday, April 19th.

It will eventually go away before the obsession with the next primary starts.

One note is that on MSNBC this morn, the analyst dude was noting that Trump still has a path to 1,237 delegates. But he wrote off Nebraska, South Dakota and Montana to Ted Cruz.

If that is the case, Cornhusker could likely see a brief visit by Cruz, but then the fight for the week may go up to Oregon…(er, Beaver?) which is seen as more of a toss-up.

We will keep you updated.


Swiper Stop Swiping!

Funny headline from a story about the Winner-Take-All bill for Nebraska’s General Election electoral votes:

Republicans Are About To Swipe A ‘Blue’ Electoral Vote In Nebraska

That’s a laugh.

Let’s see, in 1991 Democrats specifically changed the manner of awarding Nebraska’s electoral votes, different from 48 other states, just so they could try to pick off a vote.

And Republicans simply want to change it back to a) the way it was and b) the way 48 other states do it.

But the GOP is trying to “swipe” it?

This is what passes for liberal thinking and “journalism” these days.


General promises

As noted yesterday, Don Bacon for Congress is up on TV, but Chip Maxwell’s camp is still making an effort to chip away, via earned media.

A few days ago, Maxwell was complaining that the leader of the National Republican Congressional Committee was asking for donations to the Bacon camp. He says that this violates a promise that the NRCC would stay “neutral” on the race.

Though the counter-claim is that the pledge request came personally from the Rep, as opposed to through the NRCC. And the other point was that it was for the “Young Guns” effort, of which Bacon is a part (based on fund-raising, etc.) and Maxwell is not.

At least that’s the understanding here.

But again, no one really cares about this stuff, except credit Maxwell for getting some air-time on KETV on the issue.

Today Maxwell is complaining that Bacon is not using the prefix, “Retired” before his “General” title. This is apparently part of the DoD directive on campaigning, though it is not clear how the DoD handles these issues or how they are enforced.

Beyond this site, we will see how the general public is informed on this one.

**UPDATE at 2:55pm**

A response from the Don Bacon campaign:

“It is especially hypocritical for Chip Maxwell, who has bungled an FEC report, with himself as the campaign treasurer, and who has violated Federal Election Commission rules with his own campaign disclaimers, to make personal attacks on retired Brigadier General Don Bacon.

Our campaign will add text on Don Bacon’s television advertisement to streamline our disclaimer with our printed materials. Hopefully that will keep Mr. Maxwell’s desperate campaign focused on the issues and not on personal attacks that voters are tired of.

Our campaign has generated tremendous momentum because voters are tired of politics-as-usual from career politicians like Chip Maxwell. Don Bacon served nearly 30 years in the Air Force and served our nation in places such as Iraq and throughout the Middle East and commanded Offutt Air Force base, the local area’s largest employer. We will compare Don Bacon’s resume with a career politician like Chip Maxwell anytime, anywhere.”

Along with the statement, the Bacon camp sent along six examples of where the Maxwell campaign failed to appropriately add disclaimers on printed materials.

Spring has sprung

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  1. Sparkles says:

    As reported in this morning’s LJS, telling numbers from a newly released Associated Press-GfK poll.

    67% of Americans hold a negative view of the Republican party.

    That number is up from the 58 percent who viewed the GOP negatively in October 2014.
    Just 30% of Americans now have a favorable view of the GOP.
    The number for Dems 50% negative, 48% favorable.

    1,076 adults , +/- 3.3%
    67% negative.

    A bit shocking when one considers the current Trump, Cruz favorable/unfavorable. The current average of all polls is –
    Trump 64.4 Unfavorable vs 29.7 favorable.
    Cruz 54.7 Unfavorable vs. 32.6 favorable.
    Clinton 55 Unfavorable vs 40.2 favorable.

    And while Clinton and Trumps favorable/unfavorable numbers have remained relatively steady over the last several months, Cruz’s unfavorables have shot upward in dramatic fashion in last several weeks. (spiking unfavorables fueled by lip cheese)

    • Frank Duntz says:

      66% of the unfavorable were probably republicans, the only thing holding down the phony liar Clinton crime syndicate numbers were democrats

  2. Anonymous says:

    Brigadier. Wasn’t that a musical? Or, was that Brigadoon? WOW that was some meaty response Bacon gave. I wonder if it came from his Kansas consultant or if it was homemade sausage? Both of these guys are clueless in how to win an election.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I voted for Sasse and now I regret it. In his long awaited maiden speech we were promised he’d be back to debate and question his collegues. Haven’t heard from him again. All talk. What bills has he introduced? What has he done for Nebraska? He really likes the national press coverage and doing frat boy hijinks to get attention like his sophomoric tweets and hitting wiffleballs in the senate office building. He has no respect for the office he holds and no respect for Nebraskans. I am not a democrat but Do Your Job.

    • The Grundle King says:

      What kind of person votes Republican, claims not to be a democrat, but sounds exactly like a democrat?

      A Trump supporter. A supporter of a presidential candidate who really likes the national press coverage and doing frat boy hijinks to get attention like his sophomoric tweets…but instead of hitting whiffleballs, he finds women with whom to cheat on his flavor-of-the-moment wife, then accuses others of cheating on their wives.

    • Unicameral watcher says:

      Maybe you should tell that to Chip. He has a two decade history of playing the insult game while trying to drag people through the mud.

      Also, Chip is about the biggest chameleon there is in local politics. He presents himself as some Tea Party conservative even though he was one of the biggest centrists in the Unicameral. The only thing he was really conservative on was the importance of life. Guess what, Ben Nelson was also good on that one – where did that get us?

      I got his flyer this last week. He says he is for term limits. I guess he was against term limits until he was for it. Flip, flop…

      Chip keeps making the bogus attack that Bacon is establishment. If that was really true, I doubt he would have made such a rookie mistake like the one today. I know it might cost money, I hope he is big enough to fix it.

      I would like to know what disclaimer issues that Chip has? I haven’t seen any campaign ads from him yet. It isn’t his first rodeo, so I wouldn’t expect him to make such mistakes. Is he really his own treasurer? As someone who has been a part of the Nebraska political establishment, I expect that Chip would have his ducks in a row.

  4. Sparkles says:

    That late breaking feeble bit o’ Whine doesn’t go well at all with Bacon.

    The campaign appears better suited to cheese a la Cruz.

    • Sparkles says:

      I’ll see your Morfeld, and raise you a Larson.
      Has there been anything in recent legislative history more moronic than the millennial mediocrity of the Tyson Larson ‘ballot selfie bill’?

      Georgetown University, B.A. in government and theology, with a minor in Anthropology.
      In 2008.

    • bynd says:

      Morfeld replied to a question of mine online, “Can you prove that any safe or loving family has been prevented from being a foster family in this state?” His answer was yes and if I called him later he would give me names. I called, he wasn’t there. But his office staff tried to proceed to tell me that Bush’s EO made that type of discrimination when Federal funds were involved, illegal. I explained that that interpretation was wrong and indeed, the State AG also stated in an official opinion that there was no problem. But this line of reasoning was not the question. So I repeated the question. (This was during the LB586 debate.) Bottom line is, he never called, email or got those names to me. I can only believe he had no such names because there are more than one option to becoming a foster parent. Another politician making claims he/she couldn’t back up hoping they wouldn’t be called on it.

      • Anon says:


        Were those couple denied by all foster agencies? If so, then it has to be something else as to why they were denied. The point is, there are many agencies that are not faith-based who would be willing to employ them as foster families if they were deemed eligible and passed background investigations. Did they apply to other agencies? Just curious.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The NRCC not staying “neutral” in the Bacon race is supposed to be a joke, right? I mean, even nutty Chip isn’t stupid enough to expect GOP neutrality.

    For heaven’s sake, the RNC’s Chairman condemned his own GOP frontrunner.

    Right now, the RNC is pushing hard to appoint Nixon’s stuffed dog Checkers rather than let Cruz or Trump be the nominee. And similar hypocrisy is seen in Nebraska.

    Nebraska’s Governor Ricketts is pushing his family to politically assassinate the GOP frontrunner. Pete and Joe are moralistic Roman Catholics. Yet they embrace the most leftwing political gay advocate this side of the munched rug, meaning they all need to be excommunicated by today’s Marxist Pope who replaced yesterday’s Hitler Youth Pope; who along with RNC Chairman Priebus, Mitt “I invented Obamacare” Romney, and Obama himself, all want to assassinate the GOP’s frontrunner.

    The GOP is neutral and neutered toward Democrats. Toward GOP candidates, the emasculated GOP is very much biased.

    It is as if the RNC’s aim is to remain Master of the Realm’s Eunuchs; political wannabe Machiavellis who seek power they can never quite achieve because the GOP leadership lacks balls. Like ancient Chinese bureaucratic eunuchs, all the RNC can do well is poison its own.

  6. bynd says:

    So what you are saying Sparkles they were deemed unfit by all the Foster care business’ in the state. Which means they were not just discriminated by the faith based ones. So your complaint is?

    • Anon says:

      Bingo! There are how many agencies? And how many of those are faith-based? Plenty of opportunity to become a foster parent.

      • Sparkles says:

        United States v. Windsor
        The Court held that the Constitution prevented the federal government from treating state-sanctioned heterosexual marriages differently from state-sanctioned same-sex marriages.
        Any differentiation demeans the couple, whose moral and sexual choices the Constitution protects.

        All married couples have a constitutional right to be treated equally and fairly.
        SCOTUS wrote no exclusions for “faith” into Windsor.

        Failure by the state of Nebraska to treat all married couples equally should result in litigation.
        Litigation the state is certain to lose, regardless the opinion expressed by AG Peterson.
        Yet again, more NE taxpayer money will be wasted in an effort to score political points. this losing battle in defense of bigotry.

        There are tens of thousands of legally married gay couples unable to have their own children.
        There are tens of thousands of parentless children desperate for a loving, nurturing home.
        Seems a fortuitous match.
        Maybe this is why your God made gay people.

        Then again, “Who am I to judge?”

      • bynd says:

        Yet, the Bush EO still stands and homosexual couples can go to other agencies to fulfill their desires.

        But once again, you dodge, weave and misdirect.

        Nope, no money needs to be spent. Just go to the one who can help you get where you want to go. You know, like picking a department store or a restaurant or a gas station.

        NOBODY, gets everything they want. That is the truth of equality. But then again, this has absolutely nothing to do with equality. Does it:)

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