Yes, No or “present”

947 overrideAs expected, the Nebraska Legislature overrode Governor Pete Ricketts’ veto of the bill — er, law — to allow illegal immigrant children to get professional licenses, 31-15.

Senators Curt Friesen and Dan Hughes both flipped from “Yes” (to override the veto) to…”present”.

Joining those two in the “present” vote were Senators Jerry Johnson, Mark Kolterman and Tyson Larson.

So now all of those Senators can go back to their constituents, on the biggest vote of the day, and proclaim, “Oh, I was THERE! I was THERE.” Sheesh.

In any case, instead of making Lemonade, the Governor is stuck sucking on a lemon and…what to show for it? That he can hold a kick-ass presser after getting stomped?

Maybe we are all missing something.


Speaking softly

And give it to Senator Bill Kintner; He won’t wilt in the face of political correctness:

Probably not a statement many would have made.
And he didn’t back down from it either.

And strangely, a number of twitterers who challenged Kintner, did so because he used the term, “illegal aliens”. THAT was their beef?

How many more months before this all starts again?


Starring Patty Duke

National Journal wrote up a piece about the resurrection of Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford’s campaign.

They note that he was shedding staff and failing to raise money early on — even mocking the idea that he should be dialing for dollars instead of working on the people’s bizzness.

Apparently that all changed with the introduction of Mary Barrett to the campaign. Ashford puts himself in the role of Helen Keller, with Ms. Barrett as Annie Sullivan, calling Barrett “the miracle worker”. (One can just imagine the scene of Ashford running from phone to phone in the campaign HQ as he learns what it means to dial-for-dollars.)

Though local campaign guru Sam Fischer is quoted, saying, “It won’t be easy, but this seat is still in play.”

As noted here, November is a loooong ways off.
Lots and lots can happen.

In the mean time, members of both parties can agree that the Blarneystone sandwich as Mary’s “Barrett’s Barleycorn” is just a bit of magic.


Cruz takes Manhattan

Those of you who declared that Donald Trump would lose Manhattan are the REAL winners from last night.

Unfortunately for Ted Cruz and the GOP field, he won the rest of New York. (Number of GOP voters on the island? Only about 25,000…)

Now things have cleared up:

Trump has a clear path to 1,237 delegates.
The convention is absolutely going to be contested.

And debate, ad nauseum!

And FWIW, whenever Nebraska is mentioned in those calculations, it is considered a slam-dunk for Ted Cruz.

Anyone disagree with that?


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    • bynd says:

      And Ricky, you forgot the Gov got his property tax package passed and his program for funding roads. Shall I go on? Are you man enough to admit you are wrong? Or do you identify with the lying scumbag group?

      • Double standard says:

        Do you mean that road plan funded by the bill that he tried to veto last year?

        Pete doesn’t have a clue what leadership looks like.

        In another year the Republicans in the Legislature are going to start a draft Heineman movement to save the state from Pete’s total incompetence.

        Poor Joe is going to go broke if he plans to continue buying Pete out of his colossal screw-ups.

  1. Sparkles says:

    3h ago, Sen Kintner also tweeted:
    “There is a whole debate going taking place on Twitter concerning LB 947 that most of my colleagues are obvious to. #neleg”

    Yessirree bob. A true paragon.

    Oh, and in case you missed it, Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.
    Maybe someone could inform Sen Kintner. In Kintner Kountry, one would imagine such a turn of events would be worthy of a whole debate going taking place on Twitter.
    Then again, it’s quite possible the significance of the change Sen Kintner is obvious to. #history

  2. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, outgoing Senators gave their traditional good-bye speeches where some talked of their “legacy.” Sarah Howard, who is running for re-election in Dist. 9, said in an OWH story this week about her re-election race:
    “If I have any legacy in this body, it will be that I spent years trying to alleviate human suffering in a variety of ways,”
    Okay. If you’re there 8 years maaaaybe you can talk about leaving a legacy. 3 1/2 years? Not so much. But she has spent “years” dontchaknow, trying to alleviate human suffering. Bye bye Sine Die.

    • Anonymous says:

      And yesterday’s OWH on 4th graders visiting the Capitol by Erin Grace contrasted an unnamed Republican (probably Kintner?) that rose to oppose the dreamer bill as he “railed” against the immigration system. Apparently the kids were scared of him as they sat frozen and dared not to move. “Then abruptly turning his body and tone, the senator warmly welcomed the students. They smiled.”
      Then a visit to Sen. Howard,their state senator who stated: “Every day when I go to work,” she told them, “I get to do something that helps people.” Wow, and this story took up a good part of the main section of the paper.

      • Anonymous says:

        How many times do you think 4th graders watching the Legislature sit frozen and scared while listening to one of Ernie’s diatribes? I doubt that Kintner is scarier than Ernie.

      • anon says:

        Senator Howard is good at handing off to help people, unless it it is for self-serving, but if she also does nothing she would be doing good.

  3. Bluejay says:

    Is Pete Ricketts now a failed Governor? The only good thing he has done was appoint Max Kelch to the Supreme Court.

    • HTH says:

      It certainly seems like it. I am curious if anyone is keeping track of how often his vetoes have actually prevented a bill from being passed – it seems that his veto is worth less than the paper it’s written on, at this point.

      Heineman 2018


      • Sparkles says:

        Heineman, that would be sweet.

        Remember this – Jan 20, 2013 –
        “Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman both joined Brownback last week in proposing that their states abandon income tax.”

        If re-elected, Dave and his two bestest friends – Beau and Chuck Herbster’s money – could get another crack at doing for Nebraska what Brownback and Jindal have done for Kansas and Louisiana.
        From today’s headlines, Kansas:
        “Legislature must save Kansas from Gov. Sam Brownback’s failed tax cuts”
        “..revenue forecasts slashed by $348M..”
        “Revenue estimates crater again, Brownback plans more cuts”

        And from Feb / March 2016, Louisiana –
        “‘It’s madness’: Louisiana grapples with worst budget crisis in a generation”
        “The state has to close a $943 million budget deficit by June 30. ..faces a $2 billion shortfall in the 2016-2017 budget year”

      • bynd says:


        Heineman did not just propose getting rid of the income tax. He proposed shifting it to another tax to get rid of the income tax. Overall, taxes would have been relatively the same. Big difference.

        Don’t you ever dizzy from all the spin? Or is the spin the result of your dizziness?

  4. Bob Loblaw says:

    I think that The Unicam passing and Ricketts signing the bill eliminating civil asset forfeiture without a conviction is a great step in restoring civil liberties and following the constitution. Kudos to all. Nebraska can be a leader in restoring the constitutional protections that have been eroded in this country.

  5. Anonymous says:

    IDK why people talk about Heineman Vs, Ricketts. Ricketts completely lacks leadership skills and everyone on his staff is totally ineffective at their jobs. This is the the sentiment on both sides of the aisle. That being said, it is also pretty well known that Heineman knew nothing about running government and there was nearly zero organization when Pete took office.

    Republicans need to nominate someone who won’t suck at the job. Not just someone who dazzles us with the money their dad gave him.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You speak of “political correctness” as if it was a case of hiccups. It is cancer of blinding irrationality: invasive, metastasized, and most Americans still think of it as simple hiccups. A few perceptive experts see it as a new social pathology, a mass insanity they call “New Infantilism” and “Vindictive-Protectiveness”.

    Lukianoff and Haidt suggest that fifty years of PC have fruited into a new pathological social paranoia we see on campuses where critical thinking is punished when it insults feelings; evidenced by a witch hunt atmosphere of trigger-warnings and micro-aggressions. And the courts too have gone PC nuts.

    “Since 2013” writes Haidt, “Federal government has changed Civil Rights harassment speech from actions that must be ‘objectively offensive’ to reasonable persons before it could be deemed criminally actionable, to now included verbal conduct that is simply ‘unwelcome’. “ — Dr. Leon Pomeroy wrote, “It’s as if some of my untreated patients became organized in order to take over something as sacred as college education”. But college is only the tip of this dirty iceberg.

    Vindictive-Protectiveness PC wrecking academia is a dire bellwether for all society. Since Academia is humankind’s foremost bulwark of precise scientific free opinion, it should be the most resistant to PC in all its insidious untruthful forms. But is falling to it. If academia is so vulnerable, the emotion selling schmooze world of Politics seeking votes hasn’t a chance.

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