Final, Unofficial, Nebraska Primary Results

Maxwell at Bacon
Chip Maxwell addresses crowd at Don Bacon election party

You can go to the Nebraska Secretary of State’s page to find results for most races. And if they’re not there, try your County election pages (Douglas or Sarpy or Lancaster here.)

Some points to note…


Attention Walmart Shoppers!

Donald Trump wins Dodge County (County Seat: Fremont), Ben Sasse’s home county, with 65% of the vote. In comparison, he took 61% in Douglas (Omaha) and 47% in Lancaster (Lincoln).

Must not have been many Walmart shoppers who made it to the polls…


Class act in #NE02

Don Bacon took 71% in his home county of Sarpy, and 65% in Douglas . And note Chip Maxwell was a Douglas County Commissioner.

Republican voters clearly saw through the DCCC’s attempt to the influence the election. For what it’s worth, that is $460,000 less that the Democrats now have to spend in the General.

And late in the evening, after the race was called, Chip Maxwell made a trip to the Don Bacon HQ to congratulate General Bacon on his win in person.

A VERY classy move by Chip (and if you don’t think that’s difficult to do, you’ve never been involved in an election).


Linehan takes 39

Lou Ann Linehan emerged victorious from the ad-to-ad combat between her and Pat Borchers, taking 37% of the vote in District 39. Unfortunately for Borchers, that battle let Democrat Bill Armbrust slip by him with the narrow margin of 61 votes. And now Armbrust will face Linehan in the General.

Borchers went negative on Linehan and she fired right back — each with back to back radio ads, one negative and one positive on local stations. Did her claim that Borchers was “lying” make the difference? At least for 7% of the voters, it may have.

Tough loss for a quality candidate and person, in Pat Borchers. We likely haven’t seen the last of him.


Fox falls in South O

Republican incumbent Nicole Fox also lost her race in South O’s District 7 by the smallest of small margins — TEN votes! — with Democrat John Synowiecki making it to the General. But his victory was dwarfed by the much stronger showing (44% to 28%) for Democrat Tony Vargas.

With the two Dems now in the race, Governor Pete Ricketts’ first appointment goes down. Some will probably question Fox’s opposition to the DREAMers licensing — though those around her insist that many in her district supported her position. She would have had a tough race in the General in any case.

(NOTE: They still have to count provisional ballots; normally that wouldn’t be much solace, but in a race this close, you never know.)


Ricketts lowers the boom

Governor Ricketts endorsed incumbent Judiciary Chairman Les Seiler’s opponentSteve Halloran in Hastings’ District 33. Seiler had opposed Ricketts on the Death Penalty as well as licenses for DREAMers.

Ricketts campaigned for Halloran, and Halloran hammered Seiler on Tuesday 62-37%.

They will meet again in November.


Bringing it in Millard

Big win for newcomer Ian Swanson over Democrat incumbent Rick Kolowski in Millard’s District 31. The margin of victory was substantial (49-40%), but there is probably an argument that Democrats didn’t show up for the races, as they will in the General.

Nonetheless, an impressive win for a complete newcomer against an established incumbent and well-known local school principal. But a Democrat voting like a Democrat in West Omaha will do that to you.


Brewer, Patriot

Retired Colonel Tom Brewer took it to incumbent State Senator Al Davis in the big District 43.

Brewer clobbered Davis  54-45%, and the two will go at it again in November. But it doesn’t bode well for Davis.

Brewer unsuccessfully challenged Congressman Adrian Smith in the GOP primary in 2014. He obviously took what he learned in that race and applied it in Nebraska’s largest district in north -central and eastern Nebraska — U.S. Senator Deb Fischer’s old district.


Losing Senators

And the list incumbent Senators who did NOT end up at the top of their Primaries:

Dist 7 Nicole Fox
Dist 23 Jerry Johnson
Dist 31 Rick Kolowski
Dist 33 Les Seiler
Dist 43 Al Davis
Dist 45 Sue Crawford


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  1. Makes me feel better about Lancaster Co. Republicans, at least. Fewer than half of us voted for Trump even though he was really to only candidate.

    On, and Lincoln voted to increase its own taxes with a stormwater bond. Big surprise there.

      • Sparkles says:

        Lincoln’s investment in the Antelope Valley flood control project and a number of other flood prevention efforts have not only – already – saved the city and it’s citizens countless millions of dollars, they have literally made possible the remarkable transformation of the heart of our community.
        A transformation that is bringing $10’s of millions in new revenues to the city coffers every year.

        The do-nothing, angry Tea crowd for a decade shared your view. They fought tooth-and-nail this extraordinary transformation at every turn.
        And they’ve been proven wrong, at every turn.

        Omahans should be aware that there is a battle playing out right now in the halls of congress. A battle brought by the allied forces of Big Insurance, who have suffered significant losses in the last several years due to the increase severity and frequency of catastrophic weather events. Events like the catastrophic hail storm that rolled through Lincoln two days ago. Events like the 100 year flood that Lincoln experienced last May – a month that shattered a 110 year record for rainfall.

        Big Insurance, who owns Congress (R & D) is right now lobbying the federal government to make sure cities like Omaha and it’s citizens – those who deliberately fail to prepare for the increasing catastrophic weather events aided by climate change – will soon be paying a much higher price:
        “Big Insurance Companies Are Warning The U.S. To Prepare For Climate Change”

        And Congress is listening (when yer sugar daddy talks..):
        “This Is How the Federal Government Is Going to Force Your State to Prepare for Climate Change”

        Two more examples of how insurance companies are evolving –
        “‘Minnesota Meltdown’ ahead for homeowners insurance?”
        “Farmers Insurance filed class action lawsuit last month against nearly 200 communities in the Chicago area for failing to prepare for flooding.”

        So when the Tea folk of Douglas and Sarpy county, those who refuse to invest in their own infrastructure, turn to the teat of the Federal Govt seeking a bailout of their flooded homes and communities, it may be that the nation’s taxpayers cut them a check for 10 cents on the dollar and attach it to a copy of the OWH article reminding them of their choice to ignore reality.

        You can deny science, reality and thoughtful accountability all you want, just make sure you have your checkbook in hand when doing so.

      • bynd says:

        How much would it have cost Lincoln if they had not allowed development in the flood plain to begin with? Spending all that money to fix stupid and then claiming it was a great investment. Only in liberal land is such twisted logic accepted.

      • bynd says:

        By the way Sparkles, one need look no further than the Missouri river to see the lasting environmental damage created when man channelizes a water way. Maybe you should read up on those damages and explain why it is you folks, who are so concerned about the environment, seem to not care when you deem the development a “good” thing to do.

        And yes, Salt creek is not the Missouri river, but the damages will still be there.

    • Frequent Voter says:

      We can thank Lincoln Councilwoman Cyndi Lamm for stripping a few million from that bond issue, funds that were earmarked for Emerald Ash Borer remediation.

      • The Grundle King says:

        It was a stormwater bond. Not a tree bond. Folks complain about earmarks and pork barrel spending until it’s something they want.

        If there needs to be money set aside for EAB remediation, then figure out how to fund it separately as a stand-alone issue.

  2. Bluejay says:

    NRD increased bonding authority loses.

    Most important result of the night. Thousands of dollars in ads didn’t work.

    • To Bluejay says:

      Did you see the flooded streets today and the numerous reports of flooded basements? As Omaha grows the impervious surface grows. Learn something about physics buddy.

  3. Lil Mac says:

    In Lancaster Country, NE, Trump received 13,251 votes. The next closest was Cruz with 6,727. The 707 write in votes for G. Harbison kept Trump from breaking 50% in the six way ballot. Congrats!

    Kudos to Sweeper for a poetic election outcome analysis. And twas nice of Chip to make the trip.

    There is a lot of “aww, ain’t that sweet” in Chip’s painfully long ride to congratulate Don Bacon. But in the spirit of this iconoclastic, anti-PC election cycle, we also note this is what Stenberg did after he stupidly had publically called Army Major Ronald Reagan a “draft dodger”; Maxwell stupidly welcomed TV ads paid for by Democrats. Where Stenberg is now, Chip is too. And that is extremely good. For it is stupidity not evil and naiveté not rudeness in our own leaders that most threatens to kill us all. That they apologize, are contrite, etc. is politically correct bull. Sten and Chip needed to lose like any enemy of our people must lose else we die from their stupidity.

    Pick a side, consider carefully, but pick a side. For whether by 9mm or aneurism, death comes as a unwelcomed surprise soon enough. To whatever degree we can proactively choose while we can, we must. Just saying no doesn’t cut it. We all are standing on a burning fence. Those who jump may burn anyway but standing on that fence isn’t a viable option.

  4. Bluejay says:

    A minor and localized rain and hail event in northwest Omaha and the Left wants more government.


    You forgot to blame global warming where we can spend billions. Billions!

    Try this. It is nature. Sometimes it rains. Hard.

    • Sparkles says:

      That very same “minor and localized hail event” flooded countless homes and business across south Lincoln, pummeled literally hundreds of homes throughout southeast Lincoln with hail stones – some larger than a softball – punching completely through roofs and walls, stones that broke through roofs and skylights of a both a Super WalMart and a Menards – closing both stores until roofs/walls can be repaired and flooding mitigated, – then hammered the nearby community of Cheney with more softball size hailstones before dropping a Tornado that levelled a home in Nehawka –
      all of this before it reached Northwest Omaha.

      Insurance companies have categorized the storm as a “catastrophic event”.

      • Bluejay says:

        Salt Creek is Lincoln’s problem. Why can’t those smart Dems in Lincoln fix it? Better question: Why did Lincoln allow buildings near Salt Creek? Maybe the money for the million dollar bike lane should be diverted.

        Still would like to know what happened to that UNL foreign exchange student who drowned in Salt Creek and her body was never recovered.

      • Sparkles says:

        Your Q re Salt Creek:
        “Why can’t those smart Dems in Lincoln fix it? “

        Unlike the R’s in Omaha, the D’s in Lincoln are in fact “fixing it”. We’re being responsible and holding ourselves accountable. Antelope Valley took nearly 600 acres, more than 800 homes and 200 businesses out of the flood plain. A run down section in the heart of the city has been replaced with gleaming new offices buildings and businesses, beautiful landscaping, walking/biking trails and new homes and apartments. The Antelope Valley Project made possible the addition of the multimillion dollar Innovation Campus, a public/private partnership dedicated to global innovation. A campus expected to someday employ as many as 5000 in cutting edge research and development.
        The bond issue passed yesterday will remove even more homes and businesses from the floodplain, responsibly replacing 50, 80, 100 year old infrastructure and helping alleviate more flooding into the future.

        “Why did they build homes in the flood plain”

        Many of those homes were built back in the 30’s and 40’s.
        People back then were less informed, they didn’t have the volumes of weather data and flood records nor the grasp of science. They didn’t understand how… oops!

      • Bluejay says:


        The last real Papio Creek flood in Omaha was in the 60’s. Per usual, Lincoln is well behind Omaha and will spend 5x more.

        Lincoln’s Mayor can even make money on PBA. Incredible. MECA always in the green.

    • Macdaddy says:

      But, but, but, it took me 5 more minutes to get into work today. FIVE MORE MINUTES! I didn’t get my latte, or my phone call from my life coach, and I missed out on team affirmation time. My Twitter account was blowing up over how hard my life was this morning! We should have had Leonardo DiCaprio fly in on his private jet to give a 5 minute interview as to why we needed this bond. You are just wrong, Bluejay, you meanie. A butterfly in the Amazon can cause a hurricane halfway around the world. Everybody knows that!!!!!

      • Sparkles says:


        It’s not necessary to go to such lengths for a chuckle.

        All you have to do is deny climate change and most people will laugh at you.

      • Sparkles says:

        Explain what you perceive to be the distinction when the insurance company raises your homeowners rate.

  5. Elkhorn Voter says:

    I will assume Lou Ann will write Don Bacon a $2,000 check today for his campaign. Will she ask for her money back from Brad Ashford? I will support the winner but her calling Borchers a liar sounds Obamaesque. She was a DC Lobbyist, She did work for the Obama Administration, She did give money to Brad Ashford after Lee Terry left office, she never voted in LD 39, she just recently moved into the district. There was a reason Chuck Hagel had a 39% approval rating before he left office. The Elephant does Remember

    • Macdaddy says:

      The elephant remembers and voted for her anyway. We are in the era of anything goes. Up is down, down is up, in is out. In a democracy, people get the government they deserve.

  6. Pete Still Needs a Win says:

    What a dumb move by the national dems to put ads up against Maxwell Smart. He was never going to get into the general, and now Bacon can claim accurately that Dems waste money. And it just brought more attention to Bacon. With friends like that Brad who needs enemies?
    That’s too bad Borchers did not even finish second. I thought he was the smartest guy in the room?
    And WHO said in Nicole Fox’s district they were FOR her in opposing the dreamers licensing? Obviously not. And if Nordquist quit so Synowicky could replace him well that backfired. Or maybe Nordquist was just doing what his buddy Loserbaugh taught him? Leave your constituency hanging because something better came along.

  7. Midtownguy says:

    I’m truly surprised that anyone except Chip Maxwell thought that me had any chance of winning. So hopefully after giving up his State Senate seat cause he could not support his family then losing reelection ro the county commission, a city council race and US House of Representatives primary we won’t hear from Maxwell again.

  8. Anon says:

    We make millions in Omaha with Berky, CWS, having political candidates getting the electoral vote and 20 million could have come from the 10 million to overpay for 3 buildings. We are still broke. The 80 million from the eclipse will probably put some more cities in fantasyland

  9. Power Couple says:

    It seems Governor Flannigan and her State Senator BF cleaned up in the elections. The Unicameral needs to watch these two going forward

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