Nebraska’s Charles W. Herbster attends Trump finance meeting in NYC

Trump-Herbster-2016Leavenworth St. has learned that Charles W. Herbster of Falls City, Nebraska attended today’s meeting in New York City with Donald Trump, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and members of the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee’s finance team and top RNC fundraisers.

This follows a May 19, 2016 private meeting with Trump where Herbster donated the maximum amount allowable to the Trump campaign — one of only 30 in the United States who have done so.

In an exclusive interview with Leavenworth St., Herbster talked about why he supports Trump.

“My wife Judy and I have known Donald and the Trump family for ten years. We believe he is the right person at the right time for this country. We wanted to show our support for him and his campaign and let Nebraskans and people in agriculture and ranching across the country know that we trust his judgement and business expertise and feel Donald Trump is the right person to lead our country.”

Charles W. and Judy Herbster
Charles W. and Judy Herbster

Herbster will also serve as a top advisor to the Trump campaign on issues of agriculture and ranching. A fifth generation Nebraskan, Herbster operates Herbster Angus Farms in Falls City, originally homesteaded by his great-great-grandfather in 1847.

Along with cattle businesses Herbster Angus Farms, Inc. and North American Breeders, Inc. the Herbsters are the owners and chief operators of the Conklin Company, a national manufacturing and distribution company.

In 2013 Charles W. Herbster was running for Governor of Nebraska for about 7 1/2 months before his wife was diagnosed with a serious illness and he was forced to cancel his campaign plans. However, he has continued involvement with the state and national Republican party, including supporting Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign in 2012.

Herbster will also continue supporting the Trump campaign by sponsoring upcoming advertisements in national cattlemen’s magazines.

Other Trump supporters in Nebraska include former Governor Dave Heineman and State Senators Beau McCoy, Jim Smith and Tommy Garrett.


  1. Great Stor....... says:


  2. Sixth Generation Nebraskan says:


    The Herbsters managed to get in on the Homestead program 15 years before Lincoln signed it into law in 1862.

    Now I’m wondering if they started out in Nebraska as claim jumpers or just part of the largest and most successful government welfare program in history.

    • Homesteader says:

      (Not trying to be a knowitall, but…) I’m not familiar with the Herbsters’ circumstances, but the Preemption Act of 1841 gave squatters legal claim to the land on which they were settled. It was a precursor to the Homestead Act.

      • Sixth Generation Nebraskan says:

        In either case, Homesteader or Preemption squatter, it looks like the Herbsters got their start in Nebraska with the aid of government handouts.

    • The Burrite says:

      It’s not a welfare program, but that is a nice try. I’m starting to think “Sixth Generation Nebraskan” is merely a title, not a fact. The requirements that were put into receiving the deed to land involved various amounts of equity (sweat, material, and monetary) which would put it more in-line with a barter, or trade. As a Fifth Generation Nebraskan, I am proud of my familial heritage and your attempts to denigrate it are weak and futile, but I have no doubt that you will attempt to continue them with a similar lack of success.

      • Sixth Generation Nebraskan says:

        I’m the sixth generation on both sides of my family as a matter of fact.

        I run into proud deniers like you all the time. I’ve heard all the bootstrap crap and boasts that “my family has never received a dime from the government.” It’s amazing how many of them have fathers and grandfathers listed as WPA workers in the 1940 census.

        Like it or not, the Homestead and Preemption Acts were the welfare programs of their day. They transferred government resources to the poor. They even allowed foreigners who were not yet citizens to take advantage of the programs.

      • The Burrite says:

        SGN ~ Again, your interpretation of a welfare program seems greatly skewed. If anything, this was an economic development program with social engineering, but not welfare. Nothing was given without compensation in some form. I’m not a proud denier, but that is a nice flowery term. In addition, you specifically used the term “handout,” which, unlike varying definitions of welfare, is quite definitive and, in this case, completely untrue and unfounded. It was a good try on your part, better luck next time.

    • Another Sixth Generation Nebraskan says:

      I had the same thought. Something is off with that 1847 reference. The earliest settlements of that area began in the mid 1850s and even that was a scant few people. Some of my ancestors were among that scant few and I have read the histories of the area.

      • Sparkles says:

        From –
        Andreas, A. T. History of the State of Nebraska, published 1882.

        [Richadson County] EARLY HISTORY.
        “In 1854, two men named John A. Singleton and William Roberts took claims on the South Fork of the Nemaha, and one Short took a mill claim at the junction of the Nemaha, where Salem now stands. The other members of the party, William Goolsby, Farragus Pollard, James Goolsby, Jesse Crook and John Crook proceeded a short distance up the North Branch and staked out claims, but attempted no improvements, and at once started back toward the Missouri River. After getting lost several times, the party at length reached St. Deroin,
        (if you’ve visited Indian Cave State Park you’ve likely seen the old site that was once St. Deroin) on the bank of the river, and, by firing their revolvers, succeeded in attracting the attention of some men on the opposite side, who ferried them across to the Missouri shore. In the spring, the party returned, the first of their number being Jesse Crook, who moved with his family to his claim on the Muddy, April 17, 1855, and started the first prairie farm in the county. At this time the country about him was full of wolves, deer and wild turkeys, and the fish were so plentiful in the streams that they could be killed with clubs. Frank Leechman, the first male child born in the county, was born here in this year.

        In the summer of 1855, E. H. Johnson, with William Kenceleur, Charles Rouleau, Eli Bedard and Eli Plant, left Sioux City for the half-breed tract, in Southern Nebraska. Under the treaty of 1831, at Prairie du Chien, the wives of all the members of this party were entitled to a half section of land in the famous tract, and the chief object of the party was to secure these claims.

        On their arrival in the eastern part of the tract, the party found only two white inhabitants, both of whom were living with Indian squaws. One of these was F. X. Dupuis, who had married the widow of White Cloud, a famous Iowa chief who had recently departed for the happy hunting-grounds, and whose body lay in state in the great Indian burial-ground just northwest of where Rulo now stands. The other settler was Charles Martin, a wonderful man even among the hardy pioneers of the plains.”

        Yet, we’re asked to believe that:
        “Herbster Angus Farms in Falls City, originally homesteaded by his great-great-grandfather in 1847.”

  3. Brandi Preston says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Charles and Judy over the last several years. They are down to Earth people who love this state and our country. Donald Trump is lucky to have earned their support!

    Thanks for all you do, Charles and Judy!

  4. Sparkles says:

    Wow.. cake, and eat it too!

    The only thing that made me happier than hearing Mr. Herbster threw away the maximum amount of money allowed by law, was to then learn that, “Herbster will also serve as a top advisor to the Trump campaign on issues of agriculture and ranching.”


    It boggles the mind to contemplate the literal mountains of money that have been squandered by the billionaire bankrollers of the right since the time when a young Senator Obama appeared on the scene in 2007. Hundreds and hundreds of millions.
    Koch, Ricketts, Adelson, Foster Friess, Bob Perry, Peter Thiel, Chuck Herbster, et al. Oligarchs and Evangelicals, chomping at the bit in a futile effort to buy a seat in the Oval office.

    And what did their money buy?
    The rise of Donald Trump and the destruction of their Grand Old Party.

    One time in the last 27 years Republicans have won the national popular vote for POTUS.

    But, who’s counting. Maybe this will bring you cheer – pollster John Zogby writing for Forbes: “..if Millennials turnout to vote, the GOP faces nothing short of a catastrophic election…
    From the article: “A GOP Problem That’s Not Donald Trump: Millennials”

  5. bynd says:

    The millennials will be the most educated group ever. We have seen even the liberals pay a price for the way they educate. But in the end, millennials love free stuff. And the ones who will pay for that free stuff, will be the millennials as they grow older. So, IF they vote and that is a big if since Bernie won’t be there and Hillary is a 1% to them, they will pick their own future just as the baby boomers did. As all great civilizations have demonstrated however, they can’t last forever. So when or how this one ends who knows. Except we do know young people, the millennials, lean heavily towards socialism. The only thing in their way is the Constitution, and wisdom with age. The former we have seen isn’t much of hurdle if government, any or all three branches, want to get around it. We are a nation of laws. Nothing could be further from reality.

    • Millennial voter says:

      “But in the end, millennials love free stuff.”

      …says the Baby Boomer currently on government benefits he once paid into and continues to receive because the Millennials have picked up the tab.

      The only thing that could be further from reality is your perception of it, bynd.

      • bynd says:

        to Millennial cry babies.

        So, who do you think kept this country running before you were running down someone’s leg? Whether the military during Viet Nam or the cold war, regardless of who was at fault, there were many who served faithfully. For a lot less in the military than those who were poor. Nor crying just a fact. And where were you when the airspace shut down during the ATC strike of the 80’s. Walking across picket lines of friends while being denigrated by the management of the FAA who needed to fired along with the controllers. Were where you when we started a new controllers union within six years. Unprecedented union action. Still not even a wet dream.

        When many needed a job, we worked. We paid our way through college while raising families. Poor me or it was harder back then? Hardly. We just had enough personal pride and self motivation to take care of ourselves.

        Many of us earned what we now get. The fact it may make you pissed off is no skin off of my nose. You haven’t earned the right to complain nor criticize. So when you actually do something for this country or for someone other than your self, before asking for free stuff, then maybe you have a valid voice. Until then, you are nothing more than a cry baby wanting us to pay for your everything. Go find a safe zone so you don’t start shaking with uncontrollable hurt feelings.

      • Millennial voter says:

        Nice deflection, bynd. Guess my last comment hit a little too close for your comfort.

        I don’t know why you hate young people so much. Especially young people who, like you, worked their way through college and continued to pay their student debt after graduation, because that’s what was expected of us. And I can’t understand why you hate the young people who have gone off to war (A war that has lasted much longer than your Vietnam) and who have come back and tried to shake off the horrors of that conflict. Why do you hate people like me, who has worked 50-60 hours a week at multiple jobs just to eek out a decent life for me and my wife.

        I’m not pissed off that you worked for whatever it is you got. I’m pissed off because you sit on the internet all day reading about how terrible “millennials” are without knowing any, and generalize us as people mooching off you. I don’t want you to pay for anything of mine. I WANT TO STOP PAYING FOR YOU. Can you understand the difference?

      • HTH says:

        Millennial voter is spot on. You can be angry at millennials if you want, but the past half-century of failed governance are not on our shoulders.

        Bynd reinforces that (at least some) baby boomers are adult toddlers, throwing temper tantrums when they don’t get their way and inept at anything remotely close to logical reasoning or rationality (excellent use of straw man).


      • Sparkles says:

        From PolitiFact =
        “According to the non-partisan Urban Institute research data, a two-earner couple receiving an average wage — $44,600 per spouse in 2012 dollars — and turning 65 in 2010 would have paid $722,000 into Social Security and Medicare and can be expected to take out $966,000 in benefits. So, this couple will be paid about one-third more in benefits than they paid in taxes.”

        ..”If a similar couple had retired in 1980, they would have gotten back almost three times what they put in. And if they had retired in 1960, they would have gotten back more than eight times what they paid in..
        ..A couple with only one spouse working (and receiving the same average wage) would have paid in $361,000 if they turned 65 in 2010, but can expect to get back $854,000 — more than double what they paid in. In 1980, this same 65-year-old couple would have received five times more than what they paid in..”

        In bynd’s case, we can add lifetime government employee with all the accompanying benefits, government pension and TriCare.

      • Anonymous says:

        Millennial Voter: You haven’t even begun to pick up the tab yet for what Baby Boomers and The Greatest Generation have worked all their lives for. Get over your self-obssession and start pulling your own weight, pansy.

  6. repenting lawyer says:

    Bynd, world historian, legal scholar, economist, and social theorist? I was not aware age was a substitute for knowledge. do you perform surgery in your spare time.

    • bynd says:

      RL: It’s the knowledge gained by many experiences in life. And although I had started on my masters, it got interrupted by starting a union. A much better education. I find it sad you never branched out enough to round out more of your knowledge. But because you didn’t, doesn’t mean others didn’t. It was a big world with many opportunities, you just needed to get out of your comfort zone and go explore. Reading about many things instead of one thing. And wisdom is all about age. It allows you to make many more mistakes and learn a lot more than just sitting in a class room regurgitating the same thing over and over to make another unneeded professional student. You may not believe it, because you can’t imagine it. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

      • HTH says:

        Boomer complains about millennials while trolling a blog, slinging ad hominems like candy, shoving his warped view of the world down everyone’s throat like it’s the word of God. That sounds about right.



    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd, I practiced law for 50 years, got a graduate degree in philosophy, worked in regulatory agency, did labor law, served on hospital committees, did intensive studies in economic, advised national corporation and I managed for 75years never to say anything as inane as your standard posts. If your knowledge of American Constitutional Law is an example of you studies then give-up comic books. Social democracy i sa very successful political and economic system, and I wonder were you learned a different lesson. I could go on but you unsinkable prejudices are impervious to reason.

      • Bynd says:

        Rap, All that education and you can’t write a readable sentence on the blog? No doubt, u know a lot more about law than me. So, shall we maintain a silence while you pontificate and then we all bow down to his lordship. And I thought all this was about discussion on all things by anyone who wanted to comment.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Which one has a better chance of being in Trump’s cabinet? Ricketts, Sasse or Herbster? I wasn’t for Herbster when he ran for governor but considering that Trump has reason to kick the balls off most Nebraska Republican politicians, maybe, just maybe, for Nebraska’s citizens, its not bad to have at least one Husker on the winning side.

    And if you tell me Trump isn’t winning, keep it up. That brings him more votes. Every swipe at Trump for not being Republican enough gives older Bernie supporters and Independents reason to move.

  8. Trump/Bush 2016 says:

    This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Herbster and McCoy are plotting some great political takeover in Nebraska. It’s too bad no one likes McCoy. He’s a legend in his own mind. When Jeb failed McCoy scurried like a rat off the Bush boat over to the Trump train.

    • Minor Correction says:

      It’s not fare to say “no one likes McCoy.” There are a lot of people who aren’t familiar enough with him to have formed a proper dislike for him.

      That said, if they ever took a vote among members of the Legislature, he’d probably get 48 or 49 votes for the title of most unlikable and least trusted member. The 49th vote would depend on how Herbster instructed his toady to vote.

    • Bells & Whistles says:

      Red flags go up when I hear about successful roofing companies. The standard model in the industry calls for the exploitation of undocumented foreign workers.

      On the job injuries produce threats of deportation instead of workers comp claims.

      What methods did McCoy use to produce all of that success?

    • Ricky says:

      Actually it was McCoy’s father who ran the company. I used them and they were good. However, had I known his son Beau was a fruit-cake, I never would have hired them.
      And I certainly won’t be giving McCoy roofing any more business.

      • The Grundle King says:

        That seems rather the unfair approach, Ricky.

        Lots of folks here think you’re a total fruitcake…yet we still use the services provided by USPS.

  9. 20th Generation McCoy says:

    Did you know Beau McCoy is a 20th Generation Nebraskan who comes from a long line of ranchers, farmers, Indians, magicians, hamster wranglers and basically any cultural, creed, or occupation that has ever existed. This according to his future run for Governor.

    • Sparkles says:

      20th Generation,

      You left out one really important occupation, one that saved the McCoy clan during the Dust Bowl… Toad Ropin’.

      Great Uncle Fetus Furtwangler (married to Aunt Mahelmehay McCoy) could rope a toad betterin’ anybody in the whole durn county.
      Why as legend has it, Uncle Furtwangler even sold toads to the Joads, who were said to have journeyed on to find their fortune in Kaliforn-i-a.
      Somethun’ to do with grapes in a bath.
      Beau says he never really understood that part o’ the story. But heck, who knows what those looney libs out in Kaliforn-i-a might do.

  10. bynd says:

    Wow, where do we start. Who can say they have been able to get so many caustic replies complaining about my caustic reply. What goes around comes around:)

    Millennial, enlightenment means being able to bring many things to together to understand the whole. Did I say I hated you or millennials? No, that is the reaction of the chip on your shoulder. Of course, you have been tainted by the public spectacle of your generation and that is your misfortune. When the controllers went on strike, they wore cut off and flip flops and national TV demanding a raise that was more than I got paid to be the approach controller than controlled planes to the FAA tower controllers. Yet they also claimed to be professionals. And the public noticed. Thus tainting the ATC profession. Which took a few years to correct. It is life get use to it. And I know a lot of millennials. My wife and I had a business until just a year ago. The best employee, a 73 year retiree who worked her whole life with a bum hand. And when the millennials wanted to know why she didn’t take her birthday off, she said because she was paid to work. So there were some very good ones and we cherished them. Most were not. What is it you think I am throwing a tantrum about? You made an accusing statement that was off base and I replied. So it appears the one who started the “you don’t know me” was you. So point the finger where it belongs. Because I can’t recall anything I wanted that I don’t have. So I have no reason to whine except for those who expect the world to support them and need safe zones because they can’t handle real life. If that is not you, great, then don’t take what I said personally because if you reread the post, it wasn’t aimed as such as you. Or take it personally and give an adult response like you started then degenerated into your ad hominem BS. Always love it when one accuses then turns around and does the same thing.

    Sparkles, your are damn right. I am doing damn fine and know I earned it all. No regrets and no feelings of some one giving me some thing for nothing. Because they haven’t. Was there a lot of luck in my life? As my coaches use to say, you make our own luck. And I can only surmise by you being so liberal, you cheer for me. Your love of government controlling everything and giving to those who earned it. A social contract being fulfilled.

    HTH, What an arrogant ass. You accuse while you do the same thing. It is what everybody does on here. So no kudos for being observant. Since it is obvious to the most casual of observers. But if you don’t like it, why the hell are you even here. And why is it OK for you to do but not others? This is the purpose of the site. Or don’t you get that? And yeah I’m here a lot. Even my wife complains. But who the hell are you to judge how much time I spend on here? You sure as heck aren’t my mother. She’s dead. So go mother some one else. Oh and by the way, been doing it since I was 55 and retired.

    Sparkles, how many lawyers do we need? We have more than enough. What we need are GP MDs. So where is the system educating all of them? But I guess as you have proven, your education sure seems to be waste. Your clever and witty sayings being all the rage now days. On here all day shoving your view of the world down our throats. Oh how HTH must hate you. Or is it really envy? And by the way, how smart does one have to be to know that the degree they graduate with will not pay the bills and the student loans once they are out in the real world? Or at least 70% of those who enroll college can not read past the elementary level. And you call that an education. We are ranked 17th out of the top 20 education systems in the world. And it is your government pushing them to go into such debt to remain so ignorant. Because everyone needs to be a college grad. Yeah right.

    RL: I don’t quite get you. You love to take pot shots, but when the favor is returned, you get all huffy and puffy. You set the tone, I just follow it. If you don’t like it or want a different tone, then set the lead. But don’t start down the being an ass road and then expect others not to follow.

    I stopped voting a long time ago. Because I couldn’t stand holding my nose and voting. Does that make me better than anyone else? Certainly not. But it also doesn’t mean I can’t talk about it. And now, I can sit back and realize, everything you folks complain about, is part of the system you built. And your system is perfectly made for the results you get. Own it and embrace it. For it is the voters who created it. Not the candidates but the voters. And from where most of us non voters are sitting, only the dumb ones are left to vote. Just look at who your candidates are. And the zealots who support them. What a freaking circus and a circus of freaks.

    • HTH says:

      Woah… talk about hitting a nerve.

      bynd, what makes you a troll isn’t that you post here. What makes you a troll is that your posts seem to be devoid of purpose save to stir up and incite other posters. In this thread, without any apparent basis save your good ol’fashioned know-how, you’ve gone out of your way to insult others. Which is fine. But makes you a troll.


      • bynd says:

        HTH, So, if you are returning the favor of attack, does that make the ones you write to Trolls also?

        There is no great genius without a mixture of madness.

        I do believe we all have our Troll moments.

  11. Millennial voter says:

    Where do we begin?

    “But in the end, millennials love free stuff.”
    –A sweeping generalization with no evidence to back up your assertion.

    “We do know young people, the millennials, lean heavily towards socialism.”
    –I know this is the internet, but do you have anything to support your claim? Yes, it appeared that a lot of young people voted for Bernie Sanders, who calls himself a “democratic socialist.” But he did not win the nomination, so…

    “Who do you think kept this country running before you were running down someone’s leg?”
    –A nasty image that you keep bringing up, and an illogical one blaming me for something that took place before I was born. As soon as I get my time machine up and running, I’ll make sure to go back and help ensure the country is running in each generation since 1787.

    “Where were you when the airspace shut down during the ATC strike of the 80s?”
    –In diapers, most likely. I don’t know, because that was THREE DECADES AGO. We get it, your profession went on strike and you had to make tough choices, but so has every generation. Do I go to college with the hope of getting a better job and go into debt in the process? I made that choice, and graduated a few months before the recession started. I’ve made hard choices, and I’m not asking anyone for any handouts and neither is anyone else I know my age.

    “When many needed a job, we worked.”
    –This makes no sense. Do you mean when you needed to work, you found a job? Either way, the assumption you’re making here is that young people don’t work, which again, is one of your marvelous ways of blaming young people for something you can’t quite articulate.

    “We just had enough personal pride and self motivation to take care of ourselves.”
    –Good for you. So has literally every generation of people for all time.

    “Many of us earned what we not get.”
    –Yeah, me too. Why does it piss you off?

    “When you actually do something for this country or for someone other than your self, before asking for free stuff, then maybe you have a valid voice. Until then you are nothing more than a cry baby wanting us to pay for your everything.”
    –Even if people like me were asking for free stuff (we’re not, and it’s not going to happen) people like you are literally gobbling up all the free stuff anyway. Why don’t you get that?

    Seriously, my dude, you should use some of that “enlightenment” you claim to have accumulated through the ages and use it to look in the mirror sometime. Both of my grandfathers served in WWII, one as a B-52 mechanic in the Pacific and another as a carpenter who island hopped with the army building barracks. In all the time I spent with them, not once did they ever complain about being owed by “millennials” the way you have for being present during some strike that no one has cared about in three decades.

    I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings. But is not a safe space.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd, I do not think you have any real idea what higher education costs today. I was able to earn my educational expenses with summer work and part time legal work paid for law school and supporting a wee and son. The students today pay more fore for books in law school than I paid for a semesters tuition. They are saddled with debt for years after graduation. If they served in the military the programs are not as generous as the GI Bill and housing loans after WWII, which created the middle class. To denigrate these folks as takers is what raises my ire.
      I may have shot first and thought later, but I think you had it coming.

      • Bynd says:

        RL, I believe the better question is, what is the worth of a college education? According to those on the inside, priceless. Yet defaults are way up and many can not afford to live a minimal lifestyle and still pay off their student loans. Sounds like a scam to me. Higher Ed, just like big business, inbred, where those on the inside make the rules and heap disdains on those on the outside who dare to question them. To answer your question it cost way more than it is worth for most. Our next catylist for an economic down turn? Many believe so.

    • Anonymous says:

      What you don’t understand Millennial Voter is that Bynd and others paid their dues. As a 30-something you’re only starting to pay into the system and you’re fricking whining about it because you don’t know if it will be around when you get to be the age of a Boomer? Suck it up. Generations before you did what was needed, it’s your turn. You’re not paying for anything more than what previous Generations were supplied. Truly you sound like a typical Millennial, full of themselves. I’ll bet you have a box full of participation trophies too.

      • HTH says:

        My favorite is when boomers call millennials entitled on one hand, and proceed to argue that they are entitled to more than their fair share of benefits because they “did what was needed[.]”

        My friend, what you fail to realize is that your generation has afforded itself more benefits than you can afford, and so now our generation (and future generations) are left to pick up the tab. You’re freeloaders, happily reaping the benefits of a public Ponzi scheme. That’s fine – you’re merely responding to your incentives, but please get off your high horse saying that millennials are whiners or are not doing their fair share. We’re doing more than our fair share so you don’t (and didn’t) have to.

        Truly HTH

      • Millennial voter says:

        Yes, as a 30-something I am “only starting to pay into the system.” You got me there. Why if a certain piece of my paycheck is going into that system wouldn’t I be concerned about its sustainability? You Baby Boomers, if I can use a parlance you will understand, have been receiving the ultimate participation trophy — the benefits of that system beyond what you paid in — and yet you tell us we need to “paid our dues.”

        Get real. And you all have the chutzpah to say millennials are the ones dabbling in socialism.

      • Millennial voter says:

        So, essentially your response is: “I got mine, and will continue to get mine (from your paycheck), so you can screw off.”

        Good to know.

  12. Ricketts Cricketts says:

    Wow team Ricketts is out in force today! Why don’t you worry about governing the state and not making Pete look like the failed governor he is.

    All of the polling and name calling in the world won’t change he fact that Pete’s family bought him this office and he will be a 1 term failed governor.

  13. why are you bashing McCoy says:

    The guy is a solid conservative and stands on principles. He is one of the brightest minds in the legislature and a true leader. McCoy has a bright future unllike blowhards like Kintner.

  14. Bynd says:

    Reality to truly HTH,
    Good observation. It is the system that your parents and grandparents built. So, suck it up buttercup. I have a pension and SS that needs to be paid. One of the most important decisions you will make, is who to hook your wagon up with. Back in the 90’s when Feds made 20% less than comparable civilians no one cared. Now we get the last laugh. And we know those who laugh last, laugh best🤑

  15. Bynd says:

    Screwed Milennial voter,

    Yep that’s the system. Same one I supported during my working life time. But instead of whining about, I made sure I had a secure future. Because I was the only one who could. Certainly not the government even though I worked for them a lifetime.

    • Millennial voter says:

      I hope this blog’s readers note that contrary to bynd’s tone and winding ramblings otherwise, he actually enjoys big government. Because remember: He earned it and you did not.

      • Bynd says:

        Screwed Millennial voter, Don’t know how you come to that conclusion. It would seem to indicate a serious flaw in your ability to reason. But yes, I do appreciate the government having enough to pay me what they contracted to😀

  16. Anonymous says:

    Mill Voter: You don’t get to pull the rug out of a contract made with Senior Citizens, despite your belief that you’re special. I know you weren’t around 50 years ago but the wages then weren’t exactly stellar. Sure, cost of living was lower but folks also didn’t indulge themselves. Putting a roof over their family’s heads and food on the table was the main concern. Regular island trips, big, new fancy houses (for couples with two kids), nice cars and plenty of entertainment money wasn’t heard of. I’m not lumping all Millennials in this category but I’m exposed to enough of them to wonder why the Hell they think the deserve everything at the tender age of 28. Most Boomers and certainly their parents and grandparents before them worked hard in their productive years knowing they would be able to reap the rewards later if they were smart enough to plan. My sympathies to our elders who are struggling and got caught in poor life circumstances. It’s up to your Generation to realize you have a duty to help those who came before you. You’re like the teen who gets his first job and can’t believe taxes are taken out of his paycheck. Welcome to the real world.

  17. Millennial voter says:

    But here’s the thing, and maybe you can help me bridge the disconnect. I have no problem paying my taxes; I’ve worked on farms before I was a teenager and small businesses to the job I currently hold. What you are essentially saying is that government made a contract with the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers that every generation afterwards has to accept and abide by. Fine.

    But on the other hand, I hear conservatives talk endlessly about the liberals bankrupting their children and grandchildren through the national debt and big government spending, etc. And you even admit that the cost of living vs. wages back then are not the same as they are now. So no, it isn’t a fair comparison from the get go (this is not me whining, this is me pointing out a mutually agreed upon point in this discussion).

    So, why is some big government spending (nearly half in social security and medicare/medicaid) to these programs that government contracted with those generations, even though it likely won’t last for future generations to receive the same investment even though they are paying in just as much, if not more, good, but when millennials ask what our future is going to be like, you tell us to go kick rocks? I’m not trying to be snarky, I’m honestly interested in your answer. Your generation isn’t going to be the last one in this country.

    • HTH says:

      MV hits the nail on the head again.

      These boomer posters, especially bynd, reveal a very direct form of hypocrisy. If you’re going to stick to this ‘government made a contract’ approach, and reap the handouts while the country gets bankrupted at our expense, that’s fine. You can be that way, if your conscience so allows (nevermind you were on both sides of the contract, and it is not one we agreed to). But next time you look down your nose on someone with welfare, unemployment, Medicaid, food stamps . . .realize you are no different than they. The mental gymnastics you take to validate your crookedness notwithstanding.


      • bynd says:


        So you never learned that work is rewarded? I worked for the government for over 35 years, my earned reward, a pension and health insurance. And by the way, since I am a Fed retiree, my social security, all $639.00, got cut by 40%. Windfall Elimination Act. If you don’t understand the difference between work and welfare then I hope you have stumbled into work and not welfare.

        By the way, as I told anyone who would listen, SS was never meant for everyone. And to give SS to a millionaire, just one example, is asinine. The dumbest part is, if you did means test it, then everyone could pay less in! But one big difference between the boomers and the youngsters, the boomers have earned it, you folks have not, not yet. You’re at the beginning. And one word of advice, by the time you realize you’ve screwed yourself, it’s too late.

        So, now you know the difference. I don’t look down my nose at any one who has earned what they get. No matter how little or how much. I paid into the same system you are. I EARNED what I now get. Some get better some get worse. But if you think you can some how shame me for what I earned by spouting BS, take a hike, you’re way off base. By the way, do you realize that current Fed employees have a 401K type retirement system? No more totally a defined benefit. And they control their own investments although only in certain accounts allowed by the government. Their retirement is 1/3 investments, 1/3 SS and 1/3 small defined benefit. Maybe you need to change occupations:) Poor suckers! All the way from 9000 to 18000 and still climbing. But they better get ready for the next crash!

        And keep those deposits coming!

    • bynd says:


      The reason I don’t vote any more. Both sides screw you, just in different ways. Been that way since I was born, over 60 years ago. And when you work for the government, you see it get worse and worse with every party change. Republican = less government and taxes. And when was the last time they cut either?

      You can sit here and argue R and D all night. But until you get a third party in there, you will remain screwed. Yeah, past generations built what you have today. Your choice is to follow, and keep screwing your self, or find a better way. And saying free college, health insurance and being like Europe, is not the change you want. But, that is up to you. The best part is, I don’t cast a vote that cancels yours. Your welcome:)

      Boomers had a saying early on, don’t trust anyone over 30. You’d be well advised to find a cut off age also.

  18. bynd says:

    Millennial voter answers:

    Go to the Atlantic and Read the Liberal Millennial Revolution.
    Go read Politico; Study, Youth Vote Was Decisive, referencing the 2012 election.
    National review and Fellow Millennials: Don’t Be Deceived by Democratic Socialism

    Read more at: nationalreview sanderss-democratic-socialism-millennials-love-it

    Or just Google, Millennials and politics. And on and on. Maybe you are not as in touch with your peers as you think. Or, maybe it is the age old problem that the more radical get more press and so the whole group gets tagged as the same.

    And I agree, it was my generation that started the down hill slide of this country. Entitlements that are not in accordance with original intent and therefore not sustainable. Thank both sides who learned early how to buy votes with others tax money. Trickle down economics. Much like a dog being feed scraps under the table. Wealth redistribution. Democrats to people, Republicans to business.

    Everyone can be anything they want. Like homes they can’t afford. A college education that is useless for earning a living and priced to meet the money given out by the government. The problem is, I realize how my generation has screwed up and now see it being compounded by the younger generation. And quite frankly, the millennials can tax them selves into oblivion, but I do have grandchildren and hopefully they will have children etc. and I fear for the kind of life they will have. Because the biggest lesson youngsters haven’t learned, by the time you realize you have screwed up royally, it is too late to change.

    And no, my feelings are not hurt. If people are getting their feelings hurt on here, they shouldn’t be here.

    And might I suggest you spend more time with your peers on one of their sites. They can use your point of view a lot more than we do:)

    SS, after all the cut and paste going on here, I can’t believe you held me up for one address. You always loved them more:)

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