13 harrumphs

SenatorLetter0Thirteen Nebraska State Senators signed one of the more…how to put this politically…crybaby letters to Governor Ricketts in quite some time.

And here should be the focus of outrage by voters:
Someone used a piece of apparently official Nebraska stationery for this missive.

You can read the letter at the right, but here is the gist:

Five Republicans didn’t like getting called out by Governor Ricketts at the Nebraska Republican convention.

Noted. They no doubt did NOT like getting called out — especially those sitting in the audience. As I pointed out on Leavenworth St., and on KFAB, one could argue that there were MUCH better ways the Governor could have noted this to those in his own party.

It is not real clear how it benefitted the Governor, or those on his side who want to change hearts, minds or votes on those bills. The best is probably that if those Senators cross him again he will…embarrass them in public again. Well, that’s one strategy.

But what of these Democrats (yes, Ernie included) who are crying about Ricketts’ statement at…the Republican convention? Come on. What do THEY care?

Here, we can quote the letter directly:

George Norris“! (harrumph, harrumph).
Oath“! (harrumph, harrumph).
(Hey, I didn’t get a harrumph out of that guy!)

For those of you (maniacs) who aren’t Blazing Saddles fans, I suggest you watch this 12 second video clip to understand just EXACTLY what happened with that speech at the NEGOP convention:

(The “watch your ass” was abso-freakin’-lutely implied.)

So basically Burke Harr and the gang were upset that they didn’t have the opportunity to harumph, or maybe not harumph, and wanted to get in on the fun.

But once again…official stationery?

Someone call Charlie Janssen stat.


The Sasse Path

ICYMI, the New York Times (not to be confused with the York News-Times) wrote a relatively major piece about Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse:

Nebraska’s Ben Sasse: A ‘Never Trump’ Holdout in the Senate

The gist is pretty much everything you already know and have read.

Here are a few quotes:

“I don’t agree with his strategy,” said Deb Fischer, the senior Nebraska senator, whose manner is generally as mild as her state’s farmstead cheese. “I’m not going to hand this election to Hillary Clinton.”

Farmstead what?
They’re thinking Wisconsin, yeah?
(Some Valentinians can correct me about the local cheese production…)

“The senator missed an opportunity to express himself on this issue at the convention and get an honest reaction from the delegates,” said J. L. Spray, a national Republican committeeman and former state chairman of the party. “It’s a little bit confusing to me at least as to what the senator wants to do now.”

The “missed opportunity” point sounds exactly like the one that I made with Chris Baker on KFAB, so kudos to the calm and well respected J.L. Spray.

He has an unusual routine, keeping one of his daughters in Washington for a week and then rotating in the other one. His 14-year-old, Elizabeth, helps with legislative mail, and the 12-year-old, Alexandra, gives tours of the Capitol when other offices are short a guide.

Not going to make a big deal, but I doubt this is the last we have heard about this.

When she learned (Sasse) had cast the lone vote against her bill to combat opioid abuse, Senator Kelly Ayotte, a New Hampshire Republican, rolled her eyes and said, “Whatever, dude.”

Quoted without comment.


Kristol Ball

So Bill Kristol noted over the weekend that there would be SOME 3rd party candidate:

Kristol noted about a month ago on CNN that he believes the 3rd party ticket should be some combination of Ben Sasse and South Carolina Senator Nikki Haley. (Either Sasse/Haley or Haley/Sasse.)

Now we know that Sasse has said over and over that he can’t run because he has young kids and a job representing Nebraskans. And he continues to say that those issues have not changed. (Most recently in a Breitbart article.)

So it would be a huge turnaround, with a fair amount of explaining, for how that is now different.

But for what it’s worth, Sasse kitchen cabinet member and fellow #NeverTrump-er (and former NEGOP Chair) Mark Fahleson dropped out as a Nebraska delegate to the National GOP Convention.

Probably doesn’t mean much.


Crystal Ball

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  1. 14th and K says:

    “[B]arring the will of the people for a new legislative experiment, we will not surrender our non-partisan and constitutional duties.”

    It is long overdue that the challenge embedded in that statement, borne as it is of smug arrogance, be accepted.

    If we ever want to take a meaningful step toward ridding the Legislature of its institutional dishonesty, it’s basis structure MUST be changed. Otherwise, year in and year out, we will continue to endure this wailing and gnashing of teeth on individual legislative failures.

  2. Pete says:

    Yea, that Governor is a real bastard for speaking about partisan politics at a private, partisan gathering, and for expecting Senators who were in attendance at the partisan gathering to vote their party. The nerve of some people.

  3. Tony Oberley says:

    It’s going to be hard for any independent to get on all of the state ballots now. The deadlines for some states has already passed. I think Kristol is just talking crap.

  4. The Grundle King says:

    I promise I’m not going to make a habit out of re-reposting my comments.

    Interesting excerpt from this morning’s Lincoln Journal Star from an ‘open letter’ to Pete Ricketts from a few butt-hurt senators.

    “All of [the pretend-conservative senators] are well-known and respected conservatives elected by the people to obey their own convictions and principles, not the governor’s,” the 13 [whiny-ass] senators stated.”

    No. That’s incorrect. These senators were elected by the people to REPRESENT their constituents’ wants and interests, and to vote how they SAID they would vote when they were running for office. Wipe the tears from your eyes, you delicate little flowers…you don’t just get to forget everything you said while running for office whilst flipping the single-finger salute to everyone who voted for you. If you fail to vote how you said you would vote, then expect to be called out for it…and you really should have a better response ready than, “I just voted how I wanted to.”

    As an aside, I was really surprised that Ebke threw her name in with that lot of crybabies…especially after her “fellow conservatives” deep-sixed LB289. I get that she fancies herself a little more libertarian, but I’m not sure she’s the one who should be taking offense, seeing as how she actually DID vote like a conservative/Republican for the majority of the platform bills. It seems to me that Ricketts’ comments were more aimed at folks like Baker, Hadley, Campbell, and Schumacher…who, between the four of them, managed only TWO conservative votes ALL SESSION.

      • Locksteppers says:

        No surprise on Krist and Ebke, but I don’t understand if they take offense to the governor when the letter confirms what he said as will their voting records, he just cut it to the quick

    • Pete says:

      I think Ebke just marches the beat of her own drum, and perhaps by signing this letter she was in a way reserving her right to disappoint the Republican party with future votes.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ebke has always been a Libertarian first. Remember the almost-take over the of GOP State Convention in 2012 by Ron Paulistas and her part in that?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh now you’re asking for a lot, Interesting. Our media actually dig? Surely you jest. Unless a personal or medical issue came up that he has to attend to, Fahleson is a jerk to take a spot away from someone who was committed to it. Now they will have to scramble to move up an Alternate and put the last person who didn’t win Alternate up to that slot and see if they can still go. I hope the GOP faithful stop electing Fahleson to things after this.

  5. bynd says:

    If they really believed that the legislature is nonpartisan and one should be elected on merit, they would all dissociate from any political party and run as independents.

    And really, do they believe that politics will not be mention at a political party’s state convention.

    These folks certainly reflect well on those who elected them. Maybe they should use Ernie’s office as a safe zone.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ben talks about how the senate should address BIG things not the small stuff. Where’s Ben’s BIG idea bills? Oh yeah, he finally ntroduced a bill, to make government data more “transparent”. That’s a really BIG issue Nebraskans are worried about. Whatever dude.

  7. Ricky says:

    All it takes is to realize that Mr Ricketts appointed somebody with the exact opposite mind set of her district in Nicole Fox of South Omaha. (Thanks Mr Nordquist for quitting on you constituents and letting Mr Ricketts appoint a righty in your place. Jeremy must have gotten that idea from his buddy Loserbaugh who quit his constituents so as to quicker get on the gravy train lobbying for expanded gambling on the dole of the native american group) and you can see what a hypocrite Ricketts is.
    Everybody knew Fox did not represent the feelings of South O, and Mr Ricketts pulled her puppet strings to get him to vote not with her constituents, but with Mr Ricketts. See the support Fox had for the Dreamers license bill.
    So Ricketts seems to be saying the Republicans are not representing their people when they vote for things Ricketts does not like, but he expects his underlings like Fox to vote against their constituents and with him.
    Does not take a genius to figure out Mr Ricketts has a hole in his head.
    PS Sasse has all those degrees and he got the tea party to give him money to win a senate seat, but as far as parenting goes, he figures to be a flop. My spouse and I raised successful children, and we did not make them produce television commercials for us or keep them out of school and act like they are grown-ups giving tours of the capitol.
    That is really weird and I hope the DC Child Protection Services keeps an eye on Sasse’s children.
    Sasse could be another coming of Jim Jones, Mr evangelical who knows all the answers,

    • Anon says:

      Jim Jones? Are you kidding? Why is it that children that are homeschooled are such a threat to liberals? Sasse’s kids are none of your business. Is that too difficult for you to understand?

      • Ricky says:

        Mr Sasse made his small children make a television ad begging their daddy to repeal Obamacare. He put them in the public eye, foolishly.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Ricky, this may be difficult for you to understand, but the Governor is under no duty to appoint only state senators who are compatible with the residents of a district. As our current President once said, “I won…”. I’m sure you can find the rest.

      The rest of your rambling post is shite. You have no business sticking your nose into how other people raise their kids.

      • Ricky says:

        When Mr Sasse made his young children make a tv ad for his campaign begging daddy to repeal Obamacare that put them in the public eye. That was foolish and makes you wonder how bad a parent he and his wife are.

    • bynd says:

      Ricky, All of your children who have or do hold high political office, all the successful Dem campaigns you have run and all the elected positions you have held can only deepen your mystic on this site. It can’t just be you are that illiterate!

  8. Brenda Starr says:

    It used to be that our governors came up the ranks of the Republican party and, in the process, created relationships that were of service when they were elected to high office. In Pete Ricketts, we have a guy whose main qualification for the governorship is that he had enough money to pretty much buy himself into office. He had no real Republican roots or established relationships and, instead of trying to build those relationships now, he’s trying to buy his own legislature. It’s disappointing. He’ll probably be governor for eight years, and it smacks of juvenile tantrum-ism for him to resort to buying elections now. Is money all that Pete Ricketts knows? Is that his solution to every problem? I didn’t vote for Ricketts because I couldn’t bring myself to support a guy who has never worked for anyone but his family. (Joe Ricketts is the one who should be governor. There’s a guy who knows business. There’s a guy with a demonstrated record of being able to be pragmatic and get along with people. Pete? He’s just the SOB — son of the boss.)

  9. The Grundle King says:

    I keep hearing, erm…’less intelligent’ people saying that Pete Ricketts “bought” the election. Could anyone tell me where they found the record of payment to the SoS?

    Hell…even if he did, it might put him another step above his opponent, Dave Domina. Ricketts’ check would help Nebraska’s budget, whereas Domina only seems interested in finding ways to take money away from the people of Nebraska.

  10. bynd says:

    We buy food and water for sustenance. We buy, houses, cars, clothing and tons of personal stuff. We buy gas, vacations, and some, an education for our children. I can’t think of too much in one’s life that isn’t paid for. All politicians, even the Donald, use other people’s money to get elected to office. And yet Ricky thinks that saying the Gov bought his position is some how bad or wrong. It was his money to spend the way he wanted. Just as you wastefully spend your time, and time is money, writing your lunatic opinions on the internet. And because you were not able to be as successful, rich daddy or not, your jealousy is all over your writings made up of your bile we don’t really need to see.

    Ricky, If you feel so inadequate and impotent compared to the Gov and the Omaha mayor, maybe you should hide in Troll cave and put more foil over the openings. Obviously Jean has a bigger pair than you. Which really may not be saying much:)

    • Tony Oberley says:

      Then he had the nerve to say that the state needed Dave Domina. I nearly spit my drink up when I read that.

  11. LAX says:

    Besides being a lightweight and an industrial-republican establishment talking puppet, there is nothing particularly interesting about Ben Sasse that makes him a viable presidential candidate.

  12. LAX says:

    And Pete Rickets IS a daddy’s money spoiled brat. I hope you city dwelling republicans understand he paid for those property tax cuts for ranchers with increases in YOUR taxes.

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