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I was on KFAB’s Scott Voorhees show this morning. You can click here, to listen to the 15 minute interview on Scott’s KFAB page, or you can click here to download and listen to it as a podcast.

Scott and I discussed Donald Trump, Ben Sasse, Dave Heineman, Pete Ricketts, Don Bacon and Chip Maxwell and the Douglas County GOP. That enough range for ya?

As long-time readers know, Nebraska politics is the meat and potatoes here on Leavenworth St., and you can come here to get your fill.

Be sure to scroll down to read my summary of the Trump rally in Omaha last Friday.

Politics in West O and the radio

If you were listening to Scott’s show, you couldn’t help but be bombarded with ads from Pat Borchers and Lou Ann Linehan. The two of them usually have back to back spots — two 30 second ads each, on either side of the top and or bottom of the hour.

For instance here is Borchers:

Both were on KFAB this morning as well. Interestingly, Linehan gave a defense of her support of Brad Ashford. She noted that she has supported Republicans during her career. And she has.

But she also gave…

It is not clear how this is considered a “lie” by the Pat Borchers campaign, but these are numbers straight from the FEC.


Advantage in #NE02?

Scott and I chatted about the Nebraska 2nd District Congressional race for the GOP nomination, and my response was like so many:

No one knows!

There has been virtually no polling on the race and few indications of where voters will go.

Except for…the DCCC.

The DCCC clearly believes that Democrat Brad Ashford would have an easier time against Chip Maxwell than Don Bacon. The belief here is for a couple of reasons:

1) Don Bacon has the squeakiest of clean backgrounds, reputation and personality. He comes across as the nicest guy in the world and he was a Brigadier General at Offutt. Where does the criticism come down?

The best Maxwell had on that point was that Bacon’s experience is only in the military, but not on politics. Or maybe holding office.

That isn’t exactly damnation for getting elected these days.

2) Chip Maxwell has a LOT of votes that the DCCC and Brad Ashford can sift through to find criticism. Heck, Maxwell may have voted on a different point on some bill, but it could come across as being against kitten adoption.

Which isn’t a knock on Chip. But it is a reason why the DCCC is spending nearly half a million dollars to see that Maxwell gets the GOP nomination over Bacon.

Will Republican voters have sucked in the DCCC’s message, or will they see through it and go the other way? Will they look at all of Bacon’s endorsements across the Republican spectrum, or will they more heavily consider Maxwell’s time on the Douglas County Board and in Lincoln?

Don’t count on either side slowing down until the polls officially close.


South O turnout

There are lots of other races around the state to watch tomorrow night, but another that will be fascinating will be in South Omaha’s District 7 seat.

There you’ll find incumbent Republican State Senator Nicole Fox against Democrats John Synowiecki and Tony Vargas. You will remember that Fox was appointed by Governor Pete Ricketts after Democrat Jeremy Nordquist quit the job to go work for Brad Ashford.

Many figure that the Democrats will be able to take the top two spots to the General Election, but stranger things could happen. Republicans have the 2nd District race to vote for. They still have the Presidential race to weigh-in on — many have been waiting all year to do so. So they have a reason to get to the polls.

Democrats? Other than that Legislative race, no so much. That isn’t to say Dems won’t vote, but there is just not as much to garner their attention.

So are there enough South O Republicans to make it a game for Fox?
Has she garnered enough support during her relatively short time in office?

Could be a wild Tuesday night.


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  1. Everyone should read the Ben Rhodes profile in yesterday’s NYTMag. Brief summary; on the Iraq deal the White House led docile, ignorant journalists around by the nose. Particularly devastating is this comment by Tanya Somanader, the director of digital response for the White House Office of Digital Strategy.

    “handpicked Beltway insiders like Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic and Laura Rozen of Al-Monitor helped retail the administration’s narrative. “Laura Rozen was my RSS feed,” Somanader offered. “She would just find everything and retweet it.””

    Neal Gabler of FAIR (not my favorite bunch of people, BTW) used to say the biggest problem with journalists is not bias; it’s laziness. It’s not much effort to retweet.

    • Sparkles says:

      I agree, everyone should read the article you point to.
      Many who are involved the narrative relayed have objected to the portrayal in that single line quote you’ve cited from that very lengthy article. The Atlantic has presented a convincing rebuttal in a story titled: Ben Rhodes and the ‘Retailing’ of the Iran Deal.
      Rhodes also denies that his efforts to build support for the deal were disingenuous.

      Many shades of grey to be contemplated, unlike the straight-forward tale of an ethically-challenged Bush Admin. A Republican admin neither bright enough nor skilled enough to have “led docile, ignorant journalists around by the nose.”.
      The GOP employed a far different, significantly more illegal modus operandi.

      Jeff Gannon (real name James Dale Guckert) –
      A gay christian prostitute was planted among the White House Press Corps by the Bush admin to lob softball pro-GOP questions to the Republican press secretary.
      A story meticulously documented in numerous outlets.

      Armstrong Williams –
      “The (GW Bush) Education Department paid commentator Armstrong Williams $241,000 to help promote President Bush’s No Child Left Behind law on the air,..”

      Michael McManus –
      “Third Journalist Was Paid to Promote Bush Policies”

      Maggie Gallagher –
      Syndicated columnist, Maggie Gallagher, was paid $41,500 by the Bush administration (Dept HHS) to promote the Bush’s ‘Healthy Marriage Initiative’, which included their failed abstinence-only sex education efforts.

      • The Grundle King says:

        “Jeff Gannon (real name James Dale Guckert) – A gay christian prostitute…”

        I’m trying to figure out the relevance of the fact that he’s, a) gay, and b) a Christian. Your homophobia is showing again.

        That he is/was a prostitute and is/was also in the media is not particularly shocking…no offense to Sweeps. 😉

      • bynd says:

        Teacher, Billy did it too!

        So adult and mature.

        But it does show once again, one side is no better than the other.

      • The ‘convincing rebuttal’ is written by Jeffrey Goldberg, one of the two reporters named. I’m certainly convinced he doesn’t like to be named a White House shill.

        There’s no national security problem with any of the instances you cite.

      • Sparkles says:

        Politico Magazine examined the NYT’s story on Ben Rhodes and the Iran deal, the take away –

        “Every element of this thesis falls apart under scrutiny.”

        imagine that

  2. Pete says:

    I can’t wait for LD 39 results tomorrow. I predict Borchers by 3 points.

    No word form the Linehan camp on what exactly the Bochers camp lied about. I’ve seen all of the anti lou ann mail pieces etc and researched the negatives. They’re all undeniably true. LD 39 is full of high information voters like myself, most of whom have the free time to conduct their own research.

    • Borchers for Legislature Public Service Announcement says:

      Following the election campaign signs of any candidate can be delivered to Borchers’ front yard to “save” for a later “use”. Feel free to also bring your stacks of old newspapers, empty bottles, and other “collectibles”. Ignore the TLC camera crew next to the Two Men and A Truck in the driveway, they are shooting a “campaign documentary”.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Here’s the rest of your sentence:

      “…because jurors are not required to agree unanimously on execution — a ruling that will add to the ongoing legal debate over Florida’s capital punishment system.”

      Nebraska’s death penalty is doled out by a 3-judge panel, and there must be unanimous agreement among the judges. Of course, to get to that point, there must be unanimous agreement between the trial jurors that the defendant is both a) guilty of the crime, and b) guilty of the aggravating factors that bring the death penalty into play.

      The key word in all of that for Nebraska’s death penalty is “unanimous”.

      So Florida’s case is irrelevant to Nebraska. I suspect you knew that, and omitted key details intentionally.

  3. Little macro100 says:

    Tiny Vargas, Hispanic Catholic who is pro-abortion rights, pro-gay marriage, pro-transgender rights.

  4. Sparkles says:

    New PPP poll just released showing that the Republican party is, in fact, the party of Trump.

    “Although much has been made of disunity in the GOP, it is actually just as unified behind Trump as the Democrats are behind Clinton. 72% of Republicans now say they’re comfortable with Trump as their nominee to only 21% who they aren’t. Those numbers are little different from the ones among Democrats that find 75% of them would be comfortable with Clinton as their nominee to 21% who say they would not be.”

    So, Ben Sasse is simply wrong. He’s out of touch with the vast majority of his party.
    As is Lindsey Graham, who said;
    “He’s a race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot.. ..He doesn’t represent my party.”

    Au contraire.

    • As has been shown multiple times, people who self-declare as Republicans are often registered Democrats.

      I’m not going to defend the GOP. — not my job anymore. But historically they’ve been more tolerant of dissent than the Democrats, who, for example, exclude pro-lifers from speaking at their convention, and have for years. There’s still plenty of room for Sasse, Graham and Paul Ryan in the GOP, at least until the Trumpenführer decides to mandate conformity.

      In any case, my favorite presidential candidate says that gay couples should be free to defend their marijuana fields with fully-automatic machine guns.

  5. Lil Mac says:

    Republicans probably are comfortable with a Trump whose base hates political correctness and demands a rawer view of problems so we can begin to solve them, whatever it may take to solve them.

    And Democrats probably are comfortable with a Hillary for now. But her base are women seeking respect, who are too young as voters to remember her as the ultimate cuckolded wife who encouraged her husband to prey on vulnerable younger subordinate women, even after courts fined him and suspended his law license. Even now, younger women are googling the matter and wondering if there is any woman of any age or relationship that Hillary won’t allow her husband to screw? And why not? Obama’s family abandoned him to a sexual predator “mentor” to whom Obama wrote thinly veiled poems about the abuse. Not everyone worries about such things but women who seek respect and dignity probably do.

    Hillary has always been the creepy co-opting element in Bill’s boner story. Democrats trying to ignore that in order to support Hillary are like Republicans who tried to counteract Obamacare by supporting Romneycare. Trump may or not be a Brave New World but Hillary is surely part of the stinky old one.

    • Sparkles says:

      You reject and ridicule HRC for her imagined enabling of her husbands infidelity.

      Yet you proudly support one of the most lascivious, libidinous reprobates on the planet.
      A man who said that the danger he faced from getting sexually transmitted diseases was his own “personal Vietnam.”

      A thrice married, four time bankrupt, reality TV show host who recently commented to an attractive female contestant;
      “Must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees.”

      The hypocrisy is laughable.

      • The Grundle King says:

        I really can’t disagree with anything you wrote, except the part about HRC’s “imagined” enabling of Slick Willy’s extramarital willy-slickening. I don’t think it’s imagined at all. Though she may not have helped him cheat, she surely helped him avoid any real consequences for his abuses. That lack of consequences surely led to continued infidelity.

        But yeah…on Trump, I’m thoroughly disgusted by the self-professed conservatives who either ignore, or actively excuse, Trump’s immoral behavior. They seem to have this misguided belief that such behavior is the hallmark of an ‘alpha-male’-type leader…when in truth, all it means is that he’s just another turd on America’s shit-heap of immorality.

        Guys like him are the reason I avoided the Greek system in college. He’s a 70-year-old frat boy.

      • Yep. Trump is a scumbag. But it’s his free-association on policy, changing from day to day, that’s my primary reason for opposing him. How can you support someone if you have no idea what he actually believes?

      • Sparkles says:


        Re: “imagined”.
        Point conceded. I overstepped in my reaction to Lil Mac’s claim:
        “cuckolded wife who encouraged her husband to prey on vulnerable younger subordinate women,”

        And Gerard offers the most precise, succinct and resonant argument as any, with:
        “How can you support someone if you have no idea what he actually believes?”

  6. And if you want one more reason to vote today, Cruz just said he’ll consider restarting his campaign if he wins in Nebraska. You don’t want to vote for that obnoxious liberal Trump.

  7. Anonymous says:

    GK & GH, while you’re getting your panties in a wad over Trump’s morals, just remember the snake oil salesman we’ve had for the past 8 years. Brings warm fuzzies? Also, Cruz enticing Nebraskans to vote for him in the 11th hour: toward what end? So they can drop their vote on a guy who already ran from the race and can’t win? What a deal. Hopefully Trump will win Nebraska and slap back this inane talk of Cruz and people clamoring for a Third Party candidate to come in and save them. So dumb…

    • Sparkles says:

      “the snake oil salesman we’ve had for the past 8 years.”

      I hope you’re young enough to witness his certain ascension to among the finest ever to hold the office.

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