Counting and Conventioning

bacon-640x520Count and re-Count

ICYMI, the race for Legislative District 7 will come down to a review of early and provisional ballots to decide who came in second. Former Democrat State Senator John Synowiecki has a 10 vote lead over incumbent (appointed) Republican Senator Nicole Fox.

They expect to finish counting next week, and then will have a possible recount in the first week of June.

All that being said, the winner, Tony Vargas, ended up with 400 more votes than each of the two challengers, and Fox would have a tough time in the Democrat heavy district.

Then again, you never know what can happen, and the final tallies could still be a big deal.


The Nebraska Tally for Trump

Pundits on both sides of the aisle are making a deal out of Donald Trump’s 61% win in Nebraska on Tuesday. On the one side, they are claiming a big win for Trump. On the other they are claiming that Trump should have done much better.

A cautious review sees that it was about just right.

Consider that just a week before…A WEEK… Ted Cruz was supposed to win Nebraska easily. He was going to rally in Lincoln, and there was had been talk that Trump might just cede Nebraska and go on to other states.

But once Cruz, and Kasich, dropped out, many Nebraskans probably felt cheated that they didn’t get to have their say. So some voted the way they had been planning to for months. Others jumped on with the likely nominee. And others likely stayed home. Consider that if you didn’t have a Congressional race — like in the 2nd and 3rd Districts — and didn’t even have a Legislature race, only your duty as a voter was pulling you to the polls.

And consider that in the May 2012 Nebraska Primary, Mitt Romney still only pulled in 70%, with Rick Santorum and Ron Paul getting the rest. And in 2000 George W. Bush got 78%, but John McCain still got 15% and Alan Keyes 7%.

Republican voters will likely eventually make their way to Trump, but it is silly to think that in a matter of 7 days, a mass of Cruz supporters was going to not at least let their voices be heard.

And in the end, only the Lancaster County Republicans didn’t give Trump a majority (by 1%).

The party has a lot of healing to do, but the Nebraska results weren’t evidence that any rift can’t eventually mend.


Mmmm..bacon basket…

Feeling pretty good about themselves, the National Republican Congressional Committee sent a little gift over to their counterparts at the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee: a basket of bacon (that’s Bacon, as in Don).

The “gift” included a note, which read:

Dear DCCC,

We know you were heavily invested in the outcome of the NE-02 GOP primary election and things just didn’t go your way. In fact, you spent more than $430,000 of your own members’ money to see the very candidate you were afraid to face, Brigadier General Don Bacon, win with 66% of the vote.

So to help you cope with your loss, we wanted to provide you with a delicious snack that the entire office can enjoy – bacon. Everybody loves bacon, right?

NRCC Communications Department

Gloating aside, you have to admit that the DCCC spent a chunk of change in Nebraska and has absolutely NOTHING to show for it.

They didn’t send out any message to Nebraska voters, other than that “Chip Maxwell sure is conservative”. They arguably made Don Bacon more palatable to Democrats and Independents who have now been convinced that Bacon is more to the center than Maxwell.

And they put down a significant marker that they are afraid of Don Bacon.

That’s an 0 for 3 for the DCCC. And they now have half a million less in their pockets.

A little gloating by the NRCC probably doesn’t hurt to send the message one more time.


It ain’t over yet

The Nebraska Republican Convention is this Saturday, and it will be interesting to see if there are any fireworks in the end.

The odds are slim that there will be, but there seems to still be some life out there that things could get weird at the convention in Cleveland. Many of the #NeverTrump forces still seem to be competing in the primaries, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they tried to stir things up at the State and National conventions.

13221231_10101234167086693_2231135770450781473_oAnd then there is that small matter of electing 36 Nebraska delegates to be national delegates. Nebraska delegate Chris Chappelear posted this pic on The Facebook of those vying for his vote.

Leavenworth St. will try to keep an eye on it for you.

Be sure to particularly follow @LeavenworthSt on the Twitter for updates throughout Friday and Saturday.


  1. Khan says:

    Are we certain that bacon isn’t considered a triggering microaggression by the DCCC? It might cause some to flee to a safe space.

  2. Bacon Lover says:

    Waiting for Lou Ann Linehan to write that big check to Don Bacon. Also, is she writing one to Jessica Moenning?

    • Pop Psychologist says:

      It seems a couple of women are living rent free in your head. You might want to see a specialist about it. Unresolved obsession can lead to behaviors like needing to flush the toilet four times/flick the light switch three to prevent asteroids from hitting the earth or persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them, resulting in the accumulation of possessions regardless of their value. Nobody wants that.

      • Bacon Lover says:

        My problem is that Lou Ann is a hypocrite. The “Lie” her opponent told was actually the truth. Linehan gave money to Brad Ashford this election cycle. Maybe she can do the right thing and give Don a much larger donation.

  3. Bluejay says:

    Sweeper continues to avoid the big news. Papio NRD bonding authority expansion defeated. Omaha to flood tomorrow.

  4. Mert The Avenger says:

    John McCain and Mitt Romney (bigger voter turn out for a tight senate race) went on to get destroyed in the general election. They both got 10% more in the Primary than Don “the bully” Trump did last week. George Bush lost the popular vote in 2000 and pulled 78% in the primary in Nebraska with 25,000 more votes than Trump got last week. Trump pulling 60% proves what people have been saying, he won’t win the General election and he doesn’t have a large portion of the Party behind him. We won’t know if Cruz would have won Nebraska or not. We don’t know how many Kasich fans who would have voted Cruz flipped after Cruz dropped. We will never know. I disagree with you on one big point. Trump’s Nebraska numbers didn’t show the kind of excitement needed to win back Republicans. I don’t see fences being mended like you do. I see Republicans elected a guy who is more disliked than HILLARY CLINTON!!!! How does that happen????
    You see a road for mended fences, I see a least a 10% bigger gap than the last two Republican Candidates. They got slaughtered in their elections.

  5. The Eye Ball says:

    Mert is right. The GOP needs to change the nomination process. Because of all the absurd ways of allocating delegates, GOP should require more than a numerical majority to get the nomination. There are just too many variables which need to be weeded out.

    • Mert the Avenger says:

      I think, unlike Jerry the Street Sweeper, that the party is on the path to a split. I don’t see the conservative wing of the party adhering any more to a GOP agenda of moving further and further left. You see that in the voting. Trump was voted in, for the most part, because the party is completely fractured. Most vote for him due to the sole reason that they want to watch the party system burn down and they think he will either do it by design or by idiocy. Trump as the nominee SHOWs that the party won’t come back together. Those that vote for him want it to burn down. Those that won’t vote for him won’t due so because he will burn down the country and the Constitution at the same time. I think conservatives have less and less in common. That is why you are seeing 40% of the party in Nebraska not voting for the Donald. Street Sweeper is wrong. We are not on a path of reconciliation. I think we are on a path of destruction. It is only a matter of how much carnage.

  6. Bluejay says:

    Jane Kleeb and Scott Kleeb taken down in the WSJ!

    Typical Dem corruption. Bill Clinton. DOE grant. Clinton Foundation money. Bill’s girlfriend. Business failure. Maybe $3m.

    • Sparkles says:

      Kleeb’s company/program mentioned in the article is an admirable endeavor.
      Helping the elderly and working poor save money via a low cost funding mechanism for enhancing the energy efficiency of their homes.
      $2M was invested by private individuals (w/favorable tax treatment) and $800K by the EPA.

      Let’s compare that to the hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars, for the exact same purpose, invested under the auspices of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.
      A quid pro qou with the religious community that elected him, established through Executive Order by George W. Bush just 9 days after assuming office in Jan of 2001 and a program continued throughout the Obama administration.
      (you know, the non-christian, muslim-sympathizing, terrorist coddling, foreign born Obama).

      Numbers are hard to find when trying to pin just how much money the government has funneled to churches throughout America. Accountability for those grants is is even more difficult to discover.
      It has been reported that for fiscal year 2005, more than $2.2 billion in grants (taxpayer dollars) were awarded to faith-based organizations.
      We also know, via the GWB Whitehouse archives, that 2005-2006, over $137,000,000 was awarded to Nebraska communities via GW’s Faith-Based and Community Organizations initiative.
      And we do know that hundreds of millions have gone toward weatherization upgrades and energy savings/conservation efforts, with just one example found here:
      “Continuity and Change: Faith-Based Partnerships Under Obama and Bush”

      So, when context is provided, that $2M private investment and rounding error grant by the EPA, makes for a pretty pathetic story, no?

      • Good article. says:

        There is a Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program offered by the feds in which seniors and low income individual receive services to make their home more energy efficient for FREE. That program is operated by community action agencies and not faith based organizations. It is millions of dollars per year. Did Energy Pioneer let these people know about the free services? No they didn;t and those low income people and seniors are re-paying the money through energy savings on their utility bills. There is also a lien placed on their home. The federal weatherization program is 100% free for qualified individuals. And how about when the community action agencies had to go into these homes and fix what Scott didn’t do? It ended up costing more per home than if the traditional services had been used. It was a bad business model and a bad model to test for energy efficiency. Ask the community action agencies in Nebraska, especially the one in the Hastings area. They had a lot of “cleaning up” to do.

      • Khan says:

        Faith-based organizations actually do tangible good in their communities and throughout the world. The Kleeb’s are just lining their pockets while attempting to dupe enough rural Nebraskans to support their long-term political ambitions.

        4/10 for effort

      • Sparkles says:

        Good Article,

        A viable argument.

        Yet, when you look at the ‘success’ of Nebraska’s Low Income Energy Assistance Program, you’ll find that throughout all 20 counties that constitute the Central NE Community Services region (the organization responsible for instituting the program) – a total of 48 homes were aided from by LIHEAP from July 2013 through June 2014.

        And the group Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska, accountable for 7 southwestern counties – ZERO homes aided by the LIHEAP program in 2013-14

        Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders Counties, roughly 330,000 people, a total of 37 households aided by the LIHEAP program in 2013-14.

        Scott Kleeb recognized an opportunity. Our local government entities were clearly failing, so not see if you can build a business that ultimately helps your fellow Nebraskans.
        I thought entrepreneurship was to be celebrated? Capitalism.. good.

        This type of businesses isn’t at all unusual and it’s not a scam.
        Nelnet employees roughly 3000 people who’s job it is to help people with their wholly government funded student loans.
        Is Nelnet a fraudulent organization?

      • Sparkles says:


        And we all know, faith based organizations with their multi-million dollar temples, schools, art collections, global ministries, fleets of vehicles etc.. could never be accused of “lining their pockets.”
        We all know religion organizations are the paragon of accountability.

        3/10 for soundness

      • Khan says:

        Sure, if you’re only going to look at the relatively small number of faith-based organizations with the resources to operate at that level. But the bulk of America’s religious population isn’t in the Joel Osteen or Jeremiah Wright crowd; they’re in neighborhood churches with varying levels of involvement in national bodies. And it is rare that you’ll find one that isn’t involved in partnerships with local, state, and/or international aid groups. Of course, to know that you’d have to actually darken the door at a church occasionally.

        2/10 for objectivity

      • Sparkles says:

        “2/10 for objectivity”

        That reminds me of one of my favorite bible stories learned in confirmation classes –

        Two Corinthians walk into a bar –
        Corinthian One calls out to the bartender: “Barkeep, give me a fish”…

        Love that story.

      • bynd says:

        Sorry Sparkles. The reach and impact of the good part of Kleeb’s endeavor wouldn’t equal one percent of the positive impact by faith based organizations. But it’s nice to see your consistency of bigotry when talking about faith based organizations is still on public display for all to see.

        And once again from Sparkles, “Teacher Billy did it, why can’t I?” A truly nugatory point to make if ever there was one.

      • bynd says:

        Sparkles, Context is, Obama has allowed the program to exist for 7 1/2 more years after bush. So it is no longer Bush’s program but your dear leaders.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yes Sparkles, try to divert attention away from the bombshell dropped by the WSJ about the Kleeb’s and their Green Energy boondoggle. I have said in this space before, where is the media in our State? Are they that enthralled with Jane and Scott that they ignore issues like those highlighted in the WSJ? And, once more with feeling, how did they end up buying farmland south of Hastings shortly after Scott started his green energy fleecing? Inquiring minds want to know. They just aren’t with the Nebraska media, unfortunately.

    • Sparkles says:

      “bombshell” indeed.

      A convoluted and ultimately trivial bit of Nothingburger accompanied by a side order of Desperation.

      • Sparkles says:

        It was Vince Foster who called for American forces to ‘stand down’ during the attack on Benghazi-Benghazi!!

      • bynd says:

        Sparkles, to your convoluted and ultimately trivial bit of Nothingburger accompanied by a side order of Desperation.

        One answer that represents many, Abide Networks in North Omaha. They have done more than the Kleebs ever could and are a fine example of a faith based organization that uses little government money.

        Suck it up buttercup, you have it all screwed up again. But I bet the Westboro folks would be thrilled that you have adopted their system of everyone but us, hatred.

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