DATELINE: Kleeb Ranch, Hastings, NE

NYPostcover051316Yesterday the Wall Street Journal took a deep dive into former Nebraska House and Senate candidate (and Mr. to the Mrs. Jane) Scott Kleeb’s “Energy Pioneers Solutions”, with the dateline “HASTINGS, Neb.”

The gist of the article is that former President Bill Clinton steered millions of dollars to Energy Pioneers from the Clinton Global Initiative, which is used to support non-profits. Problem is, Energy Pioneers is very much a for-profit company.

And then the WSJ takes a hard look at who owns Energy Pioneers. You may recall that it was started by Scott Kleeb, but in order to get various grants, it was called a “Woman-Owned” business.

Well, the WSJ breaks down the ownership of Energy Pioneers:


And then the WSJ hints — and then the New York Post blares on its front page — that socialite Julie Tauber McMahon of Chappaqua, New York, who is an equal owner to Scott Kleeb, is one of Bill Clinton’s side-honeys.

The WSJ essentially suggests that the entire operation may have run afoul of federal tax law, and was covered up by the Clinton Global Initiative to hide Bubba’s relationship with McMahon.

And then there is the little matter of the actual success of Scott Kleeb’s baby:

“Energy Pioneer Solutions has struggled to operate profitably. It lost more than $300,000 in 2010 and another $300,000 in the first half of 2011, said records submitted for an Energy Department audit.”

“Recently, Mr. Kleeb laid off most of his staff, closed his offices, sold a fleet of trucks and changed his business strategy, promising to launch a national effort instead. “We are right now gearing up to start under this new model,” he said. Asked if Energy Pioneer Solutions has ever broken even, Mr. Kleeb said, “We’re at that stage…We are expanding and doing well. We have partnerships, and it’s good.”

Because when your government funded business fails, the next step is to expand!

This is likely not the end of this story.
And it is probably worth your investment of $12 to get a subscription to the WSJ to read.


Third Base

ABCNews yesterday reported on the effort to get a third major presidential party to support a candidate for President.

And still at the center of this third party bid, as reported by ABC, is Republican Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse. ABC quotes Sasse’s lament about the two party’s likely nominees, “WHY is that the only choice?”

Sasse has said that HE will not be a third party’s nominee, and has suggested someone who he think would be a good choice.

It is not known yet whether Sasse would leave the Republican Party in order to venture in another direction.

But The Hill today is reporting that many see the third party movement fizzling out…because of lack of money.

Billionaire GOP donors on record as opposing Trump are skeptical at best about such an effort.

Hedge fund manager Paul Singer and the Ricketts family – who combined have spent at least $7 million opposing Trump – have told associates that they are theoretically open to the idea of funding a third party bid.

But privately, several GOP fundraising sources in interviews with The Hill scoffed at the idea of a third party candidate as a fevered dream of elite conservatives who are hopelessly out of touch.

The word is that if something is put together by the end of May, the third party option is “as good as dead.”


Fischer standing firm on #NeverHillary

You may have seen all the hub-bub going on with Donald Trump’s visit to Capitol Hill yesterday and his visit with Paul Ryan.

But the OWH’s Joe Morton also reports that when Trump went to the other side of the Hill to meet with Republican Senators at the NRSC HQ, one of those at the meeting was Nebraska’s Senior Senator, Deb Fischer.

Fischer has been saying for months that she would support the Republican nominee, whomever he or she may be (though she endorsed Senator Marco Rubio during the primary).

But after some private questioning of Trump at the meeting, she gave a stronger response to reporters:

“I know what we’re getting with Hillary Clinton and I will not be a part of handing her the presidency.”

One would think that ties in with the above story.


See you on Saturday!

Strange developments regarding Saturday’s Nebraska Republican Party convention in Omaha.

Though he dropped out over a week ago now, Ted Cruz’s campaign is STILL calling Nebraska delegates prior to the the state convention.

The thought is that Cruz is somehow still hoping to garner state delegates to his side in order to elect his slate as Nebraska’s delegates to the national convention in Cleveland.

Nebraska’s delegates are pledged to vote for Donald Trump on the first two ballots — and all predictions are that he will win the 1,237 delegates to win the nomination on the first ballot.

But there are other matters that still get decided by delegates.

Those include issues before the credentials and rules committees — and Cruz has done a strong job at capturing state delegates to, in theory, vote how he thinks.

It is not clear what the plan is at the convention in Omaha Saturday. There is at least one slate of delegates that will be proposed, but it is unclear if there will be more, and who will be proposing them.

There are 140 people running for the 36 slots for National Delegates. All will be voted on by the 400 delegates to the state convention. Will they all be Trump people? Will there be a majority of Cruz people?

Heck, will they be a majority Ricketts people?

Don’t forget that while Pete has said he supports the Republican nominee…that nominee hasn’t been officially chosen. That won’t happen until the convention. And the Anti-Trump, “Our Principles PAC” funded by his dad, Joe Ricketts and the Ricketts family, is still humming right along.

Can anything still happen in Cleveland?
Is there still a plan for that?

Don’t know. But one wonders if things in Omaha will somehow keep a plan alive.


Getting Final in LD07

At 11am today, the Douglas County Election Commissioner, Brian Kruse, posted the latest results after counting early ballots.

The results from South Omaha’s Legislative District 7 are:

Tony Vargas. . . . . . . . . . 1,192 …..44.95%
John Synowiecki . . . . . . . . 734…..27.68%
Nicole Fox . . . . . . . . . . . . . 720…..27.15%
WRITE-IN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 ……0.23%

A recount looks likely for the first week of June.


According to Math, only have a recount if the difference in votes is less than 1% of the winner’s vote total — i.e. 11 or 12 votes. Since the difference is 14 votes, it should NOT trigger a recount….unless the provisional ballots change that.


They call him Mello Yellow

Tired of politics in 2016?

Well how about 2017?!

Twitterer and local political consultant Rod Edwards tweeted that he received a polling call regarding State Senator Heath Mello.

His analysis:

Too extensive to be testing water. Hard message test. Looks like there will be a Mayor’s race in 2017.

Mello has never hidden his deep desire to be Mayor of Omaha, so this relatively early expenditure to try to acquire the office isn’t that surprising.

We can likely expect to hear more of his criticisms of Omaha and his plans for putting the Democratic Machine back in charge.

Politics never sleeps.



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  1. Sparkles says:

    Nebraska Tourism Commission on Friday suspended Director Kathy McKillip with pay.

    ‘Racist McShootFace’ posts $65 Million bid for George Zimmerman’s gun

  2. Bluejay says:

    And was this investment by the Clinton Foundation in Scott Kleeb’s business a way to get money to Jane Kleeb?

    Did Bill short TransCanada stock? Is that the end game? It worked if that was the goal.

    Hillary had authority to approve or stop KXL. She went back and forth. She delayed. The delay was based upon the NE lawsuit spearheaded by Jane Kleeb.

    Lots here. Looking forward to more reporting on this. Just a garden variety scam run by the Clintons.

    If Hillary wins, I expect Jane to be named Secretary of Energy and Scott the Secretary of Agriculture. Historic.

      • Bluejay says:

        “The company, whose business plan was to insulate people’s homes and let them pay via their utility bills, received an $812,000 Energy Department grant. Mr. Chu, now a professor at Stanford University, said he didn’t remember the conversation.”

        Clinton = Department of Energy.

        Later in the story Scott Kleeb refused to disclose where all the money came from so we don’t know if CGI supplied some money.

        But we do know that Scott and Jane Kleeb benefited. Right?

        Dems are hopelessly corrupt and the CAGW scam is the way they pass money around.

      • Bluejay says:

        And from the NY Post

        “The *initiative* “commits $2  million to support the work of Energy Pioneer Solutions, a company founded to deliver energy savings to communities in rural America,” said a 2010 statement from the company.” (Emphasis added).

        Intiative = CGI

      • Sparkles says:

        It’s comical the lengths the right will go to when fabricating these ‘scandals’.

        A classic example:
        “Clinton = Department of Energy”

        Let’s say we ignore the fact that the story of this conversation between Bill Clinton end Energy Secr Steven Chu is simply hearsay.
        A story in Rupert Murdoch’s WSJ relying on the hearsay of ‘sources’ who choose to remain anonymous. But again, let’s just ignore all that.

        This ‘conversation’ between Clinton and Chu was said to have taken place in 2010.
        In case you missed it, GW Bush was elected President in 2000.
        Obama in 2008.
        It’s therefore farcical to claim that Bill “Clinton = Dept of Energy” in 2010.

        But, if that’s indeed the case, I’d like to posit:
        Howdy Doody = Department of Defense in 2001
        Charles Ponzi = Chairman of the Federal Reserve in 2008
        Benedict Arnold = Federal Emergency Management Agency in 2005
        Typhoid Mary = U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1981
        Alfred E. Nueman = donned a flight suit and landed aboard an aircraft carrier parked off the coast of San Diego to proclaim “Mission Accomplished” on May 1, 2003

    • Oracle says:

      It’s just amazing how people’s minds shut down when they see the word “Clinton”. Must be CDS (related to ODS). Take a minute to actually read the article.

      • Bluejay says:

        Just using the ordinary rules of constitutional construction used by liberal federal judges.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bluejay: Lots more here but it would entail our un-engaged Nebraska media to actually ferrett out the facts on the Kleebs. Like go to Hastings, find some disgruntled former employees of Energy Pioneers, check the Assessor’s records on the Kleebs’ ability to suddenly become owners of a farm afterScott got showered with non-profit money. You can bet the farm that it’s not a non-profit corporation named Bold Bonanza or Energy Haven but rather in the names of the Kleebs themselves. Oh for an investigative media in this State, other than Sweeper who does what he can.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Trib is more likely to do it than the LJS and OWH which can only fawn over the Kleebs. There’s always NTV….sigh.

    • Anon says:

      They should look into these deals they conned lower income seniors into as well. These people could’ve qualified for free federal services, but instead they have liens on their homes…one person paid it off and still has a lien.

  4. You really have to go to the New York Post for the more prurient details. Julie Tauber McMahon’s Secret Service nickname is apparently ‘The Energizer’, probably because she never stops banging. She’d check into Chappaqua whenever Hillary was out of town, according to the Post.

    Not clear who paid for her 29% stake in Energy Pioneer Solutions, but I bet I can guess.

    • Bluejay says:

      She may have received her 29% for nominal consideration. Tax loss if it bombed and 100% upside if it worked.

      But just imagine the possibilities if Hillary wins.

      • You Know says:

        Pretty much the same way Harry Reid made his millions owning/not owning the land that was needed for the Hoover Dam Bypass…

    • Sparkles says:

      “You really have to go to the New York Post for the more prurient details.”

      And the nation bursts into uncontrollable laughter, snorting, crying and desperately seeking to regain breath.

      Are you sure Alex Jones, or WorldNut Daily can’t offer even more salacious detail?

      Some NY Post front page story headlines –
      “Osama bin Wankin.. Whora Bora..” after the discovery of porn in Bin Laden’s hideaway.

      “Obama Beats Weiner” – after Obama suggest Weiner resign.

      “Cloak and Shag Her” – after the Patraeus affair

  5. Happy Ricky says:

    Mello is going to give Stothert a run which he may win, the guy can spend your bucks. he will make Lincoln look like tightwads

  6. Bluejay says:

    Sparkles and other Dems:

    Please justify this corrupt handout to the Kleebs.

    And also please explain the economics of all Green companies if there are no federal subsidies.

    And finally explain why the Left is all fired up about spending billions of tax money when there has been NO warming in over a dozen years.

    The Dem party is a scam. If you are in the scam, great. If not, screwed.

    • Khan says:

      Jane herself will give comment, I’m sure, as soon as she finds her father-in-law’s FFA jacket and can get Randy to put on his Stetson hat and stand with her.

    • Sparkles says:

      “Please justify this corrupt handout to the Kleebs.”
      Please point out the corruption.

      “please explain the economics of all Green companies if there are no federal subsidies.”
      There is no such thing as an unsubsidized unit of energy. Global subsidies for fossil fuels outstrip those for renewable energy nearly 10-fold.
      Please explain billions in ethanol subsidies.
      Please explain subsidizing farmers not to plant crops.
      Please explain $9.6B in subsidies to provide rural phone and internet service.
      Please explain nearly $3B in dairy, peanut and sugar subsidies.

      “No warming in over a dozen years”
      (the denialist and tools of the fossil fuel industry must have amended the talking points, that particular bogus claim is usually cited as 17 years)
      As has been pointed out, on thousands or occasions, you’re referring to a ‘weather event’, and not definitive body of evidence that has lead nearly every scientist on the planet to conclude climate change is real, it’s here and it’s right now harming our environment.
      You claim centers on an the exceptionally warm El Niño year of 1998 was an outlier from the continuing temperature trend, and so gave the appearance of a hiatus. The warmth of 2015 largely ended any remaining scientific credibility of claims that the supposed “hiatus” since 1998 had any significance for the long term warming trend.

      The year 2014 ranked as Earth’s warmest on record, according to two separate analyses by NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
      Of course, that 2014 record was broken – actually shattered – in 2015, which now stands as the warmest year on record.
      An so far, 2016 is breaking the records established in 2015.

      • Bluejay says:


        The DOE grant is pure regular Dem/Green corruption.

        Complete myth that oil and gas subsidized. Ethanol, yes.

        Over 70 oil and gas BK this year.

        Temps have been flat. You are the denier. CAGW is not only a scam, it is profoundly immoral. A zombie scam run on the easily duped.

        And if you Dems were really progressive, why don’t you make China clean up real pollution? The water and air are great here. Stopping carbon dioxide will just bankrupt us.

      • Sparkles says:


        “The DOE grant is pure regular Dem/Green corruption.
        That fits on a bumper sticker, but remains a vacuous, unfounded statement.

        “Complete myth that oil and gas subsidized. Ethanol, yes.”
        Our friend Wiki, with all appropriate footnotes, declares “Fossil fuel subsidies reached $90 billion in the OECD and over $500 billion globally in 2011”
        The three largest U.S. fossil fuel subsidies:
        Foreign tax credit ($15.3 billion)
        Credit for production of non-conventional fuels ($14.1 billion)
        Oil and Gas exploration and development expensing ($7.1 billion)

        “Temps have been flat.”
        Oh, my apologies, I assumed you live on planet Earth.

      • Bluejay says:


        A business expense is not a subsidy. Warren’s MidAmerican Energy got a direct federal income tax CREDIT of $3.6 billion to build windmills in Iowa. You are paying Buffett money in the sense that he won’t have to pay income tax on his Borsheim’s and NFM profits. Do you want to give Buffett money?

        I assume the corporate foreign tax credit means a US company doesn’t pay taxes twice.

        Please, dear. CAGW is a complete scam. It has been wrong for 50 years. We were supposed to burn up or drown years ago. Wise up. The Dems and corporate cronies like Elon Musk are taking your money.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dem bosses want Sanders to quit. Sen. Feinstein says Bernie is “harmful because (Hillary) can’t make that general-election pivot the way she should, as Trump has made that pivot.”

  8. Hey, Moe! says:

    BWAHAHAHAHA! is so false.

    The proper form is NGA NGA NGA! Followed by two fingers to Ben Sasse’ eyes and then using drumsticks to play his front teeth like a xylophone.

  9. Pete Still Needs a Win says:

    I got that polling call about the Mayor’s race too. I said hell yes let’s get Mello to run anybody is better than the awful Mayor Omaha has now. Anybody could manage the campaign against Stothert, she’s so terrible.
    She should be ousted for the Wendy’s COPS guy’s death alone nevermind the myriad of other fiasco’s under this regime.
    The last time I asked Mello he said he had two kids and did not want the job. But he is such a phony nobody can believe that.
    PS SS still can’t get over how Jane and boots beat the big oil suits (and Brad Ashford’s) Keystone Pipeline

  10. Anonymous says:

    Gee wilikers! Can I start an Energy Pioneer Solutions troop at my school? We’ll wear purple uniforms and maybe Jane Kleeb will some speak at our school about the energy-efficient, coal – free transgender bathrooms! After that, she can take us in her energy efficient Chevy Suburban for a tour of the Energy Barn showing how it uses nice, clean NPPD power, free of bird and bat slicing wind turbines, and then for ice cream made from methane-free dairy cows. I can’t WAIT to go to school wearing my Energy Pioneer Solutions uniform!

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