The Tweeted Commandments

PowersauceGovernor Pete Ricketts’ knock-down of the Obama Administration’s “directive” on high school bathrooms was swift and direct.

Why? Because he took to the Twitters!

The Governor issued his positions 140 characters (or less) at a time in 5 tweets to get out the message:

Of course my feed got a little jumbled when the 4th and 5th Tweets were interrupted by this tweet…

…so I was briefly confused.

Senator Ben Sasse chose to take to the Twitters again today to troll Donald Trump, asking Trump to answer the questions that he has posed to Trump…on Twitter. For instance…

Sasse was responding to The Donald, after Trump suggested in an interview that Sasse hated him. Now one must assume that Sasse was NOT talking about this serious tweet…

No response from many yet on Trump’s SCOTUS suggestions, but one would assume that will hit the Twitters soon.

And I’m the first to say I love me some Twitter — but does every release these days have to be stuttered out in that format? It IS possible to just give the headline to your release, and add a link. Or take a screenshot.

Reducing one’s self to that 140 character limit is just…strange. (And this is speaking from someone who has stuck with that as well.)

It always reminds me of Homer Simpson’s demand to Marge, after realizing the energizing strength of apples in POWERSauce bars:

Sorry, I only eat food in bar form.


The FOURTH way

As we hurtle forward towards the General Election, the latest poll out now, has Trump up 45%- 42%. And one should take that poll, 6 months out, with the same gravity that everyone gave the one showing Hillary up a week ago (i.e., very little).

A few interesting wrinkles of late.

Mitt Romney and Tom Coburn have both said in the past two days that they will not run for President under a Third Party banner. And Nebraska’s Ben Sasse has said the same thing, repeatedly. Another recent article quoted Erick Erickson and others saying that if a Third Party campaign wasn’t organized by the end of May, there is no way — mainly financially — for one to succeed.

But Joe Scarborough recently threw out a different twist. Forget a third party, how about a fourth party?

Suppose an angry Bernie Sanders runs, after losing the Primary to Hillary. Then a fourth conservative candidate jumps into the fray. If you’re splintering four ways, you could, in theory have…something.

I would still put my money on either the Republican or Democrat nominee. But like a primary with lots of serious candidates, a four-way splinter means the winner needs a much lower threshold for victory.

And then the counting in the Electoral College could get really weird.

In this political year, would much else surprise you?


Leaving it all on the field

And in the world of sports, Omaha South defeated Omaha Creighton Prep to win the State Soccer title. The only goal of the game was scored on an “own-goal” when the Prep keeper deflected the ball off of one of his own players, and into the net.

But the most interesting thing was the post-game photo — of BOTH teams — that has been making the rounds on the internets:

Prep-South 2016

Here is the description from the OWH’s Nick Rubek:

First, find Prep’s Ed Gordon in the back row. The Junior Jays’ best player has his arms over the shoulders of two South players and a huge smile on his face.

Then look up front, just to the left of the trophies. There you’ll see Junior Noutoua of Prep seated with South coach Joe Maass’ son Nolan leaned up on him, game ball tucked firmly in his arms.

It’s a snapshot of everything that is right in sports: two teams that have no problem knocking you on your butt between the lines and extending a hand for a shake when the match is over.



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      • TexasAnnie says:

        I’m not one to hang hope on polling data, but a very recent poll by Reuters has Sanders in a two digit lead over Trump.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        Yes, Sanders always polls better than Hillary. But if Sanders runs as a Green and Hillary as a Democrat, it will badly split the vote. Trump would have an advantage in that scenario. Sanders would definitely win states, and you might get a situation where the election is thrown into the House of Representatives because no one gets 270 electoral votes.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        And yes, Tony, Sanders always polls much better than Trump! I don’t think you realize just how frustrated those living on the edge of the economy have become. Trump really offers them no hope and as the primaries wind down we’ll see many more revelations about his bankruptcies, corporate welfare dependence and tax abating practices before the general election. I’m not saying he has done anything illegal, and that’s the problem with Congress/ the White House. America is hungering like I’ve never seen before for tax justice and living wages. And as much as I want to have a woman president during my life span, I care more about the struggles of most Americans. So, if Sanders can strike a deal with the Green Party I’m betting current Trump supporters will abdicate their support. Take off your blinders: both Hillary and Bernie marginalize Trump on the international stage.

        P.S. I register Independent but usually vote for the Libertarian candidate. So don’t bother responding with a slur about my “liberalism.” I’m only reacting to what I’m seeing on the national stage.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        Gary Johnson is running again on the Libertarian ticket, but no one seems to be taking him seriously.

  1. Bluejay says:

    Omaha South had two OWH scholars. Prep had more than two.

    South is an expensive failure in all things but soccer and basketball. Like all of OPS. Just wish the failure of OPS wasn’t so expensive and so Leftwing.

    • Sparkles says:

      15 – 2

      University of Nebraska Lincoln student-athletes have a nation-leading total of 320 Academic All-Americans.
      UNL leads colleges like the University of Notre Dame and Massachusetts Institute of Technology by more than 70 awards.

      Does that make Creighton an expensive failure?

      • Bluejay says:


        I was referring to OPS; not UNL. And I give Dr. Tom much credit for that. I LOVE Dr. Tom.

        South has 2,300 students. Only two scholars! OPS de-educates children. And expensively too.

      • Sparkles says:


        I agree our educational system has failed us.
        Not only has it failed us, it is the most expensive in the world. with the exception of a couple tiny nations in Europe,

        There are numerous models around the globe of educational models that have proven far more successful.
        In fact, even we here in the U.S. have developed a far more successful model, but our woefully inept politicians have managed to cripple it’s implementation.
        It’s a comprehensive program that took nearly seven years to develop with almost no federal input or interference. An initiative spearheaded and lead by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. A total of 42 states were involved in it’s development.
        It was even championed by a prominent Republican POTUS hopeful who can point to a stellar record of successful public education reform.

        It’s called Common Core.

  2. Sparkles says:

    New analysis released by the independent, bi-partisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

    Sanders’ proposals would add $19 Trillion to the debt.

    Trump’s proposals would add $12 Trillion to the debt.

    Hillary’s proposals would not significantly increase the debt.

    • Tony Oberley says:

      “independent, bi-partisan Committee”…that was set up and paid by Hillary to get the exact results she wanted.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Yeah, but…Sanders can’t deliver on millennial welfare. What he can and will do is badger against corporate welfare and if successful it would reduce, not increase the debt. Clinton will just give us more of the same.

  3. Brian T. Osborn says:

    So. Ol’ Shiny Pated Pete thinks that Nebraska should ignore the Federal Government? Why then is he so concerned that the citizens of Colorado decided to do exactly that by changing their Constitution to allow the use of marijuana? Is there no hypocritical stance that bean for brains nincompoop won’t blather about on his Twitter account?

    • Tony Oberley says:

      I’m sure Ricketts is ok with Colorado as long as they pay Nebraska for all of the increased crime and drugs flooding in from Colorado.

      • anon says:

        Is that the position the Natives on Pine Ridge are taking in respect to Nebraska selling alcohol to the people on the reservation?

      • Sparkles says:

        It’s a national disgrace what Nebraska allows to happen at Pine Ridge.

        Someone please explain to me this continues to be permitted.
        How is it possible our “Christian” Governor turns his back on this injustice.
        Pete’s is a family that has declared God and Christianity to be under siege. This is family that dropped $13.6 million on land along the Platte River and plans to spend countless millions more to build a religious retreat.

        Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

        Apparently means nothing if your Nebraska politician who happens to have an ‘R’ behind your name.

        Maybe we should start a GoFundMe effort to build to a liquor store, vape haven and porn shop immediately adjacent to the Ricketts retreat. We’ll make sure to put a few old couches around the parking lot and erect a big sign that welcomes all patrons to loiter on the property as long as they choose. Maybe even leave one wall of the store without windows, paint it white, and project ‘movies’ on the wall on Sunday mornings.

        How is that different than what’s going on in Whiteclay, NE, population 10, that sells approximately 4 millions cans of beer a year?

      • bynd says:

        Sparkles, Just what would you have the governor do about White Clay? I suppose you would like a wall between the res and Nebraska? Sparkles, a Trump wannabe.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        And weed is just the beginning. Colorado’s socialist experiment, proven to be a gateway drug, is now leading to record amounts of heroin, meth, PCP, and crack spewing from Colorado sewers to locations all over the country.

      • Sparkles says:


        It’s rare your posts merit a reply. A standard that holds true with your “Sparkles, a Trump wannabe., nonsense.

        I’ll make an exception, because this is an important topic.
        You asked what the Governor can do about Whiteclay?
        He can do they very same thing he is doing with the Death Penalty bill, the immigrant Job Licensing bill, his lust to provide tax cuts for the wealthy and privileged and his tweets opposing transgender bathroom guidance.
        He can step forward, demand action, drive the issue and publicly LEAD.

        He can demand the NE Liquor Control Commission and the state Legislature act.
        Most of the legislation has already been drafted – years ago. But for more than a decade, our state legislators, D and R, have bent over on behalf of their sugar daddies and special interests. It’s truly amazing what a few thousand dollars will buy you.

        Here’s a refresher, from the April 11th, 2012, New York Times (yes – NE is a national disgrace)
        An article titled – Indian Beer Bill Stalls; Industry Money Flows
        Legislation in Nebraska that would curtail alcohol purchases to residents of a dry Indian reservation has stalled in a key committee whose members have received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the alcohol industry, according to state records.

    • The Grundle King says:

      C’mon BTO. Even you should be able to draw the clear distinction between the two.

      The lawsuit isn’t over Colorado ignoring federal law and legalizing weed. The lawsuit is due to the increased costs that law enforcement agencies have had to bear as a result of increased marijuana trafficking out of Colorado.

      Ricketts simply believes Nebraska should ignore an opinion from the President.

      But, the interesting point at which the two cases become similar? Obama has given his stamp of approval to Colorado ignoring federal law…but he’s got his panties in a twist (heh, fitting) over bathrooms. A bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

      • repenting lawyer says:

        GK, can not mess up this way. You are wrong on Colo case, Challenge is to violation of fed law, injury claims go to standing. There is no well developed law of nuisance liability between States except where flooding is concerned. Thought conservative wanted to narrow the Commerce Clause, home grown weed is hardly interstate, and what happened to dual sovereignty.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        repenting lawyer: I haven’t heard of ‘nuisance liability’ before but I wish there were such a law. Then states could sue other states for giving away their tax base under guise of ‘economic development.’

      • The Grundle King says:

        repenting lawyer,

        As a lawyer, this should be a fairly simple concept for you to understand…once “homegrown weed” leaves that home state, it becomes “interstate”. Comprende, amigo?

        And Colorado isn’t even trying to pretend that they are interested in keeping the marijuana in-state. They’re currently evaluating removal of the purchase limits for out-of-state buyers. All they’re interested in is the money that they’ll bring in.

        BTW, well done on ignoring the remainder of my comment. I get that, as a lawyer, your job was to ignore the larger picture and focus on the minutiae, but I think we could both agree that, had Nebraska law enforcement agencies not seen an increase in expenditures due to interstate weed coming in from Colorado, no lawsuit would have been filed because there would have been no standing. Or maybe we can’t agree. About time for you to call me ‘Trundle King’, isn’t it?

      • Brian T. Osborn says:

        Well, Grundle, if Nebraskans would pull their heads out of their asses and do the same thing that Colorado did, we could save one hell of a lot of money on law enforcement, incarceration and judicial costs. We would also benefit from a new source of tax income that would give some relief to property owners. By continuing to live in the draconian nightmare legacy of Richard Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover, we waste millions in a vain attempt to hold back the tsunami by pissing into the ocean.

      • Brian T. Osborn says:

        Speaking of pissing. What’s the big deal about bathrooms anyway? The simple solution is to put Porta-Potties everwhere and let whoever needs to use them … use them. Just wash your hands when you’re done.
        Transgendered people don’t want to look at your junk. They just want to pee.
        On the other hand, when Dennis Hastert gets out of prison he’ll be allowed to stand at the next urinal over from your grandson. Where do you suppose HE will be looking?

  4. bynd says:

    RL, reality is, the marijuana trade from Colorado is not only interstate but cartel participation makes it inter country. There in lies the problem. But the legal system is not about reality is it? Only the process counts.

      • bynd says:

        RL, Actually it is not. And since Nebraska can’t sue them for the actual problem, (not following their law to keep the drugs from crossing borders) they sue to shut it down so the problem goes away. And yes, the cartels are there. Your pristine world works for academics, but that world has little in common with reality. Just Google cartels in CO.

        You live to much of a insulated lifestyle. He said with compassion.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, We do not know if NE can sue though I do not think thecae is viable. You see drugs as a problem, but you do not have a solution to the issue of different States with different policies, you simply assume the policy you like should be imposed . It is not I think unworldly to suggest you Google arrogance. If you do not like Colo law move there and work change it. Otherwise you opinions have about as much relevance as my view of the new French labor law.
        I am a real lawyer, I have clients in jail.

      • The Grundle King says:

        “If you do not like Colo law move there and work change it. Otherwise you opinions have about as much relevance as my view of the new French labor law.
        I am a real lawyer, I have clients in jail.”

        The f*** kind of nonsense is that? Move to a state to change their law? Their law is in direct violation of federal law. Seeing as I already live in America, I guess I’m within my rights to expect such federal laws to be enforced. No?

    • repenting lawyer says:

      GK, The problem with NE’s case is that it seeks usurp the power ofUS with regard to prosecution without meeting the criteria. I am not convinced about the impact of fed law on Colo statute, since the statute is only designed to regulate matters in Colo, but in any event leak over effects would more properly be affecting commerce as to spill over impact on other States.
      You do not have a legal right as a US citizen to have its laws enforced, and if you see a direct conflict between federal and state law some case law might be helpful, particularly given SCOTUS’s resurgent interest in State power.
      Trundle is not for you, you have spirit and argue well, but I am dubious about your legal scholarship. By the way, federalism as set up in the Constitution, makes us citizens of two sovereigns. US may act only under enumerated powers, and each State is entitled to its own policy subject to the Supremacy Clause. On matters within the power of Iowa, I am not a citizen in Iowa and its policies are none of my business It is as if Iowa was France though not as interesting.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Texas Annie, it is an order to a public official to perform a clear public duty. Its use in fed courts was historically rather limited though injunction fill part of gapNE and OK are trying to get indirect enforcement of their interrpration of fed drug law. SCOTUS not willing to hear case because of extensive evidence needed to show harm and causation, there is also the problem that the drug laws do not appear aim at protecting States as a separate class.
        Nuisance is basically a system to assure land owners share neighborhood in peace. In International Law it describes rules on policy of a state that may impact another state. A law of interstate impact in our in federal system is limited and I doubt more development.

      • The Grundle King says:

        “The problem with NE’s case is that it seeks usurp the power ofUS with regard to prosecution without meeting the criteria.”

        What criteria do you feel has yet to be met? Damages suffered by Nebraska? Is it standing policy that lawyers believe all law enforcement officers and prosecutors are liars? Or do you just believe the western Nebraska sheriffs and prosecutors are liars? When they state that they’ve seen their costs increase significantly following legalization of weed in Colorado, I would be inclined to believe them. Especially when Nebraska residents who come back to the state with Colorado pot use the excuse of, “It’s legal in Colorado, why can’t I have it here?” That tells me they didn’t go buy from the cartels, but from the legal dispensaries.

        So how is this not a commerce clause case? Their ‘intrastate’ commerce is not staying ‘intrastate’, as their commerce is having an interstate impact.

        “You do not have a legal right as a US citizen to have its laws enforced…”

        I said I have the right to expect the US to enforce federal laws. That’s an opinion. Do I not have a right to my own expectations and opinions? In your 60 years of reading the Constitution, did anything in there lead you to believe that I’m not entitled to my own expectations and opinions?

        I would expect you to be dubious of my legal scholarship…as I’ve never claimed to be a legal scholar, no do I hold any degrees relating to practice of law. Glad we’ve cleared that up.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        GK Injury in fact is not adequate for standing, the claimant must within statutory protection, and alleged harm has not been proved.
        It is not a direct attempt by state to regulate interstate commerce, indirect impact might justify legislation, but it is nor clear we already have that under existing federal law.
        Point on expectation was a legal one not a criticism of your expectation, which I share, though mine is not disappointed on this issue.
        I am dubious that NE AG is other than a political hand puppet of the gov. However, if he goes on with the case we will see what he can prove

  5. bynd says:

    Rl: I have no problems with drugs. This isn’t about policy, it is about law. Colorado is breaking it. The US AG decided which laws they will or will not enforce. As along as one state doesn’t adversely affect another, no harm no foul. But the harm is financial and can be shown. Will it succeed? Don’t know, but all Nebraskans should not be happy that we are footing the bill for Colorado’s grand experiment in lala land. Opinions are just that, opinions. You have them also. But it doesn’t take a legal scholar to tell when the law is being broken as Colorado is doing. It doesn’t take a legal scholar to understand the damages being done. All is based on knowledgeable people. Which makes it an informed opinion. You may not agree with those who helped form the opinion, but I haven’t seen you in western Nebraska checking it out either.

    As I would say IMHO. Which maybe you could use some more of:)

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd, Not clear NE could prove impact, but I have seen no admissible evidence of harm. Have not been in Western NE in years, but you offer only hearsay from anonymous sources. Argument of clear violation of fed law was Ashcroft’s argument on lawful assisted suicide which the Courts rejected following the course of reconciliation. I think that is the approach POTUS and USAG are following, you do not see the treatment of the statutes as valid but given the limits of mandamus, I do not see a judicial solution, though maybe Congress could sue and have standing. It has not.
      I find it interesting that the Constitution tends to be so flexible to NE Rs. Love commerce analysis in ACA but ignore relevance to this issue. First read the Constitution 60 years ago and have reread it many times since still have not found the provision in your apparent Constitution that says Obama is always wrong.

    • Brian T. Osborn says:

      Law enforcement officers in western Nebraska chose to concentrate their efforts, and their taxpayers dollars, on enforcing marijuana laws. The return on their investments is bankrupting their counties’ treasuries. The simple solution? Look the other way, and spend the time and money on more fruitful endeavors.

  6. Lil Mac says:

    This is about a sassy Trump, an un-triumphant Sasse, and me rethinking my advice to Sweeper.

    24 Days to Lead. Trump announced on June 16. On July 9, Trump took the lead and never lost it. He said “No one can stay up in the polls that long” (11 months). But Trump did.

    16 Days to Heal. May 3, Trump became the GOP nominee by Cruz’s sudden exit, igniting a #Never Trump “third party” effort by Sasse and Romney, which fizzled as NE Republicans chastised Sasse and when Romney on May 19 quit third party recruiting. Trump was already targeting Clinton as polls showed his first leads over Hillary.

    79 Days and counting… On Mar 1, Sen. Sasse promised “If the Republican Party becomes the party of Donald Trump, I’m out”. Out of the GOP? Out of the Senate? Out or the closet? We are waiting.

    I was hasty in advising Sweeper to “relax” on Sasse. After all, Sasse is our problem. The rest of America can forget Sasse but Nebraska Republicans must deal with this embarrassingly wrong, treasonous, anti-GOP bastard who has effectively left Nebraska with one useful US Senator, the meek housewife Fischer who outwitted dimwitted Sasse and brought the #Never Trump fiasco to a screeching halt. Yet Sasse is still here. still our problem, a fruit with a short shelf life.

    Sasse needs to be ushered out of politics preferably on a rail. The SOB took my money and my vote so a commensurate amount in tar and feathers seems appropriate.

    • The Grundle King says:


      Lil Mac, you might consider shutting down your keyboard before you finish shitting all over what credibility you have left.

      The only problem with Sasse is that he doesn’t seem willing to follow the Republican party down the deep, dark hole that Trump is hellbent on leading them into. I’m of the same opinion. I’ve never voted Democrat in my life, and I’m not about to start…but if the the only two choices for President on my ballot are Clinton and Trump, I’ll skip that crap and vote Republicans for Congress. I pray that, when the dust from this whole show settles, Republicans remain at least even with the Dems in the Senate.

      You Trumpkins with your hero worship of Trump are pathetic and disgusting. The same lot of you belittled and bemoaned the sheer ecstatic lunacy that Democrats worked themselves into over Obama…yet here you all are with your lips attached firmly to Trump’s ass. JB Weld’s got nothing on that bond.

    • Anonymous says:

      With Sasse, it’s all about him, all the time. Indeed what does happen when he says “I’m out” if Trump is the nominee? Will our media ever follow up or will Sasse just get a pass as he always does and slink off through the General without having to answer for his temper tantrum the past few months?

  7. Anon says:

    Sasse in the end probably helped Trump more than harmed him. If Trump loses I will troll Sasse as part of the blame.

  8. bynd says:


    So you want the gov who you call inept most of the time to now lead. I do believe he stated he doesn’t like the situation up there. He has no control over the liquor control board. The same could be said of the pink legislature. Why aren’t you holding them responsible? They write the laws.

    So I’ll rephrase the question. What rational steps do you expect the gov to take in regards to the White Clay situation? As to the national embarrassment, I agree it should be. But every state has one so who really cares? We are as they say, fly over country and the best the impotent Dems in this state can offer is Brad.

    If you spent half time trying to get Dems elected as you do bashing Repubs. you might actually succeed.

    Finally, responding to your posts is fun. Because it’s like shooting ducks in a barrel. And no I don’t expect replies from you. You have no rational arguments or rebuttals to come back with. Partisans of any party rarely do.

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