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Jane-Kleeb-in-FFA-jacket-01For someone who wakes up each morning and says three “George Norrises” before starting his day, the LJS’s Don Walton sure does have a lot of thoughts about the Democrat’s party structure.

In his second article on the topic, Walton looked at the battle brewing between Democrat Party stalwarts and the Jane Kleeb “Unity Slate” for the Democrat’s state party hierarchy.

I’ll have to check through my archives to see the last time I heard of a party interloper tearing down the incumbents, then calling it “Unity”. Probably sounds better than “home-wrecker.”



But the way Walton and Vince Powers tell it, Kleeb has the votes. So you’re probably looking at a new “vice-chair” of the Nebraska Democrats.

And here’s news for you Nebraska Republicans: That’s a GOOD thing.

Jane Kleeb is the definition of a partisan Democrat. She doesn’t play well with others and pisses off everyone in her wake. How do you think that plays with Nebraska voters?

Sure she was succeessful in delaying the pipeline. But she did that that the expense of a hard-rift with Union Democrats — and frankly the vast majority of people who she didn’t freak out who lived on the pipeline route.

Then there is the fact that her family is under a cloud of corruption because of the “energy” company owned by her husband – and payouts to a bunch of national Democrat cronies. (Strangely enough, the OWH covered this WSJ story — but the Lincoln and Hastings papers have not.)

Oh, and don’t forget that Kleeb and Vince Powers failed to endorse…Hillary Clinton! Kleeb even introduced Bernie at his Nebraska rally. Guess how well that sort of thing goes over in the Clinton ranks. The Clintons literally keep books on people who have crossed them, and then serve out a cold-helping of revenge when they get the chance. Think Bill or Hillary will be on board with Kleeb’s plans for the Nebraska Democrats?

Now that Ron Kaminski has elbowed Steve Lathrop out of the “Unity” slate, there seems to be some life left in that wing. But you can bet that Kleeb will keep him in check, as long as it serves her interests.

Oh sure, Jane will try to sell herself as a FFA member. Or maybe even boast to some Democrats that her mother was a Catholic Right to Lifer. Or tell Bill O’Reilly that FOXNews is the home of moderates. Jane loves selling herself as all things to all people.

But the locals will remember that she is an angry Pro-Choicer and even thought about moving to Omaha so she could run against the “not-Democrat-enough” Brad Ashford. And Republicans can feel lucky that the former candidate for Governor, Chuck Hassebrook and his statewide organization have been put on the back burner.

Buck up Republicans!
You’re lucky to have Jane in your politics.


Putting the “artisan” in Partisan

Speaking of Brad Ashford, maybe Jane isn’t on the ball about him after all.

You can’t swing a dead cat around Twitter without hitting a post where Brad Ashford is colorfully, with nifty graphics, calling himself a moderate.

Well except that there’s this…


He can scream “bi-partisan!” all day and night, but when you look at his votes, they’re a heck of a lot closer to Nancy Pelosi than Paul Ryan.

Well, at least Jane will be happier.


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  1. Cherry County Democrat says:

    I endorse Bud Pettigrew for Committeeman. Cherry county delivered 14% of the vote for the top of the Democratic ticket in 2014, I’m confident that this is the kind of leadership our county chair Bud Pettigrew will bring to the DNC.

  2. Ricky says:

    The righty’s STILL can not get over how Jane beat them on the Keystone Pipeline. She defeated a multi billion dollar company, the government of Canada, Big Oil and Dave Heineman and Jim Smith and the rest of the Nebraska legislature.
    The GOP won’t accept defeat. You lost Street Sweeper! Jane beat you Ron Kaminski and Ricketts and Bruning and all the far right who felt it okay to soil Nebraska water and land to make a few bucks and kiss the asses of Big Oil.
    Well get over it loons. President Obama and Jane beat the pants off of you.


    • Anonymous says:

      Why won’t Jane ever share the spotlight with the real winner of the KXL fight? The real battle wasn’t out performing stunts for the TV cameras, raising buildings, planting corn, getting arrested in front of the White House. The real battle took place in the courtrooms, and it was there that Dave Domina defeated the KXL.

      • Ricky says:

        That was some of the battle. When Brad Asford and his buddies passed LB 1161, written by Trans Canada, and blatantly unconstitutional, that hurt the rightys cause. The court battle stalled the pipeline long enough for the cost of a barrel of oil to plummet and enable the great President Obama to kill the thing.

      • The Grundle King says:

        The “real winner” of the KXL fight was Dave Domina?

        No no no no no…the REAL winner of the fight was Warren Buffet, whose BNSF trains have helped pick up the crude-hauling slack. The special surcharge they slap on the oil tankers is especially profitable…and it worries him not if a few dozen Canucks die in the process.

        Although, that said…I doubt Kleeb, Domina, or any other Nebraska Dem care about the lives of those dead Canadians, either.

      • Nebraska Dem says:

        Why should anyone care, Grundle? If your placing the blame it probably belongs on the shoulders of the folks making a profit extracting that toxic waste… or maybe the Canadian Government for allowing the profiteers to operate without proper regulation and oversight.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Why should anyone care about the deaths of people whose only sin was to live within shouting distance of a rail line?

        As a likely supporter of abortion…ermm, “choice”, there’s really no reason you should care about anybody’s life. Unless, I suppose, we’re talking about the murderers on Nebraska’s death row.

        The companies extracting the oil from the ground aren’t the ones who wrecked the train in Lac Megantic. And unless you’re thinking this is some problem for people far away, I’d like to point out that lots of trains traverse Nebraska on a daily basis transporting not only crude, but denatured ethanol and soybean oil. And if one of those trains goes up in flames, let’s say, in downtown Lincoln or Omaha…whoo boy, what a disaster that would be.

        But you’re right…why should anybody care?

        Democrat compassion defined.

      • Khan says:

        Jane was never arrested in front of the White House. She said for weeks prior that she fully intended to do so. But then, when she actually was in D.C., she decided it would be even more heroic to quietly not get arrested and instead go pick her cohorts up from jail.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope the State FFA Alumni Association reprimanded her for the abuse of the jacket. Ticks me off when I see that picture. What a poser.

  4. repenting lawyer says:

    Sweeper, The Ds have having these feuds at least since Art Mullen. Do not seem to make much difference. When I was briefly involved in one a old timer referred to them “as the battle for custody of the corpse.
    TransCanada tends to like less expensive routes despite environmental concerns, there usual approach gave JJane Kleeb any easy win.

  5. Crazy Ricky says:

    Ricky, what crazy alternate reality do you live in? Do you really think the project was ever going to get the OK from the Obama Administration? All of Kleeb’s work was just a dog and pony show, if she was truly successful at stopping things she wouldn’t have allowed LB 176, the hog bill, to pass in the Legislature this year.

  6. Tony Oberley says:

    If Hillary gets in she will approve the pipeline. So get used to the idea. And if you oppose Hillary, you’ll be blacklisted and called an misogynist bigot.

  7. #NeverTrump says:

    Surely this was an intentional nod to Trump, right? If not, I love the irony of calling it dysfunctional when it happens to the D, but criticizing everyone who doesn’t like it when it happens to the Rs.

    “I’ll have to check through my archives to see the last time I heard of a party interloper tearing down the incumbents, then calling it “Unity”. Probably sounds better than “home-wrecker.””

    • Sparkles says:

      I’m glad to see Republicans prognosticate failure of a Powers/Kleeb Unity ticket. It will make their certain successes all the more enjoyable.

      Speaking of unity, check out the incoherent ramblings of the buffoon who’s been selected as the standard bearer for the Republican party –

      April 19, 2016 – Herr Donald addressing the California Republican Convention –
      “It’s coming to an end, and I think it is coming to an end soon, and I speak to the people in this room because there has to be unity in our party. There has to be unity. And if there not, if there’s not unity. I mean really good solidarity, unity, relationship, friendship. We have people like Jim where they do such a good job all over the country. We have some great people, but there should be, and there has to be unity. With that being said, would I win? Can I win without it? I think so.”

      So the rolling hairball of perpetual dissonance insists on party unity while in the very same breath declares he doesn’t need no stinkin’ party unity.

      Also, good luck with that whole Kleeb/Clinton ‘scandal’ nonsense.
      And as I stated a month ago, at the time the usual suspects among right wing rags (NY Post, World Nut Daily, WSJ etc,,) rolled out in unison their Kleeb/Clinton ‘scandal’.. it all adds up to a big, fat nothingburger.
      Again, as predicted, you’ve heard not a peep about that story since.
      Because there’s no there there.
      And just like ‘Benghazi!! Benghazi!!, normal folk will quickly tire of yet another round of wild-eyed, shrill cries from the conspiracy addled right.
      But don’t let the revulsion of voters stop ya. By all means, fire up that special brand of crazy and let ‘er rip.

      Speaking of the Powers/Kleeb successes to come, an interesting article –
      “The GOP’s lost generation of millennial voters”

      • Anonymous says:

        Nothing comes of the Clinton Foundation scam money to Energy Pioneers because even the paper in their own back yard won’t touch it. That would upset the fawning that must take place of the Kleebs. The OWH, to their credit, did something but the LJS and Don Walton just continue their hero worship of Jane and Scott. How fast would the LJS be splashing this across the front page if it was a Republican office holder mis-using Koch Bros money? And now they are both expanding their con game to other States because they’re bored of milking Nebraskans. There’s not one decent investigative media mind in this State that can’t delve into their con? Woudn’t be that difficult if you parked yourself in Hastings for a week. There have got to be a string of disgruntled employees left behind.

      • Anon says:

        Re: Energy Pioneers…Not to mention disgruntled customers who have liens on their homes for the work done…

  8. Khan says:

    Jane “SEIU” Kleeb from Florida was for her union buddies before she was against them.

    Her activities in Nebraska have been part of a long con to solidify political power from the get-go. School lunch, healthcare activism, KXL, etc., have all just been a means to an end. The only common thread is that they served as a means to get puff pieces written about her by guys like Don Walton, as well as the occasional television appearance.

    But hey, she once wore an FFA jacket and had a couple babies in Nebraska, so she is totes authentic. Just ask, she’ll tell you.

    • Sparkles says:

      “her activities in Nebraska have been part of a long con… School lunch, healthcare activism, KXL, etc.”

      Damn it, you’re right!
      After all – who doesn’t see the con in school lunches for Nebraska’s impoverished children!! Even a simpleton knows that research has shown it’s only 20% of Nebraska’s children who go to bed hungry every night!! And we’re ALL aware that kids don’t need to eat to in order to learn! Clearly feeding poor children is no only a con, it’s an evil, evil socialistic plot!!

      And access to affordable healthcare for Nebraska’s working poor!!
      An effort that would bring billions of federal dollars to Nebraska and support more than 10,000 jobs – ALL while strengthening poor working families, aiding businesses with more productive employees and dramatically reducing long term health expenses and relieving the state and hospitals (read: taxpayer) $100’s of millions lost in aid for indigent care!!!
      HEALTHCARE IS HORRIBLE LIBERAL NUTTINESS – surely part of a long con!!

      And KXL! Don’t get me started! Opposition to a continent-spanning death funnel that would bring the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel from the environmental hellscape of northern Alberta down through the richest farmlands on the planet and over one of the world’s most precious underground freshwater aquifers, all the way to refineries in Texas, to then be shipped around the world – all of it so a foreign conglomerate can enhance their profit margins!!!
      WHO IS IT that can’t understand Jane’s opposition was nothing more than the conniest con of all cons!!


      • Khan says:

        “WHO IS IT that can’t understand Jane’s opposition was nothing more than the conniest con of all cons!!”

        A certain preening, virtue-signaling white knight comes to mind.

      • Anonymous says:

        Who is the preening and virtue-signaling white knight, Khan?

        I believe what Sparkles is describing about hungry Nebraskans.
        And you’ve drawn my attention.
        So tell me a bit about this ‘long con’ you worry about.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sparkles, does it make any difference to you if the tar sands oil spilled on Nebraska’s aquifer comes out of a pipeline or a railroad tank car? If it comes out of a pipeline, Warren Buffett loses money. If it comes out of a tank car, he makes money.
        Dick Holland and Warren Buffett go way, way, way back. Dick Holland’s money got Jane Kleeb where she is today. She isn’t going to bite the hand that feeds her. That’s part of the reason why Andy Holland, Dick’s daughter, was part of her slate.

      • Sparkles says:

        Re tar sands via tanker or pipeline – perfectly valid question.

        I’ll take the tanker cars, because –
        Union Pacific – Headquartered in Omaha – 44,500 good paying American jobs.
        BNSF – 44,000 good paying American jobs – approximately 5000 of those in Nebraska.
        Hundreds of millions of dollars in Nebraska payrolls and taxes, turning over time and time again, supporting Nebraska businesses, communities and schools in every corner of our state.
        UP, founded by Abraham Lincoln in 1862 and BNSF owned by Warren Buffett (BRK.A) – American companies accountable to the American people to make right any environmental damage from oil spills.

        Keystone XL – fewer than 10 (5 maybe 6?) full time time jobs in Nebraska upon completion of the pipeline. A pipeline that its own citizens rightly refuse to allow to be built on Canadian soils.
        And although data shows that train cars spill with greater frequency, pipelines leaks release 3 times the amount of contaminants into the environment.
        And on top of that, TransCanada has a particularly horrible track record when it comes to safety and leaking pipes. It’s a company that shuns proven technology to minimize and/or detect leaks. The pipeline they wanted to run through NE would have had to spill more than 12,000 barrels a day to even be detected by the safety measures they were to employ.

        I’ll skip the environmental wasteland that is the tar sands region and it’s impact on climate change.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The reason Jane is asking Vince to stay on as Chair is because she knows she wouldn’t put the time and effort into the job. Why do that when you can be Vice Chair and come in and swoop up a position that gives you a ticket to the Democratic National Convention where you can hold court with FOX News and MSNBC? And to think some poor schelpps who have actually worked for the Dem Party in those positions are now getting shoved aside so Jane can have her 15 minutes of fame at the Dem Convention. Then she will come back to Nebraska and ignore the Election and any work that might need to be done because she got what she wanted. A title, a ticket (way paid?) and a seat at the national table, all in front of the adoring TV cameras. Jane, we know you too well.

  10. Bluejay says:

    Keep exposing Jane Kleeb. She is the most radical and dangerous politician in NE.

    An epic hypocrite, ingrate and fear monger.

    While Ingrate Jane Kleeb did not back Hillary, I think Vince Powers did. He is an establishment Dem. Funny thing about Vince. If Hillary was a Republican he would be screaming at the top of his lungs for her indictment. It must be tough to realize the Dem nominee is more crooked than Nixon.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Republicans opine on Democrats kicking Democrats. And that pisses off Democrats? Why?

    It is Democrats who invade Republican meetings and rallies and kick Republicans while burning the US flag. More importantly, the war Democrats are in today is with Democrats. In case you haven’t noticed, Hillary is stripping millions of Democratic voters of democracy. And Kleeb types want to roast her alive. If you value a cooler perspective on this matter you won’t get it from fellow Democrats. Those at your back are always your biggest worry, unless you are suicidality stupid.

  12. Bluejay says:

    Why is the Ingrate Jane Kleeb wearing an FFA jacket with the words “Broken Bow” when she is from Hastings?

    What a phony!

  13. Ed Stevens says:

    I was among the most vocal opposers of Scott Kleeb back when he ran against Adrian for the House, and again when he got handed his keester in his ill-fated Senate run. I thought then (and still do) that the New haven Cowboy was both a carpetbagger and an empty suit – a political opportunist who figured Nebraskans would be easy marks, but soon learned differently (thanks be to Yahweh).

    What I failed to recognize at the time was that the distaff side of the Kleeb equation wasn’t nearly as shallow and inept as Scooter hizownself. Ms. Kleeb has emerged as one of the most savvy and ruthless midlands politicians in my memory. She might be from Fla but she has already taken the measure of more than one Nebraska political scion. She is smart, utterly unprincipled, and has a nearly preternatural ability to cozen significant funds from normally tight-fisted flatlanders. Simply put, instead of chuckling bemusedly to ourselves about silly little Jane taking a run at the Husker Democrat machinery, I would suggest that we might be wise to worry a bit. This lady is thoroughly dangerous; she has taken on and defeated some fairly impressive forces, of which KXL is only one. She is hungry, haughty and capable … and still likely has Dick Holland and his millions in her shapely hip pocket.

    Nebraska is ripe for a wave of purpling – remember that rural Neb was ground zero for the hatching of a prairie progressivism back in the 20’s and 30’s (which gave us George Norris and his disguised liberalism – a yoke under which we still struggle). Populism never dies – it just goes underground, like cicadas, for years, to emerge when least expected, buzzing and replicating.

    Jane’s impending takeover of the NDP, if successful – as it certainly appears it will be, is a cautionary tale – ignore/belittle her at your peril. She should just be scaring the bejeezus out of those of us who claim to be conservatives.

    Just sayin’

    • Khan says:

      Well said. This aligns with with what I alluded to upstream concerning a long con. All of Jane’s activism up to this point strikes as nothing more than opportunism, as she only lingers in a role exactly long enough to secure a larger, more politically expedient one. Leavenworth St. pretty much called the ball on her gunning for leadership of the Nebraska Democratic Party years ago.

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re right Khan. Look at the “jobs” she has had. Carpetbagged here to marry a Congressional candidate after leaving Young Democrat PAC (who/what funds that?) Went to Change That Works: Nebraska advocating for Obamacare. Then started Bold Nebraska. The last two entities fueled by major Sugar Daddy donors. Went in with Scott on the governement green money grab , including some significant funds from the Clinton Foundation. Now expanding to Bold Alliance in other States along with Scott expanding his failed “model” to other States. In the meantime ran for local School Board which she could win without a lot of effort and now making her play at the Nebraska Democratic Party. In her path are spurned employees, board members and various others used by Jane for her end goal such as the Dem Party loyal workers who are now getting sidewiped. Probably has it all laid out on her electronic calendar, years in advance.

    • Sparkles says:

      You’re a talented writer, Mr. Stevens.

      I’m also of the mindset that the time may be ripe to harvest some purple waves of grain.
      And Ms. Kleeb has proven to wield a mighty scythe.

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