Sasse PR effort edits OWH story, fails to include apology

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 9.46.48 AMNebraska Senator Ben Sasse waged an all-out Public Relations battle yesterday, after telling Washington, D.C. reporters that delegates at the Nebraska Republican Convention were not “representative of what most Americans think and what most Nebraskans think.”

Yesterday Sasse…

• Paid for Facebook ads to say he was praising the NEGOP
• Held an interview with KFAB’s Chris Baker
• Held an interview with the Lincoln Journal-Star’s Don Walton
• Held an interview with the Nebraska Radio Network’s Brent Martin
• Sent out emails from the “Sasse for Senate” campaign address

It was that last one that was especially curious, for a couple of reasons.

First, you saw yesterday that Sasse’s comments (quoted above) after he gave his speech at the Washington, D.C. American Enterprise Institute, were reported exactly the same in the Washington Examiner and in Joe Morton’s story in the OWH.

Here is the Washington Examiner headline…


Washington Examiner headline


And here is the original, online OWH headline…


OWH online headline


Ah, but that was before the OWH’s print headline writer got their hands on it — or someone got to them.

Because the PRINT headline read:


OWH print heaadline


Now those two headlines for the same story in the OWH are just a bit different, eh?

Same story, mind you, where Senator Sasse says that Nebraska GOP delegates don’t represent most Nebraskans — and further that the Republican party is a “failed enterprise”.

But, “praises”…

And guess which headline Senator Sasse (still says “Republican” under his name) used in his campaign emails yesterday to Republican Party members. Except that he pulled quotes from the story and conveniently chopped out the intro paragraph that included Sasse hammering the NEGOP.

That email looked like this:

Sasse Email

And the paid Facebook ads used the same headline with a photo saying Sasse praises Nebraska activist.

On KFAB and in the LJS, Sasse talked like he has for months, about how he doesn’t like Donald Trump.

He also suggested to the Nebraska Radio Network that most Nebraska Republicans don’t want Trump. Which is an interesting position to take, seeing as Trump won 61% of the Republican vote statewide.

But Sasse did not address his suggestions of a Third Party candidate, and how this conflicts with his position as an elected Republican.

He certainly did not address his statement that Republican delegates don’t represent the ideas of Nebraskans. (Yet, still asks for donations in the email after bashing Nebraskans???)

And he did not apologize for going to Washington and trashing those Nebraskans.


Ashford loves Bacon (polls)

Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford has concurred with the recent poll put out by Republican General Don Bacon’s campaign that shows Bacon up on Ashford:

Ashford email

Well come now Brad. Your peeps, the DCCC noted that Bacon is the centrist candidate in this campaign.

And the polls agree with them:

Don Bacon (R) . . . . . . . 44.15%
Brad Ashford (D) . . . . . 42.38%
Steven Laird (L) . . . . . . . 5.09%
Undecided . . . . . . . . . . . 8.38%

So at least we are all in agreement.

The DCCC says General Don Bacon is the centrist candidate to represent the 2nd District in this campaign.
And Brad Ashford agrees with Bacon’s poll.


The Clintons and The Kleebs

Well, it took a week, but the OWH has discovered the Wall Street Journal’s story (which is now out from behind the paywall, so you can read for free) about Scott and Jane Kleeb’s “energy” company in Hastings, that is foisted up by tax payer money and Bill and Hillary Clinton’s non-profit foundation.

And here is a shocker.
Scott Kleeb, “could not respond in detail to the story now.

Could not or would not?


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  1. Tony Oberley says:

    He also has a front page article in the Lincoln Journal Star today. Among the quotes are ”
    Sen. Ben Sasse said Tuesday he understands that “a lot of Nebraskans are frustrated with me” over his refusal to support presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump”
    Asked about those convention events, Sasse said: “I don’t spend much time focusing on one resolution on one weekend.”

      • Is Sweeper Confused? says:

        Again, he used the headline from the newspaper, not sure that is editing. Then he used some excerpts from the article, which I read — he didn’t do any editing to those excerpts.

        How is what he did anything different than what Street Sweeper did yesterday by pulling less than one sentence out of a whole article to write a completely misleading post about Sasse? So it’s okay for Sweeper to “edit” an article so he an write a hit piece on Sasse?

        Again, I’m confused. I don’t get this post? Seems like a double standard from Sweeper here. Which in my book, means credibility is gone.

      • No, I understand where you’re coming from.

        You think it’s fine that he he claims he “praised” the NEGOP with his throw-away lines about “the great work they do.”
        You don’t think he insulted them by refusing to address his Third Party plans at the convention.
        You don’t think he insulted them by giving a warmed over speech, then giving his real speech about the Presidential race to the Washington, D.C. crowd.
        And you don’t think he insulted them when he told the DC press that they don’t represent Nebraskans.

        I get it, and you’re entitled to that opinion, and I’m letting you comment here on my blog.
        And thanks for reading.

      • Is Sweeper Confused? says:

        Read this statement: “I get it, and you’re entitled to that opinion, and I’m letting you comment here on my blog.”

        Really? Did Sweeper just threaten me with censorship b/c I disagree with his view/opinion? Wow… how American of SS (pun intended).

        Also, read the rest of what Sweeper had to say in his 11:00am comment. I agree that Sweeper is entitled to his own opinion and it sounds like he just admitted that his attack on Sasse is just that — his opinion.

        –Sweeper admits his characterization of Sasse’s praise of the NEGOP and “the great work they do” is his OPINION, and not based in fact.

        –Sweeper admits that it is HIS OPINION that Sasse may have rubbed some the wrong way when he talked about the constitution instead of addressing the presidential election in a manner he would have liked at the convention.

        –Sweeper again admits that it is HIS OPINION (a lawyer from Kansas City) that Sasse may have insulted some when he answered the questions of an Omaha World Herald reporter (Joe Morton) b/c it happened in DC and not Nebraska.

        –Sweeper again admits that it is HIS OPINION that Sasse may have slighted some when he said that party insiders are not necessarily representative of the grassroots in Nebraska.

        With Sweepers admissions that these are clearly his OPINIONS, it is now clear more than ever that he has some political ax to grind with Sasse and all his comments regarding Sasse should be viewed in that light.

      • ike says:

        @Comment at 1:38pm (Is sweeper confused),

        You’re a moron. He wasn’t threatening to censor you; rather, he was letting you know that even though your comment above was barely coherent and almost completely off-base, he was letting you post it anyway. Dummy.

  2. Why is an apology needed? says:

    I read both the Washington Examiner and Omaha World Herald stories. Not sure what Sasse was suppose to apologize for. He said he has a lot of “respect for grass-roots activists in the Republican Party in the state who’ve built a really good state Republican Party.” And then stuck to his guns on Trump.

    Tell me again why he should apologize?

  3. Tweet Tweet says:

    Both Obama and Sasse represent themselves as Constitutional experts. The good thing is Obama will be gone soon and Sasse will too!!!

    • Khan says:

      Where is Sasse going? His term isn’t up for four years, and the Constitution deliberately prevents recalls of the Senate.

      Even if you think he showed his bum at the NEGOP convention (and I do), odds are good that he rides this thing out in that period unless an actual third-party candidate materializes and draws enough votes away from Trump to secure a Clinton win.

      • Sparkles says:

        Third party or not, November will bring a Clinton win.
        Trump is unelectable.

        Sasse’s push for a third party run, although self-serving, is also a great GOP GOTV strategy aimed at aiding down ballot candidates.

        I’m grateful Republicans are rejecting this sound strategy.
        I’m also grateful they’re staging their fight in such a public and crass manner.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        Your post is amusing in light of the recent riot at the Nevada Democrat Convention where Clinton supporters where throwing chairs and Bernie Sanders supporters. And how many states has Clinton lost to Bernie Sanders. 20 now? Clinton isn’t exactly leading a unified front. I know a lot of Sanders supporters that say they will never vote for Clinton.

      • bynd says:

        What I love Sparkles is that rabid Dems said the same things about the 2014 election. I guess we will see.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        I know, Rachel Maddow on MSNBC was 0-9 in Senate predictions in 2014. That was hilarious.

      • Sparkles says:


        I’d love to see the video of the ‘riot’ you speak of and evidence of chairs being thrown about by Clinton supporters.

        Methinks it’s bullsh..

        Hey, if you happen to find the video of the flying chairs, I bet you could sell it for $10, $20, even $50,000 the Sean Hannity. He and Fox could put it on a continuous loop like they did that burning Jeep in Libya.

        Speaking of Libya, did you see what Benghazi Boy, just admitted –
        “Whether or not they could have gotten there in time, I don’t think there is any issue with respect to that. They couldn’t,”
        – Trey Gowdy, in an interview with Fox News.

        Of course, that won’t stop the hapless, solutions-free Republicants from wasting even more time and tax dollars on their politically fueled, two year long moronic f%*^&ing witch hunt.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        This website apparently doesn’t let me post links. But go to Maddow’s Facebook page. She has a whole thread on it with about 2,500 posts so far. Plenty of videos there showing Bernie supporter on the floor with a busted head bleeding everywhere, and a Clinton supporting picking up a chair and yelling “are you an American!!!!”.

        As far as Benghazi goes, yeah, it’s common knowledge now Hillary let the American embassy staff die so it wouldn’t offend Muslims, then put out a fake story about some idiot in California with a You Tube video causing the event. Thank God it wasn’t a Republican in office. The media might have actually investigated it.

      • ike says:

        MANY, MANY, MANY Sanders supporters will vote for Trump over Hillary (up to 40% of them)…and if that happens, it’s Game Over for the Dem’s this election.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        A poll came out just two days ago showing Trump LEADING Hillary with Hispanics, 51-49. Funny that CNN and MSNBC didn’t report that. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

      • Sparkles says:

        Nope, sorry Tony, no such footage.
        No one lying on the ground bleeding.
        And the chair – it’s a video of a guy holding a chair above his head – threatening no one, simply holding a chair aloft and shouting – until another rally attendant asks that he put down the chair, which he does, and the two guys hug it out. has video footage of the entire event, beginning to end – not a drop of blood, not a chair, nor a punch thrown.
        You can watch it all by googling,
        “Nevada Democratic Convention: The Videos You Need to See”

      • Tony Oberley says:

        I saw the video Sparkles. Cut the crap. A guy with his head open lying on the ground and Medic’s helping him. Right in front of the podium in Nevada.

    • Sparkles says:

      While attending Harvard Law School Barack Obama served as a research assistant to the constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe for two years.
      He then taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School for twelve years.

      Pesky facts.

      • Sparkles says:

        Not a ‘fact’ at all, but thanks for playing along Tony.

        Also, thanks for the insight re your attraction to Trump.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Tony Oberley, Affirmative action by Larry Tribe and Chicago faculty is a nonsense claim, and there is no evidence that he was not admitted to HLS on merit. In any event a HLS affirmative action admit would have gotten into virtually any law school on merit and certainly the two in NE. Curious about your legal education, off a match book cover?

      • Tony Oberley says:

        Elizabeth Warren did the same thing pretending to be a Native American. Liberal elites create the special programs and then take advantage of them.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Tony Obesely, Elizabeth Warren is an extraordinary legal scholar. Have you read any of her work? Of course not, stupidity is immune to evidence.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        Oh, I know about her legal background. After pretending to be a Native American to get her education and intial jobs, she made her fortune buying up foreclosed properties and kicking people out on the street.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Tony Obesely, no evidence that the claim to some Indian ancestors is false, doubt it made any difference at HLS and silly to think it influenced Penn appointment. She did list herself for a time as a minority faculty in the Directory, which is about as long as a telephone book. As far as buying at foreclosure sales a lot of people do that, most of them lose money, and not relevant to issue of legal ability. You simply have no warrant for the knowledge claims you make.
        Sorry you feel oppressed by the elite, but therapy is available.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        But all of the Cherokee nation leaders in Masssachusetts said her claim was false. You can’t disagree with them. That might be considered racist.

      • Depends on what is, is says:

        You want to touch on if Clinton lied to the families of the murdered, because either they are lying or she is. And do not forget the smoking gun e-mail to Chelsea

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Tony Oberley, Cherokee leaders in Mass? Actually there is no agreed definition on what counts as Indian descent and it is often a contested issue in tribal politics. Minority admission programs for Native Americans tend to be concentrated at law schools in the Southwest and Colorado which have expertise on these matters. Harvard probably ignored since Ancestory was not around.

  4. GOP Max Donor says:

    Senator Sasse has much in common with former Senator (now President) Barack Obama. He cannot be trusted to uphold Constitutional Law or the Principles of Liberty.

  5. Pete says:

    That’s Sasse’s trouble. If it’s not a huge issue that will get him on the front page or interviewed on primetime television, Sasse doesn’t think it’s worth his time. Kind of like Chuck Hagel was.

    Sasse is far too important to focus any time on what the state party or its members think.

  6. Frequent Voter says:

    Sweeper – Please help me understand how Sen. Sasse could have come into a room full of NEGOP elected delegates and begun a much needed dialogue about the current nominees, from the platform.

    I was at the convention. Sen. Sasse DID praise the NEGOP in his speech, as he frequently does. No, he did not insult the audience, he knew his audience and the occasion, and made appropriate remarks. He is not a party insider and that is just one of his many fine qualities, besides being the smartest person in most of the rooms he enters.

    Warmed over speech? Did you hear the speech Gov. Ricketts gave ALL of 2014 and 2015? I did, ad nauseam. Gov. Heineman was known to give the same speeches over and over as well. How many talking points to you want them to have?

    Sen. Ben Sasse spoke for ME in his manifesto. I don’t support the presumptive nominee of the party. He is right, the press and in this case you, do not represent me.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was at the convention too, and all I heard was the same story about his daughter going to the calf ranch.

      When he says one thing to actual Nebraskans and another to the DC media, there is a problem. Especially when he says the volunteers of campaigns don’t speak for Nebraska.

  7. Frequent Voter says:

    If there’s blame to be given in the current debacle that is the GOP nomination process in Nebraska, that blame lies squarely at the feet of the Cruz campaign. “Nebraska, we’ll be there soon!” Heidi Cruz successful visit and promise of the candidate’s arrival. “Never mind, we’re done.”

    Then several hours into the day, after many early ballots and those of us who pride ourselves on getting to the polls as the first order on election day hear that, well, if there is enough support in Nebraska Cruz might be back in the race. Seriously? Mixed message much?

    Cruz was on track to make a solid run at picking up the delegates from Nebraska. Just one more week and we would be having an entirely different conversation.

    • Tony Oberley says:

      Cruz seemed to make Indiana the do or die state. I think he could have stayed in at least a couple of more weeks, and it wouldn’t have taken much for him to stay in until California.

  8. Macdaddy says:

    Maybe the OWH should look into whether Jeffrey Epstein was one of Scott Kleeb’s backers. Slick Willy, husband of Hillary Clinton, sure hung out with him a lot. Seems to me Epstein would be happy to help a Clinton out.

  9. Lil Mac says:

    In a way, Sasse is emulating Trump, without Sasse winning anything, except perhaps an aura of iconoclasm that may help Sasse later.

    Sasse too is new at this. Whereas Trump solicits voters and stabs party leaders, Sasse stabbed voters AND party leaders. Ouch. And yet, Trump is seeking votes today, Sasse isn’t. Time matters. Today we see Sasse backpedaling out of a snark hole he dug. When Trump backs off from his hyperbole, he comes down from peaks he surmounted. If Sasse grasps the difference, that may account for his tap dancing today. Or else he knew all this was coming and took this heat now for sake of earning his brand for use later.

    Nebraska voters are historically populist party-haters and if NE Democrats oppose Sasse’s reelection ineptly and Sasse tops his first reelection polls, that may ease hurt NEGOP feelings. Trump will be President, doing a fine job (or a bad job, so hope Sasse’s minions) and Sasse’s current snotty loser look may have worn into a patina of senatorial iconoclasm of the sort Nebraskans may like.

    Sasse has carved out a niche as did Kickback Nelson, RNC Hater Hagel, I Love Pelosi Maxwell, and I Quit Kate. But whatever his fate, Sasse isn’t going anywhere for now. Trump is. And when President Trump is old news, Sasse will be new news. Today, Ben Sasse is satisfied to get name rec alongside Trump, which in case you haven’t noticed, is damn hard to do.

    If we are indeed on the cusp of a new age of frankness and questioning of parties, Sasse may be getting in on the ground floor. If anything kills him, it will be his attack on voters. Other than that, for an academic he is an unusually slippery bastard. A desired quality inside the beltway. I like that in a Senator, if he doesn’t turn us over to the cannibals.

    Relax Trumpeters. Sasse has been chastised. Whether the formless void he presents is opaque long term strategy or nutty professor stupidity, time will tell. But his tap-dancing is good or at least feverishly executed. He may turn out to have vision. For now he appears whipped. But Trump appeared whipped a dozen times over. Opaque strategy looks the same as stupidity. Time will tell.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Please label Sasse what he is – a philosophical Senator from Nebraska who will continue his professorial ways and never get a damn thing done in DC but scold is all and try to run for President Chuck Hagel style. He will be voted out.

  11. Sparkles says:

    From yesterday’s WaPo –

    This is how fascism comes to America
    The Republican Party’s attempt to treat Donald Trump as a normal political candidate would be laughable were it not so perilous to the republic.

    But of course the entire Trump phenomenon has nothing to do with policy or ideology. It has nothing to do with the Republican Party, either.. ..His growing army of supporters no longer cares about the party… ..the party is regarded with suspicion and even hostility by his followers. Their allegiance is to him and him alone.

    Yet, the catatonic, septuagenarian NEGOP stumbles over itself in a frantic effort to fall into line behind Herr Drumpf.
    D-D-Dave and his sidekick Beau, accompanied (as always) by Chuck Herbsters money, clamor for the affections of this grandiose liar and con man.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      How fascism “comes?” We’ve had fascism bubbling up here since WWII. And as far as party allegiance goes, you and I have known for quite some time that the Republicans won’t honor their principles. Yet I know this similar truth about the Democrats as well; are you on board with this statement? (I won’t get mad and call you stupid if you are not. I’ll just assume that in spite of your obvious intelligence and intuition, you’re looking for the least awful choice.) We need to get to a place where corporations take individual responsibility for their own welfare!!! Trump won’t alleviate this blight on representative democracy. And neither will Clinton. Sanders would try, and since Trump has gotten the Republican nod, I’m kinda’ wishin’ Sanders would join up with the Green Party! If he were President, at least we could learn in advance of oncoming corporate welfare that our Congress is bringing it on.

      • Sparkles says:


        I’m in complete agreement that the Democratic party feeds at the trough of their plutocratic masters and corporate sugar daddies just as heartily as their Republican counterparts.

        But – the Democratic party would never allow a charlatan like Donald Trump to rise to power in the party.
        Democrats don’t get elected with promises of tearing asunder departments like the Environmental Protection Agency or Dept of Education or Energy.
        Democrats don’t get elected promising to strip millions of women of the constitutional right to decide to choose. They don’t threaten to lock women in jail for exercising this right.
        Democrats don’t make the centerpiece of their platform a promise to strip from millions of Americans their access to life saving healthcare and they don’t continually attempt to shred our public safety net and turn over the predatory private market the financial security of 10’s of millions of elderly. ALL while promising to pour more billions in military to make it the biggest, shiniest, most powerful military in the world. The type of military you can call into action to ‘make the sand glow’, or ‘bomb the shit our of Isis’, or wipe Iran off the map, or track down the extended family members of suspected terrorists and kill them.
        Democrats don’t stand in halls of Congress and foolishly call for the shut down of government.
        Democrats don’t rally thousands of people, like Franklin Graham did yesterday in Lincoln, and demand Christians go to the polls and vote to force God back in our government and demand politicians insure those who love someone of the same sex are ostracized, ridiculed and legally discriminated against.
        Democrats would never take pride in the fact their party attained the status as Least Productive Congress in History, for 3 consecutive sessions.
        Democrats would never rise to feet their in wild applause when a POTUS candidate boasts of his record of executing more Americans than any other governor in modern times.
        The list is endless.

        HRC is among the most uninspiring candidates to run for president in a long time. But she is also, by many measures, one of the most well qualified. AND, she brings to the office with her a former President who presided over the greatest expansion of the American economy since WW II.
        HRC is a masterful political operative. A pragmatic task master with a keen understanding of the functioning of every department within our government and a knowledge of the interplay between every lever and gear. Plus, their are few people on the planet who have a deeper understanding of foreign policy and global relations and the importance and value of every player on the field.

        Donald Trump is a buffoon and charlatan.

        Yes – democratic politicians are largely corrupt, just as Republicans.
        Yes – democrats have a handful of oddballs and kooks who manage to get elected time and time again.

        BUT – by every objective measure – they in no way compare to the idiocy and malfeasance that is celebrated among the GOP.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        No, the Democrat Party puts forth people like Clinton, who has zero accomplishments other than being married to Bill, wants to repeal the first and second amendments, and Sanders, who wants to raise taxes 14 Trillion dollars to pay for all the promises he’s made to millenials that don’t want to work for a living. That’s ok, I’ll stick with Trump, who was made it on his own in the real world.

      • Sparkles says:

        Bernie Sanders can’t deliver on the promises he continues to make. The numbers simply don’t add up.
        In this respect, his candidacy is very similar to that of most Republicans.

        HRC has a detailed, pragmatic plan of action that is feasible, fundable and will make us a better, more secure nation.

        Bernie inspires, yet makes promises that are objectively unattainable.

        Trump has no plans, just catch phrases. The tax policy he paid somebody to craft for him would tack $10 Trillion onto our debt.
        Which, I think is actually, irrelevant, A Trump presidency would lead to the return of soup lines around America. When a vast swath of Americans can no longer afford food, let alone a home with table on which to put the food, the debt really doesn’t matter, does it.

        “and in the eyes of the people there is the failure; and in the eyes of the hungry there is a growing wrath. In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage.”

      • Tony Oberley says:

        The government can’t take care of you forever Sparkles. We can’t afford it anymore. The age of self reliance and responsibility has come.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        Really? What do you think her “hate speech”, “safe speech” proposals and “common sense gun laws” are? Universities already regularly ban any Republican or conservative speakers from coming to campus. Check out Milo Yiannopoulos on Twitter for one of a thousand examples.
        Hillary Clinton wants to ban all speech that offends specially designated groups.
        Hillary Clinton wants to seize all legally owned guns in the United States.

      • Sparkles says:

        Hillary Clinton wants to ban all speech that offends specially designated groups.
        Hillary Clinton wants to seize all legally owned guns in the United States.

        Thanks for confirming what I’ve suspected all along.
        You have only a fleeting relationship with reality, don’t ya, Tony.
        There are pills to help you with that.

  12. Been Sassy says:

    Top of Drudge today: Trump +5%

    That’s right, the latest Rasmussen Report poll shows Trump winning. The gap will continue to widen from here.

    Love it!

    • Tony Oberley says:

      He’s also going to play for states that the Democrats would have never dreamed of losing – New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Would that be the same Rasmussen Report that, in their final poll of the 2012 election, had Romney ahead of Obama? In a race that Obama won by 4% of the vote?

    • The Grundle King says:

      Oh, lest we forget…the overall vote count is somewhat useful, but the Electoral College is where the election is decided.

  13. Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy says:

    Ha ha. You lost! Boots beat the big oil suits! Heineman and Ashford and Jim Smith of papillion and Barry Rubin and that union guy LOST TO JANE KLEEB!
    Ha who would have thought that?
    Thank you Mr President Obama!

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