Will Nebraska matter?

SasseTweets[embedit snippet=”nebraska-ppp”]Nebraska U.S. Senator Ben Sasse was in Des Moines over the weekend at the Polk County GOP dinner. (Gauge why, on your own…)

There, Sasse made statements that indicated that Republicans could deny Donald Trump the nomination in Cleveland — seemingly even if he gets to the 1,237 number of delegates.

The Des Moines Register didn’t make it crystal clear what Sasse meant:

“We have a presidential front-runner on the Republican side that’s only gotten about 38-39 percent of all the primary votes cast thus far,” Sasse said. “In the modern primary system … there’s been six contested conventions where the person who ended up winning the convention didn’t go in as the leader, let alone having a majority.”

“As a historical matter,” he added, “lots and lots of times when conventions didn’t have an overwhelming choice, people started saying, ‘Why these people?’”

Is he saying, like some others seem to be hinting, that maybe the unpledged delegates could go to another candidate?

In any case, the Register also says that Sasse says his #NeverTrump position is inspired by Nebraskans:

Sasse said his perspective is informed by his constituents, who are “dissatisfied” with their presidential options and losing faith that they can address the nation’s problems.

This is an interesting point, except that it gets less inspired depending on the voting results in Nebraska next week.

It would take an awfully poor showing by Trump to really hammer that point home.

Then again, if Trump wins Indiana, and doesn’t bother to campaign in Nebraska, Cruz has the potential to hammer him, and for Nebraskans to send a message.


Will for Sasse

Speaking of Senator Sasse, as was Tweeted @LeavenworthSt on Saturday, conservative columnist George Will hates the idea of Donald Trump so bad, that he is willing to suck it up with Hillary for four years, then put his support behind…Ben Sasse:

If Clinton gives her party its first 12 consecutive White House years since 1945, Republicans can help Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, or someone else who has honorably recoiled from Trump, confine her to a single term.

Interesting plan there by Will. Except it doesn’t always work out the way you want.

Watch Nebraska’s 2nd District for the results around that plan.


DCCC for Chip

And speaking of the 2nd District, Democrats have shown their hand about their blatant attempt to influence Nebraska’s 2nd District Republican primary.

First, see the latest version of their pro-Chip Maxwell ad here:

Hilariously the LJS’s Don Walton, venturing into the 2nd, calls this an “advertising purchase by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that promotes Democratic Rep. Brad Ashford.”

Apparently we have all missed Ashford’s name mentioned in the past two ads that both mentioned Don Bacon and Chip Maxwell — oh and don’t ever say “Democratic” either. It’s always the “DCCC.”

And the DCCC is open about trying to hammer Don Bacon as well. They told Politico:

“For us to allow him (Bacon) to be on TV for a month talking about how he’s a general and getting traction with a compelling narrative, it would have been malpractice.”

And Politico quotes a “Democrat insider” who isn’t happy that the DCCC is blowing cash trying to choose Ashford’s opponent for the fall:

“The committee is not suffering from a surplus of cash,” the strategist continued. “That’s a very aggressive move. … To invest this much money implies to me that they felt it was that important that Maxwell is the nominee. … And it can have unforeseen consequences when you mess around in the other party’s primary.”

Stay with Leavenworth St. for updates.


Senators for Cruz

As next week looms, Ted Cruz has built up a Nebraska team.

Senator John Murante, Gretna – Chair
Treasurer Don Stenberg, Gretna – Co-Chair
Senator David Bloomfield, Hoskins
Naomi Brummond, Rosalie
Senator Joni Craighead, Omaha
Senator Laura Ebke, Crete
Senator Curt Friesen, Henderson
Reverend Gary Fuller, Lincoln
Senator Mike Groene, North Platte
John and Elaine Grothusen, Fremont
Senator Dan Hughes, Venango
Senator Bill Kintner, Papillion
Ben Larsen, Blair
Senator Tyson Larson, O’Neill
Senator Brett Lindstrom, Omaha
Joe Murray, Firth
Senator Merv Riepe, Omaha
Senator Jim Scheer, Norfolk
Senator Ken Schilz, Ogallala
Ryan Stungis, Omaha
Marilyn Synek, Kearney
Clinton Warnkey, Stanton
Senator Daniel Watermeier, Syracuse
Pastor Raymond Wicks, Plattsmouth

Well, this helps in updating the support list in the #NELEG.


Janssen for Nebraska

ICYMI, Nebraska State Auditor Charlie Janssen released a scathing report about the spending of the Nebraska Tourism Commission.

It includes taxpayer cash for liquor and cigarettes — sort of a minor amount, but anyone who has expensed anything knows that you never can expense that.

It goes on with, among other things,  paying to fly people around the state for photo shoots. And then there’s “$44,000 fee for a 90-minute speech for the 2015 state tourism conference in Columbus.”

Read the OWH’s summary to get a taste. The report is somewhat amazing.


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    • Bluejay says:

      Hillary was speaking to the Masters of the Universe in New York City while this guy was speaking in Columbus, Nebraska. Yeah, the money is about the same on a relative basis.

      And Goldman Sachs got more bang for its buck.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        Right…Goldman Sachs got more bang for it’s buck. And Hillary is a corporate welfare queen.
        But the Nebraska Tourism Commission is “bringing jobs” and “out-of-state” dollars into the Nebraska economy. (I’m just being facetious.)

        Did you go to your DASH comment for me left last week-end?

  1. anon says:

    A 11 year old belted out a “you suck” at a Cruz rally, the opinion of the establishment (Ben) at the start of the cycle and now by many, it is over.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Is that 11 year-old one of those ‘millions’ of new voters the Trumpkins keep telling us about?

      • Tony Oberley says:

        Trump has already received the most primary votes of any candidate in the history of the Republican Party. Fact.

      • HTH says:

        Tony Oberley

        Fact: you’re wrong. Trump: 10.1m votes.

        2000 Republican Primary, Bush got 12m votes.

        But really – you’re a Trump supporter. Stop acting like you care about facts anyway.


    • Sparkles says:

      Speaking of culturally challenged young’uns – a Washington Post analysis finds that toddlers have shot at least 23 people so far in the US this year, and we haven’t even made it to Mother’s Day.

      Machine gun bacon, it’s not just for the wee one’s breakfast anymore.

  2. Tony Oberley says:

    When Trump wins the Nebraska primary, will Sasse still use the excuse of “Nebraskans not wanting Trump”?

  3. repenting lawyer says:

    There used to be a switchman at the UP with a night law degree from the old OU law school when we had diploma privilege. When Ds could not find a candidate for AG he ran so that place would not be a blank on ballot. Chip was starting to look a little like that chap. DCCC may restore him to full credit as a candidate. If he does not win, no real damage to Bacon. who still has the star, If he does win he might defeat Ashford. Ads do not meet the smell test and that still matters in NE

  4. Sparkles says:

    Interesting new poll numbers today from PPP.
    A look at the mood of crucial general election swing state, Ohio.

    Favorable/Unfavorable %
    Clinton – 45 / 42
    Trump – 35 / 57
    Cruz – 21 / 62

    toxicTED, a 21% approval rating in Ohio.
    Exactly what does the #neverTrump crew do that?

    Noted pundit Andrew Sullivan comes out solidly in the #neverTrump camp. His heralded return to writing is a feature article in today’s New York Magazine titled:
    “America Has Never Been So Ripe for Tyranny”
    The take-away –
    “Republicans desperately trying to use the long-standing rules of their own nominating process to thwart this monster deserve our passionate support..
    ..They must take the fight to Trump at every opportunity,..
    ..In terms of our liberal democracy and constitutional order, Trump is an extinction-level event.”

  5. The Eye Ball says:

    Here is a hint for the StreetSweepr.
    Do you think the only think delegates vote on our presidential nominees?

  6. Jmurra says:

    I am surprised there is not more legal movement concerning the audit of the tourism Commission. It seems to me that many ethics laws and fraud laws perhaps could have been violated in some of the items mentioned in the audit. If a “standard” state employee were to have done all the things mentioned I am assuming they would be suspended and charges being drafted at the moment. But I guess because this is a pretend independent state agency, that allows everyone to get off the hook for accepting bribes, violating ethics laws and spending more money than they had.
    Shameful government we have in Nebraska.

    • Anonymous says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Go and read the auditors report. They paid the realtors commission to sell someones house and then paid $10 grand more for moving expenses. They overpaid on two contracts by $4.4 million. Alcohol reimbursements.

      It’s crazy that these things are allowed to happen. Good for the auditors office on bringing these things to light. I hope people are fired and prosecuted over this.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Has Sasse had the DraftSasse website removed yet? If not, why ? He’s not running for anything this cycle, right?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sasse has overstayed his welcome long time ago and now is moving on to greener pastures and caucuses and primes. See ya. Wouldn’t wanna be ya.

  9. bynd says:

    Do the Dems ever really think through their proposals? Most think tanks, including the more left leaning Brookings Ins., are saying free college will do more for the well off and rich. Because college is not just affording books and tuition. Colleges will want the ones who can afford to pay something rather than nothing. Indeed, the poor will still have to work to go to college and the well off will not. This is especially true of the more expensive colleges/Univs. Free hurts the poor imagine that! Read it in the OWH.

    • Tony Oberley says:

      Universities are run by extreme left wing elements. That’s why they want government reimbursement now. Families aren’t going to spend $75,000 to send their kids to indoctrination centers.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        I graduated from college in 1982, long before the insanity on today’s campuses.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Tony Obesely, Actually the left was probably more of affecter on campuses in the 80s than now, but less publicity because the students were not advisably active. Administrators are not ever very far to the left, it offends donors and legislators. Politics among faculty very with discipline, law faculties are more conservative.

  10. Anonymous says:

    RE:Tourism Director , pretty slick covering her rear on KFAB today. It’s not hard to find her liberal past. Heineman should never have let her get that far in the tourism agency. Anyone else that liberal would have been demoted in a Republican Administration. Now it’s in the hands of the stand alone Commission who she has probably got wrapped around her finger.

    • Sparkles says:

      It’s often comical the trivial stuff that inflames those on the right.
      This whole tourism story is nonsense. A shiny bauble held forth by a political hack, Charlie Janssen, to divert the attention from the failures of an inept Governor and Republican administration.

      How much taxpayer money did the women actually ‘waste’? $30K.. $50K??

      Pete Ricketts took office on Jan 8th, 2015, by June of 2015 his globe trotting celebratory tour had already burned through more than $400,000 in overtime expenses for State Patrolmen.
      That $400K was simply the expense for Patrol salary – God know’s what it cost to fly Pete and his entourage around the globe and put them up in hotels etc..
      An entourage that traveled to Denmark, Italy, Belgium, England and Germany. Japan, China, Aspen CO, Beverly Hills CA, Salt Lake City, New York City, Chicago and Arizona.

      Then again – look at at all those expanded trade pacts Nebraska has signed with Belgium, England, Germany, Japan and China.
      What’s that?
      Oh that’s right – Nebraska garnered NOTHING from these trips!

      Also, why it no one questions the target of our State Auditor, Charlie ‘I have a bachelors in Communications from Wayne State’ Janssen?
      His first act as new State Auditor was ask for more tax payer money for the department so he could hire more people and grow government.
      His first audit was Planned Parenthood, where he wasted countless tax dollars to find a whopping $3500 clerical error.
      And now – the Tourism Commission? Really? This is where Nebraskans should look for inefficiencies and poorly run government operations?

      Because surely, these headlines provide no clue as where to focus your scrutiny –

      Feb 19, 2016 –
      “..the ACLU plans to make a decision about pursuing lawsuits, both to address constitutional violations in Nebraska’s prisons that harm public safety and waste taxpayer dollars,..”

      Dec 16, 2015 –
      “..lawmakers recently learned that a state agency (HHS) was required to refund about $13 million spent on services for the developmentally disabled.. ”

      Febr. 19, 2015 –
      “Over the past few years, the federal government has fined and taken millions of dollars back from Nebraska because of poor recordkeeping of payments for foster care.”

      Sept 14, 2014 –
      “Nebraska Corrections Department sees big increase in overtime expenses.. ..Overtime costs have more than doubled over the past five years, to $4.54 million”

      Jan 22, 2014 –
      “Nebraska has 30 days to repay nearly $22 million to the federal government because the state failed to properly track payments it made as part of its troubled effort to privatize child welfare services”

      But hey, let’s ignore the massive cluster%^*$ that was the Heineman admin and has grown even worse under hapless Pete – and instead focus the efforts of a newly expanded and more richly funded State Auditors office on Planned Parenthood and the department of tourism!

      Wake The F up people!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Sparkles, Tourism Director blew $44,000 alone on one speaker for a 90 minute speech and $9,000 each on several other speakers. I think you have to look at the judgement here as well as dollars.

      • bynd says:

        I can see from your last line where the illegal, elementary age, Hispanic kid in the video flipping everyone off and shouting F**** you gets his demeanor from. That loony left is sure getting more violent by the day. Maybe Sparkles needs to wake up as her party starts to disintegrate. Or should I say, continues to disintegrate?

      • Tony Oberley says:

        Sparkles long post could have been summed up like this “Corruption is ok as long as liberals do it! So shut up!”

      • Oracle says:

        Look up “projection” Tony. And why you consider the Tourism Dpmt a “liberal” scandal is totally beyond me. Logic is not a Trumpkins’ attribute.

      • Sparkles says:

        Anonymous at 9:23,
        Re “Sparkles, Tourism Director blew $44,000 alone”

        That $44K is rounding error in the monthly overtime cost for the Department of Corrections.

        And in case it’s lost on all of you –
        Dec 15, 2015 –
        “Record breaking year for state lodging and tourism.. ..an increase of nearly 9 percent over last year and breaking all previous records.

        Tourism is the state’s third-largest industry. The Tourism Commission receives one percent of the total gross receipts for occupancy of a space furnished by a hotel within the state.
        Through October 2015 that 1% came to $4,663,704.66.
        That’s means Nebraska businesses raked in $4.6 BILLION in lodging revenues!

        Imagine you’re the Governor. You are ultimately accountable for the management of every department of our state government.
        Now imagine you’ve been informed you have one state department that absolutely blew away every previous performance record – BUT – an audit showed that department wastefully managed 1% of it’s total budget.

        If I’m Governor, I’m immediately picking up the phone and asking – no, not asking – screaming at my State Auditor – WHY THE F*%^& ARE YOU HARASSING THE MOST SUCCESSFUL AGENCY IN THE STATE!!!

      • “Through October 2015 that 1% came to $4,663,704.66.
        That’s means Nebraska businesses raked in $4.6 BILLION in lodging revenues!”

        Innumerate moron.

      • Sparkles says:


        $4.5 Billion spent by travelers and tourist in Nebraska, generating $627.2 million to help fund jobs and public programs.

        $460 Million in lodging.

        $4.6 Million Tourism budget.

      • Jmurra says:

        I guess the issue is the perception of receiving bribes, giving bribes, unethical conduct, miss use of public funds, violating ethics rules, and conduct that would get a normal public employee fired.

      • Not what you said, moron. You said $4.6 bn in lodging revenues, 1% of which you claimed was $4.6 m.

        And you know the vast majority of lodging revenues come from things like business trips and visits to Lincoln to see the Huskers. The Tourism Board doesn’t do anything to encourage those revenues. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone (other than me) who’s considered an actual tourist trip to Nebraska.

        But, hey tacking on another tax is always good

  11. Anonymous says:

    Google Kathy McKillip, former head of Nebraska Commission on the Status of Women. Heinie Administration dropped the ball and she ends up head of Tourism.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Excuses from Sasse for not accomplishing anything, heck, for not doing anything. “I am not a politician. New to senate. Just one of 100 senators”. He won’t answer questions, never speaks about issues except in an academic way and he offers no solutions. He never explains all his no votes on bills important to Nebraskans. Starts the Never Trump movement, goes to Iowa to get his name out and then won’t endorse Cruz. This guy is a failure who thinks he’ll be president because the DC elite support him. Third party white knight? No Ben, you are a history professor whose family bought you the presidency at a small town college.

  13. Nebraskans For Trump! says:

    I haven’t voted since 1992.

    Tomorrow, I will register as a Republican in Sarpy County to cast my vote for Donald Trump in the Primary. I encourage anyone who doesn’t normally vote and who shares my sentiment to stand-up and be heard — We are the silent majority and We are finally speaking with one voice.

    Please consider joining us to Make America Great Again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you illuminate for us when America stopped being great and what Donald Trump is going to do to make it great again? Genuinely curious.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        He loves the country and wants to make it better. That just one thing qualifies him over Clinton or Obama.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Loving the country and wanting to make it better WILL NOT inherently make it better. This is the funny thing about Trump supporters. They’re infatuated with the guy…but can’t actually tell you what his policy positions are without firing up the Google machine.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        Policy positions don’t matter when there is no competent leadership in the first place.

      • That's cute, Tony says:

        Policy? We don’t need no stinking policy!

        What happens when your guy is incompetent AND without policy? You know why you Trump people feel disenfranchised from the political process? Because you guys aren’t living in reality like the rest of us.

    • Sparkles says:

      Lou Ann Linehan, born and raised in southeast Nebraska on a dairy farm.
      Her brother still farms in the area. Attended the University of Nebraska and sold life and health insurance and annuities in Lincoln. In 1980, she married Kevin Linehan and moved to Omaha. Kevin and his family owned and operated Standard Beauty Supply at 108th and I in Omaha.
      Since the late 1980’s, Linehan has been active in Republican politics at the local and state level. In 1995-96 she managed Hagel’s surprise upset victory, electing the first Republican U.S. Senator from Nebraska in 25 years. After Hagel’s election she worked in Omaha for the Senator.

      After George W. Bush was elected President in 2000, she was appointed by the Bush Administration to serve as deputy assistant secretary at the U.S. Department of State under Colin Powell.

      Yep, she’s a carpetbagger just like Bob Kerrey was a carpetbagger – born in Lincoln, graduated from Lincoln Northeast then UNL, Navy Seal, Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Medal of Honor recipient, Governor and life-long Lincoln business owner. This same ‘carpetbagging Bob’ that throngs of right wing reprobates mercilessly trashed during his run for Senate.


      • Valley Voter says:

        Sparkles your missing the last 8 or so years? DC Lobbyist, Obama Administration Official, homeowner in Virginia. As far as Kerrey goes, he got clobbered and his wife moved out with his kid the day after the election back to NYC. BOB KERREY WAS A CARPETBAGGER!

      • Sparkles says:

        Maybe Google will help –
        a political candidate who seeks election in an area where they have no local connections.

        Or Mirriam –
        a political candidate who runs for office in a place where he or she has lived only for a short time

        Now, you could probably apply that definition to Bill Kintner, or Don Bacon, but a sane person could NOT apply that label to Bob Kerrey or Lou Ann Linehan.

      • Valley Voter says:

        You could absolutely tie that to Linehan. She has lived in the district for less than a year and has never Voted in LD 39. She lived in district 66 for many years then moved to DC. You equate Valley, Elkhorn, and Waterloo as Dist 66?

  14. Lil Mac says:

    Watching the implosion of Trump’s opponents under pressure is a study in abnormal psychology gone mainstream.

    Cruz alienates his own voters ala leftist Kasich and feminist Fiorina and then debates a Trump supporter in a pathetic display. Hillary reminds her own voters that she is the weakest cuckolded doormat wife in political history. All out a seeking sympathy. These politicians seek to be “liked”, which indeed is foolishly measured by pollsters, seemingly unaware that we “like” the weak who cannot hurt or help us. Frankly, like is to sympathy what respect is to fear. Those strong enough to lead us are strong enough to hurt us. To seek to be liked by voters is to insanely believe it possible for people to respect victims. That’s PC.

    PC is an inculcated insanity we aren’t born with.

    As kids, we know intuitively that as mammals our competitive confrontations all start with bared teeth and can only end without blood when one party chooses to submissively get on their back leaving the other the Alpha. That happens every day in every encounter. However, politeness (Political Correctness or habituated lying to make victims happy about being victims) has morphed into a full blown blinding cultural pathology that tells us as adults, wrongly, that we can and must respect victims. We rate being liked above being feared. But respect is fear of a sort.

    Trump is naturally blunt. That bluntness triggers PC’s inner fallacy like sparks to gasoline. PC makes painful truth relative (i.e. untrue). The pain of hard truths is real but grounded. Whereas PC has no mooring, causing one to drift where everything is relative, nothing being entirely true, and ungrounded. And so Trump’s opponents rise on PC only to explode against hard blunt reality.

    Voters for eight years saw the most powerful man in America play the “Pity me, I’m Black” card and get away with it. — Obama caused all this PC to fester and ripen. He shows voters what Dr. Pomeroy saw as PC morphed into a New Infantilism or Vindictive Protectiveness. Pomeroy said it is if his untreated mental patients (in this case, press, pundits, politicians, professors and pupils) had all banded together to destroy society by mass mental illness. The more “political” you are, the more infected with PC you are. It was just a matter of time before someone blunt came along to pop this pustule.

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