The Fourth Way

160224185915-mitt-romney-donald-trump-handshake-feb-2012-exlarge-169I’m not saying Leavenworth St. was ahead of the curve, but, well, there ya go.

Today Jonah Goldberg agrees with Leavenworth St. on the idea of a FOURTH Party candidate turning the Presidential race upside down.

As Jonah points out, it all depends on Bernie running as a 3rd Party candidate first.

Then, a fourth, (major) Republican/conservative alternative to Donald Trump could get in and things would be dramatically different.

So let’s say Bernie DOES get in. If that’s the case, does Mitt run?
Or does Ted Cruz? Or Marco Rubio? Or Ben Sasse?
It has to be just ONE, or they’ve diluted down the right side too much, and Trump would take that part of the vote (likely anyway).

But then, does Donald destroy that candidate like he has all the other GOP candidates?

And it would be curious where Independents go in the Hillary-Bernie-Donald-Mitt race.


On the convention side…

Cruz folks look as if they’re still fighting in the convention.

All indications were that they weren’t going to fight a first ballot nomination. But now the Wall Street Journal notes this:

Colorado’s two rules committee delegates, Kendal Unruh and Guy Short, are planning to circulate a proposal that would allow delegates to the July convention to add a “conscience exception” and unbind themselves on the first nominating ballot.

The practical impact of this would be to allow delegates now bound to Mr. Trump to vote for someone else, potentially throwing the convention into chaos if such a rule were to be adopted and Mr. Trump didn’t receive votes from 1,237 votes required to clinch the party’s nomination.

So there could STILL be a fight at the convention. And while GOP forces seem to be coalescing around Trump, most still seem to be saying — such as Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts — that they are endorsing “the nominee”.

If it ain’t Trump, well that’s how the chips fall.

We continue to see the folks who insist that they’re #NeverHillary hammering Donald Trump. I’ve said all along, there HAS to be a plan for this. Most of these types are in the “Hillary would be worser than Trump” camp. But if they have the opportunity to throw out Trump, they will do it.

All that being said, it still seems like pro-Trumpers would semi-revolt if the nomination was stolen from Trump by Cruz loyalists.

But that Fourth Way up above, would be another way for things to get stirred up, without the “theft” issue.


Katie bar the door

This one will likely be all over the FOX type news, but to be ahead of the curve, please watch this excerpt from the Katie Couric special on Gun Control:

Katie asks a group of gun rights people:

“If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?”

Then they are shown sitting there, stupefied by Katie’s brilliant dagger of a question.

But, it turns out that someone has obtained the audio from the interview, and, of course, this didn’t happen at all.

Couric asked the question, then a number of people immediately addressed it, and they continued with a debate with Couric.

In other words, it was nothing like what was shown.

We should be a little amazed that the liberals still pull this kind of crap in 2016. Then again, it just goes to show that people have to be constantly vigilant, or they’ll get steamrolled by the politically correct.

What’s it they like to chant?
The whole world’s watching…Katie.


I’ll be watching you

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  1. Tony Oberley says:

    Our guy didn’t win, so let’s change the rules at the last minute to screw things up. Wow, what a great idea.

  2. The Grundle King says:

    “All that being said, it still seems like pro-Trumpers would semi-revolt if the nomination was stolen from Trump by Cruz loyalists.”

    Semi-revolt? No no no. There will be violence in the streets if that happens.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank Grumble, for what violence have Trump voters done? Those aren’t Republican Conservatives rioting outside Trump rallies and threatening Hillary. Maybe your violence. You seem to be brimming with hate.

    • The Grundle King says:

      I’ll credit the Trump voters for not having incited much in the way of violence thus far…as most violence they’ve been involved in has been incited by Democrats protesting and rioting at Trump rallies.

      However, the level of devotion that Trumpkins have exhibited thus far, and the amount of hatred they spew at those who dare deny Trump’s alleged greatness, makes it pretty clear how they’d react.

      They haven’t had much to get mad about yet because, to Trump’s credit, he’s managed to win primaries and all but secure the nomination. I’m waiting until his supporters are faced with a major loss to see how they’ll react. I can’t imagine it will be pretty.

      Me brimming with hate? No. Disgust…yeah. I’m disgusted with the choices the two major parties have offered us. But I’m not angry enough to wage violence over it.

  4. Henry Robert says:

    So this Bernie-Trump debate that is going to happen…not going to help anyone except Donald. it’ll show Hillary is the coward that she is, bernie will not get a jump in the polls, and Donald already clinched the nomination and no one will remember this come November. Good entertainment though.

  5. Lil Mac says:

    Today Trump suddenly clinched the GOP nomination ahead of sked. –It took only 2 weeks from when Trump declared to when he led the polls against 16 Republicans (incl 9 governors and 5 Senators) and he never lost that GOP lead. Cruz dropped out on May 3rd and today, three weeks later, today, Trump has the delegates. Impressive.

    Today Hillary suddenly finds her indictment more likely thanks to Obama’s State Dept IG and FBI. Obama has always had his finger on this trigger. He cannot afford a BillClinton.2 eclipsing Obama’s legacy. Obama is Anyone-but-Hillary. Even Trump would make Obama look better in history books. Will he pull that trigger? Not if Hillary commits suicide by being Hillary.

    • Tony Oberley says:

      Did you see Ann Coulter’s article today? She said Obama is going to indict Hillary and then put up Joe Biden / Elizabeth Warren ticket at the convention.

      • The Grundle King says:

        If that happens, game over. There’s still enough Democrat voters who, like Chris Matthews, get a little tickle up their leg over Obama. The Bernie voters will have someone they can get behind, as will the Hillary voters. Those two candidates will, unfortunately, provide enough to like for the Democrat voters that they’ll rally around them.

        In truth, those are probably the folks the Dems wanted all along.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        Warren’s been looking pretty ridiculous lately, getting in petty spats with Trump and accusing him of getting rich off the housing crisis, when she herself made a fortune flipping foreclosed homes and throwing people into the street.

      • Sparkles says:

        “she herself made a fortune flipping foreclosed homes “

        More winger nonsense.
        Your claim is total horsesh*&.

        I know the truth means nothing to Trumpkins, but this story lays out all the numbers –
        May 26, 2016 – Boston Globe
        “Trump accuses Warren of hypocrisy for buying foreclosed homes”

      • Tony Oberley says:

        Not nonsense at all. All over the internet. Read the National Review article about it. She bought up foreclosures cheap, forced people out, then sold them at a profit. Made over $250,000 on 4 homes in Oklahoma alone. She also claimed minority status as a “Native American” with no documentation whatsoever, used affirmative action to land a 6 figure job as a professor. Elizabeth Warren, corrupt, self seeking, bald faced liar and not fit to wipe Donald Trump’s shoes.

      • Sparkles says:

        “There’s still enough Democrat voters who, like Chris Matthews, get a little tickle up their leg over Obama.”

        May 23, 2016 –
        “Obama Hits Highest Job Approval Since Second Inauguration”
        51 / 46

        The most recent Favorable/Unfavorable for GOP leaders, May 2016 –
        Cruz: 29 / 58
        Trump: 35 / 58
        Rubio: 37 / 55
        Ryan: 30 / 48

        That ‘little tickle’ seems contagious. At 51%, Obama’s earned the approval of more than just Democrats.
        Clearly, embracing him is a no brainer.

      • Khan says:

        I think there is consternation over the possibility of Warren being on a ticket due to the fact that MA’s Republican governor will select her replacement.

        I don’t think it’s a given that Sanders supporters would get behind a Biden/Warren ticket en masse, either. There are enough of them convinced already that Hillary is stealing the nomination from him via super delegates. If the DNC pulled another end around and sent up anyone other than Bernie, that sentiment would take further root.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Well Sparkles, I can’t argue with you on Obama’s approval rating.

        And you’re right, embracing Obama doesn’t take any brains at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure having no brains a prerequisite.

  6. anon says:

    To all that said he would not make it, running the percentages every primary week, and calling the voters Nazi’s, a cool one to you this weekend, and a chaser to senator Ben as all have a great holiday and remembrance

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