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memorial-day-rememberSome links for you on this Friday before the Memorial Day weekend…

The OWH reports that Jane Kleeb announced at the Adams County Democrat convention that she wants to be the new chairperson of the state Democrat party. (Or maaaaybe, she does…)

You see, this way, the Clintons and the rest of the Democratic machine can funnel money to her and her husband (see the Wall St. Journal for the entire story), without worrying that she is not on board, with the rest of the Democrat party cronies.

At least Dick Holland will give a sigh of relief that he doesn’t have to fund EVERYTHING that she does.


Sasse on the 4-Way Bandwagon

We know that Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse reads National Review (and, at least his staff reads Leavenworth St.) so it is likely he saw Jonah Goldberg’s suggestion that a FOURTH Presidential candidate stirs the campaign pot, in a way that just a third does not.

Sasse tweeted earlier…

These were among a series of Tweets that Sasse sent out regarding Bernie Sanders last evening.

As noted here (before Jonah, I might add) a major third party candidate will lose badly — and will throw the election the opposite way of where ever they’re coming from. (i.e., a Romney run would guarantee a Hillary election.) BUT, if two more major candidates get in — say a Bernie AND a Romney — then things become MUCH more interesting.

Trump has been needling Bernie to jump in as a third party candidate lately, but it isn’t clear if he has thought through a fourth party candidate. It is likely he figures he can crush them all. But it would make for a crazy scene.

Look for the media to quadruple-down on this concept.


Borchers sees it

And just to round things out, former Creighton Law Dean Pat Borchers, may have been vanquished in his run for the Legislature, but he hasn’t quit giving his thoughts out.

Here on his blog, Borchers presents the first in a series of posts about his thoughts on the Presidential race.

(He hasn’t jumped onto the four-party scenario yet, but there’s time.)


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  1. Lil Mac says:

    Regarding Borchers opinion on the presidential race, or any race for that matter, to quote The Donald, “Why should I take advice from anybody who lost?”

    They say you learn more by losing than winning. Sure, you learn how to lose better.

    As for “It isn’t clear if (Trump) has thought through a fourth party candidate. It is likely he figures he can crush them all. But it would make for a crazy scene.” — Dealing with these in order: Trump thinks through even the things he looks like he hasn’t thought through, he likely figures the more in the race the better he crushes them all (it worked with 16+), and yes it would be crazy. Indeed, the media profits from any departure from sedative elections like the Romneycare vs Obamacare snooze fest. A wild melee is good Press.

    For many voters, this is the most fun they have had in politics ever. Is that wrong?

    Good strategy is difficult to see. Great strategy is opaque. You sense it obliquely, like trying to view a black hole by the gravity influence on other things or else you see it in retrospect. You do the “Oh, so that was what he was doing.” Serious or fun, strategy that works works.

    • The Grundle King says:

      “Trump thinks through…”

      Okay…full stop here. Any sentence that starts with those words, in that order, is bound to be false.

  2. Anonymous says:

    …..again, why should we care what anyone who has passed and name rhymes with….. gas say? One and done.

  3. Bluejay says:

    The Kleebs are so, so corrupt. And she will win that race. She easily defeated Governor Dave on KXL and handed Obama a priceless victory (“KXL got stopped in Nebraska. Republican Nebraska.”) Delay was the goal of Kleeb and she delivered. Hillary got her money from TD Bank AND the Greens over a long period of time. Perfect triangulation.

  4. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Jane Kleeb accomplished, on her own, something that the Nebraska Democratic Party hasn’t been able to do for decades. She established a functional, effective organization that was able to achieve its goals.

    Jane and I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye on everything, mostly because of my penchant for being a sarcastic old coot that doesn’t care whose toes I step on, and the methods I use to go about doing that, but I can think of no one in this state that would be a better leader for the NDP.

    I genuinely hope that Jane decides to take on the responsibilities of the Chair of the NDP. If she puts her talents for organization, promotion and recruitment to work rebuilding the Democratic Party in this state, I have no doubt that she will succeed. There is an entirely new generation of Democrats, a lot of them are young people that were Independents, but now support Bernie Sanders over the same-old, same-old that Hillary Clinton has offered them. They certainly have no use for the sideshow clownery offered by the GOP nominee apparent, Donald Drumpf.

    • Bluejay says:


      I disagree with everything Kleeb stands for but she is the most effective Dem in NE. She cleaned Governor Dave’s clock on the most important issue in his term.

      The loss of KXL cost Nebraska and the nation dearly. But Jane and Scott did just fine.

      She will be with us forever. Just like Hillary.

      • Brian T. Osborn says:

        Jane was able to accomplish what she did because it was the right thing to do. The loss of KXL cost Nebraska and the nation dearly? Just which Nebraskans and Americans do you mean? The only ones that would have profited from it certainly don’t include you, I, or millions of others.

      • Bluejay says:


        1. How about the millions in lost property tax and jobs?

        2. Lost of wealth and true energy independence from OPEC.

        3. We have thousands of miles of pipeline in NE. Any leaks?

        4. Global warming is a complete scam. Wake up.

      • Brian T. Osborn says:

        May 27, 2016 at 10:04 pm
        Bluejay says:

        1. How about the millions in lost property tax and jobs?
        Imaginary fables.
        2. Lost of wealth and true energy independence from OPEC.
        Steaming heaps of horse crap.
        3. We have thousands of miles of pipeline in NE. Any leaks?
        Ummmm, yup!
        4. Global warming is a complete scam. Wake up.
        Your BFF, the Cheeto Chimp, now tells us that the drought in California isn’t real. I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed. Go take another prescription lobotomy pill and call me in the morning.

  5. Gary and Ace says:

    Glad to see Ben Sasse is supports 3-ways and 4-ways. His political insight on these matters excites us.

  6. Mert The Avenger says:

    I mentioned this yesterday but my comment was never published. Sasse has been saying this will be a four way race since February of this year. I would post the link for this, but my comment wasn’t published yesterday. The original point of Sasse saying never Trump and never Hillary was his belief that it would lead to four nominees, not three. Your chastisement of Sasse saying we need more options is interesting as now you agree with him.

    He has said, since at least January, maybe sooner, that he believes this race will end up being more like the election of Abraham Lincoln where 4 choices brought us the Republican Party and the best President this nation has seen. Look it up and then apologize because now, it seems, you agree with him.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “A sarcastic old coot that doesn’t care whose toes I step on, and the methods I use to go about doing that,”

    Are we talking about Brian or Donald?

  8. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Yeah, and I would imagine that Donald will have as much luck with that as I did. What was the alternative, become another lemming like all the old folks that currently populate the NDP organization, and follow the oligarchs over the cliff into the abyss?

      • Brian T. Osborn says:

        No groveling being done here. It is simple logic, perhaps not simple enough for you to understand.

        Currently, there is no other Democrat in this state that has the kind of experience, that Jane does, to lead the NDP into a brighter future. Tell me, who else has her organizational skills, ability to effectively utilize the media, and actually accomplish their goals like Jane.

        Two years ago I presented myself as a candidate for NDP State Chair, not because I thought I had a snowballs chance in hell of winning, but because I thought the NDP needed to at least have a choice. Vince Powers was running under his banner of “continuity,” which meant, “Keep following me as I lead you lemmings over the cliff.” His greatest accomplishment was to confront the NEGOP Chair, Mark Fahleson, in a parking lot, trolling his talk with TV reporters. Powers appeared to be intoxicated – whether that was due to being on something or merely drunk on his own perceived authority, it really was a horrible representation for the NDP. Jane won’t be pulling such childish stunts.

        I haven’t always agreed with Jane on everything. I’ve stepped on her toes a time or two, but I seem to have a penchant for doing that. However, I will support her whole-heartedly if she decides to run for the office. I know that she will be unlike any Chair the NDP has had for decades, she will make the NDP a force to be reckoned with, and you know it. That is why you are already firing your pea-shooter bon-mots against anyone that supports her.

      • BTO overdrive says:

        It appears the dems do very well in Omaha, Lincoln, and the legislature without your blessing. They don’t need no Clintonesque phony to upset their gig

      • Old Leftie says:

        overdrivel, at 3:55 pm, is a perfect example of what BTO is talking about.

        “It appears the dems do very well in Omaha, Lincoln, and the legislature without your blessing.” That’s about as stupid a statement as you’ll find. Omaha has a Republican Mayor, Lincoln is represented by a Republican in Congress and the number of Democrats in the Legislature is the lowest in years (and likely to shrink even more in November).

        You have to be drinking some pretty strong kool-ade to think “the dems do very well” any place in Nebraska under the present leadership.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Are Bill Romju, Dee Austin, and other former Hassebrook staffers attempting to use Bernie Sanders to install Chuck Hassebrook, who served on Hillary Clinton’s leadership team and penned a glowing endorsement of Hillary that appeared in several newspapers, as the new NDP chair so they can all have jobs? According to the April 14th Lincoln Journal Star article “Bernie Supporters May Shape Nebraska Democratic Party” they were looking to recruit progressive candidates.

    Why are they suddenly silent now that Jane Kleeb has appeared on the scene?

    • Tony Oberley says:

      They’ve got bigger fish to fry right now. Hillary’s people are putting intense pressure on Sanders to drop out through their surrogates and media allies.

      • Brian T. Osborn says:

        Well of course Hillary’s people want Bernie to drop out now. They’re scared to death of what California is going to do to their girl.

  10. Old Leftie says:


    I assume you are responding to me – your inability to tell time makes it hard to be sure.

    What and who’s “majority” are you referring to. Could you give us a clue as to what decade the piece in the OWH was published. Or maybe what it was about? It’s hard to search the archives when all you know for sure is that the article you’re looking for was read by someone who goes by the name “stupid.”

  11. Mom meatloaf F%#$ says:

    Why the hell would any of you basement dwellers spend Memorial Day on a political blog ranting. You do realize like 10 people post here under 30 names. Politics locally is like high school would be if you removed all of the jocks and normal people. Go thank a Vet and eat a hot dog.

    • Brian T. Osborn says:

      As Commander of my local American Legion Post, I spent much of Memorial day helping to put up a few hundred burial flags on flagpoles and placing smaller ones on each individual grave – hauling a lectern, sound system and rifles for the Honor Guard out to the cemetery – presenting our program and delivering a speech – participating in the firing of volleys honoring the dead – then taking everything back down at the end of the day, folding and storing the flags for next year.
      I still found time to mow and trim the grass around our Legion Post AND post comments on-line.
      It is amazing what you can accomplish when you can multi-task and concentrate on more than just hotdogs and beer.

  12. The Grundle King says:

    Accidentally posted this on an older post, but wanted to put it here…

    Interesting excerpt from this morning’s Lincoln Journal Star from an ‘open letter’ to Pete Ricketts from a few butt-hurt senators.

    “All of [the pretend-conservative senators] are well-known and respected conservatives elected by the people to obey their own convictions and principles, not the governor’s,” the 13 [whiny-ass] senators stated.”

    No. That’s incorrect. These senators were elected by the people to REPRESENT their constituents’ wants and interests, and to vote how they SAID they would vote when they were running for office. Wipe the tears from your eyes, you delicate little flowers…you don’t just get to forget everything you said while running for office whilst flipping the single-finger salute to everyone who voted for you. If you fail to vote how you said you would vote, then expect to be called out for it…and you really should have a better response ready than, “I just voted how I wanted to.”

    As an aside, I was really surprised that Ebke threw her name in with that lot of crybabies.

    • Oracle says:

      GK, it’s called representative government. Sometimes legislators learn something when in office, and their minds change. I also believe that most of them have the time to study an issue far deeply than most of the public they represent do. The system you seem to desire wouldn’t even need a legislature. Just a way for everyone to cast a vote no matter how ignorant they are.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Representative government.


        Did you miss the very first all-caps word I wrote in my post? It’s not really a ‘representative’ government if they don’t ‘represent’ their constituents. When people in power decide to just do whatever it is that they want to do, without answering to those who put them into power, we’ve entered into a whole new system of government.

        Look up “oligarchy” when you have a chance.

        And if you’re going to bemoan letting ‘everyone cast a vote no matter how ignorant they are’, then why should we let the public vote on anything? If people are too ignorant to decide which laws to live under, then surely they’re also too ignorant to choose their representatives in the first place. Maybe voters should have to pass some sort of test before being allowed to register to vote (would actually be fine by me). And if you fail the test, too bad…try again in a couple of years.

      • Oracle says:

        GK, representing one’s constituents is not the same as voting the way the majority want. Especially if barely a majority. Things aren’t as black and white as you think.

      • The Grundle King says:

        To represent someone is to speak and act on their behalf. To represent a group of people is to speak and act on the behalf of that group, and the only way to do so effectively is to present the wills and wishes of the majority.

        To willfully ignore one’s constituents, with the arrogant notion that he/she knows what’s better for the constituents than they do, is not representation. A representative’s duty is to represent the people, not him or herself. It really is that cut and dry.

      • Oracle says:

        GK, I happen to believe that most of our legislators put some thought into what they do. They weren’t put there to just take a poll and always vote with the majority. That’s very simplistic and shows no understanding of how government is supposed to work. In your worldview the minority position should just be ignored when throughout history it’s often proven to have been the correct one.

  13. Anonymous says:

    A RWP-free Leavenworth Street is a beautiful thing. Got tired of him putting down most of the other commenters.

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