Bacon has Ricketts…er…Ricketts likes Bacon!

Ricketts-Bacon[embedit snippet=”nebraska-ppp”]Governor Pete Ricketts stepped into the 2nd District Congressional race as many others already have and endorsed retired Brigadier General Don Bacon yesterday.

Ricketts joined former Governor Kay Orr in the endorsement field, as well as U.S. Senator Deb Fischer. All in all a pretty good haul for Bacon.


Who do you love?

From the same presser, Tom Becka tweeted that Ricketts responded that he is not endorsing a Presidential candidate…yet. But he said also that he will support the Republican nominee, whomever that may be.

Ricketts joins Deb Fischer and Rep. Jeff Fortenberry in that sentiment — but obviously not Senator Ben Sasse who arguably started the #NeverTrump movement.

However, Don Walton of the LJS noted a few days ago that…

When the Texas senator comes to Nebraska to campaign, it appears likely he may be greeted by an endorsement from Gov. Pete Ricketts.

“When,” he says.

One assumes that Cruz will come to Nebraska, no-matter-way. But a big question is, Will it be after a victory or a loss in Indiana? If it’s after a win, Cruz will be followed by the press corps and possibly a guy named Trump.

If it’s after a loss, many may pass Nebraska by, with the thought that Trump will definitely wrap it all up in the following weeks.

Though in this season of “anything can happen”, it would seem foolish to think something calamitous COULDN’T happen before the final primaries. And you wouldn’t think someone like Cruz would leave what many are calling a “certain” win in Nebraska to chance.

But if Cruz wins Indiana, it would be more likely that Trump would challenge him in Nebraska. And with Kasich still in the game (though word is Kasich WON’T be coming to Nebraska), there is a chance that a hard Trump push could mean that the anti-Trump vote gets split.

Everyone is looking at Indiana first, but depending on how the chips fall, Nebraska could be up for grabs.


The Trump camp announced that they will be opening a HQ in Omaha at 5006 S. 108th St. (in same plaza as Valentino’s). Find out more on the Trump – Nebraska Facebook page.


The Unicameral POTUS survey

In the mean time, Leavenworth St. reached out to the members of the Legislature, once again, to gauge their interest in the Presidential primary.

Responses are still trickling in, but here is a sampling:

Ted Cruz:
Dave Bloomfield, Laura Ebke, Bill Kintner, Tyson Larson, John Murante and Kathy Campbell.

John Kasich:
Kathy Campbell, Colby Coash and Al Davis.

Donald Trump:
Tommy Garrett and Beau McCoy.

UNDECIDED — or at least stating that they aren’t telling:
Galen Hadley, Mark Kolterman and John Kuehn.

These will be updated next week, with a full list, as responses come in.

Oh, and Democrat Burke Harr also gamely responded that he voted for Hillary in the caucuses. So, ya know, he was the one.


Scoring conservatives

Lest this get away from us, following is the conservative legislative scorecard that John Orr and the Washington County Republicans put together for the recent legislative session.


It is self explanatory, and we can discuss it later next week.

But enjoy examining.


Stay dry

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  1. Bluejay says:

    Pete’s own mother is a leader of the Never Trump movement. Leader as in a contributor of Big Money. Money that Grandma Ricketts could be giving to Duchesne Academy where her grandaughters go to school. Money that DASH really needs.

    Pete Ricketts :
    Profile in courage?
    Dutiful son? Bad son?
    Bandwagon guy?

    Trump loses the general to the criminal Hillary. Worst candidate ever.

    • Gerard Harbison says:

      Indiana polls are moving. Cruz is a couple of points behind, with Kasich still in the high teens. It’s doable.

      Agree with Bluejay about the general.

      • Bluejay says:

        Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart. DASH.

        It educates children at half the cost of OPS. Probably number in ACT scores.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        Oh. I didn’t catch the acronym. I lived very near that school while in Omaha. And when I first arrived, 1989, I contacted every private school in the area. DASH would not enroll my daughter with disability, nor would any other private school. So I enrolled her in OPS, and her education over 16 years there cost about twice the average students’ education. And my daughter never took the ACT and did not “graduate” even after all that expense!!!

        I do regret that the cost of my daughter’s education drove up the statistical cost of educating all children at OPS, plus, her inability to perform academically drove down the OPS academic rating, but… DASH wouldn’t take her!

        It is my belief that private, religious schools should be paying taxes UNLESS they accept all enrollees able to pay the tuition. How do you feel about that?

  2. Gerard Harbison says:

    Not a follower of Omaha politics, but Bacon looks like the most conservative electable Republican, per Bill Buckley.

    Besides, the only people who don’t like bacon are hardcore PETA freaks.

  3. Mizzou Matt says:

    Yo Don – claiming to be an “outsider” then touting your endorsements is JEB! like. You’re not a true conservitive like Chip or Cruz. Your a RINO.

  4. bynd says:

    So it appears the Pres has decided to ignore the lessons of the EU and backdoor, 10,000 more homophobes into the US. How will they vote when the become voters? Especially when they find out, a man can be in the restroom with the females of his house. and it is legal. Welcome to a better life.

  5. Pete Still Needs a Win says:

    Does a Bacon endorsement from Ricketts help or hurt him?
    Do you think Ricketts endorsement will help Bacon any better than Ricketts endorsement of Nicole Fox will help her get elected?
    Brad is going to roll to re-election. Everybody knows that.
    And I don’t support Ashford any longer.
    Since Brad wanted the Keystone pipeline and thinks wretched Syrian refugees are terrorists and thinks Gitmo should remain open and thinks Mr Obama’s agreement with Iran on nukes stinks.
    Is Brad running in the GOP primary?

    • bynd says:

      Ricky, As a clown you are funny. Your questions are meaningless. Repubs always have and always will run the state. As you see, the best the Dems have is Brad. You can piss and moan until the end of time. But what a sad waste of time. But it’s probably the only Teddy bear you will ever have. Clutch him tightly, the Republican boogie man is coming.


  6. Captain Obvious says:

    So let me get this straight? The top 3 “conservatives” are at 100% and are the least effective people in the legislature. Orr is a joke!

    • The Ugly Truth says:

      Depends on how what you call effective. Bills passed? Popularity with other senators? Jim Smith is effective at his tax increases and 450 million spending packages. Matt Williams is effective at playing both sides. Does not mean they are doing good things.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Rick Perry suddenly says he will vote for Trump against Hillary. Rubio says Trump is “very close… let’s not ignore the will of the people.” Math forces some Trump bashers to wiggle.

    None wiggle more alluringly than Indiana Gov. Pence who endorsed Cruz by effusively praising Trump and ending with “I urge every Hoosier to make up their own mind.”

    That is like marrying your longtime ugly betrothed while eyeing the sexy sweetie in the front pew.
    This doesn’t bode well for Pence’s connubial bliss with Ted. Ted may get some honeymoon action but ugly doesn’t heal and Pence is already eyeing Donald with lust. So this is perhaps a waste of wedding presents. Donald has buxom math on his side, seems to be heading for the big time, and Ted’s new hubby Pence is already sighing with regret.

    If they make this into a movie it has to be a comedy.

  8. Anonymous says:

    No Professor, I didn’t call you anything. I said “a few GOP a$$holes…” You have said here that you are a Libertarian. If I missed you changing parties, my regrets. But beyond that, why would you think I was referring to you? You are not a billionaire bankrolling the Stop Trump effort. Nor are you a Senator leading that fight. You teach, a noble calling. You aren’t obliged as a GOP incumbent.

    Your reaction seems oddly stressed. Rather like the strangeness of Cruz jilting his conservative base via his deal with Liberal Kasich; a myopic hubris similar to that that which lost Cruz the debate championship for his university. Ted seems an intelligent man who lapses in common sense under pressure. You too seem stressed. But for what? Being loyal to your fellow academic and friend? But he is not you. Sasse is a GOP Senator and so obliged. Yet he is not endorsing anyone but is stabbing the GOP’s frontrunner. That was his choice not yours. Party disloyalty from a GOP official. I didn’t even think you were GOP. You support your friend and that makes you a good guy.

    BTW, I have voted in every election except two primaries while in war zones. I do not assume that I am on a par with a billionaire or a U. S. Senator or a Professor. But I know what I read.

    Rasmussen says 89% of polled GOP Likely Voters think Trump will get the nom. If you don’t like that, suck it up. Last July, I was where you are now. I leaned Cruz. When I researched and switched, luckily, I didn’t have a friend in the mix as do you. I have before and it wasn’t fun.

    • I’m a registered Republican who will never vote for Trump. I was therefore covered by your comment.

      Your analysis is absurd. Until the unlikely event that we elect Trump, this is still a free country. I am perfectly entitled to state, as I have, that if Trump is the nominee, I will vote for the Libertarian, and I will campaign as hard as I can against Trump. I didn’t sell my soul to the GOP. And Sasse can also criticize Trump with perfect legitimacy.

      You Trumpkins can’t handle dissent, and have a perpetual sense of aggrievedness. And those are your better qualities. A large fraction of you are Nazis.

      I have no idea what you mean by having a ‘friend in the mix’. I know none of these gentlemen, though Ben Sasse does follow me on Twitter.

  9. Anon says:

    These are just Gary and Rosie, Buffet loving Nebraskans, a reflection of their legislators. They are the established, with season Nebraska tickets, and some Berky stock. Feigning conservative values but not coming off hick, but hip. Ted Cruz, while holding your nose will reflect this image, predictably, and when Hillary wins will maintain their status, a win-win.

  10. Media Blaster says:

    Fox News is losing ratings to CNN thanks to Fox’s anti-Trump bias. Today FOX was still saying Cruz leads in Indiana, while a new NBC-WSJ-MARIST poll shows Trump up 15. CNN was reporting that double digit lead but CNN too downplays Trump by accusing him of “changing his tune” by telling Indiana voters that Trump has momentum there and can win Indiana if his supporters there push harder. Well, duh.

    Then CNN accuses Trump of “questioning the Canadian-born Cruz’s eligibility to serve as president” because Cruz’s wife, while trying to impress illegals advocates, calling her husband an “immigrant” which necessarily means her husband is ineligible to be President. What a dummy.

    Nobody is calling Trump a shy wallflower… but is Trump responsible for his opponents being stupid?

    Trump swept the last five states AFTER Cruz’s deal with Liberal Kasich. And after that big Trump sweep, Cruz picked up Fiorina, who months ago rose to the Kelly bait has then died of feminism.

    Cruz’s own voters hate the feminism and the liberalism that Cruz is suddenly courting. That is why Trump is up double digits in Indiana.

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