Avoiding the Draft?

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.55.35 PM[embedit snippet=”nebraska-ppp”]Who Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts and U.S Senator Ben Sasse will back in the upcoming Nebraska Presidential primary has become somewhat of a parlor game, full of discussion and intrigue.

Ben Sasse added to that today by Tweeting his vote for Ted Cruz:

But the fact that this was done in a Friday morning Tweet — as opposed to a behind the lectern endorsement could be a bit telling.

Not to mention that you’ll note that Sasse says this vote is “to #StopTrump”. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Ted.

Many are jumping to the immediate conclusion that Sasse would much more prefer some sort of an open convention.

There have even been rumblings….of a DRAFT SASSE candidacy at the convention in Cleveland. This isn’t some Twitter based thing, but an actual effort to…well…likely at least bandy Sasse’s name about. Few would imagine Sasse jumping directly to the Oval Office, even by some bizzaro open convention.

But, to have a few networks have it whispered that Sasse’s name is in the running — maybe the bottom tier, but still — would be a boon for a, say, 2020 candidacy. Maybe 2024.

Sure this is the long game. But this is where these things start.


Ricketts for POTUS?

Oh, and let us not leave out Nebraska’s Governor when talking about the Presidency. Of these United States.

Since the start of the election season, Ricketts was looked at as a Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker guy. Though Walker is now “out”, many think that he could have a comeback at an open convention.

Remember when Paul Ryan was recently putting his line in the sand for not running, but noted that he thinks only people who were running for President should be considered.That suggestion expands it far past the current standard of having won 8 primary states.

So Ryan’s suggestion puts his fellow Badger-stater Walker right back in the fray for the nomination. And if Walker is in the mix, the son of one of his biggest supporters could eventually, in theory, end up in the Veep spot. OK, or maybe a posh Secretary’s role.

(Remember, Pete’s original plan was to go to the U.S. Senate. And it has been a theme among many that Ricketts isn’t really that crazy about the day-in-day-out gig in Lincoln. But a cabinet Secretary? Bingo.)

There have even been dishes that Governor Pete’s name has been bandied about for the open convention thing. Though having your pops be a zillionaire will do that sort of thing for you.


And who’s on their slate?

Of course ALL of the above doesn’t happen unless there is a change to the rules of the convention, then some serious splitting after the initial ballot.

Yesterday I asked Senator Deb Fischer on her weekly press call if she was going to run to be a National Delegate, or if she knew who she’d vote for or how she’d approach those convention rules choices.

She chuckled and noted that at the moment she was concentrating on getting the new runway at Offutt. Which is understandable.

But very, very soon (May 2nd is the deadline) Nebraska state delegates will have to declare if they want to be candidates for the national convention in Cleveland.

While a decision on whether who they might vote for on the 3rd ballot would be an interesting position — the bigger one, right off, is how they would vote on a rule to expand the nomination candidacy field.

Ricketts, and Sasse and even Fischer won’t necessarily have to show their hands on this at the state convention — but it could be the first time of getting an inkling on where everyone stands on the great big issue coming in July.


Brad cash

Politico noted today that Democrat Rep. Brad Ashford reports to the FEC that he has raised about $312,000 in the the 1st Quarter of 2016 for his election campaign.

That gives him approximately $897K cash on hand right now.

Good numbers for Ashford, who was struggling at raising money early on. No word yet from his GOP counterparts.


Live from Lincoln

Governor Ricketts will have a press conference at 1:30pm today to talk about the recently passed LB 947, giving professional licenses to DREAMers, a/k/a illegal alien children, who came to the U.S. before they were 16.

You can see the presser live here.

No word on what this will be — likely a veto?

The word that Matt Damon will be backing Ricketts is purely a rumor.

BUT there is apparently some sort of Skype thing going on:

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 1.27.20 PM

Will update the post as needed…

UPDATE: After an elaborate presser featuring 4 legal aliens who don’t like LB 947, Ricketts announces his veto of the bill. Unclear if the Gov think he can get past the 33 Yes votes. And if not…what’s the point of this? Who is he convincing? To what end?


Like you didn’t notice

But is it a coincidence that Damon and Alexander Payne are shooting their movie at La Casa’s on…Leavenworth St????

The implications there are pretty obvious.

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  1. anon says:

    Ricketts? For President? He’s almost up to running a rural car dealership. Governor seems beyond him and President, well, haven’t we all had enough of The Amateur Hour? Bush, Obama – Ricketts? You’re joking, right?

  2. Another Anon says:

    Winner take all? Doesn’t Sasse pay attention to what goes on in his home state? It failed! Or was he making a joke? And if so, is his support of Cruz a joke?? enquiring minds want to know….

  3. Another Anon says:

    Ahhh…well many people, including me, think of general election when you say “winner take all.” Especially in light of recent votes. May have been wise to rethink that tag…

  4. Hold Me Mommy, I'm Scared says:

    It’s very simple to discern whether Sasse is sincere in saying he won’t be a Presidential nominee. Have him publically denounce the Draft Sasse website and ask whomever is running it to take it down. If he can’t do that then his protestations of not being interested fall on deaf ears. But then that would scuttle keeping his name in the media through the next 8 years. What if he doesn’t win re-election? Kind of blows those dreams, doesn’t it? What is it about some who think the minute they get in the U.S. Senate that they’re Presidential material?

    • The Grundle King says:

      “What is it about some who think the minute they get in the U.S. Senate that they’re Presidential material?”

      I’d say it makes him at least as qualified as someone who’s filed for multiple financial bankruptcies, and who has long been morally bankrupt.

  5. Henry Robert says:

    Word on my street is that Senator Bob Krist won’t run for speakership, but instead is going to Law School.

    • Anonymous says:

      I heard that Krist is gunning to be Clerk of the Legislature and before that will be helping fellow liberal Tim Lonergan get elected to his seat

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ricketts for Prez??
    Please, bumbling fool bigot, completely irrelevant and unable to complete any task without his daddy pushing him along. He’s a lazy, worthless waste of skin.

  7. The Eye Ball says:

    Many are misreading how US Senators are making decisions regard Cruz for president. Since Cruz is from the big State of Texas, his voice in the Senate carries weight and influence the US House of Representatives. If the US Senators really hated Cruz, they would all support him so they would not have to work daily with him. The problem is many love Cruz and think he should stay in the US Senate to battle the far left. So no matter what a US Senator says about the presidential race and Cruz, you have to look at what benefit such Senator sees in keeping Cruz in the Senate.

  8. Sparkles says:

    Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature, Galen Hadley (R) in today’s LJS:
    “..yes, some things didn’t get done: Medicaid expansion, winner-take-all presidential electors.

    “I think not doing Medicaid will have a lasting effect on Nebraska, I do, in a negative way,” he said.

    • anon says:

      You have been watching the legislature, but maybe for just a few days, it was enough to tell how snively Hadley is. He is just a get-along-gang liberal.

    • The Grundle King says:

      I sincerely thank you for that, Sparkles. I’d long suspected that there was more going on with Hadley beyond possessing the spine of an octopus…indeed, it seems that rather than being weak and malleable, he’s actually just another closet Dem standing up for his beliefs.

      So I thank you for making that clear for the rest of us.

      • Sparkles says:

        Then again, it’s quite possible that due to Speaker Hadley’s doctorate in accounting, he can do the elementary level math that makes the clear and resounding case for the expansion of medicaid to Nebraska’s working poor.
        I’d bet with that doctorates in accounting, he’s even capable of understanding that impact of an estimated $2.8 billion infusion of federal dollars over the next five years and the thousands of jobs those dollars support as they turn over, and over, rippling throughout the hundreds of small communities dotting Nebraska’s landscape.

        And considering the fact that Speaker Hadley once served a Mayor of Kearney, he no doubt understands the real peril our rural hospitals are in without the infusion of those federal dollars. And as a former Operations/Audit Manager for Eastman Kodak, Mayor, College Professor, Legislator and Speaker, I bet he’s even smart enough to understand the long term value – to businesses throughout Nebraska and to the pocketsbooks of every Nebraskan who currently picks up the hospital tab for diabetes-via-the-ER of the uninsured – of providing preventative medicine and care to more than 50,000 of Nebraska’s working poor.

        Republican ideologues have never articulated a plausible excuse for failing to expand medicaid in Nebraska.

      • The Grundle King says:

        “…real peril our rural hospitals are in…”

        I take it you’ve never actually been to Kearney. Believe me, the only peril that hospital is that they’ll run out of space to build on.

        You want a ‘plausible excuse’? The vast majority of Nebraskans did not want Obamacare, still don’t like Obamacare, and aren’t willing to buy into Obamacare via Medicaid expansion.

    • The Grundle King says:

      That seems to be a common theme amongst Trump supporters…they delight and revel in the pain of others.

  9. vote says:

    I was working overseas when for several weeks our neighborhood was locked in violence. Bullets hit houses, cars set on fire and looting and killing. As a combat vet I found it awful to have my children threatened in my home. And I think many Americans foolishly think this cannot happen here. All that violence was over foreign voters pissed off because their votes didn’t count in an election.

    How can Americans think that what applies to human beings in Vietnam or Northern Ireland or Iraq or anywhere else, doesn’t apply to human beings here? And is that blindness part of our national Political Correctness? The same sort of illogic that forced Bernie Sanders off a stage for saying “all lives matter” and thus deny his own belief that all people are equal? Is that the blinding PC that forces party chairmen to tell their own voters to keep donating money but don’t expect your votes to count?

    Charles Krauthammer hates Trump more than anyone. Yet even he sees that the GOP is killing itself.

    Before Trump came along, millions of Trump voters were just what they still are today… voters. They and other Americans saw Uncle Sam go to war on Socialists in Vietnam and Muslims in Iraq because, we were all told, they didn’t allow their own people to vote. We were going to bring them democracy, turn them into purple fingered voters. And Uncle Sam, after wasting US lives, deserted those freed overseas voters back to Communism and to ISIS tyranny.

    More is at stake here than just a GOP killing itself. But whatever the GOP is doing now, it is being driven by anti-Voter sentiments that have been living inside the GOP’s guts long before Trump showed up.

    • The Grundle King says:

      A bit melodramatic, don’t ya think?

      If Trump supporters are so enraged by their votes ‘not counting’ (read: not counting more than other people’s votes) that they would take to the streets in violent protests…shooting up the country to slake their thirst for power…they belong in prison with the rest of society’s violent criminals. We may be a nation divided, but we are still a nation under the rule of law…not the rule of man. If the Trumpkins want to put Donald atop a pedestal for them to kneel at, then go find some 3rd world hellhole, overthrow the existing government, and build your own banana republic (by that I mean government, not the clothing store…though I suppose you could have one of those, too).

      Heck, do the world a favor and go take down Iran. Go big or go home, right?!

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