2016 #NEGOP Convention breakdown

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 7.56.23 AMThe Nebraska Republican Party has a Constitution. All of the members vote on it, and it is pretty regular stuff.

Here is section 14 of the document — printed in the programs at the Nebraska GOP Convention in Omaha on Saturday:

No member of the State Central Committee or Executive Committee shall endorse a NON-Republican candidate in any election.

That is unambiguous.

And the resolution that was proposed by Nebraska political consultant Sam Fischer, then rewritten, “reviewed and recommended for approval” by the eight-person Resolution Committee, read:

Be it resolved that the Nebraska Republican Party strongly opposes any effort by Republican elected office holders or party officials to encourage a third party candidacy for President of the United States because this would result in the election of Democrat Hillary Clinton and the appointment of liberal justices to the United States Supreme Court.

And it was pretty clear that the 99% of Nebraska delegates agreed, that this resolution was reasonable as well.

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse and his people were not happy about this.
And they were not going to go down without a fight.


The Anticipated Speeches

So on Saturday in the upper convention rooms at the Century Link Center in Omaha, about 400+ Nebraska delegates gathered to discuss this resolution. And hear some speeches. And decide who gets that trip to Cleveland (paid for by the delegates themselves…).

Nebraska’s Senior Senator, Deb Fischer, set the tone for the day during her speech:

“We cannot elect a President Hillary Clinton.”

“It is not the elites in DC, not the pollsters or opinion page writers who decide. It is the people who decide.”

“I am committed to supporting the Republican ticket from the top to the bottom.”

She was unambiguous in her intentions.

She never said Ben Sasse’s name, but after she was done, the buzz was, “What will Sasse say!?”

Sasse was next.


Deflated baloon

Ben Sasse took the stage to a standing ovation.
Same as Deb Fischer, and later Pete Ricketts and Jeff Fortenberry and Adrian Smith and Don Bacon and even Attorney General Doug Peterson.

And Sasse began..

“I acknowledge difference on political issues and tactical questions…”

But that was it. And he then launched into the exact same speech that he gave at the Douglas County Republican Convention. And others around the state.

But after Sasse’s Facebook Manifesto, delegates expected a discussion. Or a debate. Or at least an expansion about why Sasse feels their votes and their efforts and their debates in the Republican Presidential Primary — from which there is a presumed nominee — doesn’t get any further discussion.

These delegates are the people who go door to door, who make the phone calls, who hand out the literature and pass out stickers. They deserved a discussion from the most outspoken person on the #NeverTrump and Third Party issue. Instead they got a very nice story about Sasse’s daughter, but it was not what anyone was waiting to hear from him.

And when confronted by reporters, Sasse refused to do an on-camera interview.
And he refused to answer any questions from reporters about the #NeverTrump or Third Party issues, claiming it was too “little”. That “the people” wanted to hear about “big issues”.

He took to the back of the loud convention room with a few reporters clustered around him. After protesting that he needed to leave to get to another engagement, the OWH’s Robynn Tysver responded:

“Thats one of the gripes I’m hearing from Nebraskans, it’s like you’re running away all the time, I hear that quite a bit.”

Sasse responded tersely, that he “talks to Nebraskans EVERY day.”

And then,…he cut out as fast as he could.

KETV reporter Camilla Orti literally chased him down, and the best we got was something about wanting to talk about “big” things, and not these “little” things.

You know, the “little” things that he wrote a Manifesto about on Facebook.

And then he rode the escalator out of site.


Pete goes rogue

After some voting and such, Governor Pete Ricketts got up.

He started out by giving a full-throated support of Donald Trump:

I know about contested primaries. But we have the person who is going to be the nominee and that person is Donald Trump.

There have been some suggestions that Ricketts is still hedging his bets on Trump. His staff had told people that Ricketts did NOT endorse Trump, instead saying only that he is “supporting” the eventual GOP nominee.

Unclear what the difference is, unless that’s how they keep things civil in the owners’ box at Wrigley. But if Ricketts is keeping some sort of #NeverTrump card up his sleeve, it was not apparent at the Nebraska GOP Convention. Everything he said indicated he is behind Trump.

And people were into it.

But then things got weird.

Recently with the legislative primaries, Ricketts was essentially credited with the defeat of State Senator Les Seiler, as he campaigned for Seiler’s opponent. Seiler had opposed Ricketts on a number of bills, and this was seen as payback.


And then Ricketts, apparently feeling his oats, decided to lash out at other GOP Senators who have opposed him.

And we mean EVERY Senator. Called out.
By name.

Including some sitting in the audience.

In bill after bill.

He asked, “Folks what’s the deal?”
And then hammered Senator Bob Hilkemann who was sitting in the audience.

This was an interesting tactic by Ricketts. But to what end?
The time for shaming Senators would generally be…before they vote. Or maybe before the election. Because that way there is at least some result.

But here, all Ricketts did was make some people very, very angry at an event that was supposed to be all about Republican unity.

In a political sense, what was the gain? One could even argue that now Ricketts owes THEM a favor, after all of this.

Sure there were some who thought it was great that the Governor showed these Senators up. But what the use is of that in the long run, is not clear.


The votes

And then came the votes…
Let’s hit the resolutions, which garnered a great deal of interest, before heading back to the delegate votes.

The “Third Party” resolution had very little debate. For a period of 10 minutes, delegates were allowed to approach a microphone, and taking turns for either side, make their case for or against.

There were no party stalwarts lined up on what was essentially Ben Sasse’s side. There was not an organized opposition to the resolution. What some believed would be a spirited issue, turned into a landslide.

Robynn Tysver Tweeted that the thought the voice vote was 400-8.

I thought eight was a bit generous — more like 5 — but I won’t quibble.


All the things Republicans hate

But the Sasse side was not going to go down without trying to hammer Donald Trump on the way down the escalator.

Their competing resolution looked like this:

Be it resolved that the Nebraska Republican Party strongly opposes all degrading remarks towards women, minorities and other individuals by Republican elected office holders or party officials, including candidates for President of the United States, because such rhetoric tarnishes the GOP’s legacy as the party of Lincoln, alienates millions of Americans, and jeopardizes Republican majorities in the Nebraska Legislature, the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate.

My first reaction? This will sail through. Who DOESN’T support this?
And why stop there? How about being against child abuse? Arson? Bad thoughts?

But other delegates saw it for what it was: a political IED. Improvised Explosive Device.

Sure everyone was for the concept. But then all Democrats (or Third Partiers) will say, “Ah ha! See even Nebraska Republicans hate what Trump is doing!”

And then if they don’t pass it, “Ah ha! Look at those evil Republicans! They are FOR degrading comments towards women! See! Seeeee!!!”

And so the Nebraska Republican delegates took the third option.
They tabled it.
That was the vote: We choose NOT to vote on this issue. One delegate called the resolution, “like it was written by Nebraska Democrat Chairman Vince Powers himself.”

Of course those same Democrats and Third Partiers, after seeing Sasse hammered at the convention, took to the Twitters and decried the GOP’s move, anyway.



Hello Cleveland!

A final note about the delegate selection.

The likely result of the delegates at the convention is that they will vote on the platform and say “Aye!” at the convention. But the idea that they will be heavily involved, as they would have been at an open convention, is very likely done.

That isn’t to say there wasn’t still jockeying for the spots. There was a rumor that Ted Cruz forces were still trying to hammer in their people. That largely failed.

There was an early agreement between the Ricketts and Trump people on delegates, with Senator Fischer’s name added. The Ricketts people changed a number of those names at the last minute, and there were absolutely some who were angry about that.

But 400 delegates still had to vote, and while there were some who were unhappy, you didn’t hear a steady din from those who thought it was a travesty. Stalwart Republican Hal Daub is a delegate. Former Chair Mark Fahleson, a Sasse lieutenant and #NeverTrump-er, is a delegate. Sam Fischer, original author of the “anti-Third Party” resolution is a delegate. Former Governor Dave Heineman’s wife, Sally Ganem is a delegate.

Who says the Nebraska GOP isn’t a big tent?

And just a final note that Senator Deb Fischer was there to the very, very end voting on delegates and alternate delegates. And Governor Pete Ricketts was there giving final instructions to the elected delegates. For some, it was a long day.


Here is a list of delegates elected to the National GOP Convention in Cleveland:

1st Congressional District
Bob Enven
Charlie Janssen
John Orr

2nd Congressional District
Hal Daub
Nancy McCabe
Aimee Melton

3rd Congressional District
Judy Glassburrner
Greg Safranek
JoAnn Smith


Wayne Bena
Debby Brehm
Naomi Brummond
Brian Buescher
Paul Burger
Mark Dreiling
Mark Fahleson
Sam Fischer
Sall Ganem
DeeDee Kelly
Bill Kintner
Coby Mach
Pat McPherson
Cash Ostrander
Chris Peterson
Peggy Popps
Mervin Riepe
Rob Schafer
John Sieler
Darlene Starman
Don Stenberg
Mary Jane Truemper
Jon Tucker
Faith White

At this time I do not have a list of elected Alternate delegates.


KFAB Afternoon

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Did Sweeper just tell all of the readers here on the Deb Fischer news network (aka Leavenworth Street) that Deb Fischer and her nephew Sam Fischer essentially coordinated her remarks and his resolution? If so, wow!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper any reason you are not pointing out to folks that it was PAT McPHERSON that motioined to kill the resolution on women and minorities? The SAME Pat McPherson that Sasse called out for posting racist blogs on his website and the SAME Pat McPherson that was charged with sexual assault on a 17 year old girls? THAT PAT McPHERSON?

    • Anonymous says:

      Not just Sasse that called him out:

      “In the storm of controversy that followed, officials including Gov. Pete Ricketts and Sens. Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer, all Republicans as is McPherson, called on him to resign.”

  3. Pete says:

    Is anyone surprised that Sasse is using his office purely for purposes of self promotion? Anyone who is shocked by his behavior, shouldn’t be. Plenty of people spotted this a mile away. It’s all about him and his sinful ambition. He can wax poetic about “Nebraskans” all he wants, I think more and more people see that for what it is: a buzzword that he uses to seem down to earth. Ever since that BS “listening tour” he has been trying to “aw shucks” his way to higher power.

    Time for Sasse to cut the crap and do his job. Ben’s constituents don’t want a twitter activist, myself included. We want a solid Senator who will do their job and show up to events that matter, and perhaps hang around for longer than it takes to snap a pic and send a tweet. Come to think of it… Senator Fischer is doing an AWESOME job.

  4. Gerard Harbison says:

    Depressing, particularly the refusal to condemn racism. This is where getting into bed with white supremacists leads you.

    Sasse will be vindicated when Trump goes down in flames.

  5. Hey Pete says:

    Its easy to write words, but harder to back them up with facts. Can you tell me how the senator with the 2nd most conservative voting record in the U.S. Senate — who broke wide open the Eswin Mejia scandal — who has been fighting against ObamaCare since day 1 — who has been sounding the alarms about cyber security and Islamic Jihad — can you tell me how that senator has not been serving the people who elected him?

    • Anonymous says:

      Everything Sasse does is contrived and calculated to increase his air time on FOX, et al, thereby keeping him in front of Americans as the new, young “Conservative leader.” Half the time he’s making floor speeches or tweets about the Constitution and lecturing Congress and Obama, which is really not the role of a “Junior Senator.” He totally moved back to Nebraska to grab a U.S. Senate seat to propel himself into Presidential politics. Shades of Hagel? The constituents and interest groups don’t lie. If they feel they are getting short shrift from an elected official they’re going to speak up about it and they do. That is very telling. Unfortunately he has his allies in the crazy Erick from Red State and others who prop him up at every turn. If this was 10 years ago he wouldn’t be getting this much traction but, social media, etc.

      • The Grundle King says:

        The irony here is hilarious. And disappointing.

        Claiming what Sasse does is ‘contrived and calculated’? You’ve just captured Donald Trump’s campaign in a nutshell.

  6. NE GOP Member says:

    Sasse ran away from the rank and file when they wanted to ask him questions Saturday. This reminds me of a NE GOP meeting in Nebraska City when the Hagel people went into hiding after Chuck went Rogue from the party. 392-8 is not a rebuke….It’s a Death Blow. Ben Sasse better run for president because he wont win an election here anymore. The former AG should primary him

    • The Pride of Midland says:

      Ben Sasse was the inaugural speaker at the Jon Bruning Public Service Lecture and was given a glowing introduction by the former AG. It would be splendidly ironic if Bruning primaried him.

    • The rank and file are rank. This is a group I wouldn’t want to be a member of. Small town, voluntarily ignorant goobers. Four years of Hillary is exactly the kind of punishment they deserve.

      • Anonymous says:

        Gerard: You vote in Florida so shut your piehole. God knows you wouldn’t be caught dead at any County GOP meetings, too much riff raff for your liking.

  7. Sparkles says:

    If you listen closely, you almost hear the soles of their shoes as they strike the ground in every direction, echoing outward like waves from a pebble tossed in a pond.
    Some with a sharp, hurried ‘swack’ as they strike urban pavement and city sidewalks, others a more muffled ‘thump’ and leisurely pace, as their well worn boots trek across soils they’ve known for generations.

    All of them fleeing the ever more repellent positions and archaic ideology perennially disgorged by an aging and angry paleolithic party.

    • Pete says:

      Now you’re just being asinine. Nobody wants to do that. Ben is just getting caught up in pageantry. The junior senator needs to have a seat and do his job.

      • No Doubt About It... says:

        This guy is just using this seat to try for a Presidential bid — clearly, he has no intention of pursuing policies that will help our state. Sasse should be recalled as quickly as possible (we don’t need a carpet-bagging-opportunist taking up one of our state’s seats in the Senate).

      • The Grundle King says:

        Donald Trump has no intention of supporting policies that hurt our state. In fact, he’s publicly stated support for policies that will actually hurt our state.

        But I understand your hero-worship of Trump renders you immune to such facts.

  8. Macdaddy says:

    A new day has dawned in Nebraska. It’s now the era of Trump. And Trump’s views. And Trump’s tactics. Let that sink in, Republican Legislators. You think that Ricketts hasn’t learned a thing or two hanging around Trump? You think that you can work on your progressive agenda in anonymity and nobody will call you out on it? You just voted to back Trump to the hilt. Just wait until Ricketts starts shining a light on you in the press. Just wait until people start coming up to you in the grocery store and giving you a piece of their minds. Just wait until every time you eat out you get the Ben Nelson treatment. This is what you just voted for and let me tell you what, you don’t have the voting record that will protect you from the mob. I’m experiencing the strangest Schadenfreude right now.

  9. Soup for Sasse says:

    The upshot is, SASSE = COWARD. And RICKETTS = STUPID. Sassers are however also stupid.

    Look at #1 comment. Sasses’ friends are outraged that Deb Fischer engineered an ass-whipping. The little lady with a bachelor’s degree and mild demeanor has crushed the smug, loud University President as if he was cringing stupid child, forcing him to scurry off.

    That’s your argument? Plus the odd idea that most Republicans, even the non-white, immigrants with honors degrees, are all deluded by Trump’s frankness. Damn that frankness. It must be racism.

    Read “Thought Prison” on the nature of PC. It begins:

    “Political correctness (PC) is the dominant ideology of the Western intellectual world… what the West has instead of a religion. PC is a thing of the political Left… yet has in recent decades been embraced by the mainstream political Right and Centre. Political correctness therefore represents the triumph of the Left. Nonetheless, political correctness very obviously violates both common sense and logic and is destructive of all that is good and true. So, at one and the same time, PC is marginal and mainstream, ridiculous and mandatory; crazy and normal.” — PC is also blinding. It turns us into Helen Kellers who don’t know we are blind. It turns smart people us into stupid Sassers.

    “Political correctness obviously dominates its core territory of politics, public administration, law, education and the mass media. But PC also substantially shapes everything else: foreign policy, the military, policing, the economy, health services, and personal life: the mating game, friendships and even family life.” — Even Obama’s bathroom Nazis! Even Sasse’s squealers!

    When PC gets conservative professors so strongly in its grip, everyone who thinks is vulnerable.

    Is Trump Annie Sullivan enough to shake these deaf and blind Helens awake? Probably not. For the Obama cum Sasse crowd are a stubborn sort.

  10. Know-it-all says:

    I was amazed how many delegate seats state-wide elected officials took. This is a bad strategy, if the NEGOP wants to grow their base and give volunteers, donors, and activists the opportunity to participate in the party platform. These elected officials who took seats away from regular people in their own counties and legislative districts (Ricketts, Fischer, Janssen, Daub, McPhearson, Evnans, Stenberg, Riepe, Craighead, so many I can’t even name them all off the top of my head!) have power to enact legislation and policy. Why do they want even more power, taking away a limited number of seats away from others who would like to get involved? Greed! Power! They want to write their own rules, apparently.

    • buck turgidson says:

      I’d much rather have Daub, Riepe, and even Stenberg represent the NEGOP in Cleveland than most of the do-nothing loud-mouth has-beens who populate this delegate list. These electeds didn’t take a spot from any up-and-comers – in their place would have been just another Faith White, Pat McPherson, DeeDee Kelly, way-past-their-prime-or-usefullness “activist.”

      The electeds have at least put their name on their names on the line to represent the party and serve the voters. If you want to be amazed at the greed and selfishness of anybody, it should be this out-of-touch volunteer class that really just goes to events, eats free food, and complains about everybody else.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m fine with elected officials being delegates, but McPherson, DeeDee, etc, need to step aside the 30-50 crowd take leadership positions in the party, including delegate. We need to deepen the bench or we’ll start to lol like the Nebraska Dems

  11. To NE GOP Member says:

    Sasse only came to Nebraska to further his political future. He knew he could run a slick DC style campaign and get his butt back to DC. Sasse is a one-termer.

  12. Mert The Avenger says:

    Let me state clearly that I was right. Last week you posted about the mending of the Republican party. How there would be a unification because Trump won 60% of Nebraska. is this the unification you were talking about? Is unification where we backhand those that disagree with us for no other reason than to make them agree with us? You are now a part of it too by unabashedly defending Fischer while chastising Sasse. Your bias is showing and the thought police are on the prowl.

    Somebody else said it best. “Welcome to the Deb Fischer News Network”. If you don’t agree with us, be prepared to be reprimanded.

      • The crowd who voted for this shite are the same crowd, masquerading as conservatives, who made up a left-of-center Unicam these last few years. Trumpkins are the RINOs

    • Mert The Avenger says:

      Yeah RINOs. Sasse has the second most conservative voting record in the Senate. Like 98%. Fischer is in the 60s I believe…who is the RINO?

      Trump is attacking Hillary from the left on trade. Wake up, man. If you think Sasse is the RINO then you are uninformed.

      • No Doubt About It... says:

        His voting record spans for what, 16 months? Big deal.

        Sasse is an outspoken LEADER of the #NeverTrump Movement. A movement that supports a third-party presidential candidate, which the entire world knows will lead to a CLINTON VICTORY in November. Sasse is, without a doubt, one of the most blatant examples of a RINO in the Senate.

      • The Grundle King says:

        @ No Doubt

        You said, “Sasse is an outspoken LEADER of the #NeverTrump Movement. A movement that supports a third-party presidential candidate, which the entire world knows will lead to a CLINTON VICTORY in November.”

        Here’s the thing…outside of the Trumpkins, the entire world knows that a two-person race between Trump and Clinton will lead to a “CLINTON VICTORY” in November. The Trumpkins are simply in too much denial to realize it. You guys have seen the polls for months, and chosen to ignore them. If you want to point the finger at Sasse, remember there are three more fingers pointing back at you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seems to me Ben Sasse picked the fight, not Deb Fischer. But if you’re a “Sasse can do no wrong” person then you probably can’t see that pushing for a 3rd Party candidate is picking a fight within your own Party.

      • Anon says:

        What Trumpkins fail to realize is that the Presidency is already lost. It was lost the day Trump became the nominee. He has worse negatives than Hillary Clinton and that is difficult. What a third party candidate gets the Republican party is people who would stay home, actually showing up to the polls to vote down the ticket. This saves the party the house and senate which is in danger of being lost to low voter turnout for Trump.

        Clinton or Biden will win the Presidency already. That is not in debate. What Sasse and others are doing is trying to save the House and Senate making sure that Clinton has somebody that can block her.

  13. The Burrite says:

    I would love to see an actual debate between Sens. Sasse and Fischer, not something where Deb has it stacked in her favor. Sasses would run circles around her and still have time to take a nap. She is our Sarah Palin (If anyone thinks that is a compliment, then you have exposed yourself for what you truly are).

    • No Doubt About It... says:

      At least her intention is to do what is right for Nebraskans — this is something that I personally doubt Sen. Sasse even contemplates as he preens for the cameras while LEADING the #NeverTrump (aka “Pro-Hillary”) Movement.

      • Mert The Avenger says:

        Because you agree with her, you believe that her intentions are altruistic and Sasse’s are self aggrandizing. Perhaps they both want what is best for Nebraska, the United States, and are trying to defend the Constitution. Only one of them decided to ceremoniously and publicly slap the other for not agreeing what the best course of action is.

  14. Lil Mac says:

    Schadenfreude indeed. But is that bad? Should we not find joy in bad guys getting hurt? What sort of PC bull makes us avoid admitting that bad guys should get their comeuppance? You are sounding like Trump. How’s it feel? Shaky? Sailors have trouble getting their land legs. But the land isn’t wobbly.

    There isn’t anything that Never Trumpers are feeling today that I didn’t feel last August when the reality of the Trump Effect first sunk in; except perhaps the embarrassment of wasting months on dozens of GOP candidates who had Republicans arguing over which was better, the leukemia PC or the melanoma PC. If not Trump, some other brash form of chemo would have come along.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Ricketts called out the Senators who voted against the Party Platform. Too many of the State Legislators think they can be “non-partisan” in Lincoln and vote against the party (most of them have Democrats on the payroll, by the way *coughHilkeman*cough) but then complain that rank-and-file Republicans are angry with them. Here’s an idea – if you don’t want the Governor to call you out, don’t vote against him. If you don’t care about the Governor calling you out because of your vote, don’t bitch.

  16. Christian, American, Conservative, Republican (In that order) says:

    As someone who was there, (AND someone who was NOT a fan of and didn’t vote for Ben Sasse in the 2014 primary) I could not be more disappointed in the Republican Party. Ben Sasse stands as a shining beacon of principle in the God-forsaken wasteland of Washington D.C. and it angers me that so many people put Party before principle.
    We are Republicans because we are Christians first, Americans second, conservatives third…. and we choose the GOP because it is supposed to be the “Conservative Party”.
    What this election has made clear is that most of the people don’t understand the principles, don’t understand the REASON why we fight every single day. And it just shows us that we aren’t in the midst of a “constitutional revival” at all; in reality, we’ve seen a revival of ugly hatred, bigotry, and disdain.
    We Republicans will continue to lose as long as we continue this circular firing squad mentality and eat our own. Ben Sasse is the best chance Nebraska has had in our lifetimes to become President of the United States. He’s the most articulate champion for conservatism left in the Senate next year, and we in his home state are going to recall him? SERIOUSLY?! We’ve lost our minds.
    All the more reason to focus on down-ballot races.

    • Politically Astute says:

      Sasse for President? Are you serious? LOL!

      Thank you; your post gave me a nice dose of humor on a dreary Monday!

    • Bob Loblaq says:

      The problem is most Republicans don’t stand for anything except to defeat democrats. If that means that they have to vote for a liberal like Trump, they will do that because he has an R next to his name and not a D. Too many people now think we’re cheering on a team instead of standing for our principles. As long as we elect people from our team and the other team loses, it’s good. Look where that has got us in our unicam lately. We elect people who say their Republicans, even though they stand for nothing which republicans say we do. At least Senator Sasse is standing up for the principles and values we say that we all support.

    • Way to go NEGOP... says:

      Then I assume you will be taking down other people who quoted from an article above? (Soup for Sasse at 10:07)? I did exactly what that user did — posting two paragraphs from a much longer post. Or you could just do the right thing and restore my comment. (Interesting censorship here from what has been described as the Fischer News Network)

  17. Sparkles says:

    Oh look, another Republican Gov. f%^ed up yet another plains state.

    The state mismanaged by the oft noted ‘VP short lister’, Mary Fallin.
    Oklahoma’s Republican leaders, in a move supported by Fallin, are now frantically embracing the immediate adoption of Medicaid expansion, as they face a $1.3 billion hole in the budget.

    The story points to a bust in the oil patch, compounded by years of income tax cuts (for the most wealthy) and growing corporate subsidies (trickling nowhere) that have left the state in dire straights.
    Now comes the desperate embrace of Obamacare, Medicaid Expansion and raising taxes.
    Thanks, Ronnie!

    “We are nearing a colossal collapse of our health care system in Oklahoma,” warned Craig Jones, the president of the Oklahoma Hospital Association.. ..”We have doctors turning away patients. We have people with mental illnesses who are going without treatment. Hospitals are closing, and this is only going to get worse this summer if the Legislature does not act immediately..”
    “In the poverty-wracked southeastern corner of the state.. ..most health care would end”

    FAILED ideas from the 1980’s that continue to ravage hard working Americans, all of it courtesy of the principles-free, thought-averse, solutions-hostile, Know Nothing party.

    • yet says:

      Yet, Sparkles, you forget that some states that have expanded are finding that despite the 90% money their budgets are bursting because of the expansion.

      • Sparkles says:

        “..despite the 90% money their budgets are bursting because of the expansion.”

        I’m assuming you can point me to a valid source supporting your claim?
        Better yet, how about I save you the time. I really don’t care what the special interest shills at Platte Institute or Breitbart have to say.
        Your position is indefensible.

        Under Medicaid expansion, the federal government pays 100% of the cost through 2016.
        95% in 2017, 94% in 2018, 93% in 2019, and 90% in 2020 and all subsequent years.

  18. Fraidy Sasse says:

    Ben Sasse really bolted out of the GOP Convention like a bat out of hell. Does he really think those reporters are going away? Ben will never salvage those relationships he is destroying here with the local press

  19. Mama says:

    Ben Sasse has voted just the way conservative Nebraskans would want. On the other hand Senator Deb and Congressman Adrian have voted right with the DC establishment. I am done with Leavenworth St. Appears to me to be run by Democrats. I get enough of that from the main stream media.

  20. Peeps,

    I am scheduled to be on KFAB’s Chris Baker show today around 2:10pm to talk about this past Saturday’s festivities.

    1110 on your AM dial, or listen online at KFAB.com or on the iHeartRadio app.

    Jerry Kratochvil (a/k/a Street Sweeper)

    • Sparkles says:

      Maybe Trump’s ‘publicist’, John Barron will call in to the Chris Baker show.

      He can tell an eager press how rich the Donald is, or how the Donald bangs countless women, so many women in fact that sexually transmitted diseases were his own “personal Vietnam” back in the day.
      The Vietnam for which Trump received 4 deferments, although being a vigorous and healthy 21 years of age in June of ’67.

      Hmm.. 1967, the same year John McCain was shot down while on a bombing mission over Hanoi, breaking both arms and leg and nearly drowning. Surviving only to have his shoulder crushed with a rifle butt and then bayoneted after being drug from the water by his captors. Then serving 5 years as a POW in the ‘Hanoi Hilton’, two years in solitary confinement, receiving only the minimum of care for his injuries and enduring repeated torture.

      Quite the coincidence, Trump and McCain, both hotel regulars back in the 60’s, both spending innumerable hours in bed.

      Lying, ethics-free, morally devoid, con man extraordinaire Donald J Trump.

      • Yeah, but I bet you hated John McCain.

        I voted for him. I’m not ashamed of that. He wasn’t my favorite kind of Republican, but I honored his service. And between McCain and Trump, as human beings and as men, there’s no comparison.

      • Anonymous says:

        McCain was every lib’s favorite Republican until he secured the nomination. The long knives then came out for him as for anyone other non-Dem.

      • Sparkles says:


        No I did not hate John McCain.
        It is the Republican party who consistently trashes and demeans John McCain, just as the NEGOP has trashed and demeaned Bob Kerrey, who they had the cretinous audacity to label a “carpetbagger”.

        John McCain didn’t need to be attacked or demeaned by Democrats, he resoundingly disqualified from himself from the office of President when nominating the Snowbilly Grifter as his V.P.
        Everything Palin’s detractors, both right and left, tried to call to the nation’s attention about her intellectual and ethical failings has come to fruition.
        In addition, John McCain struck the fatal blow to his own campaign when agreeing to accept GW’s invitation to sit across the table from Barack Obama in fall of ’08, and try to come up with a plan to save our nation from a second Great Depression (courtesy of GW and the GOP).
        By every account, Obama walked away at the conclusion of that crisis intervention the superior intellect, statesman and leader.
        Just as he stands today.

        Electoral College –
        Obama 365
        McCain 173

        A margin HRC will likely come very close to attaining.

  21. The Grundle King says:

    Anybody catch Ricky Fulton practically breaking his arm trying to pat himself on the back in the Journal Star letters to the editor on Sunday?

    One of his letters was chosen for publication (LJS must have been scraping the barrel for letters), and not once, but TWICE in the comments he commented on how great his own letter was.

  22. Macdaddy says:

    If Sasse wants to be a leader, then he must be able to make his case among people who are inclined to agree with him rather than just among people who actually do agree with him. It sounds like he whiffed the opportunity. If he is really that committed to a Third Party that he can’t even talk to his own peeps, then the honorable thing would be to resign and run during the next election as an independent. Other politicians have done it and survived. Some have not. But either way, if you are going to draw a line and then not bother to try to sway people to your side, what’s the point? If this was easy then everybody would do it.

    • Just My 2 Cents says:

      At this point, the honorable course for Sasse would be to resign from both his post in the Senate AND from the GOP. I would actually regain some respect for the guy if he did this, but since he is the epitome of a RINO I don’t expect he will.

    • Anonymous says:

      Total coward not to bring up his ideas in front of the grassroots activists at Convention. He wants to have his cake and eat it too.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Thanks SS. Could you print the Alternates list too because that gives us the whole picture of the entire Delegation that will be going to Cleveland.

  24. Anonymous says:

    ….and you wonder why oh why is Donald Trump popular with we the people after all this party festivaling.

  25. Way to go NEGOP... says:

    **Google: RNC bullies do Clinton’s work for her**

    (and before the Fischer News Network deletes this comment, please note that I am not copying and pasting an entire article. Just two paragraphs of an longer article — just as commenter Soup for Sasse did at 10:07am)

    Way to go NEGOP… in an attempt to “unify” the GOP you have done nothing but alienate a good portion of the GOP. While yes, the resolution did pass — it is important to point out that a state convention is mostly controlled by the GOP political class and GOP paid-political hacks (aka Sam Fischer). Anyone who has been paying attention knows that these are the same folks who opposed Senator Sasse when he ran for the U.S. Senate in 2014.

    I have also been watching Ben Sasse since he got to the U.S. Senate. He has bent over backwards to always be deferential and respectful to Senator Deb Fischer — even going so far to use a weekly column opportunity to do nothing but praise Fischer. It is truly disappointing that our senior senator — Deb Fischer — doesn’t have the same amount of class towards Senator Sasse.

    Finally, I was at the state convention. I had multiple people who have been around Nebraska politics for a long time tell me that while yes, Sam Fischer is his own man — if she wanted to Deb Fischer could have stopped what he is doing and stuck up for junior Senator and her colleague. However, she chose pettiness. The criticism from Jennifer Rubin is well deserved **Google: RNC bullies do Clinton’s work for her**

    A couple of excerpts from Rubin’s piece (just as commenter Soup for Sasse did at 10:07am):

    “Likewise, Sen. Deb Fischer’s nephew, a GOP consultant in Nebraska, set out to threaten Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), albeit not by name, for daring — the horror! — to resist Trump and speak openly about a third party. Word got out early Saturday that Sam Fischer was planning on introducing a resolution plainly aimed at Sasse at Saturday’s state convention threatening to pull support from Republicans who oppose Trump or advocate a third party. The senior senator, largely unknown outside her state and responsible for no significant legislation, denied knowing about her nephew’s actions in advance but surely could have stopped them from going forward. The resolution passed and will be a blight on the senior senator’s record, the sort of uncollegiality that made Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) a pariah with his peers and reminiscent of the thought-police tactics conservatives despise on college campuses. (Sen. Fischer seemed unmoved by Sasse’s many gracious remarks directed her way during his remarks.)

    Sasse is one of the last people in public life who would be intimidated by the likes of Fischer (the younger or elder) or Priebus. He can take pride in knowing he’s gotten under the Trumpkins’ skin and reduced them to foot-stomping and empty threats. When the 2016 election is in the rearview mirror, Trump is back at Trump Tower and Priebus is searching for work on K Street, Sasse and others who remained clear-headed during the Trump delusional era will have the standing to lead those who, up until 2016, considered themselves to be “Republicans.” Whether Sasse winds up exiting the party or stays to fight for its tarnished soul remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure: Principled Republicans will be with the Ben Sasses and not the Deb Fischers.”

  26. 400-8 says:

    400-8. So ask yourself. Are you with the 98% of Nebraska Republican convention delegates or the 2%? I believe our Party should have both. But gosh sometimes the 2% show up on blogs for comments when the 98% already made the statement loud and clear. 400-8

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      2% of party elites that are scrambling to stay in power so they can keep their “consulting” money rolling in. The same party elites who only worry about getting invited to the right parties and having a place at the table rather than worry about whether our nominee stands for the things we’ve fought for year after year.

      I can’t wait for the Nebraska GOP to call me for a donation next time. They’ll never see another red cent from me.

    • Sparkles says:

      April 28, 2016 – Washington Post –
      The GOP’s lost generation of millennial voters
      The GOP is poised to permanently lose a generation of voters.. ..New survey data suggest that young people have become increasingly averse to just about every plank in today’s creaky Republican Party platform.

      I know, I know.. just as before, the response to this article from most in the NEGOP will be, and I quote: “BS”.
      Not really a response, more of a guttural reflex.
      And, I’m aware this article and the Harvard and Pew polls it cites, will be rejected by nearly every single person who frequents this site.
      After all, you can’t use facts and empirical evidence to win an argument with people who don’t value facts and empirical evidence.

      Another example of a debilitating epistemic closure fostered by a failed public education system and fed by a predatory right wing entertainment complex that has destroyed the Republican party.

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