Repub…er…PARTISANSHIP is evil!

CORNHUSKERGONEDon Walton or the LJS hates it when Republicans vote in lock-step.

Hates it.

It’s a bad thing. George Washington hated it! George Norris hated!
George Foreman…has yet to weigh in.

Oh but if Democrats vote in lock step vote after vote after vote after vote after vote?
Mehhhhh… that’s just Democrats being Democrats.
Nothing to see here.

So in his long list of people who are good because they don’t stay with their party, he cites…Ben Nelson.

Hmm. Now, if ONLY there were an example of a a time where Ben Nelson voted party above all things. A vote that was STRICTLY on party lines. Where the Democrats jammed a bill through with zero support from Republicans.

A vote where it was alleged that Ben Nelson essentially accepted a bribe in order to vote on an issue that changed fundamental systems in the country.

Ya see, if Democrats do it, Don can’t even be bothered to cite the example.


Mankind was my business

AP’s Grant Schulte writes about how Pete Ricketts, a businessman, is arguably running the state counter to the wishes of the business community.

While this may be true, it seems that isn’t what people are looking for when they seek a business person in charge of government.

Instead the usual theme is that they want the government bring business practices to state government.

While the business community may want their concerns to be first on the Governor’s list, by the nature of the office, that will not always be the prevailing thought.

Shulte was going for a little different gist in his article, to be sure. But what he didn’t hit were Governor Ricketts’ moves like hiring Felix Davidson as COO, Brenda Hicks-Sorensen as Economic Development Director and Sharon Pettid as Human Resources director — all of whom were fired or moved out of those highly-paid and publicized positions in 2015.

Whether government can be run “like a business” is a concept that looks to be ever evolving.


No medical marijuana petition…this year

The plan for a signature petition for medical marijuana apparently was retired for the year, after organizers cited the cost of getting signatures as a primary reason.

State Senator Tommy Garrett was quoted by the AP saying that it could cost around $1M to get signatures together.

Garrett plans to try legislatively again next year, which could, in theory be more successful — or less — depending on new studies or analyses of other states’ plans.

As the science on this improves, one would think a plan will come out sooner than later.


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  1. Oracle says:

    but if Democrats vote in lock step vote after vote after vote after vote after vote…

    Geez, SS, quit beating this dead horse. If you haven’t figured this out by now, I’ll explain it to you. Every one of the Democratic senators is from the Omaha/Lincoln area, except for Kate Sullivan. So why is it so strange that urban senators are often on the same page when it comes to their votes?

    Also, there are only 12 Democratic senators in a body of 49. Just statistically, there are much better odds of this happening than for the 36 Republicans. Probably a psychological reason also in that minority groups tend to stick together.

    So when 73% of a group whose only universal common attribute is party label votes in lock-step, that’s an issue.

  2. Lil Mac says:

    Understanding this odd Presidential election may be useful. Us venting or crowing about it isn’t.

    Face it, Political Science got it all wrong this time. Social Psychologists have tried to measure it by other means. If you have an ounce of scholarly interest in why people do what they do, this is too good to pass up. Of course, the focus is on Trump. Yet the way to understand his or anyone else’s rise isn’t just to look at him but rather at his supporters. They, after all, do the voting.

    Last November, Elkins & Haidt (Morality Foundation Theory) surveyed the various 2016 candidates’ supporters by measuring each supporter’s unique moral (values) mix of six innate foundations; Care/harm, Fairness /cheating, Liberty/oppression, Loyalty/betrayal, Authority/subversion, and Sanctity/degradation. MFT explains cross-cultural morality and also political morality differences. Haidt released his conclusions on candidate supporters in Feb 2016.

    BTW, MFT data also shows that leftists focus on “care” to the near exclusion of the other five qualities while Rightists are more balanced in all six moral foundations. Nurturing Democrats and balanced Republicans are probably happy to be so described.

    In any case, these scientists are not Trump fans. However, before they hammered Trump and all Republicans as “authoritarian” in their conclusions, they said this about Trump’s supporters:

    “One surprise in our data was that Trump supporters were not extreme on any of the foundations. This means that Trump supporters are more centrist than is commonly realized; consequently, Trump’s prospects in the general election may be better than many pundits have thought.”

  3. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Unicameral Democrats don’t bathe more often because Unicameral Republicans are in the showers checking out everyone’s junk.

    • The Grundle King says:

      They have communal showers at the Unicam? Maybe Ernie should paint a nice mountain lion mural on the walls so as to get people’s attention whilst also showing his love for mountain lions.

      Or put a real mountain lion in there. That’ll keep people from checking out each other’s junk.

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