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Kudos to the campaign for getting these signs printed lickety-split
Kudos to the campaign for getting these signs printed lickety-split

[embedit snippet=”nebraska-ppp”]If you missed the Leavenworth St. post from this morning, regarding the DCCC’s ad buy for Chip Maxwell, be sure to go back and read it…and send it to your Republican friends.

In particular, send it to your mom or your dad or your grandma or your uncle who has no idea who the “DCCC” is. As a political op noted, catch that tagline:

“The D-C-C-C is responsible for the the content of this advertisement.”

Hmmm. Looking for the word “DEMOCRAT” there. Not so much, eh? That would be because they are trying to SLIP IT BY YOU.

Don Bacon held a presser in his campaign office this morning (wonder if Amanda McGill’s husband was hiding under the couch…) and proudly stated that he wears “Nancy’s Pelosi’s targeted fear with pride.”

Which he should. But just make sure you let some of the senior members of your family and friends understand just who it was who made that spot.

The funny thing is, all things being equal, Bacon and Maxwell have very similar positions — as often happens in primaries. But now Brad Ashford has made it crystal clear who he wants to run against. His Democrat Establishment cronies just pumped more cash into the Maxwell campaign ad budget than Maxwell and Bacon had raised combined.

And some say, “oh, well campaigns do this all the time…”. But no. No they don’t. Not like THIS anyway. They don’t just make a giant ad buy in the other party’s primary. This one will likely gain some national attention.

Just have to wait and see if 2nd District Republicans are paying attention.


Great Debate

And so you can follow along, here is the League of Women Voters debate from yesterday at the Omaha Press Club, moderated by the wily Gary Kerr!

This vid is from the Bacon campaign, and is busted into 2 parts:

The take-away was that the candidates didn’t differ much.

One area was that Bacon said he did not want to have American boots on the ground to fight ISIS. Maxwell disagreed, at least saying he didn’t want to rule it out.

Beyond that, jump in with your own observations.


Fischer staying cool

In her weekly press call, Senator Deb Fischer answered my question saying that she will not be campaigning with any of the Presidential candidates in Nebraska over the next two weeks.

She said that she had not been asked to, and further as a Marco Rubio supporter, she feels the Nebraska GOP voters should now have their say.



The New 3 Stooges 01In former State Senator Jeremy Nordquist’s Sine Die video venerating term-limited State Senator Heath Mello, I would just like to point out that he used one of the photos created by moi, and posted here on Leavenworth St.

That would be Mello as the bowl-cutted one in the middle.

And as Homer says, “Moe’s their Leader!”


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  1. Lil Mac says:

    Just when you thought this GOP Primary couldn’t get more weird, we have the DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSIONAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE buying ad space for GOP Chip Maxwell. Holy crap! That’s amazing. And Sweeper ask us why we think Democrats/Ashford want Maxwell instead of Bacon. Or more precisely, since they are putting up hard cash, why Bacon scares the s*it out of them.

    The only thing that got my attention so far is Mark Dreiling saying, “Retired Brigadier General Don Bacon… spent 29.5 years in the military. Once he is elected he’ll have the most military experience of anyone in the House.” Well, yes, that makes sense. But think about that. Out of 435 Congressman the MOST military experience. That is hugely important considering that the House does. And considering that Offutt AFB pumps cash into Omaha, Bacon would bring home that bacon.

  2. Pete Still Needs a Win says:

    Not a smart move by the DCCC. Maxwell is a kook that could never win. This just brought more attention to the race and probably more money for Bacon. Not that it will matter; Brad is going to romp to re-election.
    Also I note the Jeremy Nordquist’s decision to leave early led to Ricketts appointing a Republican in that district. Just like Nordquist buddy Scott Loserbaugh who quit early to get a head start on lobbying. Dopes.

    • bynd says:

      Ricky, Blinded by the Light. A song written about you. Ricketts was 4 for 4 this legislative session. that what’s the experts say.

      But I see you like being a bigot and hate monger no matter how silly you look.

      As we have pointed out before, everything you have bad talked in public, and that is a lot of things, are doing just fine. So keep going after Pete, it can only help. LOL

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