Nebraska Republicans will vote on resolution to chastise Sasse’s third party plans


**UPDATE at 4pm Saturday, 5/14**

Delegates at the Nebraska Republican Party Convention voted overwhelmingly by voice vote in favor of the quoted resolution.


The Resolution Committee of the Nebraska Republican Party has unanimously approved a resolution to be proposed at Saturday’s Nebraska Republican Convention that will oppose any effort by an elected official to support a third party Presidential candidate.

The effort by state Republicans is believed to be a response to Nebraska’s U.S. Senator Ben Sasse who has stated that he would support a third party candidate.

The resolution, which will be presented to convention delegates Saturday, reads:

Be it resolved that the Nebraska Republican Party strongly opposes any effort by Republican elected office holders or party officials to encourage a third party candidacy for President of the United States because this would result in the election of Democrat Hillary Clinton and the appointment of liberal justices to the United States Supreme Court.

Showing his opposition to the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, Senator Sasse has made a number of statements.

In February he wrote on Twitter:

A few weeks ago he Tweeted, among other things:

In response, Nebraska Republicans are being asked whether it is unreasonable that those who ran as Republicans and speak before the Republican Party as office holders and party officers, should be held accountable if they support as the top office holder in the country, someone from another party.

The resolution is clear, and for the average party delegate, shouldn’t be too difficult.

Sasse will be among a number of office holders and party officials to speak at the convention.

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As noted in the Nebraska Republican Party Constitution, the proposed resolution is much less stringent than Section 14(d):

(d) No member of the State Central Committee or Executive Committee shall endorse a NON-Republican candidate in any election.

Endorse shall mean…

(1) a reported campaign contribution, or

(2) A public display or statement of support by either

(i) print of electronic media, or

(ii) a written statement.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Come on Sweeper, why don’t you tell folks the whole story. Sam Fischer is behind this, not the resolutions committee. Sam Fischer is behind this, not the entire Nebraska Republican party. Let’s be sure to get all the facts out there that Sam Fischer is going after Sasse (because he lost to Sasse in 2014 and is still bitter) and Jeff Fortenberry (not sure why Sam Fischer is targeting Fortenberry).

    • Yes, Sam Fischer proposed this.
      But the Resolution Committee unanimously approved it for a vote to the entire body.

      Will it be unanimous at the convention for all 400 delegates? I wouldn’t think so, but then again, it is much less harsh than the Republican constitution’s demand for it’s officers.
      Not clear why party members would feel any different for a major office holder.

      If you ask Sam Fischer — who has been working for the Nebraska GOP for decades — he will tell you that he believes a party is supposed to mean something.

      And oh by the way, if Sen. Sasse never endorses a 3rd Party candidate, it’s not an issue.

      • The Eye Ball says:

        Resolution is too specific and may be comical if President Trump nominates Hillary or Obama for Supreme Court.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Come on, 11;10. Why don’t you tell folks the whole story? The US Senate isn’t a non partisan body. It is partisan and Ben Sasse is a REPUBLICAN incumbent who took a lot of GOP money, not “3rd Party” money, to fund Sasse’s own campaign.

    So Sasse is a traitor and a thief.

    I hope Street Sweeper kicks Sasse in the butt really hard, so as to also get your bridgework.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wait? The same Sam Fischer that was organizing delegates for John Kasich? Wow, Sam can sure chase a dollar.

    • @Anon says:

      What is the relevance of this comment? Kasich was still in the race. Kasich is no longer in the race, either is Ted Cruz. Most in the party support getting behind the nominee (as clearly voiced at the convention on Saturday).

      It is time everyone get behind the nominee, I believe that is where this resolution came from.

      Who worked for who, who supported who, is pretty much a null point now that we have a nominee.

  4. To Anonymous 11:25 says:

    I seem to remember everyone in Nebraska screaming bloody murder about how Ben Sasse had all this outside money funding his campaign. Now that’s not the case? Okay, got it. His campaign was funding by Nebraska Republicans. Good to know that line of attack is no longer useful to you.

  5. Nebraska Republicans are the most useless bunch of turds in the entire country. They can’t get a damn thing passed in the unicam. They’re a bumbling inept majority party, and I am SO glad I cut them adrift.

  6. Lil Mac says:

    Democratic Party bosses are terrified of Trump. That isn’t yet sinking in as Republicans continue to be distracted by a few of their masturbatory brethren who are busy monkey-jugging themselves.

    Sen. Feinstein and others D-bosses demand Sanders quit running. They say Sanders “is harmful” because Clinton “can’t make that general-election pivot the way she should, as Trump has made that pivot.”

    Dems don’t have a problem seeing Trump as their opponent. They have a problem seeing themselves beating Trump. And for one damn good reason–Hillary Clinton.

    Out of the +25 R&D candidates who ran, Hillary is the most “establishment” in a year of everyone-hates-establishment. Hillary is as cold as Bill is warm, and so weak that an unelectable socialist hunchback is tied with her, compared to Trump winning almost all his states. Indeed, Hillary is so weak she may yet be replaced by draconian means.

    On August 06, 2015, I predicted “Trump beats Biden in 2016; Hillary was never viable.” I said that not only is “Trump playing this like a violin” but also that “Hillary is being actively sabotaged by Obama because she is Bill Clinton’s legacy not Obama’s. Obama needs Biden to run.” And before Biden runs, Joe and Barry needs Hillary to absorb as many GOP missiles as possible.

    It can yet happen. Obama is running the Democrat show. His Justice Department can trigger her stonewalled indictment, instantly allowing the establishment-yet-unsullied (in this race) Biden to be appointed the nominee at convention. If Joe jumps in late enough, there can be a bump before voters realize he is establishment. Without doubt, Biden as an appointed nominee is the best chance Democrats have this year.

    Trump is driving all this. Romney, the Bushes, and Hillary are like Kasich, all establishment klingons who hope to become relevant by clinging on. Ryan and Sasse too try to be relevant by emulating a Trump they don’t understand. But as Ben Sasse is discovering, #Never Trump morphing into Sasse’s #Never Republican has its hazards.

  7. Sparkles says:

    A recent PPP poll (May 11, 2016) finds that since Obama became President, Republicans believe by a 64/27 spread that unemployment has increased and by a 57/27 spread that the stock market has gone down.

    Since Obama took office:
    The economy has added more than 9 million jobs. 74 straight months of private sector job growth, the longest sustained rate of growth in history.

    Obama took office on Jan. 20, 2009 with a market close of:
    7,949 Dow Jones Industrial Average
    1440 NASDAQ
    805 S&P

    Current values:
    17,535 Dow Jones Industrial Average
    4717 NASDAQ
    2046 S&P 500

    I suggest the NEGOP take up a resolution to no longer be a party controlled by delusional people.
    Seems like a logical place to begin to rebuild a party, no?

    • The Eye Ball says:

      It is called inflation and playing games with stats. Hence the saying, “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”

      • Sparkles says:

        Inflation is essentially non-existent.
        It’s only charlatans and paid malefactors among the right that push the false meme that the job numbers are cooked.

        I reiterate – maybe a good place to start rebuilding the Republican party would be addressing the widespread delusion among such a large faction of the right.
        A debilitating epistemic closure that makes it impossible for the party to engage in thoughtful governance.

        You’re in need of a William F. Buckley moment like that in 1962, when he launched a conservative revolution by publicly casting out of Robert Welch and the extremist positions of the Birchers.
        Buckley denounced the Birchers as “far removed from common sense” and urged the Republican Party to purge itself of their influence.

      • The Eye Ball says:

        Sparkles, inflation in the stock market is different than the general market. My claim stands.

  8. Duh says:

    We all know Beau McCoy must assume his God given role as President of the United States. There is no man more qualified than he.

  9. Thunderlips the Ultimate Male says:

    So , if Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin were the nominees of the party, by God we’ve got to support them? I’m not comparing Trump to those hideous historical figures, but the idea of “my party right or wrong” is not always a good thing. Sometimes, you do have to pause as an organization and figure out what is wrong. However, if you have an individual that is the presumptive nominee of the party that has donated to the other party…and their presumptive candidate, who has shifted his views on core party values on a constant basis and is crass at best, perhaps some reflective thought is required.

    • Anonymous says:

      You just described Hagel and people weren’t clamoring to take away his R card until he had already screwed us over multiple times.

  10. Pete Still Needs a Win says:

    The Nebraska Republican Convention boy that must be a lot of fun. I’d rather be in the dentists chair getting a root canal then be at that convention.
    By the way do you think if Nicole Fox had voted for licenses for the Dreamers her campaign might be still going on?
    That’s what happens when you have to do the bidding of Mr Ricketts. I just wish Craighead had lost by 14 votes.

  11. Ben Dover says:

    4:32, if you disliked eating Hitler’s turd sandwiches, would that mean you hate the taste of bread? Yes, child, we grasp that you are so very witty.

    By your reasoning, Reagan’s 33 years as a DNC spokesman disqualified him from reregistering and running as a Republican. You are wrong.

    People change parties like people change spouses. This bit today was about our obligation within our contracts while we remain in the relationship. We can get angry, we can get a divorce, but screwing the neighbor while we are married will get us punished in divorce court because we violated the rules of a contract no one forced us to make. Parties have rules too. As a party official we may not endorse a different THIRD PARTY. Thus, if Sasse wants to try out the neighbor’s spouse or endorse another party, get the divorce first.

    Bernie Sanders is a registered Independent. Sasse is a registered Republican. Bernie caucuses with Democrats. Sasse enjoys the perks of being a member of the “majority” GOP. Bernie is an outcast.

    As for your specific question, “if Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin were the nominees of the party, by God we’ve got to support them?” That question is wrong. Nobody is demanding Sasse endorse anyone. What the GOP demands is that Sasse NOT endorse another party as long as Sasse is a Republican. So let me correctly rephrase your question…

    ‘If Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin were the nominees of THEIR OWN PARTY, by God we’ve got to support the NAZI or COMMUNIST PARTY? The answer to that is YES. Because Nazi and Communist parties, godless officially, will probably shoot you for supporting a different party. If you joined the Nazi or Communist party, and not all Germans or Russians did join, you were loyal or else. — This however is America where nobody twists your arm or Sasse’ arm to join or remain a member of any party. Sasse can quit the GOP. He can join Bernie Sanders in the weeds of the Senate. Maybe that’s Ben’s plan.

    Perhaps a Sen. Sasse (I-NE) is exactly what Nebraska voters want.

  12. Mert The Avenger says:

    Sasse’s is not endorsing Trump because he doesn’t think Trump is a Republican. He is trying to DEFEND the Republican party. Not abandon it. Sasse seems to be a pretty smart guy as well. If he were just trying to further his political career, this would be the worst way to do it. He has put himself in a position where everybody hates him. How does that help him move forward? It doesn’t. Not supporting Trump is the opposite of career advancement.

    And when did Nebraskan Republican Party turn into the Democrats. Democrats are the ones who want to limit free speech. Democrats are the ones who want to make sure that everybody follow the “party line”. IF YOU DON”T LIKE WHAT SASSE IS SAYING…DON’T FREAKING LISTEN TO HIM. He doesn’t get to go into the voting booth with you in November. Limiting his freedom of speech and his opinion is the opposite of what we stand for. Honest debate and differing opinions should be celebrated even if you don’t like them. If you hate what Sasse is saying, then vote him out in 4 years, but don’t try to shut him up because he doesn’t agree with you.

    And as for Sam Fisher, whoever the hell you are, if you want to beat somebody in an election, then have better ideas. Silencing an opponent’s freedom of speech because you want to make yourself louder is what weak people do. You are going to have to do better than that if you want to earn the right to represent Nebraskans.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mert: What better way for Sasse to position himself to run as Prez or Veep in 2020 (can’t believe I’m even saying that) than to get more national name recognition through this Presidential Election cycle. Recognition that solidifies him as a the voice of the new Conservative Party. There are even social media memes that say “I’m A Ben Sasse Conservative” so now his minions are putting him on a pedestal like he’s Ronnie or something. Maybe he has no plans to run for re-election and this is all about letting Hillary have four years so Ben the Great can sweep in and save us all. Where DO they come from….

      • Mert The Avenger says:

        I have thought about that aspect too. It doesn’t make sense to me. What have we learned in this cycle with what happened to Ted Cruz? He went against the party often saying he was the “only real conservative”. It has put him in a position where he is hated and hence, he couldn’t win. Nobody supported him from capital hill and he couldn’t get support in the Primary because the people were weary to elect a guy that everybody hates. Who did win? The guy that worked with all sides of the isle. Everybody worked with Trump and the people elected him. If Sasse was running in 2020, there would be much better ways to get there. At this point, everybody hates him. He had to see that coming. I don’t see how that is a strategy as it worked so poorly for Ted Cruz.

      • The Eye Ball says:

        Wrong. He is giving conservative elected officials room to distance themselves from Trump and the damage he is doing.

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is a NE GOP family affair. And like any family, some are mature and some are jerks.

    Pete’s Dad foots the bill for Sen. Sasse seeking to stab the GOP ala a “third party” (Sasses’ words). Very stupid and embarrassing for Gov. Pete.

    Meanwhile, Sen. Deb’s nephew magically makes a unanimous resolution pass and a 400/8 (per OWH) floor vote to hand Sasse a hard spanking. And somehow Aunty Deb has nothing to do with it. Yea, right.

    Once again, Deb wins so effortlessly that people think she is lucky. Yea, like Trump is lucky.

    You make your own luck with strategic brilliance or you have no luck. And while having billions and a doctorate are wonderful accomplishments, it is the most wealthy and the most erudite in this story who make fools of themselves.

    The silver lining in all this is Deb Fischer and Pete Ricketts. Otherwise Nebraska would be one big GOP laughing stock.

      • Anonymous says:

        Deb Fischer is trying to unify Republicans around the GOP nominee, not tear them apart like Sasse is doing. I suspect GH’s fascination with Sasse is he’s the closest thing to pumping up a Libertarian run for the President that the Libs have ever had. Wouldn’t the Lib Party just love to see some love thrown their way in the form of a bunch of whiney Republicans who can’t accept that Trump is their nominee.

      • Then the resolution was completely counterproductive. It did nothing to bring back #nevertrump people. It was petty spite. I expected far more from Fischer.

        I don’t think Sasse is particularly libertarian. In fact, while he has talked of supporting a third party candidate, he has notably not mentioned the libertarian alternative.

  14. Anonymous says:

    10:11. You ask who Sam Fisher is?

    Sam is the nephew of NE’s senior Senator who just had Ben Sasse’s nuts cut off.

    • Mert The Avenger says:

      Sasse seems to be the only one with any balls in the first place. Anybody who wants to shut somebody up because they don’t agree isn’t somebody courageous in my book. They are weak. Nebraskans are also great at changing course and pretending they were on the right side the whole time. When Bo was ousted from Husker Football, I heard everybody say, “I never like him.” Those same people were huge Bo fans when he was winning. The same will be true here. Trump will be a disaster and all those 400 people will quickly say, “I never liked Trump. I was with Sasse the whole time.”

      Sam and Deb Fischer will do the same. They will come out saying, “Well, he was the nominee so we had to support him…but we never liked Trump.”

      • Anon says:

        How do you know Trump will be a disaster? People thought Reagan would be a disaster in 1980 and he became the conservative movement’s hero. Trying to pretend you have the foresight to predict a President Trump’s agenda is foolish, because it’s based off an assumption.

        And, people who vote Trump now will be proud even if he were to lose. The fact is he’s already tied with Clinton nationwide. The RNC convention is looking like it’s going to be unifying, while the DNC convention is shaping up to be 1968 all over again. That helps us. Trump can win a lot easier than NeverTrump are predicting. This is shaping up just like any other election. The only difference is we have an outsider candidate who is un-tested. As far as polling is concerned, nothing is really that different. The candidates are within a few points of each other, and changes are beginning to occur.

        All Sasse is doing is ending his career slowly by surely. If Trump wins the Presidency he will forever look like a fool who was more concerned about his feelings than the country.

      • Anon says:

        Balls, the guy ran anti-establishment. I felt about Sasse as the anti-Trump, but he was the nominee and voted for him. He was elected to represent Nebraska, the people have spoken about Trump and the Nebraska republican party has spoken. Run Ben, run, from the party convention, and run from the local reporters prima donna

  15. Anonymous says:

    I shouldn’t listen to Sasse? He has free speech? Who the hell are you to tell me that?

    That SOB took my money and my vote and now he tells me he wants to defeat my GOP?

    That resolution isn’t enough. He deserves 400 GOP boots kicked into his groin.

    • Mert The Avenger says:

      Sasse want to defeat your GOP? If your GOP stands for a raise in minimum wage, supporting trangender bathrooms, against free trade, and raising taxes on the rich then that GOP will be defeated. These are all positions held by Trump now that he has the nomination. Where as Sasse has one of the most conservative voting records in the Senate. Who is actually defeating the GOP???

  16. Anon says:

    A newspaper report this morning said the 3rd candidate ploy is on-going. Wonder where Sasse had to go so hastily, any reports?

  17. TexasAnnie says:

    Loyalty? Where’s your loyalty to your elected Senator, Ben Sasse? Y’all are trying too hard to make politics ethical; give it up!

  18. The Nebraska GOP, despite a huge majority, can’t get a damn thing passed in the Unicam. But they censure a freshman senator who’s shown a streak of independence and principle.

    These people are pond scum.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Lol! Go ahead and primary Sasse in four years. In 2020 he will have either been fighting against Hilary or been remembered as somebody who was against Trump from the beginning, in what I’m sure will be a disaster of a presidency. Either way he wins. He’s thinking 10 steps ahead of all you ignorant Trump supporters.

  20. Pete Still Needs a Win says:

    Did Sasse really speech really talk about his daughters stay at a ranch and how much he loves the US Constitution?
    When all anybody wanted to ask him about was his feud with Trump? What a nut job!
    Sasse might be smart with all his degrees, but he is one lousy parent. His kids don’t go to school and he uses them as political props whenever he can!
    The guy is a loon! I hope the DC Child Protection Services keeps their eyes on the Sasse children.

  21. To above says:

    Ricky you think Sasse is creepy? You spent 25 years in blue daisy dukes delivering “packages.” You also have a very weird obsession with Mayor Suttle. You are way closer than It puts the lotion in the basket dude then Sasse will ever be.

  22. Soup for Sasse says:

    Sasse in a nutshell…

    Title: “Clever sillies: why high IQ people tend to be deficient in common sense.” Sep 2009, Medical Hypothesis, Charlton.

    “About the absent-minded and socially-inept ‘nutty professor’ stereotype in science… whereby intelligent modern people (including scientists) decline to grow-up and instead remain in a state of perpetual novelty-seeking adolescence. These can be seen as specific examples of the general phenomenon of ‘clever sillies’ whereby intelligent people with high levels of technical ability are seen as having foolish ideas and behaviors outside the realm of their professional expertise. In short, it has often been observed that high IQ types are lacking in ‘common sense’–and especially when it comes to dealing with other human beings.

    “… since evolved common sense usually produces the right answers in the social domain; this implies that, when it comes to solving social problems, the most intelligent people are more likely… to have novel but silly ideas, and therefore to believe and behave maladaptively.

    “I further suggest that this random silliness of the most intelligent people may be amplified to generate SYSTEMATIC WRONGNESS when intellectuals are in addition ‘advertising’ their own high intelligence in the evolutionarily novel context of a modern IQ meritocracy. The cognitively-stratified context of communicating almost-exclusively with others of similar intelligence generates opinions and behaviors among the highest IQ people which are not just lacking in common sense but PERVASIVELY WRONG. Hence the phenomenon of ‘POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’ (PC); whereby false and foolish ideas have come to dominate, and moralistically be enforced upon the ruling elites of whole nations.” (caps addnl.)

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