Cruzin’ Nebraska

Heidi Cruz in Norfolk, Nebraska on Monday

Seeking Heidi

If you are reading this in the Lincoln, Nebraska area sometime before 2:30pm on Tuesday, note that Heidi Cruz (i.e. Mrs. Ted) will be at Apothecary Lofts & Ridnour Room, 140 N 8th St, from 1:15 – 2:30pm.

For more info, check the Facebook invite.

Mrs. Cruz visited Omaha, Fremont and Norfolk yesterday.



In all of the hustle and bustle over the weekend, it was missed that the OWH endorsed retired Brigadier General Don Bacon over Chip Maxwell for the Nebraska 2nd District GOP Primary.

Now stop your screaming.

That does not mean that Bacon is absolutely ruled out from winning now!
It makes his task just more…challenging.


Now with all of the heart-warming mentions that the OWH made about Bacon, don’t think that they’re not playing the long game.

They’ll still endorse Brad Ashford in November.

And they’ll couch it with, “But see! We had endorsed Bacon!”


DC via OMA

Noted by a politico after the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee’s nearly half a million dollars worth of ads for Chip Maxwell in the 2nd District Republican primary…

The DCCC’s Political Director is a guy named Ian Russell.
Russell’s political pedigree includes…

  • Campaign director for the Nebraska Democrat Party.
  • Legislative aide to Democrat Nebraska State Senator Tom White.
  • Consultant for Tom White’s Congressional campaign against Lee Terry.

Gee. One wonders which DC Democrat could have such strong feelings about Nebraska’s 2nd District race that they would stick their nose all the way into the Republican primary.

It is funny that no one on either side can think of any time a party has gone so far as to buy ads directly for another party’s Congressional candidate. As noted here before, that’s pretty brash.

And one can only think of who would want to show what a big D he can be by swinging his way into the other party’s primary.


Say it!

On that note, the Don Bacon campaign called on Chip Maxwell and Brad Ashford to denounce the $430,000 worth of ads being paid for by the Democrats in favor of Maxwell.

Sort of a pro forma act by the Bacon camp. If they don’t say it who will.

Of course Maxwell is just shrugging it off, and no doubt couldn’t be happier.
And Ashford will absolutely do no more than lift his shoulders up and down to indicate he dudn’t know nuthin’.


Requiescat in Pace

The Republican political community is mourning the loss today of Paul Welday who died at the young age of 57 in Michigan.

Welday was the chief of staff, and top political lieutenant of former Omaha Mayor P.J Morgan.

Welday managed Morgan’s initial campaign for Mayor in 1989. He then went on to work in the Mayor’s office during Morgan’s first term, before heading to bigger GOP pastures. He spent most of the rest of his career in the Michigan area, including working for U.S. Rep. Joe Knollenberg.

Take a look on Twitter and Facebook and you will see an outpouring of emotion for the gregarious Welday from friends and colleagues, on both sides of the aisle.

I-95 Tuesday

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  1. The NDP Audit Committee says:

    If Ian Russell has a hand in it, it’s likely that it’s not about Ashford, Maxwell or Bacon. The determining factor was probably Ian’s established connections with the vendors and the kickbacks that are going directly into his pockets.

    • The NDP Audit Committee says:

      By the way, Ian posted regularly on this site when he was Tom White’s toady. You could frequently see him scrambling on the PBS feed from the Unicameral – conferring with White and posting responses. Some of you might remember him as the creepy little red-head that followed White around.

      One has to wonder if someone managed to potty train the little jerk… or is he still constantly making messes all around the U.S. capitol building for other people to clean up.

  2. Pete Still Needs a Win says:

    If anybody is looking for drama in the Ashford re-election campaign forget that. Brad is going to coast.
    And by the way I’d love to see Stothert’s argument for a second term. She has been totally awful and has accomplished zero. Had a bunch of embarrassing mistakes however. No way does she deserve to be re-elected.

  3. Sparkles says:

    Heidi will no doubt be heiding out tomorrow after the I-95 drubbing of her much loathed hubby, excreTED.
    Yessiree Bob, to the dismay of the battered Republican guard, the Trump Train is going to ROAR down I-95, destined for it’s ultimate arrival at 12:37.
    It should be quite the night. In addition to the Cruz-a-fiction (’cause everything Cruz utters is pure fiction), Trump’s going to publicly paddle the twitter addled ambitions of #neverSasse.
    Accompanying the sounds of the thwacking sasse-paddle, will be the crackling sounds of a raging fire emanating from the millions in Rickett’s cash set ablaze on stage during Trump’s celebratory speech.
    Maybe his campaign staff will chop up a few of those Trump steaks into kabobs and toast ’em over the TD Ameri-blaze for consumption by the adoring throngs of Trumpkins.

    Alas, before you know it, the fun of watching a grand old party implode will be over and done.
    The coinciding task will be bringing to an end the detestable display of obstruction that is yet another do-nothing session of a GOP lead senate.
    Sasse Baron and excreTED will both soon have to practice their newly formal address:
    ‘Yes, Speaker Schumer’.

    Only question remaining; Will the obscenity that is the ’16 GOP primary and the calamity of the Ryan House lead to the return of…
    Speaker Pelosi?

    Dare we utter… Trifecta?

    Mmmm, good popcorn.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      It’s not “fun” watching the GOP implode. I believed in and supported the R’s many decades and now two decades ago. It’s sad, Sparkles.

      • Sparkles says:


        Respectfully, I spent most of my life as a registered Republican. I grew up in Kintner Kountry, rifle in hand, NRA membership card in my wallet, pictures of Reagan, Charleton Heston and later George HW, and son, hanging on the walls of my childhood home.
        It was the radicalization of the Republican party by the likes of Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay, a newly politicized NRA and finally hapless GW & devious Dick that pushed me out.
        The Republican party of reasoned ideas, thoughtful engagement and principle died long ago.
        It’s a party that has been hijacked by the hate-for-profit motives of Roger Ailes, Rush Limbaugh and a conservative entertainment complex.
        The well being and security of our nation by been relegated to a status secondary to the quarterly profits of News Corp, iHeartMedia, Haliburton and Koch Industries.
        Fox ‘News’ and conservative media have created a closed epistemic bubble for Republican voters. GOP politicians are now constrained by a constituency whose political education consists entirely of talking points and absolutist narratives spun by profiteers-in-hate like Limbaugh, Hannity, Palin and Beck.
        It’s a crisis of governance neatly summed up by a quote from the universally admired Sen Angus King (Independent – Maine), speaking in January about the crippling dysfunction that has infested our government:
        “Some people here do feel trapped in the system. I think one of the best lines I’ve heard recently was from a Republican House member, who told me, ‘I spend all of my time in Washington trying to convince people I’m not crazy, and all of my time in my district trying to convince my constituents I am crazy'”.

        One need look no further than Paul Ryan’s brief tenure as House Speaker to understand this is a party so ravaged, so inept, that it’s incapable of finding reasoned compromise even within itself.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        Well I never joined the NRA, but like you I did quit the party at the time Newt put out a contract on America. I jumped to the Libertarians but that party failed me too. I agree with and remain impressed by your ability to express the sad state of affairs we live within. So I counter, again: It’s sad!

  4. bynd says:

    Personally, the idea of Trump being president is more than amusing. Watching his hair grow thin and gray while being made a fool of by the Republican or Democratic congress will be worth his weight in dollar bills.

    You NEVER change the system. It will always change you. Exhibit A, Obama.

    And be they Republican or Democrat, they both screw us, just in different ways.

    Let the Hillary or the Donald circus begin.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Well bynd, at one time I believed the Libertarians could change the system. But after 2008 I learned this hard lesson for myself: it’s not so much that the system “changes” aspiring Libertarians, but rather that the “system” preserves itself. Only the R’s and D’s get to make (and re-make at will) the rules of the game.

      I absolutely still believe the original (1970’s) Libertarian mantra: government should not be picking winners and losers, period! Not in the tax code, not in military service, not in welfare benefits (both corporate and individual), not in marriage contracts nor adoption contracts, nor any publicly instituted right or duty anywhere, any time!

      From my vantage point, it matters little whether Trump or Clinton “win” in November, because it’s true that both the R’s and D’s screw us. Personally, I would rather be screwed while helping the disabled and impoverished than while helping corporate America, but neither the R’s nor the D’s will inhibit corporate welfare no matter what they say on the campaign trail. (Well, maybe Bernie would!!!) So what can the disenfranchised masses do? Just watch the circus? That’s not enough to sustain belief in the United States of America… It’s really every man for himself.

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