Overriding feelings

bill-veto1Considering how much effort Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts put into his opposition to the LB 947, the professional licenses for DREAMers bill, he got crushed.

11 votes.

Now it goes back to him for a likely veto, then an override vote. And, unless the terms change somehow, another likely defeat.

This is a tricky issue. On the one hand, there is a great amount of support for it, obviously across the legislature, but from others as well. The Nebraska Cattlemen and Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert gave it their solid support — much as Stothert did for DREAMers to get driver’s licenses.

But Team Ricketts has put up a stubborn fight against these bills, and is likely looking back to 2006 for much of the reasoning. Many remember Gubernatorial candidate Tom Osborne’s support, and Dave Heineman’s opposition to in-state tuition for the kids of illegal aliens as the difference maker in that GOP Primary. And you will remember that Dr. Tom won Omaha and Lincoln, but got smacked in the 3rd, to make the difference.

It has been said time and again that the those operating the Gov’s corner office are obsessed with a 2018 primary challenge from Heineman (or Team Heineman) and Ricketts seems to be taking no chances on this issue. He seems comfortable losing that battle with a view to the bigger war.

An interesting side note would be how that issue could eventually affect a potential future Governor candidate…Jean Stothert. Who knows if the Omaha Mayor would run in six years. But if she did, these higher profile state issues are ones where she is staking her claim early — as opposed to sitting back and being neutral.

This strategy though more likely reflects her plans for re-election in 2017, as opposed to something beyond that.

Keeping an eye on Senator Mello…


Trumpless Conventions

Politico wrote a story yesterday looking at the national organizing by the Trump and Cruz campaigns at the Nebraska County conventions.

These are the important first step, since the county conventions elect the delegates to the state convention, who in turn pick the Nebraska delegates to the national convention.

However, they found no sign that Donald Trump was interested:

Party officials say they saw virtually no organization by the mogul’s campaign last week when Republicans in all 93 Nebraska counties held local conventions.

They quoted Washington County’s John Orr, on the Trump supporters…

“They’re not showing up, at least, at the meetings, at the events. We just last week had a county convention. I didn’t see any Trump supporters.”

And National Committeeman J.L. Spray:

“It appears to me more likely than not that we won’t have a lot of Trump delegates who are faithful to the candidate. I think the opposite is true of Ted Cruz. He will end up appealing to a number of delegates in our national delegation.”

And Spray thinks Cruz will end up dominating the delegates:

“It’s a combination of the effort that I’ve seen and that I anticipate from the Cruz campaign, but it’s also conversations with delegates and individuals I know will be delegates to the state convention.”

What is UNKNOWN — and the question that keeps rising — is how many of these Cruz supporters are truly committed to him after the 2nd ballot. Or 3rd. Or maybe 15th.

Some delegates have expressed that Nebraska delegates should be committed to the Nebraska winner all the way through the convention — and not just on the 1st two ballots. But that doesn’t take into account what happens if there is some sort of convention deadlock.

And then there is the question of who should be an eligible candidate for President at the convention. Should it only be winners of at least 8 primaries? Or should it be open to ANYBODY? Or, as Paul Ryan suggested, should it be open to only those who ran for President in the first place? (And here comes the Pataki bandwagon!)

These are questions that should be answered by national delegate candidates, right? It is one thing to think or even know that they are stand-up citizens who will do “a good job” in Cleveland. It is a whole ‘nother to know what their plans are when it comes to voting.

This would seem worth knowing in this potentially contentious year.


And fire in the sky…

With the Kansas fires blowing smoke up Nebraska’s…air…the Nebraska Republican Convention will be moving their smoke-filled room to a nicer outdoor smoke-filled veranda.

Hey kids, go inside and get some fresh air! (Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week! Tip your waitresses! Try the veal!)


Keeping it interesting

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  1. Henry Robert says:

    I’ve heard rumors that Heath Mello will only run for Omaha City Council and others saying he will run for mayor. Inner political strife in the Omaha Political Sphere. I could also see John Murante running for governor in 2018.

    Whatever the case is, Pete Ricketts is going to have a better year next year after the election.

  2. Val Budentine says:

    I worked hard when Bob Kerry and dave Domina lost for Senator. Did I mention that Bobby and I are very good friends? Has national committeeman I’ll promise to help Heath Mellow loose has mayer of Omaha.

  3. Macdaddy says:

    Trump’s game plan for Nebraska is to ignore the rules and just whine about it. From watching his complete lack of interest in actually getting elected, one could surmise that his 4 bankruptcies were most likely due to apathy. Or laziness. Or incompetence. It’s hard to know which.

  4. Sparkles says:

    Poor Pete, what a dilemma.

    On the one hand, there’s wide spread, bipartisan support and an opportunity to take a principled stand on an issue. Actually step forward and lead.

    On the other hand, there’s crass political opportunism.

    Pretty clear where Pete, his bestest pal Kintner and a handful of Teafolk where gonna line up on this one.

    • Elephant Memory says:

      George Wallace managed to hold the Governor’s mansion for years using the same approach. Pete recognizes a winning strategy when he sees one. It’s part of the same strategy the Donald is using in his run for President.

      It’s hard to get voters to turn out just because they like you. They’re a lot more motivated if they think you hate the same people they do.

      Pete probably should have his rich daddy send several truck loads of that money to a few convents with a request that the nuns pray for Pete’s soul. It won’t help with how history views him, but it might aid him when he needs God’s mercy.

  5. Tellmewhy says:

    Heath Mello will beat Jean Stothert for Mayor in 2017. In case, you politicos didn’t notice, Omaha has turned blue. NoDo, FilmStreams, PageTurners, The Omaha Women’s Fund, Eric Grace Hanson Kelly, Dundee, Benson, Latino South O Dr. Benjamin Avarado, etc. Just look at UNO, the whole campus is one big fat liberal breeding ground.

  6. repenting lawyer says:

    Having lived through every mayor since the new Charter, my experience is that the supposed political differences of the mayors from the two parties largely exist in the minds of those who spend too much time talking about politics and too little time having a life.

  7. Pete Still Needs a Win says:

    Stothert for Governor. Great idea. Would not surprise me that Nebraskan’s would vote for anybody with an R besides their name and ignore what a terrible awful job Stothert has done managing Omaha.
    The GOP elected Ricketts don’t you know. Can not get much more incompetent than that, but if anybody can do that it’s Mean Jean.


    • The Grundle King says:

      Poor ignorant ricky,

      If Obama gets a pass for 8 years for “having to clean up up after Bush”, shouldn’t Stothert get a little grace period for having to clean up the mess left behind by her inept predecessor?

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