Dancing on the Ceiling

make[embedit snippet=”nebraska-ppp”]Donald Trump’s wins last night knocked out another talking point that had been considered a FACT since back in August: Trump won’t break 50%.

I said it here in September:

I think he has a ceiling under x% that he probably can’t top.

(Notice how I nailed the actual percentage…)

At the time, my guess was probably around 35%. And the CW was that there was no way he could win in a two-man race.

Now the question is, can Ted Cruz stop Trump in Indiana.

Many think that is the dividing line between a contested convention and Trump winning straight up.


Cruzin’ and Polin’

And the Cruz forces still think Nebraska is important.

Leavenworth St. was alerted that “someone” is calling on the GOP Presidential race in Nebraska, asking the Trump-Cruz-Kasich question.

But from there it is all, “what do you think about Cruz” Qs.

And extended sample:

If the election were today, who would you vote for? Probably or definitely?
  • Might I change my mind?
  • Who would be my 2nd choice?
  • Who do I think is the most prepared to be president?
  • Who do I think is the most prepared to be commander in chief?
Statements: More/Less likely to vote for/No difference
  • Donald Trump is facing a lawsuit from former students of Trump University, etc.
  • On abortion, Cruz will order the attorney general on day one to investigate Planned Parenthood
  • Cruz won’t allow entry of immigrants from countries with radical terrorism
  • Cruz has a comprehensive plan to rebuild the military after the sequester cuts
  • He is endorsed by Glenn Beck
  • Cruz will repeal and replace Obamacare
  • Cruz has introduced legislation to revoke citizenship from US citizens who fight with ISIS
  • Kasich supported expanded Obamacare in Ohio
  • Prior to being governor, Kasich received over $600,000 from a company, then after being governor, the same company received the same amount in state funds
  • As president, Cruz will build a wall on the southern border and beef up the border patrol
Agree/Disagree, somewhat/strongly
  • Ted Cruz has a record of standing up to the Washington elite
  • 5 former presidential candidates have endorsed Cruz

All predictions are that Cruz will hammer Nebraska for those all important Winner-Take-All delegates. Those Cleveland voters are a big deal, and the fact that it is one big bite of 36 could still make a difference.

Also interesting is that during Trump’s victory speech, he named a number of states where he was “going to do well”…Indiana, Oregon, California. But conspicuously (to me anyway) he left out Nebraska.

Has he already written it off?
Does he plan to battle for those delegates?
Will he visit and eat a Runza while putting on a CornHead?

Well, the last one is unlikely.
But one can hope.

And for your consumption, here is an interesting map from the Wall St. Journal of the current delegate breakdown:

delegate map


Ringing true

With Trump’s foreign policy speech this morning, many were immediately hammering him on the Twitter for mispronouncing “Tanzania” — where he said something more like “tan-ZANE-ee-uh” (rhyming with Tasmania).

It’s a long speech, and I’d probably give him a pass.

But same goes with the Drudge and media freak-out that Ted Cruz — allegedly — called the basketball hoop at the “Hoosiers” gym a “ring”.

It got a top spot on Drudge, and many were saying how out of touch he was to say such a thing in Indiana of all places.


Here is a YouTube version of the press feed at the rally.

The point everyone is gasping at is at the :30 second spot.
And I will give that it does sound like he says, “riNG”.
Or maybe even “riMG”. Or possibly “riNGM”. Or maybe just “riM” with some mic feed.

BUT…go to the :20 second spot first.

And he CLEARLY says “How tall is that basketball riM?”

There’s no doubt about it. So I get where it sounds like he says “ring” (and if there was an image of his mouth saying it, that would make is clearer) but the idea that he doesn’t know that it is called a “rim” is dopey, and is simply fed by an idea that people want to believe he’s an out-of-touch doofus who doesn’t know anything about sports, Indiana … or the everyday Joe Sixpack!

That partisans on both sides can’t be a little more honest always disappoints.



And the cat is pretty much RRRRRrrrrrrr! out of the bag on who Ted Cruz is announcing for his running mate at 3pm today.

Carly Fiorina.

But funny to note that Jon Karl told this to George Stephanopoulos already this past Sunday:

These things are difficult to keep under wraps.


Newt n’ Bacon

And for those of you keeping score, GOP 2nd District Congressional candidate retired Brigadier General Don Bacon rang up another endorsement today:

Newt Gingrich.

Senator Bill Kintner is taking credit:


Same Bat-Channel!

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  1. Mizzou Matt says:

    For someone running as an “outsider” Bacon sure is racking up those establishment endorsements. Kinda makes ya think…

  2. Bluejay says:

    Ring? How about 7-11? Did Drudge feature Trump saying that?

    Bacon is the ultimate insider. He will lobby for USAF, Boeing. Lockheed Martin, etc.

  3. Sparkles says:

    Wow! Newt Gingrich, really?
    What, former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert not available?
    Bob McDonnell already use up his 1 phone allowed for the day?

    An endorsement by Newt Gingrich, direct mail scam artist extraordinaire.

    Although I’m not sure why someone would value it, the endorsement is guaranteed to have cost someone money. As has been extensively documented, Newt does nothing unless Newt gets paid.

    Also, lest we forget, this is the same Newt Gingrich with the distinction of being the first Speaker of the House in 208 years of American political history to be reprimanded (and ordered to pay $300,0000) for unethical conduct.

    Speaking of political history, Fortune magazine did a piece on the Newtster titled:
    “Newt Gingrich and his sleazy ways: A history lesson”.

    Also, what the Cruz camp failed to mention in their push poll noted above –
    The conservative Tax Foundation found that roughly 30% of all benefits from the Cruz tax plan would flow to the wealthiest 1%.
    The centrist Tax Policy Center was a bit more damning, finding that 50% of all benefits would be captured by the wealthiest 1% percent, and the richest 1/5th would see more than 80% of all benefits.
    In addition Tax Policy Center has determined the Cruz tax plan would reduce federal revenues by $8.6 trillion over the coming decade, with the group Citizens for Tax Justice pegging the loss to the treasury at $13.9 trillion.

    Of course these massive losses would be concurrent with Team Ted’s promise of:
    “a comprehensive plan to rebuild the military after the sequester cuts”
    “..build a wall on the southern border and beef up the border patrol”

    When you get past the name calling, the lip flotsam and the comparison of penis sizes, the plans of both Cruz and Trump are utterly nonsensical. And if employed, would likely be devastating to our economy.

  4. well says:

    Newt served divorce papers to his first while in the hospital fighting cancer. He has the moral compass of black beard

    • Sparkles says:

      Nancy Pelosi has been widely heralded as the most effective Speaker of the House in modern history.
      In 2010 the Christian Science Monitor called Speaker Pelosi a: “master tactician and the most powerful speaker in a half century… ..make no mistake: Nancy Pelosi is the most powerful woman in American politics and the most powerful House speaker since Sam Rayburn a half century ago”

      Newt Gingrich serial philander and a noted con man.
      Denny Hastert just got sentenced to 18 months in prison for molesting young boys.
      John Boehner passed out checks from Tobacco lobbyist on the House floor immediately prior to an important vote benefitting Big Tobacco and as Speaker got ran out of office by his own party.
      Paul Ryan has proven spectacularly inept in the role.

  5. bynd says:

    Sweeper, Please excuse my bitchn but, it’s getting to be like the B side of a one hit wonder broke record on here. Anyway to get new blood with new ideas that are not always based on the past?

    • TexasAnnie says:

      New blood with new ideas? Please explain your meaning. Are you saying you don’t want to read Street Sweeper’s articles any more?

      And where is repenting lawyer? I always look for his informative comments sans typos. He’s MIA.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Gnarly Farina as Vice President? And of a guy who absolutely, mathematically, has zero chance of getting enough delegates from GOP voters to win. So Cruz makes a deal with the devil to hope for a chance stab every voter in the heart, so he can be their President and help them love him.

    I hope everyone who has voted for that hypocrite Cruz chokes on his lip cheese.

    Rumor has it that “cheese” is John Kasich’s smegma.

  7. anon says:

    There is no drama, the NEGOP that consistently gets beat in the legislature despite a majority x 3 will go to Cruz—- losers.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Well, one of those NEGOP “losers” who consistently helps the NEGOP lose in the legislature, Tommy Garrett, just endorsed Trump.

      Loser, indeed.

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