Sasse jumping on the Johnson van-wagon?

Sasse-JohnsonThe LJS quoted Ben Sasse at Boys State over the weekend saying that he will consider voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in November. (Oh, and with National Review’s David French “dropping out”, he won’t have that candidate to thump.)

After that news sped across the internets, Sasse quickly took to the Twitter to throw some cold water on the Libertarian movement:

(Of course, a really good way to “not make news” is to then stop talking about who you may or may not decide to vote for in October…)

In any case, note the verbiage here: Sasse specifically says he won’t vote for Trump or Hillary, and says he might “vote for” Johnson. That is a step away from endorsing the third party candidate — which in theory would run him afoul of the Nebraska Republican Party’s Resolution against such an action.

Then again, while proclaiming himself a proud Republican, Sasse hinted that maybe there needs to be a NEW party:

“Don’t be so sure the two-party political system continues long-term. Both parties are exhausted. They probably don’t have the big ideas for the change that is coming.”

Now do you think Sasse will put himself in the big idea party or the little idea party?


10 to 1?

By the way, the LJS also quoted Sasse saying this…

Sasse said Nebraskans who have visited with him at a flurry of events during the current Senate recess overwhelmingly agree with his deep concerns about Trump.

“People, perhaps 10 to 1, are saying thanks for saying what we believe,” he said.

Now, I don’t necessarily not-believe Sasse. But let’s just say that those who are anti-Trump, and support Sasse, and walk up to Sasse and tell him so…well, that is a selective sample size.

Ten to one? Heck, GOP voters in Lincoln weren’t even that harsh against Trump.

Maybe we could use a poll taken at that Fremont Wall Mart…


Ebke: Republican Leader

Of course if Sasse jumps on the Gary Johnson party-van, he would only be the second Nebraskan to do so. The first — and highest ranking elected official in the country — would be State Senator Laura Ebke.

Then again, Ebke wasn’t elected as a Libertarian, as you all know.

Heck, back in 2012, she was so Republican that she was on the Nebraska Republican Convention Platform Committee — letting people know what the Nebraska GOP stands for.

Now Leavenworth St. does not have the notes from the committee deliberations, but these things generally go to the full convention on a unanimous vote. So what did Ebke’s Platform Committee serve to rest?

Capital Punishment

We support the judicious use of capital punishment and we urge the passage of laws that will limit endless appeals in capital cases. We also support changing the method of execution to lethal injection or any other constitutionally acceptable method of carrying out the sentence of death to ensure justice can be carried out.

When she got to the Legislature, Ebke voted to end capital punishment in Nebraska.


The NEBRASKA REPUBLICAN PARTY supports reorganizing the presidential primary system on a regional basis. We also support Nebraska in joining 48 other states by returning to a “winner-take-all” format for allocating our five Electoral College votes for president. We support a closed primary system.

Once in Lincoln, Ebke voted against Winner Take All.

Now you or other voters or other Senators may or may not support these issues. But in 2012 anyway, Ebke was roaring ahead with them.

So two years later she ran for Legislature, and had a tough race. She ran against a Democrat, and only won her primary by 5%.

In her election, the Nebraska Republican Party gave her $2,100. The Republican State Leadership Committee gave her $5,000.

And the Nebraska Republican Party also spent $19,000 against her Democrat opponent.

Ebke won by 160 votes — less than 1.5%.

And nowadays Ebke claims that she is shocked — SHOCKED — to find that Republicans want her to vote like she did back when she was on the platform committee. Ohmygosh, the PRESSURE to vote a certain way on a bill!

But hey, now that she’s in the Legislature, she can party with Gary Johnson and not have to worry about those pesky Republican platform planks.

And her next election? Pfft! She’s an INCUMBENT! The GOP can take its money and shove it!

When she decided to go Libertarian, Ebke wrote to her constituents:

“The people of the district have every right to vote me out of office if they feel that I’m not representing them adequately and that includes if they feel that as a Libertarian instead of a Republican I’m not adequately reflecting their views.”

Too bad they didn’t have that information BEFORE they voted for her in 2014, eh?


Future platform committee member?

Passed along by a longtime reader, a funny one after all this…

Mark Elworth, Jr., a Libertarian who has run for a number of offices in Nebraska mainly on a legalize marijuana platform, has decided to take his talents to the Republican party.

On FB it played out like this:

Elworth for Ebke

Maybe Ben Sasse will be the “politico to be named later”…



Here is another strange one for ya;

Apparently the Governor Pete Ricketts team is continuing to poll about…Dave Heineman.

The Leavenworth St. sources report live polling calls going out asking about favorability for Ricketts, Heineman and Jeff Fortenberry.

They then asked which phrases were most effective regarding support for the Death Penalty, which taxes should be lowered and who they support for President.

It is not in the least bit clear how this level of paranoia continues, but there ya go.

OK, here’s a nightmare scenario for the corner office:

President Trump weighs in on the 2018 Governor’s race… and endorses his campaign honorary state chairman over the sitting Governor! 

(Cue scary music!)


Same Bat channel!

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  1. Is Sweeper the Selectively Editing? says:

    I read the Walton story and it said that when asked about Gary Johnson that Sasse said he “hadn’t really looked closely at it yet.” Not sure how Sweeper then takes that and gets to Sasse “might” vote for Johnson as Sweeper claims.

    Walton did also report that Sasse said, “the Libertarian Party is something I would certainly consider in the long term.” But again, that is a far cry from Sasse saying he would vote for Gray Johnson.

    Looks like Sweeper might be a practicing Libertarian himself — toaking it up with the “in crowd” so he can read into anything he sees fit into what Sasse says. Give me a break.

    • Mert The Avenger says:

      I wish I could like this response. SS has had a problem with Sasse for quite some time and now is pushing an anti-Sasse agenda with selective spin. Pretty unethical in my opinion.

  2. How's that joint Sweeper? says:

    Yeah, I read the LJS article too — please get me some of that stuff that Sweeper is smoking. It must be laced with some good hallucinogens.

  3. Covering for Racist Trump? says:

    Seriously, what is SS doing?

    He’s like: EVERYONE LOOK AT WHAT SASSE SAID. LOOK AT WHAT SASSE SAID (I guess SS could also say, Sasse “might” vote for Mickey Mouse — that’s probably coming next).

    But what is SS NOT saying? NOT ONE. Again, NOT ONE mention about the racist comments coming from Donald Trump over the last few days. Republicans all over the country were out there distancing themselves from Trump over the weekend b/c of his most recent racist remarks towards hispanics and muslims and SS doesn’t want to mention it b/c he defended the Nebraska Republican Party and Deb Fischer when they CHOSE TO CONDONE (just a couple of weeks ago) this type of racist language from Donald Trump.

    • Sparkles says:

      Let’s not forget the internal document dump of the scam that was Trump University.
      A document that pulls the curtain back on an absolute tour de force of ruthless, predatory, hard-selling techniques.

      Team Hillary is now armed with sworn testimony that it was the team from Glengarry Glen Ross who was in charge of sales for Trump University.

      “..only one thing counts in this life! Get them to sign on the line which is dotted! You hear me, you fu#^in’ faggots?”


    • Khan says:

      So, for the better part of three decades, the chattering political classes have been saying 1) winning the Hispanic vote is the key to all political victories, and 2) we must grant amnesty/open the borders to all illegal immigrants to win the Hispanic vote. This has been more or less a foregone conclusion on the Left and is increasingly so on the right.

      Trump then says, “Hey, this guy is Mexican and I’m running for President on a platform of building a wall to keep out illegal immigrants. He might not give me a fair shake in this trial.” OMG RACISTY RACISM!!!!

      …despite the fact that his statement is basically rooted in what is supposedly an accepted view of the political climate in the U.S.

      Then, consider that just last week at a Trump rally in San Jose, anti-Trump protesters threw an egg at a woman’s head and mobbed her while waving Mexican flags in her face, roughed up a few other Trump supporters, and burned an American flag. All with, evidently, the tacit approval of the San Jose police and mayor. The response to that, in most quarters, has been *crickets chirping*.

      Clearly Trump can hardly stay out of his own way, but all these cries of racism are little more than the usual virtue signaling and pearl-clutching hypocrisy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yay! Sasse’s former campaign manager and his deputy chief of staff are kind enough to share their point of view!
    Thanks for weighing in guys!

    • Anonymous says:

      Team Sasse might want to take down that Draft Sasse list building website they’ve got up. Or maybe the media could ask Sasse if he’s not running why he hasn’t told people to stop agitating on his behalf?

    • Mert The Avenger says:

      Whoever is making these comments, are they wrong? Is street sweeper bias? Is he only positioning one side of the story and selective editing…yes. He is. We won’t know who is posting the comments, but it doesn’t negate that they are accurate.

      Coming from somebody who is staying anonymous to somebody who posted an anonymous comment.

  5. The Grundle King says:

    “In any case, note the verbiage here: Sasse specifically says he won’t vote for Trump or Hillary, and says he might “vote for” Johnson. That is a step away from endorsing the third party candidate — which in theory would run him afoul of the Nebraska Republican Party’s Resolution against such an action.”

    A vote for someone is “a step away” from endorsing them?

    Similarly, a person standing on the ledge of the Grand Canyon is only ‘a step away’ from a world of hurt.

    It may only be one step, but it is a big step. Sometimes a vote is just a vote.

  6. TexasAnnie says:

    I didn’t read the LJS article but I’m fully aware that Street Sweeper is dizzy over the Republican Party. He can’t help himself. He looked deep within and discovered that his authenticity revolves around his work in apologizing for this mess the Republicans have gotten themselves into. Too bad. He seemed like a fairly objective and impartial fellow before.

    • Mert The Avenger says:

      This change seems shortly after he announced that he is Jerry. I have to wonder if his announcement as a Lawyer from KC was to garner some favor with the right people in the Nebraska Party and, in turn, is now pushing an agenda for those whom he can profit from.

  7. P.J. says:

    Heineman gave a great send off speech to 500 Vietnam combat veterans and their 1300 guests last night. Where was Pete? He walked through early and left. Of course, he never wore the uniform….

  8. TexasAnnie says:

    I wish the Vietnam war had not happened. But it’s nice to know that at least 500 made it back to Nebraska alive.

  9. Sparkles says:

    Mark your calendars –
    Wednesday, June 2, 2016, signaled the beginning of the end of Donald Trump.

    An implosion that will lay to waste much of the Republican party.
    GOP leaders still have a very slim window of opportunity to save their party from the devastation of The Donald – but – they won’t seize that opportunity.
    Too few have the courage of Ben Sasse and Laura Ebke.
    There is no one among today’s party leadership willing to step forward and proclaim:
    “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

    A reckoning is coming.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Courage of Ben Sasse and Laura Ebke” Sparkles? Try cheap political opportunism mixed with a healthy dose of self-importance.

      • Sparkles says:

        I don’t perceive and iota of opportunism of self-importance in anything Ebke has ever said or done.
        I disagree with 80% of her positions, but I respect her obvious intelligence and principle.

        No doubt Sasse embraces opportunism at every turn. But, unlike Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie et al, he’s had the cajones to stand firm in his opposition to the racist, carnival barking buffoon that has taken his party hostage.
        Also, he didn’t shy away from addressing the tea addled septuagenarians that run the NEGOP, even after he had openly defied the inanity codified in their ancient conventions,

      • HTH says:

        When has political opportunism come in the form of going against the grain, especially of one’s own party? Political opportunism is supporting a blowhard nominee when all your better instincts scream against it so as not to upset the base. Don’t be a Trump shill.


      • Sparkles says:

        Political opportunism is Dave Heineman and Beau McCoy slavering to attach themselves to team Trump.

        Political opportunism is Pete Ricketts hugging it out with Trump in the Werner hangar.

      • The Grundle King says:

        “Try cheap political opportunism mixed with a healthy dose of self-importance.”

        Political opportunism? You mean like switching parties whenever you see some benefit from it…

      • Sparkles says:

        Wednesday, June 1st.

        You can allow that mistake to be your sole consolation on Tuesday, November 8th, as your candidate and your party are wiped out.

  10. Bob Loblaw says:

    Remember everybody, according to SS if you’re a GOP state senator and don’t vote 100% with Ricketts you’re a no good sell out. BUT if you’re a US Senator and don’t support a GOP nominee who has spoken against Republican values and issues then you’re also no good.

    Just want to make it clear for the folks keeping score at home.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s what I thought too. It’s odd. He mentioned they both voted for Cruz a couple weeks prior to the Primary. Can’t his wife’s vote be private without him telling the world? Does it enforce the strength of his argument to say his wife agrees with him? So what. Very wierd.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sparkles, Sasse did not address his promotion of a 3rd Party candidate in front of the stalwarts at the NEGOP Convention. So much for cajones. He avoided it but then ran back to the national media to continue talking against Trump and how a 3rd Party candidate was needed. Sounds like he lost his nerve once he got in front of the people who most disagree with his position. That’s not leadership, that’s running around with your tail between your legs.

    • Sparkles says:

      But Sasse indeed stepped up to address a NEGOP that he knew was salivating to tear into him.

      And who can blame him for not sticking around after the speech to endure the medieval inquisition.
      On occasion even I am willing acknowledge the crazy guy that lives under the bridge by tossing a buck in his cap, but that doesn’t mean I’m willing to then sit down and share a bottle win him.

      • Anonymous says:

        He gave a generic speech about instilling a work ethic in the young and some other things. Then he ran from the stage and reporters who were trying to ask him why he didn’t talk about Trump and Third Party candidates as he is more than happy to do on Twitter and in the national media. A display of timidity if I ever saw one. If he is so principled in his position then why didn’t he lay it out for the whole NEGOP Convention and let the boo’s and hisses come? He can’t stand public recrimination from those who helped him get elected?

      • Sparkles says:

        I respect your opinion, but I don’t concur.

        You are among what is likely the majority that perceive his appearance to be:
        “A display of timidity if I ever saw one.”

        It is my opinion it was a display of disdain. Disdain for an antediluvian old guard that is slowly strangling the life from the NEGOP.
        And no doubt of far greater importance to me then to Ben Sasse, a disdain for an old guard whose raison d’etre is imposing on Nebraskans the horrendously failed supply-side experiment of Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and so many other bankrupt red states lurching towards a longed-for theocracy.

        On many levels, I applaud Ben Sasse for what I believe to be disdain.
        Long overdue.

  12. bynd says:


    There is no such thing as a bankrupt state. However, it does appear your intellectual honesty is bankrupt.

    But on the other hand, 11 of the 14 least fiscally solvent states are Democratic.

    And just for Ricky and Sparkles, Nebraska is ranked #2 in fiscal solvency. Kansas is actually number 27 in the most solvent category.

    Mercatus Center of George Mason U.

    • Sparkles says:

      The derp is strong in this one.

      The Mercatus Center was founded and is funded by the Koch Family Foundations.

      Mercatus is Koch.
      Koch is ALEC and it is ALEC and little right wing supply-side nutball Art Laffer who crafted the tax-cuts-for-the-wealthy “experiment”. An experiment that has gone horribly awry and is wreaking havoc in Red State America.
      Also, fwiw, Platte Institute is the Ricketts family version of the Koch family’s ALEC.

      Here are a couple quick examples of the likely hundreds available debunking Mercatus’ deliberate distortions.
      Mercatus ranks Oklahoma #8 among the healthiest, most secure balance sheets in America. Oklahoma is another state that embraced the Kansas tax-cuts-for-the-wealthy Experiment, an embrace Gov Fallin surely imagine would aid her in aspirations for higher office.
      Yet here’s an April 2016 headline from the nonpartisan, fiscal watchdog Oklahoma Policy Institute:
      “This budget crisis could be an unprecedented disaster for Oklahoma”

      And from Oklahoma’s largest newspaper, this headline from May 10th, 2016 –
      “Oklahoma’s budget crisis forces closure of five county health agencies”

      And this headline from Feb 2016 –
      “Officials: Oklahoma’s budget shortfall grows to $1.3 billion”

      Sorry bynd, but yet again you’ve stumbled across a steaming pile of political skullduggery and horsehooey.
      But please, keep digging.
      It’s always entertaining to see what you imagine to be true. And, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.

      • bynd says:

        Sparkles, don’t have to keep digging. You produce ne article from OK and try tie some one to the Koch family and think you have proven some thing wrong. Sorry, you haven’t. All that blovating you write proves little to nothing.

        Sorry sparky, but yet again you’ve stumbled across a steaming pile of political skullduggery and horsehooey.
        But please, keep digging.
        It’s always entertaining to see what you imagine to be true. And, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then you still have yours no matter how small.

  13. Mert The Avenger says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again. In time, Sasse will be vindicated and the Fischers, McCoys, and Ricketts will be spinning that they never “really” supported Trump in the first place. They just didn’t want Hillary. The opportunists are the ones who are saying they support a candidate that is awful to garner political favors. Can some of these Trump supporters tell me how Sasse is benefiting? If Trump is as good as they think he is, then Sasse is only hurt by his position. As the most conservative voice in the Senate, having Hillary as President hurts him significantly. If he was a media whore, he would have switched and could have potentially gotten a VP bid from Trump. The argument that this benefits him doesn’t make sense to me. If anything, he is hurt by his position and if your argument is that he is just waiting for Trump to be awful so he can lead the party, then that doesn’t make him an opportunist. It makes him right that Trump is awful.

  14. I’ve been a registered Republican for over a year. My last run for the unicameral this spring I ran as a Republican. It’s not new news I switched parties. It happened along time ago. I found neither party really helped me much though. I’ve always ran my own campaigns. I’m far from being part of the establishment. I’m a non-platform Republican. I’m here cause I prefer creating jobs over creating welfare. I think if we found a way to cut taxes for small business and families our economy could flourish. Marijuana legalization could be a new revenue source for our state and well as hemp production. Peace and Love, looking forward to my next run and running the new medical petition that’s about to come out. If any Republicans want to organize in the North Omaha and Florence areas I’m here. Contact me anytime.

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