Questioning Sasse

ObamaCareNemesis[embedit snippet=”nebraska-ppp”]If your position is #NeverTrump, please be aware of the consequences:

President Hillary Clinton.

Anyone telling you that they are both #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary, and furthermore that a 3rd Party option could beat them both, is lying to you.

Which brings us to Nebraska’s Junior U.S. Senator, Ben Sasse, and his 11 PM diatribe last night on the Twitter, later posted on The Facebook.

Last night, Sasse restated his position of #NeverTrump, but took it a step further. Not only will he fold his arms when it comes to voting for the nominee of the party of which he is a member, but he proposes a Third Party candidate to take on Donald and Hillary.

Not him of course! But someone like…Tom Coburn.


It is not clear how much of this by Sasse is bluster — maybe to somehow change things at the convention in Cleveland — and how much is to simply further his name as the conservative standard bearer in the Senate. He already has the Washington, D.C. literati of George Will and the National Review boys at his side. His plan seems to be to act as Captain America of that Op-Ed team of Avengers, all the way to the White House.

And I personally LIKE the National Review writers. For instance, David French recently belted out a column stating that he hates both Hillary and Trump. But he believes Hillary would be less-worse than Trump, particularly on foreign policy. And he states that he will never vote for Trump.

If he and others want to take that passive-aggressive stance, fine. I can respect that. As long as there is a recognition that by NOT voting, you are allowing a voting advantage for Hillary.

And further, if you suggest a third-party candidate, be certain to note that a) your third-party candidate has no chance of winning in November and b) if it is a realistic, Perot-level effort, you are GUARANTEEING Hillary as President.

Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will win the Presidency in November.

Anyone suggesting otherwise is selling you something.
Or someone.


“There are literally dumpster fires in my town tonight…”

A few other notes on Sasse’s “open letter”:

Sasse’s is now dismayed that we just don’t have good enough candidates. Right, except over TWENTY candidates jumped in around nine months ago and Sasse had the opportunity to endorse at least ONE of those people.

Yet he chose not to do so.

And since then there have been debates and discussions and arguments and then…VOTES. Yes, people VOTED for whom they want to be the party nominee.

And in Indiana, a state somewhat similar to Nebraska, over 50% of Republicans voted for Trump! I will tell you, I was somewhat surprised by that. But to now somehow deny or turn those results on their ear is terribly disingenuous.

Then there is Sasse’s claim that people at the Walmart in Fremont come up to him and claim that they hate BOTH nominees!

Beyond the homespun “Walmart folks” schtick (note, I shop at the Walmart that’s a 1/2 mile from my house about 4x a week) and self-selecting sample of hometown shoppers who approach the local leader of the national #NeverTrump movement…it’s bull.

For instance, I’m no fan of Hillary. I’m as close to #NeverHillary as they come. Her voice is nails on the blackboard to me. But even I can recognize that Democrats OVERWHELMINGLY support her. Even those feeling The Bern would (right now anyway…) choose her over ANY Republican candidate. There is no lack of support for Hillary Clinton among Democrats.

And further, there is no lack of support for Donald Trump among Republicans and independents. It is as if Sasse is stuck back in January when the conventional wisdom of all the thinking people was that Trump’s support had a ceiling of 33%. Remember when he was supposed to tank once he got one-on-one with another candidate?

And then there is the little point that Sasse’s fellow Nebraskans haven’t even voted yet. And maybe this is Sasse’s plan to somehow choke that vote. But here is a guess that Trump does OK in the Nebraska primary. But let’s say Cruz still comes out on top. Is Sasse suggesting that the choice of thousands of Nebraskans who did vote for Trump are invalid because of the comments he got from shoppers at the local big box store?

None of this is to say that Trump is the end-all-be-all of candidates. Or that all Republicans like him. But it does mean that elections matter. Voting matters. Rules matter.

“…draft an honest leader to focus on 70% solutions for the next four years as a caretaker”?

What in the name of Bob Devaney is he talking about?

This is beyond silliness.

It is cute that Ben Sasse is sitting at home pleading “WHY can we only choose between Donald and Hillary?”

The answer is that you DON’T have to choose between them.
But one of them WILL be President next year.

Any suggestion otherwise is a farce.


  1. HTH says:

    TLDR: Sweeper pretends not to know who Tom Coburn is, and reaffirms his support for party (Trump) over principle.


    • To HTH says:

      Tom Coburn could have run for President. Maybe Sweeper is a good Republican and plays by the rules. I know what Rules Ben Sasse plays by now, self-interest. I will never support that Ahole again. so here is my take, NEVER SASSE!

  2. a Nebraska voter says:

    I like Ben Sasse but I wonder if he’s not really overplaying it right now? He is starting to remind me of Bob Kerrey with the 1994 Clinton budget vote or Harry Reid threatening to shut down the government if a penny was cut from Planned Parenthood (ignored by the mainstream press) or Ted Cruz reading green eggs and ham. My point: Senator Sasse – don’t be a hotdog.

    One more: If he decides to coordinate or run as a third party candidate, the name Ralph Nader rings a bell.

  3. anon says:

    Sasse: “vacancy-in-office.” How did this empty skull get elected? Now we see the result. Sasse’s is acting in some political dimension parallel to the real world everyone else inhabits. Even if a 3rd party was a good idea, this is not how you start one, much less win. SMH.

  4. I have no idea if Trump would be a better candidate than Clinton. Since we’ve established numerous times that not a word out of the man’s mouth can be trusted, it would be ridiculous to claim one knew. One can’t scam ones way through a presidency, and the only talent the man has, IMNSHO, is scamming people.

    And that’s the difference; I know Hillary was do what she says she’ll do. She’s the devil I know.

    However, there’s a more basic point. I don’t want either Trump or Clinton as president. But there are Libertarian candidates with whom I actually agree on most issues. So you think we should abandon any principles and vote for the partisan choice, even though we have damn good evidence he can’t be trusted and will likely betray the GOP.

    We’ve been sold this lame ‘third party voting will elect X’ far too often. People should vote their conscience, those of us who have a conscience, and according to their best judgement, and ignore those who care only about whose side wins. You might read Sasse again on that point.

    And no offense, but I value Jonah Goldberg, David French, Kevin Williamson and Charles Cooke’s opinion more highly than I value yours.

  5. The Eye Ball says:

    First, there is no evidence to suggest Trump can beat Hillary.
    Second, Trump will likely cause the GOP the Senate.
    Third, so what if it is President Hillary Clinton? At least she is not Obama and would work with a Republican Congress.

  6. Nebraska Republicans says:

    I really wish the junior senator from Nebraska would stop embarrassing his state (and himself) with all this nonsensical grandstanding.

  7. Ben Sasse is 100% right, and it demonstrates a great deal of ststesmanship to do what he is doing. Donald Trump has almost none of the same values we have as Christians, as conservatives, and as Republicans.
    I voted for McCain and Romney because, while more moderate on issues than I, they still had similar visions for America. Donald Trump represents a radical departure from all of those things. I never thought I would vote anything other than Republican, but this year (unless Trump signs a legal document saying he will nominate Cruz or someone like him to the Court), I will vote for someone else.
    Every 40 or so years, our country’s parties have to go through something like this. I hope I can participate in whatever new conservative movement Sen. Sasse and others are making.
    It’s time to stand for principle and run someone third party who can save our down ballot candidates.

    • Nebraska Republicans says:

      McCain and Romney were both duds from the moment they announced, as was Bob Dole AND George W. Bush (even though he was able to steal the election from Gore via the Supremes).

      And Wake The F*** Up — these so-called Republican politicians you clearly idolize DO NOT share your “Christian, Conservative” views regardless of what they say. Watch their actions — Watch their votes — Watch their donations from special interest groups…that will tell you what they “believe” far more than what they say.

      Sasse is a joke, and is seriously showing his foolish core with these public tantrums regarding Trump. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see Sasse get voted out of office whenever the next Primary is for his seat…yes, Ben Sasse is THAT weak.

    • Sparkles says:

      “it demonstrates a great deal of ststesmanship to do what he is doing.”

      So statesmanship has now devolved into transparent self-promotion via late night posts on Facebook and Twitter?

      Or relaying imagined conversations at the Walmart in Fremont… er, I mean, “the center of the world”?

      • Sparkles says:

        Yes I read his late night Facebook post.
        Just as I’ve read many other of his Facebook posts and Twitter ramblings.

        Out of a nation of 318,000,000 people, Ben Sasse has been granted by the citizens of Nebraska the privilege of being 1 of 100 elected to a seat on the world’s most deliberative body.
        So instead of reading Ben’s latest late night Facebook narrative, drafted from his back porch as he swats away river bottom bugs, I’d very much like to read the Senate Bill he has drafted and introduced for deliberation in the Senate Chamber.
        Bills aimed at addressing all the exact concerns for which Sen Sasse seems so enthused when engaging in his all-too-frequent social media meanderings.

        Nebraskan’s saw fit to provide Sasse carte blanche access to a chamber that has witnessed some of the most significant events in American history.
        It’s long past time the Senator logged off Facebook and got to work.

  8. Sparkles says:

    How appropriate – the Jan 2014 cover shot of Sasse, with the caption:
    “Obamacare’s Nebraska Nemesis”

    How’d that prognostication work out for ya, National Review?

    Lowry and NR’s dwindling legion of followers were certain they’d found a new golden boy. A new champion to carry high their laissez-faire torch and light the way to a dazzling resurgence the likes not even Ayn Rand herself could have envisioned.
    Ben Sasse, the shining hope of conservative renewal, a man truly outstanding in his field.

    Alas, nearly two and half years later, it’s all too apparent, what they found is simply Ben Sasse, a man out standing in his field.

  9. Dave says:

    “If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures.” A. Hamilton. As a lifelong Republican, if I’m faced this fall with voting for (1) Hillary or (2) her former campaign supporter, mysoginist wannabe-despot, four-time bankrupt, flip-flopper and wife-cheater, I will vote for someone else. Hillary will be a terrible President, but whatever she does will not be in any way in my name which Trump seeks to do.

  10. Wild Speculator says:

    Trump is going to lose anyway. Once he formally has the nomination, the media will unload all the negative stories they’ve been sitting on so they can help Hillary. And he isn’t just going to lose, he is going to tarnish the GOP brand so badly along the way that he does serious long-term damage to the party’s prospects. Republicans who aren’t white supremacists need a lifeboat to distance themselves from Trump, so that after he loses, they can retake the party and honestly tell the voting public that they had nothing to do with the Trump fiasco, so Trump’s sins shouldn’t be imputed to their renewed GOP.

    Additionally, the only thing worse than Hillary winning would be…Trump winning. God help us if that man becomes our commander-in-chief.

      • Nebraska Republicans says:

        Ryan, Sasse, Rubio — all the same; that is, short, 40-something, beta bordering on metro, smarter than everybody else, no core, for sale to special interests, not promoters of Liberty or the enforcement of existing black-letter Laws.

        Nah, I think I’ll skip the Ryan interview with Jakey-boy

  11. Bob Loblaw says:

    As a person who has always voted GOP I encourage people not to vote for Trump. his job is to convince people otherwise. The only person to blame for Hilary winning the presidency is Trump and those who voted to put him up as our nominee. If he can’t convince conservatives like me that he’s not the same lefty, fascist, bombastic blowhard that he’s shown himself to be time and again then it’s his fault, not mine. Anyone who lays what will surely be an epic blowout loss by Trump on Sasse or any other #nevertrump is a fool. Trump will only have himself to blame.

  12. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Senator Sasse’s actions the past several months with #neverTrump and now his call for a 3rd Party Candidate are sadly transparent. He knows what a 3rd Party candidate would do this close to the General Election (put Hillary in the White House). I can only conclude that there are other reasons he is floating these balloons and it has more to do with himself than saving the country. And it only took him TWO years in the Senate to start the drumbeat to focus on his own national candidacy. No wonder people hate politics.

      • A native Nebraskan, who ran a Nebraska college for years before he ran for Senate.

        Yeah, I know, leaving the state to go to a first-rate college shows him to be an unacceptable elitist. Heck, he even knows how to speak in full sentences. Can’t have that.


        He was a total disaster as college president – ask folks who work there (I have)

      • So Moody’s, a bond rating service, rates Midland College as Aa3, higher than when Sasse took over. And some anonymous Trumpkin tells me he was a disaster.

        Hmm, whom to believe?

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Donald is pro choice too Julie. What difference does it make if it’s Hillary or Donald to your group?

      • Julie Schmit-Albin says:

        I know what Hillary will do. There’s a chance Trump will get it right part of the time, if good advisors surround him.. Trump has walked back several abortion comments. 3rd Party candidate is handing Hillary 4 to 8 years in the White House and the potential of several Supreme Court nominations. This really is not all that difficult but keep hand-wringing #nevertrump.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        Julie, you were wrong about Ben Nelson and he played the game better than Trump. Don’t you learn from past mistakes?

    • The Eye Ball says:

      You are dead wrong. Many on here forget Anderson who ran in 1980. He did not hurt Reagan getting elected. Trump will cause Republicans to lose the Senate.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Here I thought Julie Schmidt-Albin opposed abortion…but she openly criticizes a man whose only crime thus far has been to criticize a ‘Republican’ who has repeatedly expressed support for abortion and for Planned Parenthood.

      Speaking of being sadly transparent…

    • Khan says:

      You know what is also sadly transparent? Donald Trump’s lip service to the pro-life cause. Something I thought you had some interest in, Julie.

  13. Hardy Harr Haar says:

    Sasse’s endgame with the third party is not to hand the election to Clinton, but rather he thinks there are enough electoral votes for the third party candidate to prevent Clinton and Trump from a majority, throwing the election to the GOP-controlled House.

  14. Nebraska Republicans says:

    Sasse’s Twitter-Meltdown last night reminds me of something Kanye West would do….

    Kanye Sasse…

    Ben West…

    What a Derp.

  15. Hardy Harr Haar says:

    So with GOP primary turnout depressed by Cruz’s exit, who benefits in Bacon/Maxwell, and how much will it hurt legislative and local primary candidates? Do GOP candidates have a chance of advancing in heavily Dem districts like OPS #1 or Learning Community #2?

    • The Eye Ball says:

      Why does Nebraska even have a primary? Send the delegates to national convention unbound? Why waste people’s time, and effort?

  16. Cap Anson says:

    SS your capitulation to Trump as the nominee is sad(!) and short sighted. Trump has received 41% of the total vote of republicans voting so far- far from a majority. Supporting Trump supports all the negatives he stands for- his narcissism, his mysoginism, his borderline racism. Al that is endorsed by your support. And what does that mean for the future of the republicans party when all we voters stand for all this? What does that say to women voters, Hispanics, young voters? Capitulate now and lose these voters for a generation. The Republican Party stands for very little if Trump is to go unchallenged.

    Oh and new flash here: Hillary is going to trounce Trump in November. So why not take a principles stand?

  17. Lifelong conservative gal says:

    Thanks for the letter Ben. As a lifelong conservative, my question to you is And, what are you doing about it? Go ahead, take your ball and go home. NOW you want a better candidate, where were you and the rest of the GOP the last 8 years? The GOP has had plenty of time to get organized and rhey blew it, so you either vote for Trump or Hillary it is. A third party candidate cant beat Hillary. So continue on your rants and whining, but remember actions speak louder than words. And yes, I’m a lifelong female conservative in tbe state saying this. Stop playing games, work to unify our party and make it great, if you cant do that then please shut up.

    • The ball is mine, not yours. In the past I voted for the GOP for expediency’s sake, as the lesser of two evils.

      Since that’s no longer the case, I’ll be working for the Libertarian candidate, be he Johnson or Petersen. I prefer Petersen. And, no, McAfee would be another Trump.

      And I won’t shut up.

  18. Blind Jeff says:

    Can we please stop using the term “RINO”? Because, as is obvious from the ascension of Trump and the mindless Trumpbots attacking anything that moves, the term “Republican” doesn’t mean anything anymore.


      You are correct sir, and we can all thank the following for this condition (just to name a few):

      Ryan, Romney, Bush I & II, Boehner…heck, I’ll stop there. Suffice it to say we can thank at least 90% of Republicans who have held elected office at the national level over the past 25 years.

  19. Macdaddy says:

    I’m not voting for Trump. If I ever see Sasse anywhere, I will certainly walk up to him and tell him how I hate both of the nominees for president. BTW, Sweeper, why is it my responsibility to get behind Trump?
    1. I know he won’t support 99% of what I want.
    2. He has no idea how to get 99% of what he wants
    3. He doesn’t want my vote.
    4. He’s a douche.

    Maybe Trump can rise up above his douchieness and try to convince me that he DESERVES my vote.


      We don’t care. We will vote for him no matter what you show us. It is Hillary vs Trump — only an America-Hater would vote for Hillary over Trump.

    • Anon says:

      Contradictions, from a person who calls and blogs people who do not agree with him politically Nazi’s, and stupid, yeah you can disparage Trump.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Is English a second language for you? If so, I congratulate you on your progress. If not, then I demand a refund for the our public school system clearly wasted on you.

  20. Dismayed says:

    So, our choice appears to be between someone who discusses dick sizes versus someone who should be in leg irons. I guess we are a wee bit removed from Reagan’s vision for America aren’t we.

    I get the anger from the voters. They have a right to be angry. We sent a majority to Congress and they didn’t do what they could have done to stop Obama policies. Instead, they cowered in fear of the media and what the voters would think of them rather than doing what they said. So, yeah, there should be genuine anger.

    Yet, the vessel of the anger is a reality tv star who contradicts, demeans, and spouts vile untruths about anyone if it serves his purpose. He stands for nothing and everything, depending upon the day. In other words America, right message of anger, wrong person.

  21. Anon says:

    Remember reading many were against Beaver and most backed him in the end, as they did McCain and Romney. 3rd party, you won’t hit Anderson, Wallace, or Perot and you know it . So stay home, vote for Hillary, or whatever, like Ben, won’t make a difference.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Indeed…Nebraska’s votes won’t make a difference. Hillary will have way too many electoral votes locked up for NE-2 to matter.

  22. Trump told the New York Times yesterday that the US should reduce its national debt by threatening to default and forcing the creditors to accept a write-down. That’s what Argenina and Greece did. I don’t know why Trump’s so anti-Latino, when he proposes to adopt the economic policies of a banana republic.

    Moreover, 28% of the debt is held by other units of the federal government (mostly social security and medicare, while 15% is held by institutional investors, including many pension funds. So this would not only trash the US’s international reputation permanently, it would screw 320 million Americans.

    Trump actually has used this tactic to stave off several bankruptcies, in addition to the four he’s actually undergone. Now he thinks he can use it on we the people.

    • …forgot to mention; even a threat to default on the National Debt will drive up interest rates. You want more return on investment if you risk losing some or all. A major party candidate suggesting such a thing has probably cost the US several billion dollars.

      • Anarchists Seek to Drown Govt in Bathtub says:

        Oct 16, 2103
        “S&P: Shutdown cost economy at least $24B and cut 0.6% off of yearly fourth quarter GDP growth.”

        And Republicans CHEERED!

      • Sparkles says:

        That’s an interesting interpretation.

        In October, 2013 the Republican party, led by Ted Cruz, held the nation hostage by sending President Obama a bill that included a provision defunding Obamacare.
        Obamacare had been duly signed into law more than 3 years earlier, on March 23, 2010.
        On June 28th, 2012, the United States Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the ACA.
        By October, 2013 millions of Americans were newly uninsured via the ACA.
        Between October 1 , 2013 and March 31, 2014 enrollment in the ACA surged to 8 Million Americans.

        For political gain, Republicans were desperately seeking to strip millions, and bar many millions more, including those with previously uninsurable pre-existing conditions, of their newly acquired health insurance.

        The desperation and skullduggery of the Republican party cost our economy $23 billion and nearly elicited a downgrade of our credit, which you’ve correctly pointed out would impose additional financial harm to nearly every American.

      • bynd says:

        Anarchist @ 9:36, OMB estimated the cost at 2 billion. Reuters, 9/29/2015. Are all anarchists so gullible?

        By the way, no disrespect RWP, but pure libertarianism, as explained to me by Nebraska party leaders about 5 years ago would be anarchy. No nation wide currency system for one. Everyone sets their own method of payment. Or are those just the Nebraska kooks. But still better than Dem loons.

      • There really is no ‘pure libertarianism’. Different libertarians have different views on what minimal government means.

        In any case, I regard libertarianism as a goal or compass point, not an immediate policy. Americans are most certainly not ready to have government give up many of the functions it has. For example, they can’t envisage having a large number of private schools instead of a behemoth public school system.

  23. It is entirely legitimate to send the President a bill repealing a program previously legislated, particularly since it followed the opinion of the majority of the American people.

    I hate to breat into your cocoon of delusion, but PPACA is in the early stages of a death spiral. Real enrollments are not meeting projections, the covered population is getting sicker, and major insurers are pulling out.

    The $23 billion is one company’s opinion.

  24. Actually, just 42 minutes ago, Humana announced it was pulling out of Obamacare in several states, following heavy losses. They are thus joining United Health. In Alabama, BCBS will be the only ones left.

    “Humana, slated for acquisition by Aetna Inc., said Wednesday that members who stayed with the company’s individual Obamacare policies from 2015 to 2016 were more likely to be hospitalized or use pharmaceuticals than those who had plans and dropped them, contributing to increased costs. The company set aside $176 million in the fourth quarter to cover losses expected from ACA business this year, and added another $13 million to those reserves in the first quarter.”

  25. Oh Sparkles says:

    See, the thing about a government entitlement, you have to pay for it and Obamacare isn’t working. As the Professor has indicated, several companies are getting out because they are losing money. The Omaha World Herald reported that Blue Cross took a $40 million buck loss in the exchanges. A company needs to, you know, make money in order to be solvent…just ask another Obamacare success story Cooportunity.

  26. Sparkles says:

    Hate to pop your collective bubbles, but Obamacare and it’s accompanying Medicaid Expansion, is here to stay.
    In the immediate future President Clinton, a democratically controlled Senate and a tenuously controlled, severely chastened Republican House will finally get around to the mundane yet necessary business of tweaking provisions in the ACA, enhancing to good, carving out or modifying the bad.
    The same exact process every major law in the history of the United States has undergone in order to enhance it’s performance and effectiveness. A process to date retarded by a malfeasant Republican party.

    And Gerard, you conveniently cite only the part of the article that is supportive of your ideology.
    The ‘rest of the story’ is; that although the ACA loss of UnitedHealth and Humana (in selective markets – read really sick populations) neither chose to be much of a player in the ACA –
    “Similar to UnitedHealth, Humana doesn’t have a large stake in the ACA markets, enrollment-wise. Out of the 12.7 million individuals that picked up health coverage through an ACA plan, Humana provides coverage for 554,300 individuals as of late March, Bloomberg noted.”

    Here’s a more insightful read –
    “Why Are Centene and Molina Making Money on the Obamacare Exchanges? ”

    And here’s another important factor to the ACA’s continuing success –
    “Tenet Healthcare SVP of public affairs Daniel Waldmann told Reuters, the hospital system is bullish on the exchanges after seeing a surge in hospital business from newly insured patients under the ACA.”

    Tenet is one of the largest for-profit health systems in America.

    • I have no doubt Medicaid expansion is here to stay, at least until the program collapses of its own weight. PPACA will die because no insurer will be able to offer premiums that keep them in the black, without driving out healthy adults who see it’s expensive and has huge deducables.

      Math isn’t your strong point in any event, but I don’t consider 4% of the total PPACA insured a small fraction. And Tenet is a healthcare provider, not an insurer. Providers will certainly make money, at least until the insurance part of PPACA collapses.

      If you read the article (did you think I wouldn’t?) the reason Centene and Molina are making money is because they target the market whose income is just above the PPACA threshold. Those are heavily-subsidized patients. So they have a network of Medicaid providers. Problem is, few physicians who have any other choices are Medicaid providers. Companies who target the higher income part of the range are losing money. I have no doubt the lowest income quintile of PPACA-insured patients will be most likely to stay insured, but as soon as the upper end of the market collapses, the very sick people who stuck with it will be forced to choose the low-end providers.

  27. Oh Sparkles says:

    Sparkles, you didn’t address the question. Why did nearly every insurer take a loss on the exchange and why are so many companies no longer going to participate? Why are the rates going to increase significantly in 2017 according to various media outlets? How are over half of the COOPs failing a success story? Please, enlighten us Sparkles.

    • Sparkles says:

      1) Risk corridors.
      Google – “Congress Weakens Obamacare” Dec 17, 2015, FiscalTimes
      (aka, more Republican skullduggery, this time lead by Marco Rubio)

      2) An American population much sicker than predicted.
      A sick and debilitated population of Americans Republicans long to return to a state of desperation, pain and suffering on behalf of enhanced profit margins for their bloated Big Insurance sugar daddies.

      3) Many companies, like United Health and Humana, only marginally competed from the very beginning. Insurance is a big, unwieldy market in which most insurance companies specialize in certain niches and target specific audiences. The ACA demographic was not something either United or Humana focused on, or cared to focus on.
      Let me see how I can explain this for Republicans.. let’s try this –
      Most Monster Truck drivers and their teams don’t also enter those vehicles in Nascar events. Sure, they’re both driving, they’re both painstakingly loud, but they’re two distinct and specialized fields.

      Consider yourself enlightened.

      Your welcome.

      • Rubbish. The risk corridors were only temporary anyway, and had they maintained them, the more successful companies who were actually making money would have suffered.

        And the other argument is that you didn’t expect Americans to be so sick? Should you have known that, and planned for it?

      • bynd says:

        Sparkles, ” An American population sicker than predicted.” You certainly did not say that with a straight face did you? The answer is, those young ones who are not that sickly and were being forced to joined, haven’t. More sickly than predicted. RFLMAO

        And the 8 million, as they say, were the low hanging fruit. You know, your kind of folks.

      • Oh Sparkles says:


        UHC has competed in the market for years. They were losing money on and off the exchange after the individual market became guaranteed issue. Nearly every insurer in the individual market lost money.

        Risk Corridor was temporary and, oh by the way, Obama signed the budget did he not agreeing to the cuts? Moreover, risk corridor didn’t have an impact on the double digit increases last year did they? Of course not.

        Oh, still waiting to see your answer to the COOP disaster which, according to the court case filed in Iowa regarding Cooportunity, so far has cost tax payers millions of dollars. And that is just 1 Obama CO-OP.

  28. bynd says:


    Ahhh, your low bar expectations being shown again. “Surged to 8 million covered.”
    While 29+ million are still uninsured. But I guess in your world, that is good thing. All that money and less than 25% insured. And even of the 8 million, not all were NEWLY insured. Only from a exrepub/current lib still trying to convince him self you are on the right track and relevant. LOL

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