Ebke’s party jump

Ebke and Ricketts
A shot of Ebke and Ricketts from Ebke’s Facebook page

State Senator Laura Ebke of Crete announced yesterday that she was switching from the Republican party to the Libertarian party. (You can find a letter that she posted on Facebook — though not the original that she sent to her constituents.)


Well, as near as anyone can tell it is because Governor Pete Ricketts was mean to her at the Republican convention.

A few points…


1. According to Ebke, GOP = Governor Ricketts

Ebke wasn’t just some voter who checked the box next to Republican. She ran as a Republican and attended the Republican convention, on her own volition.

And yet she now tells the OWH, “she’d been considering the switch for months.” Huh.

Well then she was GREATLY influenced by one person.

Ebke’s faith in the Republican party seems to have been based on what Pete Ricketts said. In which case her positions were based on a person, and not on the party.

One would then have to believe that if the Governor took the podium at the NEGOP convention and praised the courage and fortitude of Ebke, she would have stuck around.

So her convictions were all based on being nurtured in a speech.

And Ebke calls herself a “political scientist”?

[Note, an earlier version here stated that Ebke was a convention delegate. She was not.]


2. Had Ebke orginally run as a Libertarian, she never would have been elected.

Ebke seems to be trying to sell that she has been a “Goldwater Republican” all along, and that everyone knew she was in the “Liberty Caucus”, so it’s no big deal that she is shifting.

But let’s face facts. She USED the Republican party, and it’s positions and resources to get elected, and now that she is firmly ensconced, is ditching it. Could she get re-elected now? Sure, she’s an incumbent.

But had she run originally under the Libertarian banner, she would not have won.

And I don’t have her campaign literature, but I am guessing that when she cited Ronald Reagan and Carl Curtis…and Barry Goldwater as her political idols, no one really took her meaning.

The idea of a “Goldwater Republican” is that you are of the libertarian branch of the Republicans. And you generally reject social conservative stances — especially those on the religious right —  in the party.

More than likely Ebke said “lower taxes” and “smaller government” in all her campaigning. Oh and being a Republican.


3. What happened to the “non-partisan” Legislature?

If you read the Lincoln Journal-Star’s senior political writer Don Walton, you would think the ghost of George Norris makes his coffee every morning. And instead of cream and sugar, he flavors it with a healthy dose of “non-partisan legislature”.

And no doubt, Walton will sing the praises of Ebke when she is bucking the Republican Governor who is insisting that Republicans vote his way.

Except that in the same breath Ebke and Walton and the Gang of 13 Harrumphers want to explain over and over that the legislature is non-partisan.

So which is it? Does party — Republican or Libertarian — matter in the Legislature? Or does it NOT matter? And if it doesn’t…who CARES what the Governor thinks or suggests?

Except Ebke clearly DOES care what he thinks, and thinks that her party DOES matter in the Legislature. Otherwise she wouldn’t have seen a need to switch parties.

These legislators are confused — or frankly want it both ways. They want to be members of the party when it helps them to get elected or lets them join a certain faction. And then they want to declare NON-PARTISANSHIP! when they want to break ranks.

There are certainly ways to go about bucking the party line, but simply yelling George Norris’s name each time is simply convenience instead of an argument.


4. The rise of the Libertarian Party

In the wake of Donald Trump, the Libertarian Party has seen a bump. Two former Republican Governors, Gary Johnson (NM) and William Weld (MA) are leading their ticket — though beyond legalization of marijuana, they don’t really have an obvious platform that distinguishes them.

But their notoriety, which is growing, gives Ebke a little more of a community to join, and tout her. Heck I have a few Libertarian party friends in Chicago and late yesterday they were on already Facebook touting the new State Senator in Nebraska — whom they no doubt had never heard of before — who was now on their team.

Once again, it looks like the personal feelings thing really affected Ebke’s decision. “Pete may not like you, but we will welcome you with open arms! And look over there! It’s Vermin Supreme!”


A final note…

Remember when the political nature of the previous administration was criticized, and then with the new Governor, an “openness” and “business minded” approach was praised to the heavens?

Mmm hmm.

And then that same Legislature which loved the new, non-mean Governor, handed him is hat legislatively.

So the new Governor finds a little success by campaigning in a legislative primary and…POW! Brings the political hammer down at the convention.

We will have to look just a little harder now to find the praises for the “new way” of governing in the state. And maybe some will look back at the scalpel approach, and appreciate the political means of the old days. Because you can bet that Ebke’s move won’t be the last of the revenge of those dissed at the GOP convention.


  1. Ebke wasn't a delegate says:

    If you’re going to try to bash her, at least get your story straight. Ebke attended the state onvention as a guest, just like you did, not as a voting delegate.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Street Sweeper, you also need to “correct” your misguided notion that the Libertarian party stands for nothing so much as legalization of marijuana. Way back in 1970, when the party was founded in California, the PRINCIPAL principle was true capitalism: that means tax justice and economic liberty, alongside personal liberty: that means responsibility and good will toward others.

      Now it’s true that in the decades since anarchists reside within the party alongside liberals who enjoy the distorted capitalism we have today. As someone down the line pointed out, Ron Paul and Ebke had to run in the Republican Party because the Libertarians have been summarily kept out of the nominating process by both major parties. But such examples as the Paul and Ebke are not indicative of inauthenticity any more than the Governor touting “small government” while signing into law ever more tax subsidies… And besides, I only learned of Ebke via your very own blogroll and if you ever read it yourself you would have know she was/is LIBERTARIAN.

  2. Khan says:

    Well, bless her heart for finding a candidate she believes in with Gary “I-Agree-With-Bernie-Sanders-73%-Of-The-Time” Johnson.

  3. Sparkles says:

    I’m a bit perplexed as to why this hasn’t stirred more GOP vitriol.
    Not only did Sen Ebke leave the Republican party, she kicked the party and its constituents in the teeth on the way out the door.
    After stating she could never vote for a buffoon like Trump, she noted:
    “..it’s less about Trump per se than what that reflects about the Republican Party,”

    Oh.. SNAP!!

    Do you mean, Sen Ebke, that only dullards and poltroons would have so little respect for the brand as to line up, in zombie-like fashion, behind the circus act that is Donald Trump?
    Or that only principles-free, craven ideologues would sit back and watch as washed up hacks like Bill Kristol attempt to desperately lead the party to a French kiss? A kiss fabricated with the sole intent of triggering unprecedented political turmoil that would throw the election of POTUS to the least popular, most brazenly dysfunctional House in the history of our Union?

    Is it that Republican party you choose to flee, Sen Ebke?

    • Pete says:

      It’s funny, because the points that Sparkles raises RE: Trump and the Republican Party, apply tenfold to Hillary and the Democrat party!

      • Sparkles says:

        Wow Pete, you really stepped up to the plate on that one.

        Although, wouldn’t it have been easier to simply say:
        “I know you are, so what am I?”

        Better yet: “Nya, nya-nya, nya-nya, ya”

  4. Tony Oberley says:

    Laura is my Senator and I think she does an excellent job. In the new age of Trump and Sanders, the political parties are in decline and don’t mean much anymore anyway. And stop the pot issue, that is minor. Ebke’s stand on gun rights, property rights, and government overreach are what is important.

  5. Highest Elected Libertarian in the Country says:

    What sickens me about all of this is Ebke is being two faced on the issue. If she was truly wanted to respect the nature of the nonpartisan system she would have re-registered as an independent or nonpartisan. Rather clearly wants the national and state libertarian party to help her our financially in two years, since she is now the only registered Libertarian in the country to hold a state senate seat.

  6. The Grundle King says:

    Part of me sez, “Meh, I could care less.” I didn’t donate to her campaign (or any campaign for that matter), so I really can’t complain about her campaigning on the GOP’s dime. But it does smack of a certain dishonesty to take the GOP’s support (money, endorsements, etc.) when you need it, then jump ship when you don’t. She understands the power of incumbency, and I have little doubt she’ll win re-election. In truth, I hope she does…seeing as she’s been one of the more vocal gun rights supporters in the legislature. I hope her state pre-emption bill makes it’s way back, because it’s a bill truly worthy of consideration.

    But yeah, if you’re going to complain about partisanship, and bellow about the non-partisan nature of the Unicam, it really starts to ring hollow when you turn right around and register with another political party. If you’re really non-partisan, then register non-partisan. It’s just as easy, and totally free!

  7. Just someguy says:

    Street Sweeper: You simultaneously claim that Ebke [knowingly] “used the party” despite really being a libertarian, but then you claim that this latest move is only because of personal feelings from the governor’s comments at the GOP convention and use this proposition to denigrate her intellect.
    Well, I’ve spoken quite a bit with both of you, and I’d guess Laura would score a couple of standard deviations higher than you on any meaningful test of intelligence. Laura is a good, decent woman who believes in principle over party. Anyone who cares more about party wins than about right and wrong is a depraved misanthrope.

    With all that said, I was at the state convention as well, and as a libertarian Republican I did not take umbrage at the governor’s remarks, even though I would differ with him on at least a couple of the policy questions he raised. Contrary to how his speech has been reported in the popular press, though, I think his remarks in fact _did_ emphasize the importance of principles over mere superficial partisan identification. My takeaway from his talk was that partisan labels should be _more_ meaningful, and that when voters cast a ballot for a D or an R it is probably because they believe that that person’s partisan affiliation signals that they support their respective party’s platform. If anything, his speech emphasized being honest with voters, noting that in too many districts GOP voters have been buffaloed into voting for liberal candidates who held themselves out as Republicans, and that this candidates have had the opportunity to part ways with their conservative constituents on a number of key votes.

    If Senator Ebke’s move was indeed in response to the governor’s speech, it was a good faith response to his candid prescription for how party labels should be used. Rather than trying to work within the existing GOP framework with many “conservatives” who hold sacrosanct certain big-government programs (corrections, law enforcement, military, etc.) no matter how expensive and destructive they get, Ebke’s decision aligns with precisely what the governor was saying in his speech: that people who publicly cleave to the Republican Party should expect that voters will interpret that to mean general support for the party platform, and that people who fundamentally disagree with the platform aren’t the folks that the party should throw its weight behind. Rather than Ebke’s change of registration being viewed as a snub of the governor, I think it is evidence that she takes his ideas seriously enough to act on them.

    • buck turgidson says:

      Your useless analysis of the competing intellects involved here is a petty and unconvincing way for you to begin your defense of Ebke. Regardless of the standard deviations between them, Sweeper’s criticism of Ebke is spot-freaking-on.

      While I appreciate those in her corner trying to articulate themselves into support of Ebke on this issue, there is just no denying how hypocritical her actions are. Bottom line is, she cannot on one hand take the Governor’s comments on party affiliation so seriously that she changes her registration in “good-faith” adherence, while simultaneously and publicly signing a letter reminding him that the legislature is non-partisan.

      Too many in the Unicameral faithfully rely on the NEGOP as candidates, only to later lambast the Party as elected officials. Ebke is having a tantrum because the Governor called attention to this all too common practice.

      • Just someguy says:

        Buck, thanks for the rhetorical advice. You’re probably right that my comment would have been better without the personal jab up front.

        I still say that SS’s commentary above suffers from its own inherent contradiction, asserting both (1) that Ebke’s move was fundamentally an emotional (and therefore irrational) response to the governor’s remarks, and (2) that it was a calculated move where she slyly used party resources to get into office in bad faith and then jumped ship.

  8. Sparkles says:

    Sen Ebke’s move could also be viewed as a wise defensive move.
    As Nebraska’s only Libertarian Senator, she’ll likely be able to coalesce some funds to aid in fighting off the Rickett’s cabal.

    As a May 31st LJS editorial recently pointed out, the game of politics has changed in Nebraska with Richey Rickett’s as Governor.
    The editorial is titled: Senators attacked from the shadows.
    It points to the last minute dirty tricks and attacks during the recently concluded primary on Senators from his own party. Senators who didn’t gleefully carry Pete’s water.
    Attacks funneled through dark money groups like Americans for Prosperity Nebraska and Trees of Liberty.
    “It should escape no one’s notice that if the infusion of shadowy funding from outside groups is successful it would greatly boost Rickett’s ability to twist arms in the Legislature”.

  9. HTH says:

    Governor Ricketts,

    A helpful reminder that you are governor because you won a narrow plurality, despite spending millions and having near 100% name recognition. You are an incumbent, sure, but I wouldn’t feel too comfortable with your ever growing string of legislative embarrassments.

    Ebke’s decision seems petty when she puts it on the governor (though he is the leader of the state party), but it does effectively underscore the incompetence and deafness of the governor’s office. The temper tantrum was Pete’s before it was Ebke’s.


    • The Grundle King says:

      Ricketts pulled 57% of the vote to Hassebrook’s 39%. That’s not a narrow plurality, that’s a solid majority.

      Those ‘legislative embarassments’ lie solely at the feet of “Republicans” like Coash, Krist, McCollister, Baker, Hadley, Campbell, and Schumacher. You know, the people Ricketts was calling out…and who fully deserve to be called out.

      How any of these people can, in good conscience, accept financial and logistical support from the NEGOP, then turn their back on those who supported and voted for them the second they arrive at 14th and K…it’s just pathetic. And contemptible.

      If you want to act like a true non-partisan, then register as a true non-partisan and reject any/all support offered by a political party. I don’t demand ideological purity…but all voters should demand truth in advertising when it comes to our representatives.

      • Sparkles says:

        “Those ‘legislative embarassments’”

        aka – our democratic process.

        Pete and the extreme right lost. Suck it up.
        After all, Papa’s Joe’s money will likely buy Pete the legislature he needs to help boost the redistribution of Nebraska’s wealth to the 1%.
        We’ve already seen the first salvo of moneyed retribution employed in the most recent primary. No doubt the Ricketts riches will bankroll much, much more.

        Eventually, when Papa Joe buys for Pete an obedient legion of Senators, leading Nebraska to suffer the same fate as Kansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, all you Republicans can rejoice in the new found pain and strife imposed on yourself, your family and the fine, hard working Nebraska citizenry.


      • HTH says:

        GK, use your brain (are you a Trump supporter? Perchance I ask too much), my friend. The plurality win was the republican primary, which is what Ricketts would lose if, indeed, he loses his reelection bid. Reasoning skills – get ’em or get out.

        “financial and logistical support from the NEGOP” shows a complete and total lack of understanding of how the NEGOP functions. So…

        Also, you can blame what happens in the legislature on the individual members, but an effective governor gets things done on the front end – crying on the back end is called ‘ineffective governance,’ regardless of whether you think it’s valid.

        Sparkles – Don’t assume that because I called them legislative embarrassments I disagree with the outcomes (for example, I am a DP opponent). I was pointing out the ongoing fumble that is the governor’s legislative agenda – an embarrassment for him regardless of whether the end results are ‘good.’


      • Oracle says:

        Yeah, Tony, California’s a hellhole! Funny how quickly the economy turned around and up when Democrats in the Legislature finally got a super majority.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        If you’re willing to pay the highest taxes in the country so that illegals can be taken care of, and revoke half of your constitutional freedoms, then yeah, it’s a nice place.

      • Oracle says:

        Have you ever been to California, Tony? My daughter attends school there, and it is quite expensive. Mostly because quite a few people want to live there. The old supply and demand thingy.

      • Midtownguy says:

        Coash, Krist,Hadley, Campbell and Schumacher also served under Heineman and he got more of his agenda passed the Gov Ricketts. Says alot about the governor. But whats worse it says how mindless voters can be when they only vote for someone with a R next to there name.

      • The Grundle King says:

        HTH, I’ll assume you hadn’t seen any of my posts re: Trump. No, not a supporter of Trump in any way, shape, or form.

        If you’re going to talk about elections, be specific as to which one you’re talking about.

      • HTH says:

        GK, I was specific. I referred to the only election Ricketts ever won by a narrow plurality. Next time I’ll put a bow on top if it makes you feel better.


  10. Matt says:

    “But let’s face facts. She USED the Republican party, and it’s positions and resources to get elected, and now that she is firmly ensconced, is ditching it. Could she get re-elected now? Sure, she’s an incumbent.”

    Isn’t that kind of the whole point!? I mean, you put it a bit harshly but, when Ron Paul ran in 2008, he wasn’t ashamed of being a libertarian – he just said he was promoting his ideas by way of the Republican primary process because it was more feasible to get a Libertarian elected that way. I don’t think it was disingenous for her to ‘use’ the GOP – it’s only because of the two party system that she had to run that way in order to get elected. Now, that she’s won, she’s free to align herself with a party that holds views closer to her own.

    • Tony Oberley says:

      What party resources? Like most candidates, she raised her money from individual supporters and PAC’s, and had only marginal help from the GOP.

      • Matt says:

        Right – all that the GOP really has to be ‘used’ is a sometimes helpful label – not much else.

      • Know-it-all says:

        What “resources” were really used? I don’t remember the Republican Party doing all that much for Laura Ebke in her district; they were more focused on beating Burke Harr, and making sure Ricketts and other constitutional offices were Republican. There was very very little (if any) “resources” devoted to an Ebke win. In fact, I very much remember several high level GOP party officials telling me that “She’ll come close, but she can’t win that one”.

    • Khan says:

      At what level of government do the big “L” Libertarians have to take ownership of their consistent failure to win elections, rather than laying the blame on the two-party system?

      Federal elections notwithstanding, if the Libertarian platform is particularly inspiring, then it stands to reason that actual Libertarians could pick off the occasional state or local election by running as such.

  11. Political Scientist says:

    If Ebke gets a conservative Republican to run against her, she will be in trouble. Her votes were pathetic recently and her district now knows she isn’t what she said she was when she ran.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Um, Ebke’s district is one of the most liberal in the state – if not THE most liberal in the state. Political Scientist doesn’t really know what he’s talking about here.

    • Tony Oberley says:

      Liberal district or not, she is well known and well liked in Crete. She served on the school board for many years before running for the Senate. Besides, her seat isn’t up until an off year election, when liberals are notorious for voting in lower numbers. And once we get photo Id passed for voting, the illegals won’t be able to vote against her either.

      • Sparkles says:

        Those durned ‘illegals’, by God their tryin’ to steal our elections, agin!!
        And that terrorist sympathizer Obama, he’s still a comin’ fer yer guns.
        And Agenda 21, only a fool doesn’t know it’s a nefarious global plot to steal all yer property.
        And all them empty Walmarts, and fluoride, and chemtrails, and the government stock piling ammunition, and Jade Helm, and terrorist babies!!

        And it was only a few days ago that Larry Pratt (aka ‘Dangerous Nutball’), executive director emeritus of Gun Owners of America warned that, should the election not turn out to his liking:
        “..we may have to reassert that constitutional balance, and it may not be pretty,” he continued. “So, I’d much rather have an election where we solve this matter at the ballot box than have to resort to the bullet box.”

        It’s not just Birther King Trump.
        Fully half of the GOP has now devolved into nothing more than a delusional, conspiracy addled Clown show.

        At least people like Sasse and Ebke have the courage to step forward and call out the insanity.

    • KnowNothingJonSnow says:

      Fact check: False.

      Are you at all familiar with the districts that gave us Patty Pansing Brooks, Kate Bolz, and Adam Morfeld?

      Canonize Ebke if you want to, but let’s not pretend she’s the only electable Repub…er…Libertarian for that district.

    • Midtownguy says:

      I would not say the most liberal in the state,cause there are districts in Lincoln and Omaha that are more liberal. But your right Political Scientist failed political science.

    • Julie Schmit-Albin says:

      How can LD 32 be the most liberal district in the State? Try living in LD 28, central Lincoln, now there’s a liberal district. Or maybe Ernie’s district.

  13. wow says:

    Ebke has a 100% rating from AFP and is a libertarian. McCollister is a Republican and barely beat out Sara Howard at 56%. How are party more important then priciples?

  14. Anonymous says:

    The real issue here is honesty. Ebke got elected ONLY because she was a Republican. She took money from Republicans. She gave speeches stating support for Republican platform issues. She created the Republican Liberty Caucus to tout Ron Paul and advance her own interests within the Republican Party. Now, when she gets called out for failing to act like a Republican and support the things she said she would when she ran as a Republican, she bolts the party. Ebke’s district is not liberal. But she just made it much more likely a liberal will get elected from her district given she now has pretty much no chance to be reelected.

  15. Ed Stevens says:

    I dunno, Sweeper … I wonder if you are caught up in a little too much partisan zeal. While I cannot claim to be personal friends with Senator Ebke, we have had a number of conversations (mostly email) over the years and, as a result of those interactions, I have become a fan of hers. I’ve always found her to be conscientious, dedicated and plain-speaking, and no one can doubt her credentials as a principled constitutional conservative. I have not always agreed with Sen. Ebke, but I have never seen her “disrespect” anyone, whether political friend or foe.

    I believe her when she says that the Libertarian Party suits her more than do the Republicans. If we want to chastise her for running as a Republican though her political heart may be somewhere else, then we’d better start with a few others – with names like Hadley, Campbell, Krist, Schumacher – to mention only a few. Nebraska’s party rules don’t leave a lot of options for those who may want to march to a different tune.

    Point is, it seems to me disingenuous at best, and downright mean-spirited at worst to accuse Ebke of premeditated duplicity vis a vis her party registration switch. For one thing, it’s difficult to see how she benefits by casting her lot with the Libertarians; I think its pretty clear that she has made her next two years in our vaunted “nonpartisan” Unicameral much more difficult for herself, not to mention giving up much of the significant advantage in the 2018 election afforded by incumbency.

    How about giving her the benefit of the doubt … at least until she starts sacrificing small furry animals in the rotunda before a statue of Ron Paul?

    • Sparkles says:

      Plus, Sen Ebke is quoted:
      “And I may have some surprises for Senator Chambers when I jump on his bandwagon,” she said.

      Ebke said she is learning by watching Omaha Sen. Ernie Chambers, the nonpartisan Legislature’s only independent, at work: “He’s a master at what he does. He’s fun to watch. He’s a brilliant man.”

  16. Sparkles says:

    Gotta love it..

    Former Attorney General Eric Holder didn’t mince words when asked in an interview on ESPN’s ‘The Undefeated’, what should have been done about Joe Wilson’s “You Lie” outburst –
    “They should have … told him to sit the f— down.”

    As Matthew McConaughey would say: “alright, alright, alright.”

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Wow! We’ve all just been dying to hear what Holder had to say about some dumb comment from some nobody congressman 7 years ago. Americas biggest question has finally been answered. That is sure ground breaking information. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    • Tony Oberley says:

      Yeah, the same great attorney general that sent hundreds of assault rifles to drug gangs in Mexico that killed who knows how many people. Like I would give a fuck what that corrupt murdering bastard would say about anything.

      • Sparkles says:

        What a shocker, more loony conspiracy theories.

        ABC News – Sept. 19, 2012
        ‘Fast and Furious’ Probe Clears Holder

        The New York Times – Sep 20, 2012
        Holder Cleared of Wrong Doing in Fast and Furious.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        What a shocker, Sparkles covers for Democrat criminals.

        “Three more weapons from Fast and Furious have turned up at crime scenes in Mexico, CBS News has learned, as the toll from the controversial federal operation grows.” CBS News, 08/14/2013.

        “And two Fast and Furious AK-47 type rifles were recovered from the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in December 2010; he’d been shot by illegal immigrants who were smuggling drugs.”

        “The Justice Department’s refusal to turn over certain Fast and Furious documents led to a bipartisan vote in the House of Representatives in June 2012 to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. Then, the Obama administration used executive privilege for the first time, to withhold requested documents from Congress.”

      • The Grundle King says:

        It’s kinda funny how folks like Sparkles don’t see the conflict of interest in one branch of the Dept. of Justice (Office of the Inspector General) clearing the head of another branch of the Dept. of Justice (Office of the Attorney General).

        The left hand telling the right hand, “Hey, we all know what happened here…but it’s cool man, I got ya covered.” And to top things off, they even managed to find a Jew to be the fall guy!

        I suppose the final outcome was probably aided somewhat by the most transparent president EVAR refusing to release documents to the OIG and to Congress.

      • Tony Oberley says:

        Sparkles, like all liberals, only thinks it is wrong if Republicans do it. It’s called “phony outrage”. Something the left specializes in. Along with being perpetually offended.

  17. bynd says:

    Interesting that the Oval office has added a sub branch to the USSC. Now the USGA can decide when a law is constitutional or not. The argument over another justice seems rather moot as the SC is being replaced by those whose job it is to defend the law. The separation of branches seems more like they are being grafted together.

  18. @5:38 says:

    So not comment on McCollister? Simple math. Ebke 100% which is an A+. McCollister scored a 56% an F. Also known in OPS circles as a gentleman’s C.

  19. Sasse-Hole says:

    Who is this Ebke guy?

    Short little fella is obviously unaware of the state’s huge Republican advantage that is here to stay in our lifetime.

  20. The Eye Ball says:

    Everyone posting so far has failed to see how easily distracted the Governor is.
    He called for Pat McPherson to resign and was upset with the repeal of the death penalty. The Governor can rightly be accused of burning political capital in the wrong places. But you forgive all that just because he is a Republican and attack other Republicans for not being Republican enough?

  21. Colin says:

    It is hard to think of a conservative lawmaker who had more success getting conservative ideas debated before the floor of the legislature than Senator Laura Ebke. She introduced and fell one vote shy of lowering the minimum wage for non-adult workers, introduced legislation and fell just one or two votes shy, depending on how you do the counting, of passing legislation that prevents local municipalities from invalidating the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights. She introduced and twice got to the four legislative resolution allowing for a Convention of states and a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution. She Co sponsored and worked on amendments to pass the Civil forfeiture Reform Bill that abolished civil forfeiture and thought to bring the practice in the state of Nebraska within the confines of the 4th 5th and 10th amendments to the Bill of Rights. Chico sponsored and spoke up when few Republicans would for Jim Smith lb 357, a responsible tax relief package that would have lowered income taxes on say single female making $30,000 a year, slowly lowering the rates from 6.84 to 5% over a 10-year period the bill also zeroed out income taxes for the lowest tax bracket and significantly reduced corporate taxation but could not make any Headway with the focus being on property tax reduction. Fiscal conservatives across the state of her a debt of gratitude for passing her joint public agency Reform Bill. She also was The crucial vote out of committee 400 Davis’s bill that prohibited the sale and harvesting of organs from a live fetus comma what do conservatives expect. after only two years of service, and I am just briefly touching on a few points of her service, it’s hard to think of another freshman Senator with that kind of track record for positive conservative reform.

  22. Anonymous says:

    She did use the Party, the same way Ben Sasse did. Both ran as the Republican candidate. In Ebke’s case had she been a Libertarian when first filing for office then surely some stronger Republicans would have run against her. Both Ebke and Sasse are clever manipulators who know how to get what they want.

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