Cruz sez might re-enter if he wins Nebraska

Cruz in North Platte, 2014
Cruz in North Platte, 2014

Some Primary mid-morning news…


Headline from The Hill:

Cruz floats restarting campaign if he wins Nebraska primary

Cruz says he doesn’t expect to win, but “he’s leaving the door open.”

“We launched this campaign intending to win. The reason we suspended our campaign was that with the Indiana loss, I felt there was no path to victory,” he said Tuesday on Glenn Beck’s radio program.

“If that changes, we will certainly respond accordingly.”


Just when they think he’s out, they pull him back in.

Maybe he shouldn’t have canceled that rally in Lincoln.

Or announced this plan BEFORE the polls opened…


Fort Retort

Jeff Fortenberry told NPR this morning that Donald Trump hasn’t earned his vote yet.

“I’m not simply going to say never, because I do not want to empower Hillary Clinton. But at the same time I believe Donald Trump has to earn my support by giving substantive answers on economic security and national security and upholding a tradition of social conservation which is so important to me and many other people throughout the country.”

Unless I missed something, it’s not clear on who Fort is voting for today — unless he already voted early.


As stupid does…

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus commented to Sean Hannity about the Third Party idea floated by Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse and others:

“No, I have not talked Mitt Romney or Ben [Sasse]. I don’t believe it for a second,” Priebus said on the Sean Hannity Show.

“And you know what, in some ways, maybe I should talk to them about it, but, on the other side Sean, I start making phone calls like that, and then, it’s like, the party chairman is – and I’m not gonna give any gas to that fire,” Priebus said.

“I don’t need to acknowledge stupid ideas by calling people on those ideas.”


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  1. Lyin' Ted, back at his old ways again says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!! What a F—KING JOKE this guy is…absolutely pathetic.

  2. Ed Stevens says:

    Sorry, Teddy … if you’d stayed in last week, maybe I would have given you a shot today here in Husker land… but you wimped out and now you want a mulligan? Just what I want – a POTUS who folds like an ironing board when things get tough, then later cries like a little girl to get back in. I can barely stand Trump, but at least he’s got a pair that clang together.

    I dunno … maybe I’ll write in Sweeper ….

    • The Grundle King says:

      “I can barely stand Trump, but at least he’s got a pair that clang together.”

      Indeed…they’re probably the best that money can buy.

    • Macdaddy says:

      Trump’s entire strategy is to whine and cry his way to what he wants. He even admits it. Don’t come crying to me when the Trump presidency implodes under the weight of his stupidity.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cruz reminds me of a big crybaby. Something really wierd about that dude. Losing Nebraska to Trump would be just desserts for him.

    • Macdaddy says:

      All I know is that you deserve for Trump to win. When you’re in the fetal position sucking your thumb by year 2 of the Trump presidency, just keep telling yourself that this was what you voted for.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tony, it’s a mystery. Fort always covers all his bases. Why in the 2nd CD the Republican is challenged all the time but in the 1st Fortenberry and his crew are good at keeping other Republicans out of the Primary. Plus, prior to Ashford, Fortenberry had the most liberal record of the Congressional Delegation so he spreads the love to Dems who might want to jump in . He has a Dem challenger, but typically, they don’t muster much of a campaign. The Tea Party types in CD1 are really falling down on the job giving Fortenberry a pass every time. Why they save it all for CD2 is beyond me when Fortenberry has plenty to go after on their issues.

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