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Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 1.15.26 PMBoth USAToday and Politico wrote extensive stories about Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse over the past few days. Each delves into Sasse’s outspokenness on the #NeverTrump movement, but also reaches out to Nebraskans to get their views on him.

USAToday’s version is:

Ben Sasse, the Senate GOP’s ‘Never Trumper,’ irks some voters at home

Rick Hampson ventures all the way to Fremont, Nebraska to visit with some of the local folk whom Sasse sometimes cites as the inspiration for his political views.

Sasse, the Senate’s first and lone declared “Never Trump’’ Republican, “has shot himself in the foot,’’ says Bob Warner, a former city council member who sponsored the immigration ordinance in 2008 and voted for Sasse. “He’s the kid who says, ‘If you don’t play my way, I’ll take my marbles and go home.’’’

“This is a post-primary unity state,’’ says another activist, John Grothusen. “We line up behind our nominee.’’

But Hampson did find a supporter:

Some Fremont Republicans applaud Sasse’s stand. Amy Pimper voted against the anti-Sasse resolution at the convention. “He shouldn’t be censured — he should be admired for his courage, whether you agree about a third party or not.’’

The relatively balanced article gives a broad review of Sasse’s background as well.


Kramerica Industries

Politico popped up today with their Sasse-review.

Their’s was:

Sasse making GOP enemies with anti-Trump crusade

And it started out with a bang with both barrels from former Nebraska GOP State Chairman David Kramer:

“It’s disappointing, and I think frankly, it’s conduct that Nebraskans do not find becoming of a United States senator who’s got a year-and-a-half of experience,” said David Kramer, a former Nebraska GOP chairman who supported one of Sasse’s opponents in a 2014 primary but then backed Sasse in the general election. “It’s forced and somewhat contrived for somebody who doesn’t have much to show … to all of a sudden be the darling of certain corners of the political spectrum for simply being the guy who says, ‘Don’t vote for Donald Trump.’”

Speaking with Politico, Sasse gave this analysis of himself:

“I’m different than most people here in that politics is not the center of my life,” Sasse said in a recent interview in his Senate office.


Full-time U.S. Senator. (check)
Spends off-time traveling state and country giving speeches. (check)
Also known to write long, intricate manifestos on social media platforms regarding political issues. (check)

No, aside from his family maybe, politics IS the center of Senator Sasse’s life. JUST LIKE the other 99 Senators. That, he can be sure of.

This harkens back to the campaign days when the former Bush Administration Assistant Secretary and former Chief of Staff to Congressman Jeff Fortenberry told people he was a “political outsider”.

Sasse seems to want certain things to be true, even though the obvious reality says otherwise.

In any case, see the rest of the article with quotes from Mark Fahleson, Hal Daub, and other Sasse detractors and supporters.


Gary, we hardly knew ye!

And on that issue of Sasse supporting Libertarian Gary Johnson for President, Sasse recently tweeted:

BTW oldsters, when the kidz say “SMH” that means, “Shaking My Head” (i.e. disappointment, I can’t believe it, etc…)


But “Wise Latino” would have been OK…

But Sasse’s stock should be on an upswing this week, what with Trump digging a deeper and deeper pit on whole “Mexican” judge issue.

The funny thing on that: Republicans, including Sasse, have been calling out Trump, saying that it is racist for him to consider the judge’s ethnicity when considering how he can or should review the case before him.

The focus has been on the Republicans on this issue.

But what of the Democrats?
Last time I checked, this was one of the TOP reason for Democrats to be for or against certain judges or candidates!

One of the big reasons for voting for Justice Sotomayor was because she is a “wise Latina”.

We are told over and over that the reason we need Hillary is because she is a woman.

President Obama told us that the Travon Martin killing was important because if he had a son, he would look like Martin.

These are no different than Donald Trump’s suggestion that he can’t get a fair trial from a judge of Mexican heritage. Democrats say you need different people because of their heritage or racial or gender qualities. Trump is saying the same thing — that the judge is different because of his heritage.

But Republicans, disagreeing with Trump, are saying that a person’s abilities should not be judged by their race, or ethnicity or gender.

At what point will Democrats say the same thing?


Hillary’s judgment

On this day when it looks like Hillary has won the Democrat nomination (but don’t tell that to Bernie supporters, like Jane Kleeb!), it is interesting to read what Republican 2nd District Congressional nominee, retired General Don Bacon, has to say about Hillary and her server issues.

He notes, that if he had done what she did, he’d be court-martialed.

During my last four assignments in the military, I would typically have a Top Secret computer, a Secret computer, and an Unclassified computer, and all were on separate DoD or AF networks. I also was read into Special Access Programs, known as SAP, and some of those programs were not allowed even on the Top Secret networks.

We know now that Hillary Clinton had thousands of SAP, Top Secret, and Secret emails on her personal server run out of her NY home. If I would have done just a fraction of this, I would have been severely disciplined, my career over, and perhaps even face a court-martial.

He goes on to say…

If Hillary Clinton was a serviceman or woman she’d be quickly kicked out of the military at best and perhaps would be facing jail time. She needs to be held accountable for undermining America’s security.

Oh, and…

“That Brad Ashford enthusiastically supports Hillary Clinton, in spite of her actions that endanger our national security and put our service members at risk, is disgraceful and raises serious questions about his judgement.”


Where’d you see those articles?

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  1. Bluejay says:

    How can the NE Dems elect Kleeb if she supports Bernie? And hubby got money via the Clintons?

    Ingrate traitors, I say. Next thing we know Jane will turn on her sock puppet Randy.

    Stand with Kleeb at your own peril. Massive ingrate.

  2. Tony Oberley says:

    Trump’s judge is a member of a racist Hispanic group that advocates open borders. Pointing that out is now considered “racist”, even among some Republicans. And people wonder why voters flock to Trump.

    • Mert The Avenger says:

      That wasn’t Trump’s only argument. His argument was that the Judge was Mexican and that Trump wanted to build a wall. Your point may be valid, but that isn’t all that Trump is saying…

      By the way, this is predictable and I stated as much long ago. Now that the media have him as a nominee, they will obliterate him to get Hillary elected. Trump will help them as he is, in many ways, an idiot.

  3. Pete says:

    T.O. writes the truth. The judge supports La Razza, a far left group comprised of people who would probably like to see Trump dead, at least politically.

  4. Mert The Avenger says:

    A few items:
    1. Sasse is saying that politics is not the center of his life doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a job as a Senator. All the things you mentioned are congruent with a guy who works as a US Senator. I assume what Sasse is saying is that politics isn’t the main thing in his life. You see him tweeting about family and sports, etc. Politics is his job, not his life I think there are many Senators who would say the same thing as Sasse. Ryan said he wouldn’t take the job as Speaker if he couldn’t go to his kids games, etc.
    2. Republican’s objections to Trump’s racist comments is appropriate. THAT is what separates Dems and Rep in that we, as Republicans, won’t tolerate race being a factor in anything, Dems do. Which is why we are different. This is yet another reason why Trump is more like a Dem than a Rep.
    3. This seemed better than some of your recent articles but you are still writing about Sasse with a level of smoldering disdain. Did he kick your dog or something? Why do you dislike him so much? I am not the only person to point this out as many long time reader have said the same thing.

    • Been Sassy says:

      How could any even-handed reporter write about Sasse without at least a bit of obvious disdain…the dude is an empty suit.

    • Another Sixth Generation Nebraskan says:

      Hear, hear! I’m quite proud of Senator Sasse for having the gumption to stand up to Trump and the rest of the party who has so easily rolled over for him. Maybe politics isn’t his whole world because he actually has some real values at the center of his life.

  5. Darren the Intern says:

    I’m no fan of the shameless self-promotion disguised as principle that Ben Sasse is engaged in, but there is nobody less credible on the issue of speaking out against the party than David Kramer.

    Remember, this is the same David Kramer who, right before the 2008 RNC Convention was to begin, told Don Walton that Republicans “deserved to lose the house” over the immigration issue, and that we’d probably be “better off” losing the General Election to Barack Obama.

    So pardon me if Kramer’s criticism of Sasse, or his criticism of literally any other Republican, for that matter, rings hollow.

    • Sparkles says:

      And Kramer could not have been more right.

      “Republicans “deserved to lose the house” over the immigration”
      And they did.
      Democrats garnered a net gain of 21 seats, effectively erasing all gains made by the GOP since 1994.

      “better off” losing the General Election to Barack Obama.”
      In a landslide.

      And thank God. The nation was literally on the brink of collapse.
      After GW and his Insane GOP Clown Posse engaged in multiple mindless wars, on credit, and nearly destroyed the global economy (with an assist from ethically challenged dems), the American people with great vengeance and furious anger turned out in numbers not witnessed in 4 decades.

      And the Tufted Talking Yam that you’ve all embraced as your party’s champion is about to deliver a turnout, and rout, of similar proportions.

      • Darren the Intern says:

        While I should probably leave Sparkles’ vindication of Kramer alone, since it makes my point, and while I know a semantic argument with Sparkles is a bottomless rabbit hole, here goes:

        Of course, there is a difference between “deserving to lose” and losing. And again, on the eve of the 2008 Republican National Convention, few in the hall felt we “deserved to lose” on that issue.

        And, not a single Republican feels we’re “better off” having lost to Obama, landslide or no. I’d guess even Dave Kramer wouldn’t repeat that today.

        I know Sparkles knows all this, and simply uses any opening to vomit liberal goo all over this blog, and yet…

      • Sparkles says:

        “to vomit liberal goo all over..”

        It appears you made a wise decision to preemptively avoid a semantic argument.

        Also, you proclaim as fact:
        .”..not a single Republican feels we’re “better off” having lost to Obama”

        Absolutely, irrefutably wrong.
        Please remember in 2008 the contest was Obama/Biden vs. McCain/Snowbilly Grifter.

        I would guess that 8 years later, the number would be in the millions. As in millions of rational, thoughtful Republicans who are now quite certain that McCain/Palin at the helm as the global economy was hurtling off a cliff, would have very likely proven a disaster of epic proportions.
        Also, I believe Obama’s latest approval rating stands at 52%.
        While at the same time, those willing to still self-identify as Republicans has reached a historic low of 26%.

        And if your information universe extended beyond Fox ‘News’ and Rush Limbaugh, it shouldn’t have taken 8 years to recognize McCain was the inferior candidate and Palin was a mindless grifter just as hazardous to the welfare of our nation as Trump is today.
        For any sentient being, this fact became abundantly clear immediately prior to the election, in the early Fall of 2008. Made clear when in a politically motivated move of desperation John McCain suspended his campaign and called for a meeting in Washington to address rapidly growing economic calamity. An event that ultimately proved quite shocking in it’s revelation of how woefully ill-equipped John McCain was to become President.

        If there is any doubt of that, I refer you to the Feb 6, 2010 WSJ article penned by Hank Paulson, the former Sec of the Treasury under GW, who was in command of the room in which McCain and Obama met to discuss the crisis. (or as Ben Bernanke refers to Paulson – the man that “saved America”).
        The article is titled: “When Mr. McCain Came to Washington”

        None of what is said is conjecture, none is ‘liberal goo’.
        It’s all meticulously well documented and it’s all damning of the right wing’s deliberate malfeasance.

        This stands as yet another example of the abject ignorance of even recent <b<history and fact that the Republican party is required to disregard in order to keep the walls of their alternate reality from collapsing around them.

        And of course your other point – comprehensive immigration reform – would be a boon to the American economy.
        A program that even Republicans universally agree is broken, yet refuse to address.
        In crunching the numbers the CBO has consistently found it would be a boon to our economy, both in the short and long term.
        The CBO estimate of the 2013 effort found that immigration reform will decrease the U.S. deficit by $175 billion over the next 10 years and by an additional $700 billion over the following 10 years.
        In addition, the Social Security system would receive an additional $214 billion in taxes by 2023, and $700 billion more by 2033, far exceeding the additional outlays for the program due to immigration reform.

        But as is always the case with Republicants, ideology, dogma, and pandering to a misinformed base supersedes reality, facts and informed governance based on those facts.
        And of course any legislation introduced after the takeover of the House by the Teajadists in 2010 was DOA – because.. Obama!!

        So, Kramer was right, on both accounts.

  6. Bluejay says:

    TransCanada looking to build a NEW pipeline east across Canada.

    “Energy East would bring 1.1 million barrels of oil a day 4,600 kilometres from Alberta and Saskatchewan through Quebec and into New Brunswick for overseas shipping.

    The $15.7-billion project has run into stiff opposition in Quebec, with politicians, citizens and environmentalists questioning whether the ecological risks outweigh the economic rewards.”

    Nebraska and the United States loses thanks to Ingrate Jane Kleeb.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bluejay, If TransCanida wants to build on the preCambrian shield let them. They have always like routes through US because they are cheaper.

    • Been Sassy says:

      That pipeline meant nothing for Nebraska except exceptional risk to the safety of our water supply. No thanks.

  7. Sparkles says:

    “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,”

    Until reading this most recent post I didn’t realize it, but by God, Trumpo the Clown is right.
    There is nothing so offensive this narcissistic con man could say or do that wouldn’t be explained away by his legion of followers, or that would in any way lessen their allegiance to him.
    Then again, it shouldn’t be so surprising. It was after all Donald Trump who insisted attendees at numerous rallies around the nation raise their right hand and swear an oath of allegiance to him.

    I can’t help but recall that it was the Third Reich who was required to swear to an oath pledging personal loyalty to a single individual, in place of their loyalty to their constitution.

    Thankfully I’m quite certain the path upon which your hapless champion is about to embark.
    Because of that, I’m comfortable knowing the destruction he will sow will be limited to your own party.

    • HTH says:

      I almost posted the exact same quote. Here, here.

      Honestly, if the Mexicans as rapists/murderers comment, Muslim ban proposal, refusal to immediately condemn the KKK endorsement, leadership of the ‘birther’ movement, and reference to his ‘African-American’ don’t convince Trump supporters of his racist tendencies, I’m not surprised what he’s said about J. Curiel doesn’t either.

      It’s funny. Before this election, I always, in good faith, made the argument that the GOP was not filled with racists, nor acted out of racial aggression toward Obama or minority groups. I always sincerely believed that the GOP (or at least some of it) adopted a legitimate ideology that would ultimately benefit all people, regardless of color. It’s sad I seem to have been mistakenly optimistic. Racism is alive and well, as proven by the complete lack of awareness demonstrated here as to what racism is.



      • Khan says:

        Oh, my mistake. I had assumed that your Trump Derangement Syndrome hadn’t so diluted your basic sense of honesty to the point where you couldn’t acknowledge the chilling display in San Jose for what it was.

        I won’t make it again.

    • Khan says:

      And yet it’s the anti-Trump people that are literally beating the s*** out of people at political rallies, i.e. San Jose last Thursday with the tacit approval of the San Jose mayor and the police.

      That’s why Scott Adams, the writer of the “Dilbert” comic, is endorsing Hillary. He doesn’t want to get beat up by the group that is in reality committing the most violent acts.

      • HTH says:

        Yeah, I forgot that Trump’s supporters haven’t been guilty of attacking outsiders at all.


  8. Ricky says:

    Sasse is a family man? I’d never guess that even though he carries his son on his head every parade I saw.
    Sasse has a warped sense of parenthood. I think there is something to the rumor that Sasse knew something about the US House Page Scandal which occurred while Sasse was supposed to be watching the pages. Remember Mike Foley and the abuse? Sasse was there somebody should ask him abou that.
    Maybe Don Walton will or Joe Morton? Right after they get done kissing his butt.

  9. Tweet Tweet says:

    Over the years, haven’t several groups been crying foul about a biased judicial system and now Trump calls foul and he is called a Racist?? Convenient Labeling!!!

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Tweet Tweet, this is rather different from a claim system is biased, this is a individual litigant trying to use his political power to judge shop. It is more like litigants in abortion or birth control cases trying to disqualify Catholic judges. Even in the Milwaukee Archd. bankruptcy, which came close, the judge was disqualified because of family plots in cemetery. The Volokh Conspiracy, the prime legal conservative blog has been very critical of Trump on this issue.

      • Another Sixth Generation Nebraskan says:

        Some of those guys at Volokh are quite sharp – they are long-standing supporters of first and second amendment rights and I believe at least a few of them came up with the arguments against the health care act. It’s worth reading what they have to say about why Trump’s comments on the judge are so bad. He doesn’t respect the rule of law. This is all about him wanting a better outcome in the lawsuit. He should be delighted that the judge already delayed the trial until after the election – if he were at all biased, why would he have done that?

        Being conservative doesn’t mean being racist. It shouldn’t mean that, anyway. I respect people like Sasse who have drawn a line in the sand. So what if Sasse is now the “darling” in certain political corners? Anything he does is political. One group will like it and one group won’t. What matters is that he’s doing the right thing. He won’t tolerate this outright contempt for other people and disrespect of our system of rules. He has my vote now for sure, whenever he runs, because I know he’s a person of integrity.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Kramer is spot on with his assessment of Sasse. He literally has been in his first elective office a year and a half and he already fancies himself as POTUS. That takes an enormous amount of chutzpah. I would submit his life does revolve around politics being the center of his life. His outsized ego demands it.

  11. Bob Loblaw says:

    David Kramer is a pompous blowhard who is bitter that Sasse got elected to a position he never could. He is part of the old guard republicans who value power over principle. Nobody cares what he thinks.

  12. repenting lawyer says:

    The idea that a litigant can try to force a judge to disqualify himself . for totally invalid reasons is a disgrace, that he combines it with racism is beyond decency. Even the most conservative legal scholars agree. At the same time Trump’s use of his political position to advance his business interests ia a prediction of his model of the office of POTUS, a very corrupt vision.
    To support you party’s candidate is one thing, to become a mere party whore is another

    • Bluejay says:


      Agree with you re the federal judge and recusal in the Trump U case.

      But Hillary is the very best example of a person who has used her public position to Advance her business interests.

      She is a complete disgrace. An unindicted criminal who is close to becoming President. But she won’t. My prediction is she is either indicted or so much evidence is leaked that she withdraws. Biden-Warren.

  13. bynd says:

    For those not part of any party, it is just asinine to make the issue Trump does about the judge. It doesn’t have anything to do with anything. As to raising your hand to pledge allegiance, if Sparkles believes that is the action that makes a sycophant, he is in lala land again. All one needs to do is spend one day on here to see the rabid irrational devotion each side has to it’s presumed nominees and also Bernie’s followers, to name just a few.

  14. The Eye Ball says:

    Screw the people who are anti-Sasse. They never like any US Senator anyways. The whole attack is bogus. What can a Senator do when Mitch McConnell sits on the most important legislative items and never lets them come up to a vote? Oh but the same critics will heap praise on Johanns who basically quit because the US Senate is totally dysfunctional. What do people want? The lovely lies or the ugly truth?

  15. Bob Loblaw says:

    Supporting Trump will be a career ender for many many politicians. He’s no different than when Nevada nominated Sharon Angle and gave Harry Reid another six years in DC. Or Delaware nominating Christine O’Donnell. We had a chance to easily take back the white house this year, but by nominating Trump we have snagged defeat from the jaws of victory. This will end very very badly for the GOP. I’m glad Senator Sasse will be able to have clean hands by being principled enough to be #NeverTrump. I can’t say the same for many other GOP officials.

    • Khan says:

      Maybe if Sasse and many others had been principled enough to be more than just #NeverTrump and instead #TrusTED when there was still a chance, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

  16. Sparkles says:

    Sweeper points to the USA Today article as “relatively balanced”.
    While I don’t necessarily disagree with him, I think it’s important to note that three people the article cites as opposing Sasse and supporting unification behind Trump, have an average age that is certain to exceed.. 80?
    Bob Warner
    John Grothusen
    Bob Flittie

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