Cruz’s Nebraska angle

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 4.14.12 PMIf I win I’m in.  But I won’t win

After stating that he might resurrect his Presidential campaign if he wins the Nebraska primary, Ted Cruz now tells the press that he most definitely will NOT win the Nebraska primary…

And then…

He didn’t say what events would bring him to enter the race again after suspending his campaign.

This is some strange behavior from the previously ultra-disciplined Cruz. There was speculation across the Twitter-sphere that Cruz must have some sort of algorithm that would allow him to invoke an arcane rule at the convention to allow him to get to the third ballot.

But now..?

Strange days indeed.


Double Fantasy

Former Nebraska Governor, and Trump Honorary Nebraska Chairman, Dave Heineman took to FOXBusiness to state…

“It’s a fantasy world to think there is going to be a third-party candidate.”


Interesting political play shaping up in the Nebraska GOP.
Oh, and they have a convention on Saturday to boot.


BLT (Bacon’s Lasting Tweet…?)

This is the closing radio ad for the Don Bacon campaign.

This is pretty effective, but not sure how they’re going to shoehorn it in between all of the Borchers-Linehans spots! (Har har har.)


Darling, Stay with Me

Come back to and stay with @LeavenworthSt on the Twitter throughout the evening for updates on the Nebraska Primary.


    • The Grundle King says:

      Unfortunately, this confirms much of what I already suspected about Trump voters. They don’t really respect our form of government, with the limitations of power (checks and balances) that were intentionally placed on each branch of government. They don’t really care if a President issues executive orders that may not be Constitutional.

      What they really care about is that THEIR President is the one exceeding his or her Constitutional authority…that THEIR President is the one who bypasses Congress to make laws for all to live by.

      Pretty sad commentary on the state of the Republican party. If this is what it means to be Republican, then I choose to be something else.

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