Early Results

Donald Trump 60%
Ted Cruz 20%
John Kasich 14%

Nebraska 2nd District
Don Bacon 65%
Chip Maxwell 34%


Dist 39
Lou Ann Linehan 39%
Pat Borchers 30%
Bill Armbrust 29%

Dist 31
Ian Swanson 54%
Rick Koloawski (I) 37%
Peter Mayberry 8%

Dist 7
Tony Vargas 40%
John Synowiecki 30%
Nicole Fox (I) 29%

Dist 43
Tom Brewer 71%
Al Davis (I) 28%

Dist 47
Steve Erdman 41%
Peggy Popps 31%
Karl Elmshaeuser 14%
Wendall Gaston 12%


  1. Macdaddy says:

    Congratulations to General Bacon.

    Linehan will fit right in with all the other pretend Republicans in the unicam.

  2. Lifelong conservative gal says:

    I see Cruz lost – maybe now he’ll take his ball and go home, Ben Sasse and Paul Ryan are waiting for him in the sandbox.

  3. Bkft of Champs says:

    That bad ass turd, Brad ash-furd
    Awaits his fate with addled pate
    For a half mil did asses spill
    A fruitless swill to break the will
    Of those who generally
    Vote against penury
    And by makin’ bacon fry Max well
    Sent Chip the dip to loser hell.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hillary Clinton won the Nebraska Primary today and gets nothing for it. Sanders won the Mar 5 thug-run NE Dem caucuses so he wins NE by thug rule. Regular Democrat voters have no voice.

    Oh, sure, Republicans have their own thugs in their committees but they don’t pick nominees in caucuses in Nebraska. Republican nominees here are chosen by voters in essential privacy of a booth in a regular poll station, which you don’t have in caucuses that are always full of intimidation.

    Today average registered voters at polling booths chose who they want to be GOP nominees. If you are a Democrat, your Party respected your vote today as much as Hitler respected Jews.

    You can change your party’s name to “Undemocratic Party” but that won’t fix anything.

    Exit polls in WV show about one third of Democrats who voted today for Bernie or Hillary will in November will vote for Trump. I guess they assume whatever purge he does to the rot in the GOP might leak over into the Democratic Party.

  5. bynd says:

    HRC, it is a security inquiry.

    Comey, I don’t know what a security inquiry is. The FBI investigates. This is an investigation.

    HRC is the most qualified to be Pres. but doesn’t know there is no such thing as a security inquiry.

    Another lie?


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