POLL: Bacon over Ashford & Trump over Hillary in #NE02

Don Bacon - Florence DaysA poll put out by the General Don Bacon for Congress campaign shows both the Republican nominee, Don Bacon ahead of his Democrat opponent Brad Ashford, as well as the likely Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, ahead of Hillary Clinton in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District.

The results:

Don Bacon (R)                        44.15%

Brad Ashford (D)                    42.38%

Steven Laird (L)                      5.09%

Undecided                                8.38%


Donald Trump (R)                  43.70%

Hillary Clinton (D)                 35.85%

Undecided                               20.45%

The poll conducted by The Singularis Group was an automated survey of 1,007 likely General Election voters in NE02 with a confidence interval of 95% and a margin of error of +/- 3.08%

This is the first public head-to-head poll with Bacon and Ashford, and Trump-Clinton in Nebraska.


  1. Way to go NEGOP... says:

    *****because it is important, I am reposting my comment from the previous thread again to this thread*****

    **Google: RNC bullies do Clinton’s work for her**

    (and before the Fischer News Network deletes this comment, please note that I am not copying and pasting an entire article. Just two paragraphs of an longer article — just as commenter Soup for Sasse did at 10:07am)

    Way to go NEGOP… in an attempt to “unify” the GOP you have done nothing but alienate a good portion of the GOP. While yes, the resolution did pass — it is important to point out that a state convention is mostly controlled by the GOP political class and GOP paid-political hacks (aka Sam Fischer). Anyone who has been paying attention knows that these are the same folks who opposed Senator Sasse when he ran for the U.S. Senate in 2014.

    I have also been watching Ben Sasse since he got to the U.S. Senate. He has bent over backwards to always be deferential and respectful to Senator Deb Fischer — even going so far to use a weekly column opportunity to do nothing but praise Fischer. It is truly disappointing that our senior senator — Deb Fischer — doesn’t have the same amount of class towards Senator Sasse.

    Finally, I was at the state convention. I had multiple people who have been around Nebraska politics for a long time tell me that while yes, Sam Fischer is his own man — if she wanted to Deb Fischer could have stopped what he is doing and stuck up for junior Senator and her colleague. However, she chose pettiness. The criticism from Jennifer Rubin is well deserved **Google: RNC bullies do Clinton’s work for her**

    A couple of excerpts from Rubin’s piece (just as commenter Soup for Sasse did at 10:07am):

    “Likewise, Sen. Deb Fischer’s nephew, a GOP consultant in Nebraska, set out to threaten Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), albeit not by name, for daring — the horror! — to resist Trump and speak openly about a third party. Word got out early Saturday that Sam Fischer was planning on introducing a resolution plainly aimed at Sasse at Saturday’s state convention threatening to pull support from Republicans who oppose Trump or advocate a third party. The senior senator, largely unknown outside her state and responsible for no significant legislation, denied knowing about her nephew’s actions in advance but surely could have stopped them from going forward. The resolution passed and will be a blight on the senior senator’s record, the sort of uncollegiality that made Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) a pariah with his peers and reminiscent of the thought-police tactics conservatives despise on college campuses. (Sen. Fischer seemed unmoved by Sasse’s many gracious remarks directed her way during his remarks.)

    Sasse is one of the last people in public life who would be intimidated by the likes of Fischer (the younger or elder) or Priebus. He can take pride in knowing he’s gotten under the Trumpkins’ skin and reduced them to foot-stomping and empty threats. When the 2016 election is in the rearview mirror, Trump is back at Trump Tower and Priebus is searching for work on K Street, Sasse and others who remained clear-headed during the Trump delusional era will have the standing to lead those who, up until 2016, considered themselves to be “Republicans.” Whether Sasse winds up exiting the party or stays to fight for its tarnished soul remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure: Principled Republicans will be with the Ben Sasses and not the Deb Fischers.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Donald Trump (R) 43.70%
    Hillary Clinton (D) 35.85%
    Undecided 20.45%

    20% undecided is bizarre. Seems like a poor poll.

    • Striker says:

      20% undecided in no way surprises me in this particular year. Interesting times we’re living in, that’s for sure.

  3. Mizzou Matt says:

    How can 20% be undecided between two candidates that literally everyone is talking about and only 8% undecided for two candidates no one has ever heard of.

    This one doesn’t pass the smell test.

  4. The Eye Ball says:

    That is very good news for the Bacon camp. They got a small target of voters to get to but their challenge will be GOTV. Bet that DCCC ad did wonders for Bacon.

    As for Trump, he will never close the gap in spite of 20 percent undecided. He and Hillary are radioactive. Libertarians may get 10 percent of the vote and district 2 goes for a President Hillary.

  5. Sparkles says:

    Trump announces that when elected President, he will appoint Bobby “The Brain” Heenan to head up the Department of Homeland Security.

    Andrew Dice Clay has been offered the role as Secretary of State, still awaiting his reply.

    They believe Brick Tamland has accepted an appointment to head up the Select Committee on Intelligence. His response to the offer was: “LOUD NOISES!!!!”

  6. DUH says:

    VERY interesting article about our good Senator Ben Sasse over on DangerAndPlay . com. I am beginning to wonder who exactly is pulling the strings on this guy.

      • Good Times says:

        What I find interesting (and disturbing) is that BS has no qualms about speaking negatively of Mr. Trump, yet he still hasn’t publicly disavowed Dennis Hastert. Why is that, I wonder?

    • Good Times says:

      Not surprised. Not in the least. The content of that story reminds me of the ‘Franklin Cover-up” from the 1980’s.

      All of this reminds me of the old adage that touched on how those who seek power are the last ones who should be wielding it. Most of these politicians, from both parties, should not be trusted – at all.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t Sasse literally running away from questions in Omaha to attack Nebraska GOPers from the safety of Washington DC the definition of establishment hack?

    • Are you sure? says:

      I’m not sure what you are talking about. I just read the Joe Morton article and it sounds like Sasse is just sticking to his guns, but praising a strong GOP party in Nebraska and the grassroots activists. What are you seeing that I’m not?

      Here is what Joe reported: “I have lots of respect for grassroots activists in the Republican Party in the state who’ve built a really good state Republican party,” Sasse said. “Nebraska is a well-governed place because we have a lot of hard-working people at the local level.”

      • To Are You Sure says:

        ““I don’t really spend any time on short-term issues like a resolution at one convention meeting because the people who are at that are not necessarily representative of what most Americans think and what most Nebraskans think” You omitted the Money Shot. “Are You Sure”

  8. Sid the Kid says:

    So if Donald Trump tweets that Deb Fischer is a “third rate hooker”, the Nebraska GOP cannot oppose? What time did they start serving drinks at the convention? This is certified silliness.

  9. Mert the Avenger says:

    Wow. All these comments bringing up shaky evidence and saying disparaging comments coming from nowhere. It’s almost like the comment section is filled with political operatives from the campaigns of those hoping to run against Sasse in 2020.

    • What’s hilarious is how the GOP establishment has hijacked the Trump bandwagon and is using it against its real enemies, conservatives. And, orfcourse, drooling Trumpkin inbreds are too dumb to see that.

      • Just My 2 Cents says:

        What is your definition of a “conservative” politician? (This is going to be fun)

      • A conservative is one who believes in the Constitution as it was written, separation of powers, limited government, and a few other things. Obviously, Trump wouldn’t know our constitution from that of the former USSR, has no clue about separation of powers, and loves big government.

      • The Grundle King says:

        “(This is going to be fun)”

        I’d love to see how you’re going to take issue with that definition of “conservative”. To do so would only further affirm that you don’t know what a ‘conservative’ is because you’ve never been one.

    • Anonymous says:

      No Mert, more likely Republican voters who got screwed and bamboozled by a flim-flam man and wish they had their 2014 votes, work and donations back.

  10. Fremont Walmart says:

    Who is Ben Sasse? We never see him or his family. Rumor is they shop at Whole Foods and Village Pointe in Omaha

    • Just My 2 Cents says:

      He knows he can’t win a 2nd term as a Nebraska Senator, so I expect he will run for President in 2020, lose, then go to work with the same firm that employs Lee Terry. What a bunch of maroons the Nebraska GOP electorate is, Lol!

    • Run Ben run says:

      I thought he was going for a sale at NFM after scurrying from the convention with that reporter chasing him

  11. Anonymous says:

    I think Sasse knew once he came out with the 3rd Party scheme that he dashed his chances of running for re-election here. This is all pointing to raising his profile over the next four years so he can run for President in 2020. Why does Nebraska keep electing U.S. Senators with egos so big that they think they’re Presidential material? This guy is not, he’s all fluff and platitudes. Making lecturing speeches to Congress doesn’t instill gravitas in you Ben. It just makes you look like a pandering fool. Trump, for all his failings, has gravitas. The man has built an empire, employed 1,000’s and dealt with all kinds of people in the business world. Sasse may think that Trump is not respectable enough to be President but then how does he think that HIS background is better than Trump’s? Unbelievably arrogant.

  12. BTW, check out PJ ORourke’s hilarious endorsement of Clinton in the Daily Beast. Paraphrasing, “Vote Hillary, because she’s only the second worst thing that could happen to America”

  13. The Grundle King says:

    It’s sad to see what Sweeper’s boosterism of Trump has done to the site, particularly the comments section.

    We’ve always tolerated Sparkles and BTO because, even though they hold viewpoints at extreme odds with most conservatives, they occasionally present arguments that are based on facts and truth. 😉

    The Trumpkins, on the other hand, offer nothing more than the shallow, vapid words of people who want to anoint Trump…a jackass dressed like an elephant…as king. They don’t want a leader with constitutional constraints and respect for the powers reserved by the other branches of government (those are the judicial and legislative branches for any Trump followers that might be reading). All they really want is a guy who rules by fiat…but by their fiat. And the most ridiculous thing is that they think they’re going to get it. We seem to be fast approaching a tipping point in our country, where we’re no longer a nation of laws but a nation of men (or more likely women, come November). They seem willing to throw away everything our founding fathers built to empower the birther-in-chief.

    And, in the spirit of “party loyalty”, Sweeps seems fine with going along with them.

    Screw party unity. If the GOP is to become a party that supports abortion, stifles religious freedom, abandons world-wide allies, and chases its tail by trying to make Mexico fence itself in…then screw the GOP. And screw all 400 of those state convention delegates who value pride over principle. They had a chance to show us voters…those of us who believe a man is defined by the size of the organ in his skull, not by the organ in his trousers…that they stand for something more than the low information rubes who actually believe Trump is a ‘conservative’, or fit to lead anything beyond a reality TV show.

    Instead, they chose to ignore principle, and support ‘the guy’ solely because he is ‘the guy’.

    Or maybe they really did reveal their principles…which means they’ve been lying to us for years.

    I’m not sure which is more disappointing.

    • Actually, I always liked BTO, even as I thought his opinions were idiotic. He was harder on his own party than on us, which bespeaks a certain integrity. And we share a similar Irish temperament, perhaps.

      • The Grundle King says:

        I’d tend to agree. Ideologically, I can’t find much common ground with the man, but he demands integrity from his party…rather than conformity. If you don’t have integrity, you truly have nothing.

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