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The Nebraska Secretary of State site says they will have first results posted at 8pm, then every 5 minutes afterwards.

Yes, you will feel like a rat in a testing cage, hitting refresh, over and over and over again.

If it makes you feel better, Sarpy County Election Commissioner Wayne Bena says that he will release first results at 8pm as well, then every 45 minutes afterwards, concluding around 10:30pm.

“First release early pickup..second early vote..election night after that. End with todays early vote, not counted previously.”

If you have a beef with Bena’s counting method, you can find him near the 3rd base dugout at any Storm Chasers game.


Long queues at polling places

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 7.17.05 PMFOXNew’s Jonathan Hunt is covering the Nebraska race today.

If you find a bespectacled dude with a British accent loitering around polling places in Omaha, he’s your man.


See you at lunch OK? OK!

The saddest of sad news today:

The OWH is reporting that the Bohemian Cafe will close in September.

I was raised on the Bohemian Cafe. I know the “Dumplings and Kraut Today” song by heart. I realize that “Draft beer that’s sparkling” and “Plenty of Parking” don’t exactly rhyme, and I don’t care. I can have the rye bread, a bowl of the liver dumpling soup and a Pilsner Urquell draft, and call it a day. But I’d rather have the svíčková na smetaně over and over again. I know that the cream gravy is better than the brown gravy (it just is). And I know the secret of the best zeli is to mix the kraut with the sweet and sour. And I will drink the slivovitz without wincing.

I lived in Prague for 6 months, and can attest that the Bohemian Cafe’s food is as authentic as any across the Czech countryside.

I don’t care who wins at the polls tonight.
When the Bohunk Cafe closes, we all lose.


Punching the Refesh button

Updates at 8pm.


  1. RobbyWinslow says:

    sad news about the Bohemian Cafe. It was popular when there was a need for “family orientated restaurants”. unfortunately, today the traditional family and big families and close knit families are rare.

    hooooray for secular humanism and birth control !

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