Sasse trashes Nebraska Republicans

Sasse - NEGOP convention exitAfter a vote by 400+ delegates at the Nebraska Republican Convention on Saturday where they expressed near unanimous disapproval of Senator Ben Sasse’s call for a Third Party Presidential candidate, Sasse went back to Washington and bashed Nebraska Republicans.

He told the Washington press, after he gave a blistering speech at the American Enterprise Institute, that the Nebraska GOP delegates:

“…are not necessarily representative of what most Americans think and what most Nebraskans think.”

A more tone-deaf and insulting statement has probably never been uttered in Nebraska politics.

(Note the OWH’s Washington correspondent wrote a story on this, but it is difficult to find on their web page. Here is the link.)


The magnitude of the insult that Sasse just threw at Nebraskans is stunning.

First, Sasse went to the Nebraska Republican Convention last Saturday knowing that the delegates there were anxious to hear him speak about his views on the Presidential election. Nothing has been more on the minds of political observers than this.

When the national press talks and writes about “Third Party”, you can almost guarantee that Ben Sasse’s name will follow.


Because that is all Ben Sasse has been talking about in social media and the news for the past six months.

He has been interviewed by the national press specifically about his political views.
He has had late night Twitter wars with Donald Trump.
He prints a 1,500 word manifesto on Facebook on why he thinks there needs to be an alternative to the Republican Party.

So the anticipation was great when he entered the room on Saturday.

But then he offered a bit of pablum to those in attendance, saying that he realized they have “differences.”

And then he launched into a speech that many in the room complained was the exact same one he gave to the county conventions. A nice speech, mind you, about his daughter’s experience at a ranch. But a) a repeat, and b) not what people were hoping to hear.

To top it all off, Sasse then went to the back of the noisy room (he was difficult to hear when you were 6 inches away) and spoke at reporters for one minute and 45 seconds. After he rejected a local TV reporter’s pleas to give her one minute on camera in the lobby, and ignored the local newspaper reporter’s questions about his Third Party plans, he abruptly stormed out of the room, with the TV reporter chasing him.

So no new speech. And no time for the local press.


But then Ben Sasse returned to the friendly confines of Washington, D.C.

And he took the stage in front of the DC elite cognoscenti at the American Enterprise Institute. He was the keynote speaker for their “Vision Talks”. (Clearly not speaking to the Nebraska rubes at a Century Link conference room.)

There he opined about

“…economic models throughout history, from hunter-gatherer societies to the new digital information age.

“When he tied his economic analysis to politics, he leaned into the ‘plague on both your houses’ critique of the major parties, describing them as ‘two failed enterprises.'”

Maybe it is not surprising that Sasse did not have the courage to tell the Nebraska Republican Party’s delegates that theirs is a “failed enterprise”.


But Sasse also was comfortable enough with his Washington DC press to tell them how out of touch he thinks those same Nebraskans are.

Nebraskans, and Republican delegates like Governor Pete Ricketts and Senator Deb Fischer. Delegates like State Senators Bill Kintner, Joni Craighead, Laura Ebke, Merv Riepe, Nicole Fox, Ken Schilz and Bob Hilkemann. Former Senators like Chris Abboud, Scott Lautenbaugh and Tony Fulton. Delegates like City Councilwoman Aimee Melton, and County Election Commissioners Brian Kruse and Wayne Bena.

And those are just some of the elected officials who ALSO took the time and effort to be part of their county parties, then garner enough votes from those around them to become state delegates.

That doesn’t count the over 300 delegates who are just involved in their party, because they want to be involved.


But Ben Sasse is probably right. The Nebraska Republican delegate AREN’T necessarily representative of how most Nebraskans think.

For instance, the NEGOP delegates think it’s important to VOTE. Heck an overwhelmingly majority of Nebraskans — 75% — didn’t think that was important to do last Tuesday. (And yet, 60% of those Republicans who DID vote still filled the oval for Sasse’s sworn enemy, Donald Trump.)

And don’t say Nebraskans didn’t vote because they were mad that Ted Cruz dropped out. Because NEGOP delegates know that it’s important to vote for your House race, your state Senator and your School Board rep.

Most Nebraskans don’t think it is worth their time to educate themselves about the local bond issue or about who is running for NRD Board.

Most Nebraskans don’t think it is important to work at the polls on Election Day. Most don’t think it is worth their time to volunteer at their schools or places of worship or Little League.

But Nebraska Republican delegates think ALL of those things are important enough to give them their time and attention and effort.

So maybe they don’t think like a majority of Nebraskans.
But because of the way they DO think, Ben Sasse should be giving them twice as much attention.

Instead of insulting them and dismissing them out of hand.


Leavenworth St. will have more on this and other issues this afternoon.

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  1. DC Sasse says:

    Ben Sasse filed his divorce papers yesterday and served them on the NEGOP. The so called man of the Constitution clearly disregards it when is suits him.

  2. NEGOP all talk says:

    Why doesn’t Street Sweeper divulge themselves in this post. You can attack Sasse all you want but grow a pair and put your name behind it.

  3. What an awful post! It contains every hackneyed jackass cliché imaginable (Washington Insider, huh huh, elitist, aloof). But then Sweeper has been snarky about Sasse from the get go. Hard to see it as other than mindless anti-intellectualism.

    Outta here, guy. Kiss your new Trumpkin friends for me.

      • Sweeper = Fischer News Network says:

        But it is true that Sweeper is essentially controlled by the Fischers correct? I mean, it is the Fischer News Network. We don’t need any more proof than the fact that Deb Fischer has been getting taken to the woodshed by conservative media for her actions at this past weekend’s GOP Convention — but guess where you won’t read about that? Yep, you won’t see it here.

    • Sparkles says:

      “mindless anti-intellectualism.”

      The stock and trade of the Murdoch/Ailes GOP for two decades. Ailes is indeed a brilliant man.
      Of course Fox, Hate Radio and the Breitbart Right didn’t create a culture of anti-intellectualism. They merely pumped it full of steroids and exploited it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out Prof. You’re a Libertarian anyway so no need to get wrenched over NEGOP politics.

    • Sparkles says:


      You need to stick around.
      You can’t surrender to the lunacy that has overcome so much of the right.
      Someone has to be here to shed light, not just heat.

      You and Grundle are two of most well informed, thoughtful and reasonable voices on this site.
      You both need to be here to push back against this contagion.

      It may not be readily apparent, but for the sake my children and grandchildren, I actually give a shit that we have a functioning, engaged and thoughtful Republican party.
      A party ideas and solutions. It used to be that way. It needs to be that way again if we hope to continue to lead the world and control our own destiny.

      You can’t give in to the idiocy that is Trump.
      He’ll be gone after the first week of November, the Trumpkin mania will fade and someone needs to be there to reclaim and rebuild the party.

  4. Tony Oberley says:

    If Republican State Convention delegates are “unrepresentive” of Nebraska voters, then what about the 62% of Nebraska voters that just handed Trump the Nebraska Primary win? Are they unrepresentative too Sasse? Hurry up, run away from the reporters.

    • Mert The Avenger says:

      60% of the 25% who showed up is not a massive outpouring of support. The last two republicans who lost in the general got 70% and above in the Nebraska Primary. Bush, who lost the popular vote got 78% in Nebraska. 40% of the people who showed up voted against Trump and he is the only one running. Any hack blogger that is pushing something else has an agenda.

      • Anonymous says:

        Were they running against four other up until Primary very viable Republicans whose names were still on ballot, a/k/a Rubio, Cruz, Carson and Kasich? Who by the way had had tons of media attention thourgh a dozen debates? These weren’t no names on the ballot next to Trump. They were candidates with huge followings and who were still voted for by their fans in the Nebraska Primary. So it’s not even comparable. For Trump to get 61% of THAT (Cruz 18%, Kasich 11%, Carson 5% and Rubio 3%) speaks volumes!

    • Sweeper = Fischer News Network says:

      Not hard to get 62% of the vote when YOU ARE RUNNING AGAIST NO ONE. I think the bigger question — why did 40% of Nebraska Republicans vote against a guy who was RUNNING AGAINST NO ONE.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        Come on, Cruz, Carson, Rubio, and Kasich were all on the ballot. And there were a lot of early votes before Cruz dropped out just a few days prior.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Yes, they were all on the ballot. Yes, they’d all effectively dropped out of the race…and quite publicly I might add.

        For every early vote for Cruz, there were probably just as many early votes for Trump.

        So it boils down to whether the Cruz, Kasich, and Rubio voters actually showed up to vote in the same strength of numbers as Trump voters. I think it’s a safe guess that they didn’t.

  5. NE GOP Faithful says:

    Really Jerry?

    Ben Sasse “trashes Nebraska Republicans”…”bashed Nebraska Republicans”…

    “A more tone-deaf and insulting statement has probably never been uttered in Nebraska politics.”

    Could you make more hyperbolic statements?

    The truth of the matter is that many, many NE Republicans are just as offended by Trump as Ben is and at this point don’t even want to talk about the presidential election.

    “But the NE GOP delegation ‘unanimously’ voted for a resolution to keep GOP elected officials from backing a 3rd party candidate” – apparently you weren’t talking to those in the back halls that just didn’t want to cause more derision by pushing back against the GOP “party bosses” (slight exaggeration in that term…only slight).

    Ben’s attempt at party unity was to avoid the divisive issue altogether and keep from being baited into it by the media. The NE GOP on the other hand couldn’t keep from flogging a dead horse and pushing a resolution against Sasse that just pissed off more of the party faithful that either will switch party registration and/or not vote this November at all.

    Why can’t we be smart enough as NE Republicans to focus and highlight our local races that involve people we ACTUALLY respect and stop giving so much attention to an already divisive issue that frankly is a lose-lose debate in our party (and saying Sasse started it isn’t a legitimate excuse to continue this divisive discussion – grow up and ignore it)

    • Anonymous says:

      Ben Sasse’s people were the ones pushing the divisiveness. They were the ones who pushed the resolution Vince Powers jumped on as evidence GOP is a racist party.

      Those in the back halls were guests, not delegates, so they couldn’t vote. If they were delegates and could vote and just stayed silent, then they (and you) have no right to bitch. If you don’t feel the GOP is worth your effort, feel free to leave.

      By the way, I have helped out with many local elections this year. I haven’t seen Ben Sasse or any of his people help out one iota.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sasse did start it. He craves the national media attention. He’s been speaking about it for months with his face and name plastered all over social media as the darling of the conservative movement. For you to assert that suddenly Sasse was trying to save us all from embarrassment and division at the GOP Convention is absurd. He started the division and 400 Delegates responded to it appropriately! But wait, the vote on Resolutions came AFTER the politicos spoke and Sasse was one of the first ones up. He ran away from the issue even after the polite Nebraskans welcomed him with a standing ovation. Then he ran even further away by not responding to the media after his happy talk about pulling calvies. You and he can’t have it both ways. If he thought there would be no vocal outcry from rank and file Republicans to his touting a third party then he woefully understimated Nebarskans.

  6. Jones says:

    The sad part is that even if Nebraskans throw Sasse out of office when he comes up for re-election, he still walks away with a pension worth $170,000 or so for life.

      • Mert The Avenger says:

        Of course he is and that is why all is this coming up. The people that want to challenge Sasse orchestrated a public slap in the face in order to weaken a candidate. There is no other reason to do it. This is what people hate about politics. Sam Fischer and Deb want somebody else in that seat, so they are positioning themselves for another candidate. This wasn’t about a third party candidate. It was about working to get somebody positioned to challenge Sasse in 2020.

        And Street Sweeper has lost any integrity he has by publishing a hit piece with one side of the argument. He has become the PR firm for the Fischers. Not surprising from a lawyer who doesn’t live in Nebraska.

    • Mert The Avenger says:

      Two problems. You can’t revoke a sitting Senator in Nebraska. Sasse nor any Senator has $170K for life. That isn’t even true that they have a salary for life. I looked it up.

  7. Jmurra says:

    I think many Nebraskans are smart enough to vote for an acceptable candidate, as an individual with respectable skills and integrity, rather than simply voting for “a party”. Just voting for ” a party” up and down the line shows a lack of intelligence, voting for the best person for the job is the smart way- and the way most Nebraskans likely think. Q: if only 60% of Republicans voted for Trump last week, and add that to all Democrats that voted last week, does that mean that an actual majority of Nebraska citizens desire someone other than Trump?

  8. Delusional Sasse says:

    Ben’s war on Nebraskans continues! Ben has told his DC press buddies to go after Deb Fisher. Great work Ben!

    • Mert The Avenger says:

      This is a massive hit piece with all opinion and slant. I would imagine done only to drive attendance to his website for more readership or to maintain access to NEGOP elites who don’t represent Nebraskans based on how they vote in the unicam. 400 people in a room who voted anonymously for a statute saying “nobody in the Republican Party should endorse a third party candidate” doesn’t mean that the 1.8M people in the state think Sasse is awful and want him reprimanded. It is a ridiculous statement and position. The fact that Street Sweeper (A lawyer from KC) published this piece trying to torpedo Sasse shows that he is simply in bed with those that want him out in 2020. THIS is what selling out looks like.

  9. Just Sayin' says:

    The NEGOP delegates think it’s important to VOTE that is why they tabled the resolution that the Nebraska Republican Party strongly opposes all degrading remarks towards women, minorities and other individuals.

    • Back to Business says:

      It was tabled because it was a political land mine that would have blown up in the faces of every Republican candidate for office no matter how the vote went.

      A yes vote, and every Republican candidate would be required to distance themselves from the Presidential nominee. This would have hurt their data collection and money. A no vote, and every Republican candidate is painted a racist and sexist.

      Tabling this vote was the only way to get back to the business of the party, electing Republicans up and down the ballot.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Yes. Heaven forbid Republicans try to cling to what little moral high ground they still hold.

  10. Question for sweeper says:

    Why no mention of current auditor and former state senator Charlie Janssen in your list of delegates?

  11. Conservative Voter says:

    Excellent article.

    Sasse is quite possibly the absolute worst politician ever from Nebraska. He has maybe a 25% chance of winning reelection here in 2020.

  12. The Grundle King says:

    “A more tone-deaf and insulting statement has probably never been uttered in Nebraska politics.”

    And never has it been more deserved.

    Sweeps has jumped the shark. I truly hope Gerard doesn’t part ways…but I’m certainly not going to. I’m going to watch this shit-show ’til the bitter end.

    Another commenter noted: “62% of Nebraska voters that just handed Trump the Nebraska Primary win”

    In a one-man race. How impressive. He was the only candidate who was still running a campaign, and still only 6/10 people who bothered to show up to vote actually selected him. Trumpkins regard that as a sign of how much Nebraskans like him. In truth, it’s more indicative of how many people don’t.

    • Maybe not says:

      I don’t like Trump and did not vote for him, but let’s be honest. It was far from a “one-man race.” There were numerous names on the ballots and even just a couple of days many thought Cruz had a chance to still win Nebraska. Even Cruz himself on election day mused about winning Nebraska. To discount the 62% vote out of hand is probably a little premature.

      • The Grundle King says:

        I disagree. When Cruz ‘suspended’ his campaign (probably one of the dumbest moves ever if he maintained any hope of winning more states) and Kasich effectively dropped out, that pretty well sealed the race. I’d imagine that, for a lot of folks, the presidential primary was the only vote on their ballot that actually determined an outcome. Once the outcome was already decided, why bother showing up to vote?

    • Anonymous says:

      It wasn’t a one man race . If you voted on the Republican ballot you saw Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Kasich, all of which still had plenty of following in this State. Even if they had suspended their campaigns the people who wanted their particular candidate had the opp to vote for them. Cruz 18%, Kasich 11% Carson 5% Rubio 3%, add that to Trump’s 62%.

      • The Grundle King says:

        And what I’m telling you is that, knowing their vote was pretty much immaterial, a lot of them probably didn’t bother to vote at all.

  13. Pete Still Needs a Win says:

    In an Esquire piece I read by Charlie Pierce he said Sasse was a “popular young conservative” Popular with whom? Nobody I know can stand the guy. In that story Pierce also said the Nebraska GOP voted down the idea that politicians stop being misogynists. That resolution failed. Nice going Nebraska GOP!
    Sasse is one weird person. His kids do not go to school and he seems obsessed with using his children as political props. This does not sound like good parenting to me.
    I do wish Sasse would run for President though. Then tough questions can be asked by national reporters. Such as : Did Ben Sasse have a hand in writing the so called “torture memos” when Sasse was at Justice under W bush? And; how much did Sasse know and when did he know about the US House page scandal involving Mark Foley when Sasse was a supervisor of the pages in 2006.
    Lord knows Joe Morton won’t ask Sasse about this.


    • Conservative Voter says:

      Most poiticians are little more than well-paid pimps anyway, so color me unsurprised if the above does indeed ring with truth.

    • The Grundle King says:


      You sure you shouldn’t be giving yourself more ‘attaboys’ in the LJS comment section? You wanna talk about creepy? Creepy is telling everyone how great your own letter is. Do you have split personalities? One goes by Rick, while the other goes by Ricky?

      • Pete Still Needs a Win says:

        I did not use the word creepy in my post. I said weird. Yea I did praise myself in the LJS for a little fun. And there is a reason I use Ricky sometimes and Rick some other times. Right now my facebook page says RICK, not RICKY. Want to know why that is?

    • bynd says:

      Ricky, Here we go again. Either you didn’t have kids, which would have been one of the greatest blessing ever bestowed on the earth or, you were one of the lousiest parents ever. You lie about Ben’s children not going to school. Has to be lie as the authorities would be after him if they didn’t. And the scientific facts are, home schooled children are pretty much ahead of public school children in every measure. You being a perfect example of the failed public school system and Arizona state. And please, for our edification, tell us the last time you saw Sasse’s kids in a political ad. Will you ever get over your hatred and bigotry? And could you please find something new to write about. You’ve written about the same thing ever since Sasse got elected. Or is that all the thoughts you can handle in one life time.

      • Pete Still Needs a Win says:

        Until I get my questions answered I will keep asking them. And there is no doubt whatsoever that I am a better parent than Sasse. I would never use my children for political gain for example.

  14. Mert The Avenger says:

    The audacity of Street Sweeper to say that Sasse had the “most tone deaf and insulting” statement in Nebraska political history. WHAT? Ironic that this statement by Street Sweeper might be the most tone deaf and idiotic statement in Nebraska Political History. Sasse, in discussing this one resolution, says that the 290 delegates in the room don’t represent how the majority of Nebraskans feel about their two choices for President. This is backed up the the Primary vote. 75% of the people don’t show because of lack of excitement about their choices. Those that do, vote 40% against Trump with no other candidate running.

    SW, stop the rhetoric to support your boy, Sam Fischer and his puppeteer Deb Fischer.

  15. The Eye Ball says:

    Oh for God’s sake! Where is the grown up party? Should I send a box of tissues to the NEGOP?

    Get a back bone and realize there is truth in what Sasse says. Stop being a whiny child.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whiny? Because NEGOP has the audacity to ask their Republican elected officials not to promote Third Party runs, especially for President when the stakes are this high? Why don’t you tell the anti-Trump people to grow up and get behind the only candidate who can beat Hillary?

      • Tony Oberley says:

        The Anti Trump people are the same ones who said we “had” to back Romney and McCain, remember?

      • DUH says:


        Yes, we ALL remember, which is Trump is kicking ass even with all the lies and distortions being run in the media by both the DNC and GOP ’round the clock.

        I love watching these turds lose control.

      • Really NEGOP? says:

        You mean because the NEGOP wants to (try) limit the speech of people that don’t agree with them? How in tune with the 1st Amendment of them…

  16. GOPER says:

    @Mert the Sasse hack…

    can you at least post under your real name? Jordan Gehrke? I think all of us remember you from the senate primary.

    Defend your boss under your own name. He is a U.S. Senator now, Not some transplant from DC giving us all the aw shucks routine…

    If Sasse wants to destroy the party fine. He could have at least been a man about it instead of running out of the room like a child after giving a speech about how he politically exploits his children.

    • Pot / Kettle says:

      That’s rich. Someone hiding behind a made up username calling out someone else to post with their own name. Have you ever heard of the saying: that’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Mert The Avenger says:

      Hey Goper,

      Not Gehrke. Nebraska born. Not in politics and don’t work for Sasse. In business and so I remain anonymous so that jerk offs who disagree with me don’t effect my livelihood. I started the account so I could bitch about Bo Pelini who, at the time, everybody loved. Then when he got fired, everybody jumped on the bandwagon and hated him. Then I got into the political race.

      If you read some tweets today between Sasse camp and Street Sweeper, you would hear that Sasse was speaking at a commencement and told everybody that before he spoke. He had to rush out to make it. Seem like a very reasonable explanation.

  17. Gehrke says:

    @Mert the Sasse hack…

    can you at least post under your real name? Jordan Gehrke? I think all of us remember you from the senate primary.

    Defend your boss under your own name. He is a U.S. Senator now, Not some transplant from DC giving us all the aw shucks routine…

    If Sasse wants to destroy the party fine. He could have at least been a man about it instead of running out of the room like a child after giving a speech about how he politically exploits his children.

  18. Wah wa says:

    Ben looked like a sniveling snot nosed crybaby, did he have tears in his eye when his ass was spanked, running off, head half turned, What a candy ass, run back to DC and blow your mouth.

  19. Sparkles says:

    Even right wing web site Red State calls out the NEGOP, in an article titled –
    “Why do Deb Fischer and the Nebraska GOP Approve of Degrading Remarks about Women and Minorities?”

    • Tony Oberley says:

      Red State has been on the #NeverTrump bandwagon from the beginning. Of course they are going to say that.

      • Mert The Avenger says:

        Um. Not a democrat so I can only assume it is because they are pandering to the black vote.

      • bynd says:

        Yet they continually cream the Dems. I guess that makes you worse than a loser. How stupid to degrade your self like that. But then as has been pointed out, you can’t cure stupid. Poor
        Ricky, it is a life long malady.

  20. Tony Oberley says:

    I just got an email from Team Sasse where he seems to be walking back some of his criticisms of Nebraska Republicans. Anyone else get that email yet? Here’s a quote:
    “I have lots of respect for grass-roots activists in the Republican Party in the state who’ve built a really good state Republican Party,” Sasse said. “Nebraska is a well-governed place because we have a lot of hard-working people at the local level.”

    • Sweeper = Fischer News Network says:

      I got the same email, but how is it him walking anything back. I looked it up — that exactly what he said — it is just Sweeper that took it out of context to try and hit Sasse. Read Joe Morton’s story from today.

      Once again, Sweeper (uh, Sam Fischer / er, Deb Fischer) takes things completely out of context to attack someone who Deb Fischer feels threatened by… maybe sometime in our lifetime Sweeper will actually post something where his bias doesn’t show through…

      • bynd says:


        Yet here you are and here you stay!

        The only thing better is watching zealots argue who is the most moral or most electable. They seem to be mutually exclusive.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nope, I still see the comment of Sasse saying the delegates of the Nebraska Republican Party (elected at the county level to REPRESENT their counties) don’t represent Nebraska

  21. The Burrite says:

    Yes, I’m sure the people who went to vote in the GOP Primary were completely representative of the population as a whole (sarcasm dripping, yet again). The narcissistic Trump voters were the ones who had the incentive to go vote and not every district had down-ballot races to draw people in. The insiders of the party are in no way representative of the population at -large, they are nowhere near intelligent enough to hold a candle to those who do not mire themselves in the party politics. Fischer’s what you get and Fischer’s what you deserve.

      • The Burrite says:

        I do love when people make the assumption that they know who someone is. I believe Dr. Harbison has never been one to shy away from using his name, so I don’t know why he would now.

  22. Pete Still Needs a Win says:

    Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. I agree with Sasse that Trump is a fool and will be a complete drag on the GOP in November. It will be a bloodbath.
    And I do agree with Pete Ricketts on one thing at least; expanded gambling, casinos and what not, are a very bad idea. Loserbaugh is getting money from the gambling interests to get that on the ballot. That would be stupid. Let the low intelligent people go to Iowa to throw their money down the drain.
    By the way Loserbaugh and Nordquist and Mello are big buds from South O. The former two quit while the quitting was good and now Mello is gone from the Unicam. He accomplished a lot and had a good run I’d say. Hope he does run against the awful Stothert for Omaha mayor.

  23. Macdaddy says:

    Sasse should have had the power of his convictions to get up before the convention and laid out his case for why not Trump. I think I made that point yesterday.

    Having said that, you people really need to get a grip. You’re griping about a guy who votes the way you want him to vote, but because he doesn’t kiss Trump’s ring like Ricketts and Fischer clearly have, you want to destroy him. To what end? Revenge? To get somebody more progressive like Trump? In the meantime, the losers in the Unicam are ruining our state. You want to primary somebody, there are 24 Republicans in Lincoln who deserve it for the real damage they have done our state. Other than hurt feelings, what damage has Sasse done? None. In the meantime, there were elected officials in that hall who should have been booed until they left. You are all focused on the wrong thing. Go take your Ritalin and let’s get this state back on track.

    • anon says:

      Let me get you in on something-Trump won and Ben has little support, you should have known that by Ben’s actions, that of a loser

      • The Grundle King says:

        Excellent post Macdaddy, and I think you nailed it. Trumpkins are pissed because those of us with fully functional brains refuse to kneel to Trump. Really pissed. So pissed, in fact, they seem fully content to cut off their nose to spite their face.

        Hopefully their prosthetic noses are more lifelike than Trump’s hair.

    • Tony Oberley says:

      Sure he can do that. But we aren’t upset about it because we want revenge or want to destroy him. We are upset about it because we think Sasse’s anti Trump, 3rd party nonsense could cost Trump a very critical election. Remember Reagan’s 11th commandment?

      • Macdaddy says:

        No, Sasse will not. Trump will cost Trump the election. If Trump were worried what a Third Party candidate would do, he would try to address the concerns of #NeverTrump. As it is, like Obama, he doesn’t give two s***s what anybody else thinks about him or what they want. As for the 11th commandment, Trump threw that out of the penthouse window at his first debate, rode the elevator down to the lobby, said hi to Caitlyn Jenner coming out of the Ladies Room, went outside, and stomped it to bits.

  24. Lets not forget says:

    Sasse was at the NEGOP convention. He has been very vocally anti-Trump since before the Iowa caucuses. Yet he dismissed talking about the presidential race, calling it small, and instead retold the story of his daughter at a ranch that he told to the county conventions.

    After his speech, he again dismissed the third-party stuff he was pushing VERY publicly on his twitter only 10 days before, again calling it small matters. Then refused to answer questions from Nebraska media, and flew back to DC to spoke about the very thing he refused to talk about in Nebraska. Trump and his 3rd party idea.

    And in the process, said the party activists who help campaign for politicians at all levels in Nebraska didn’t represent Nebraska.

    I know Sasse has a young staff, and not all of them are from Nebraska, but being that big of an ass to loyal party activists is an incredibly dumb mistake. We won’t forget an insult like that, and we’ll remind our friends and neighbors. But even if Sasse isn’t primaried, why should anyone lift a finger to help him or his campaign?

    • Macdaddy says:

      Why? Well, what if he ends up with a high 90s lifetime ACU rating in 6 years? Which is more important? Getting the right things done or getting your feelings hurt?

      • anon says:

        He has what, a 96 rating, but it’s not what he has done, he went home to DC to show and tell us who he is, the picture above says it.

      • Been Sassy says:

        Sasse represents the very same establishment of the Republican Wing that basically rubber stamped Obama’s destructive agenda of the past 7+ years; thus, he should not be trusted regardless of his ACU Rating.

      • Macdaddy says:

        Sasse has been there a year and a half and has 100% ACU rating. How is that rubber-stamping Obama’s agenda? And “it’s not what he has done”???? WTF?!?! You really ought to think through your views before you throw out asinine statements like that, especially since you want to hand over the Presidency to an admitted progressive autocrat.

      • Been Sassy says:


        Sasse represents the very same establishment of the Republican Wing that basically rubber stamped Obama’s destructive agenda of the past 7+ years; thus, he should not be trusted regardless of his ACU Rating. Standing by my statement.

        Check out how govtrack . us has Sasse ranked. He is ranked as the 3rd-most PROGRESSIVE (aka LIBERAL) Republican Senator, and is tied for last place in LEADERSHIP.

        Sasse voted AGAINST legislation to block taxpayer funds from Planned Parenthood (Sept. 24, 2015). Was that vote “Conservative”?

        The guy is an empty suit who very likely votes for whatever keeps his party masters happy.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Funny how abortion and Planned Parenthood don’t matter to Trump supporters.

        Until they do matter.

  25. Old Lefty says:

    HEY! BTO!

    Ya wanna meet up at the state convention and throw chairs and hurl profanities with Bernie’s kids?

    While we’re there we could lead an anyone but Bud Pettigrew for National Committeeman faction.

    There’s no reason the Republicans should have all the fun reading about their convention in the Weird-Harold.

  26. Sparkles says:

    Following are quotes from Ben Sasse’s speech at AEI on Monday, May 16th.
    Every quote smacks of irrefutable truth –

    “ look at my party and you say what are we offering instead, we don’t have much of a vision for young people. We don’t have much to offer that’s optimistic and persuasive..”

    “The party that I’m a part of is largely suffering from a declining customer base, because root, sort of core Republican voters are dying,..”

    “When you talk to 18 to 22 year-old kids, they’re pretty dispirited. They know that Republicans have largely left the field..”

    April 20, Washington Post –
    “If you don’t have ideas, you got nothing, and frankly my Republican Party doesn’t like ideas,”
    – John Kasich

    • 21 year old independent voter says:

      Donald Trump has plenty of ideas AND more vision than any major politician in America. Gee, I wonder if that’s why Trump is WINNING and why Kasich lost, and why Sasse got the proverbial smack-down from his own state party.


      • 21 year old, independent of rational thought says:

        And the exciting thing about Trump – those ideas and delusions.. er, I mean visions, change by the hour.

      • The Grundle King says:

        @ Sassy,

        Yes, it is true…and you’d know that if you paid more attention to what he says about policy, and less attention to what he says about the size of his manhood. Though I can understand why that might be difficult, given your higher level of interest in the latter.

  27. Lil Mac says:

    Never Trump Republicans like Sasse and MacDaddy – apparently not Prof. Harbison who isn’t Republican — have the right to encourage a Third Party candidate like they have the right to encourage a Third Party in their marriage beds. An extra guy or gal under the sheets (which explains Mitt’s happiness with Third Parties because Mitt is a product of group marriage).

    The US Constitution is structured such that a two party system works albeit lumpy. Having lived where chief executives are often elected with less than 20%, I know the deadly weakness of such polygamous politics.

    However, it is ludicrous that Sasse, with his decades inside the DC beltway as a political analyst, thinks he is a bigger outsider than Trump. Or that Sasse thinks his Third Party would be less venal than the other two parties. Or that Sasse thinks he is a different and better sort of human being than American voters. That is, after all, what he is saying. He says he is a wiser, more perceptive, a better human being than are Nebraskans.

    Sasse’s viewpoint is a cloistered narrow view we usually sees in doctors named Mengele and Goebbels. People who craft systems such as national and soviet socialisms, who like Sasse find voting a stumbling block to them fixing people to be better, like Sasse himself.

    Trump just wants to be President. What Sasse wants is terrifying.

    • Sparkles says:

      “..thinks he is a bigger outsider than Trump.”

      One of the most remarkable contagions ever to afflict a body politic.
      GOP nominations have devolved into contests of who is least qualified for the job.

      Too bad we can’t pass a law mandating the election of Proctologists.
      I bet qualifications would suddenly become a priority for all those 50+ year old GOPers.

      By the way, PolitiFact has found Donald Trump to be the Least Truthful candidate ever to run for POTUS.
      I know, I know – Trumpkins don’t give a s#^& that every other word coming from Donald’s mouth is a lie.
      As long as he kicks out those dirty Mexicans, bombs the shit out a few mideast nations, surveils religious communities and creates databases of various ethnicities, shuts down parts of the internet, targets and kills the extended families of suspected terrorists, brings back waterboarding, locks up women for exercising their right to choose, builds up our military presence in the south China sea, cozy’s up to his pal Putin and forces all Americans to say ‘Merry Christmas’, well then all’s well in Trumpkin Land.
      And to make to coming long waits in the Soup Lines more tolerable, I hear Drumpf will soon be coming out with his own personal propaganda piece, The Trump Times.
      It will no doubt be voluminous, since it will be filled with ads for millions of homes recently repossessed by the now government run banking system.

      • bynd says:

        But now Trump is ahead of Hillary in the polls and she has a higher unfavorable rating. Although the Bern beats them both. Regardless of whose poll it is, they all are pretty meaningless at this time. So yes, Sparkles has been wasting a lot of his time on things that just don’t matter. But, it seems to trip his trigger:)

    • Macdaddy says:

      Decades inside the beltway? The guy is 44. He’s spent maybe 7 years in DC. Come on.

      As for your comparison to Goebbels and Mengele (BTW, Goebbels wasn’t a doctor), Trump is actually running on a nationalist platform and even chose the slogan “America First” which was the name of a pro-Hitler organization in pre-WW2. And you might want to pay attention to your boy Trump’s views on rights found in the Constitution. He’s not so fond of them.

      As for me, I won’t be voting Third Party, but neither will I vote for either Progressive candidate offered by the major parties.

    • The Grundle King says:

      This is close to the dumbest shit I’ve ever read.

      Choosing your preferred presidential candidate is in no way akin to choosing another partner to bring into your bed…because NOBODY is married to a goddamn political party.

      That’s why Trump the Democrat is suddenly Trump the Republican (*stifles vomit*).

      I’d venture a guess that the voters who are fans of adultery and infidelity are the ones voting for Trump, given his own inability to engage in a long-term commitment to anybody but himself.

  28. Been Sassy says:

    Can the state (Neb) GOP vote to remove Sasse from the Republican Party of Nebraska if Sasse begins serving as an obstacle to the Trump Administration? I imagine this is a question MANY state GOP Party officials will need to consider as some of these rogue GOP elected officials start to work WITH the liberals and AGAINST President Trump with regards to Trump’s plans to Make America Great Again.

    • Macdaddy says:

      Do you ever listen to yourself? You want to throw Sasse out because he doesn’t have his head as far up Trump’s ass as you do? What if Trump makes good on one of his many views that are un-Constitutional? Would it be ok if Sasse opposed him then or is it a case of: If Trump said it it must be true? Quit making Sparkles’ job too easy by being such a moron.

  29. Anonymous says:

    The Never Trump anger of a few loud Republicans is making Democrats and Independents comfortable voting for Trump as the GOP nominee. GOP voters have nowhere to go. Ryan, Romney and Sasse are helping Trump landslide in November.

    Never Trump Republicans seem unaware that their own PC out-PC’s the PC of Liberal Democrats who invented PC. It is the same GOP PC that drove many of Trump’s many primary opponents to rise up and kill themselves. Student of human behavior find this amazing to watch.

    • Sparkles says:

      “making Democrats and Independents comfortable voting for Trump”


      Gallup, January 11 –
      “Trump’s Image Among Democrats, Independents Most Negative of Any GOP Candidate”
      Trump’s Net Favorable among Independents -27; among Democrats -70

      April 14, CBS News –
      “Donald Trump ranks as the most unpopular top-tier presidential contender in more than 30 years of ABC News/Washington Post polls, trailing only former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke..”

      Apparently, you need to study harder.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        Quoting anti Trump media liberals doesn’t mean anything Sparkles. Trump has consistently outperformed the polls. That’s why his landslide primary victories have been so “shocking” to establishment people like you.

      • bynd says:

        Sparkles, apparently you need to get newer material. Really, Jan. 11? Even April 14 is last years news. But I believe you can’t find anything that is more timely that fits your delusions.

  30. bynd says:

    Yet BO used the same outline as Trump to get elected. Change. Maybe with different words, but the message was the same. It has proven to be a winner.

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