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To start your weekend, here’s a little Separated at Birth sent in by a faithful reader…

From “Santa Claus is Coming to Town“, Burgermeister Meisterburger…and a frowning selfie from Nebraska Democrat Chairman Vince Powers!

Burgermeister Meisterburger - Vince Powers 01


“Kleeb” you say? Never heard of her

If you are a reader of the LJS, you have no doubt heard Don Walton’s breathless announcements that Jane Kleeb is going to run for chair of the Nebraska Democrats. After her “Unity Slate” fell apart like a Bernie Sanders 50-state strategy, Kleeb is now announcing that she’ll announce “something” today. (“Disunity!“)

The thing I got a kick out of was Don Walton’s build up for this. Each time a new article when…

Jane Kleeb…her next step!
Kleeb and Powers’ making the “Unity” announcement.
Steve Lathrop dropped out … but what would Jane do?
Vince Powers dropped out…but what would Jane do?
Jane announcing an announcement! Ohmigosh!

And one can only assume that Don gets paid by the number of times he mentions Kleeb’s name. For instance in the Powers dropout article (which the LJS merged with the Lathrop dropout article) Kleeb is mentioned 6 times. Poor Chuck Hassebrook, who has been running the whole time? Once.

Well, I’m sure this is the last we’ve heard of all this…


Always was an Open Convention?

Remember David French?

He is the National Review writer who was briefly the 3rd Party savior for the right. Well he is still a lawyer, and he has an interesting post up today, arguing in a legal fashion that NONE of the delegates to the National Republican Convention in Cleveland are committed to ANY candidate.

His argument boils down to court rulings that have said that the party is an independent entity. Thus state laws that direct delegates to be committed to a candidate after an election to not trump (heh) party rules, under the 1st amendment.

And, he argues, the party rules say that delegates are NOT committed — unless the Rules Committee (which is then voted on by the full body) changes that in Cleveland.

This is interesting, though I guess I would be surprised to hear that no one else has thought of this angle before. Maybe Ted Cruz has just been biding his time on something like this — and one would think he would be the most likely to benefit from a full Cleveland mutiny.

One thing I’m not clear about is that I believe the Nebraska GOP rules say that the Nebraska delegates are committed to the winner of the state primary for two ballots, and I am not sure that the national GOP rules would trump the state GOP rules.

Since this would make the convention a version of an old west saloon brawl with everyone armed with a whiskey bottle, expect the news corps to be pushing this dramatically.


Draft prospects

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse brought up an interesting point today.

In the argument over whether women should be included when signing up for the draft, he questions why we need young men to sign up for the draft in the first place.

He notes that the draft hasn’t been used since December of 1972, hasn’t been seriously considered since, so why are we even discussing women being included?

His proposal is a 6 month study by the Defense Department, with one of 3 proposals:

Either they believe the all-volunteer force – which has in actuality been what we’ve done for many years – is sufficient for the human capital needs of the country, and they think the draft is in fact obsolete;

OR number two, they believe we should be keeping the current draft system;

OR number three, they believe that the Draft in fact needs to be expanded – and why they believe that.

Seems reasonable.

There should be more consideration of plenty of laws like this, right?

In an interview with Tesla and Space X founder Elon Musk recently, his proposal for governing on Mars (yes, the the planet) was a direct, townhall-style democracy. He proposes that you need 60% to pass a law, but only 40% to rescind one — and then every law has an automatic sunset anyway, where it would need to be re-voted to renew it. Interesting ideas — especially for a small community.

Sasse’s idea is of that ilk, and more of these — particularly in the realm of reviewing department mandates — should be considered. Senator Deb Fischer has proposed this with EPA mandates, and the Platte Institute showed how the Nebraska legislature did it with licensing hair braiding.

Or Rep. Adrian Smith’s Op-Ed in The Hill talking about the “Assaults on modern agriculture“.

More of this, right?

Or you can elect Hillary and watch her government you to death.


Find some shade

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  1. Kleeb's First Decision says:

    So Jane’s first decision and shot called as a “defacto” party leader ends up with multiple members of her unity slate dropping out. Not a great start.

  2. Bluejay says:

    Will Ingrate Jane Kleeb endorse Hilllary Clinton?

    What quid pro quo will Ingrate Jane Kleeb exact from Crooked Hillary Clinton for such an endorsement?

    If Crooked Hillary Clinton vowed to stop KXL, why would anyone believe her? TransCanada and TD Bank can pay the Clintons more. I hear Cheslea is a great speaker.

    What difference does KXL make since Trans Canada is building a pipeline across Canada.

    Will Don Walton calculate the lost property tax revenue from KXL?

  3. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    David French spent exactly one week testing the waters as to whether he should be a 3rd Party candidate. Now he and Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post are sending up test balloons on a rules change at the Convention to invoke the Wild West brawl that Sweeper mentioned. I’m sure Bill Kristol is probably weighing in as well. When will these people stop agitating and accept reality? Trump won the majority vote of those who voted in the Primaries. I honestly think their goal is to wreak havoc at the Convention and do so much damage that Hillary will win, whether they get another candidate (Cruz? Rubio?) inserted or not. Then they can keep on with what the DC elites do best, making money off a predictable political course.

    • Sparkles says:

      “their goal is to wreak havoc at the Convention and do so much damage that Hillary will win”

      Sure, like Hillary really needs the assist.
      Watch what happens to the polling as Trump’s mouth continues to recklessly run, and his lifetime of grifting is more thoroughly revealed. And as Trump continues to bellow, lash out and unravel a popular President Obama, a millennially admired Bernie Sanders and wickedly smart Elizabeth Warren will join HRC on the stage in cities throughout America and lay out a detailed vision, with concrete proposals to move us all toward a more caring, more prosperous and more just America.

      Gonna be a long summer for the GOP.

    • The Grundle King says:


      I know that supporting the notion of a convention where Donald DOESN’T get the nomination would mean you’d have to swallow your pride and fess up to endorsing a man who’s views on abortion change with each change of clothes…but wouldn’t that be better than forever compromising your integrity?

      Just because Hillary is a hot-blooded supporter the new genocide, doesn’t mean you have to endorse a guy who’s just lukewarm on it.

      • Julie Schmit-Albin says:

        GK: If you’re a single issue pro-life voter you really have no other option. We know what Hillary will do. There’s a chance Trump will do the right thing some of the time. I’ll take my chances with Trump. The fate of the Supreme Court and returning our nation to some semblance of sanity overrides any concern I have about “compromising your integrity” at this point.

      • Sparkles says:

        “hot-blooded supporter the new genocide,”

        You must be talking about:
        “I would bomb the SHIT out them..”
        That ‘new genocide’?

        “The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families.”
        Maybe that ‘new genocide.

        Hey! Maybe it was excreTED you were referring to:
        ” see if sand can glow in the dark”
        “carpet bomb til the desert glows”

        No? That’s not what you were referring to?
        Oh, I get it now.. by “new genocide you were referring to the constitutionally protected right of a woman to choose what to do with her own body.
        A right that led to a dramatic improvement in the lives and health of women, removing them forever from the perils and indignities of a tragic era of self-induced abortion, back-alley abortion, or forced childbirth.
        A constitutional right enshrined into law 43 years ago. A law passed by the highest court in the land by a 7-2 majority.

        That is the ‘new genocide’ to which you refer.
        I almost forgot, the party that screams incessantly about getting government off your back, has a disquieting desire to permanently lodge that same government inside a woman’s womb.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Kudos on the use of quotes, Sparkles…now I expect you to quote me, if you can, expressing support for any of those notions you posted. I’ll even give ya the whole weekend to come up with ’em.

        I’ve got no problem letting women decide what to do with their own bodies…they’re free to take the pill, get an IUD, require their partners to use condoms, or even get a a tubal ligation…and none of that is my business. I’m more than fine with that.

        But it’s not “their own bodies” that are getting their brains sucked out or having their limbs hacked off. It’s not their own beating hearts that are stopped cold. And it’s not their own flesh that is plundered and sold** like a butchered steer. (**but not for profit, whoop-dee-doo)

        BTW, thanks for cluing us all into your belief that SCOTUS NEVER gets it wrong…EVER.

        Julie…BS. You always have an option. You have an option to put values over votes…to put conscience ahead of convenience. If presented with two plates full of shit…one from a donkey and one from an elephant…you could just decide to go on a hunger strike, and most folks would find that to be the more noble course of action.

  4. repenting lawyer says:

    Sweeper, You mentioned Kleeb at least 6 times. Is this some kind of subliminal support for Jane you are expressing.

      • Bluejay says:

        Kleeb is completely disconnected from the average voter. HRC under 40% in November. Ashford loses. Powers jumped off a sinking ship. Vince is not a loser!

  5. Bluejay says:

    Electing Ingrate Jane Kleeb as the chairman of the NE Dems represents a radical departure from the roots of the Nebraska Democrat party. She’s an extreme environmentalist with no connection to hard working Nebraskans. Why would a UPRR or BNSF employee support Kleeb? Kleeb wants them to stop hauling coal and oil.

    She is a beneficiary of Clinton-affiliated money; a crony capitalist of the worst sort since she is a socialist. An ingrate to boot.

    JJ Exon built the modern NE Dem party. Kleeb and Exon have nothing in common.

    NE Dems are off the rails with Kleeb.

  6. Bluejay says:

    Here’s a news assignment for the LJS and OWH. How many UPRR and BNSF employees have been laid off due to Obama’s war on coal? That’s a war that Ingrate Jane Kleeb fully supports. Jane is a war monger.

  7. Ricky says:

    It is hard to over-estimate the damage Mr Trump will do to the GOP come November. Would not surprise me if HRC romps and BOTH the House and Senate go to the Dems, at least for two years.
    I found the relationship between Jane and Powers to be an odd couple. Jane killed the pipeline over the objections of Vince (at least I never heard Powers denounce the pipeline, and his brother an Omaha lawyer worked for Trans Canada trying to eminent domain people. ) Jane sounds a lot more progressive than Powers, so if I were in the Ne Democratic party I’d go Jane.
    And funny Jane looks like she will beat out Kaminski, who will never get over his trouncing at the hands of Bold Nebraska and the great President Obama when Kaminski foolishly claimed a couple of jobs was worth destroying Nebraska land and water.
    And hey, has anybody seen Barry Rubin lately? Did he ever get another job after botching the Keystone pipeline for his side? He made a funny partnership with Lee Terry by the way. Some people will do anything for money.

  8. Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy says:

    Hello All!
    Just a note to remind you that we are still in business in case anybody wants to send us more money.
    Our office is now located in the basement of Lee and Robyn Terry’s house. out in Millard near shit-stained Walnut Grove Park, where the loonie tea party has regular meetings.


  9. Bluejay says:

    From Jane Kleeb’s letter:

    “Let me close this first letter to you with a story about why I got involved in and stay working in politics. When I was a teenager, I almost lost my life to an eating disorder. The treatment was not covered by insurance. My mom and dad did not have the money for the intensive treatment required to help me recover. So, my grandmother stepped in to pay for my treatment. I would sit in the recovery center watching women forced to leave way too early because their insurance company would not pay for treatment. Some women lost their lives because of this.”

    A probable lie. Her dad owned Buger King restaurants in Florida per a profile in Omaha magazine.

    Jane is just like Hillary: an epic liar.

  10. Bluejay says:

    More from Ingrate Jane Kleeb.

    “Moms in North Omaha helped shut down a coal plant that was making their babies sick.”

    What is she talking about? Sick? With what? Babies but not adults? Sick due to carbon dioxide?

    “Teachers dared to stand against corporate influence and declare “I love public schools.” ”

    Is she talking about Susie Buffett’s TV campaign? Or is applauding the expensive and failed OPS? OPS is the school district that runs South high school. The very South HS that had exactly two OWH scholars. OPS is only better than the Detroit school district because OPS isn’t $600 million in debt.

    Ingrate. Liar. Delusional. Typical Dem.

  11. Bluejay says:

    According to Leftwing Sourcewatch, OPPD North Omaha Station was the proximate cause of 14 deaths per year.

    Laughable. Does anyone believe that?

    If it was true, there would be a 100 wrongful death cases pending in Douglas County right now. What a joke.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bluejay, you maybe right the figure is wrong, but the reason you give makes no sense, a statistical claim about increased death rates does not show who the 14 are, extensive discussion in Agent Orange Cases by Jack Weinstein, a great USDJ.
      In discussing Vince Powers should we not pay tribute to his father John, one of the last great Creighton football players His picture was on the wall at Beal’s until it closed.

      • Bluejay says:


        My point was that the alleged deaths, injuries and illnesses attributed to OPPD’s North Omaha Station are pure fantasy. If there was any truth whatsoever to the allegations, fine Creighton-trained lawyers in Omaha would have filed lawsuits (class action or otherwise) against OPPD. No rigor to the Left’s claims. Just crazy speculation and fear mongering. Not even close to the Agent Orange cases.

        Ingrate Jane Kleeb is a demagogue.

      • Repenting lawyer says:

        Bluejay,CU Law grades would understand causation proof problem, which is why the reference to Agent Orange Cases.
        Claims about health risks of coal fired plant species neither new or only left, saw Teller Father of H Bomb testify about this in 1967, when I worked for FPC.

  12. Psyops says:

    The psychology of women who stay with serial adulterers isn’t too surprising. The key motivator of course is the serial adulterer who isn’t just wrong once but rather passionately wrong as a lifestyle.

    Bill Clinton’s serial cheating is the most publicized in modern history. Oddly, it is Social Liberals and Women’s Rights leftists who see his rape and abuse as macho in a POTUS. (That is simple political correctness with its inherent ability to twist one’s political investment above ethics and factual reality.)

    But what about the wife? 75% of cheated-on wives stay with the husband. That includes Hillary. Psychologists note such women are victims but who also gain a socially cancerous respect for them having endured such abuse willingly. It is a profoundly negative view of women as human beings.

    While society views male “cuckolds” as weak-willed laughing stocks whom all can freely and openly hate and revile; this is not extended to cuckolded wives who are pitied as victims and yet respected for enduring undeserved humiliation. — Caesar’s wife is honored for being the victim of a shitty husband. But that doesn’t mean the Roman people want her to be in charge instead of Mark Antony. — Hillary is a presidential candidate who constantly swallows humiliation by the ton.

    Serially cuckolded wives share common characterizes:

    Ulterior Motives

    These all may apply to Hillary, who is seen as the victim of Bill’s philandering. However, “insecurity, denial and fear” are profoundly wrong in any Chief Executive. And “Money” is perennial bond between Bill and Hillary who have profited greatly from having held Presidential/First Lady status together. The last, “ulterior motive”, is often credited as Hillary’s forte, as if divorcing the serial adulterer might have harmed her presidential chances.

    Frankly, divorcing Bill Clinton might have made Hillary more electable since it would have proved her a rational ballsy leader. Voters would see a divorced Hillary as confident, fearless, unconcerned about the husband as a money font, and not eager to swallow a lifetime of humiliation.

    Voters feel sorry for victims, even to the irrational point of calling victims “heroic” for their endurance. But voters also understand that a President’s job is to be strong and keep us from becoming victims.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Psyops, Recall R protests when some shrinks tried diagnose Goldwater. Professional consensus was such efforts to speak oa person you have not examined was unprofessional and meaningless. Have those standards changed?

    • Bluejay says:

      Two thousand different women. I fully expect Trump to bring it up in the debate. “Hillary can’t even control her husband. Reportedly he’s had sex with 2,000 different women. How is she going to control China? China has been screwing us for years!”

    • Choice says:

      It’s interesting that you choose to go after Mrs. Clinton as a victim.

      It appears we have a choice in this race. Do you believe the fact that Donald Trump is a serial cheater makes him more qualified?

      What would the psychological experts have to say about those, like you, who chose to side with a serial cheater rather than support a forgiving victim?

      Trumps attacks on Hillary for Bill’s indiscretions are going to lead to a more extensive examination of his own cheating past.

  13. Cuckold says:

    WTF! Maybe Hillary doesn’t care with whom Bill sleeps. Maybe “adultery” doesn’t matter to them. Your psych meanderings date back several decades.

    • Sparkles says:

      I fear psyops’ “Make America Great Again” cap may be a few notches too tight.

      The rambling ‘psyops’ offered is nothing more than delusional flops. Such delusional ramblings are a common manifestation of the decades of excessive production of neurotransmitter chemicals (catecholamines, adrenaline and noradrenaline), triggered by a perpetual state of anger and rage resulting from acute Clinton Derangement Syndrome. It’s an epidemic traced to the early 90’s, thought to have originated in the fevered swamps of the Fox ‘News’ studios.
      A malady that in more recent times appears to have transformed into a much more sinister, brain wasting disease, called Obama Derangement Syndrome.

    • bynd says:


      You may very well be right. The new morality. Everything and anything is fine. A brothel in the White House. Is that a continuation of a Barack policy or a new one?

      Although I shouldn’t leave Trump out. Because one is a prostitute and one is a slut. And who fills which role just depends on the day.

      • HTH says:

        Yes, if you want to avoid adultery in the White House, Trump, admitted serial philanderer and twice-divorced phony, is clearly the superior choice.


      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, New morality? Harding, FDR, JFK, 2 out of three were great presidents. you suedomorality is exposed by you vile commentary.

  14. bynd says:

    Vile commentary? Which is what? Slut, prostitute? (prostitute is in the Bible you know.) What a delicate constitution you have. As metaphors go, it is tame and right on target. Sorry if you don’t agree.

    To help you out. The new morality of our culture of today vs yesterday. Any time you want to go back to. No judgement, just reality.

    As to the rest, there are no virgins running for Pres. and yes, they have sold their soul, metaphorically speaking, their whole life to get where they are. No judgement in that last statement, just reality.

    I do see you like to disregard the Bible about judging when you feel what, offended? Even though it wasn’t about or to you.

    Judge not least…..

    And now we can talk about pots and kettles:)

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd, Did not know you were using terms as metaphors. Think most talk of moral decline is nonsense. Do recall something about the devil quoting Scripture to his purpose. Also recall rebuking our straying brethren. I suppose pot and kettle is fair when my hackers are raised.

  15. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    GK, Maybe sitting out an election or writing in a name is something you do further down the ballot. It is not an option for me when we’re talking about deciding on the leader of the free world. There is too much at stake with this Presidential race to be wringing my hands and making some statement by sittting this one out.

  16. TexasAnnie says:

    Julie: You have stated (above) that you are a single issue voter. And you claim Trump is your candidate because he MIGHT meet the demands of your single issue, even though Trump has proven himself unreliable regarding your single issue in the recent past.

    Do you really imagine that your single issue is important this election cycle?

    • Anti-Choice says:

      Don’t bother Annie,

      Julie has found a platform that has proved personally profitable. She never misses an opportunity to jump in front of the cameras to pander to her supporters. It’s all about Julie. It has nothing to do with life. It’s about holding on to a very profitable gig.

      • Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy says:

        Agree. JSA must have had a profitable career getting between a woman and her doctor. And she has not accomplished much if anything. Thankfully abortion remains safe and legal.

  17. I find it amuzing that both the OWH and the LJS have ignored my letters to their editorial staff announcing my run for NDP State Chair against Chuck Hassebrook and Jane Kleeb. Evidently you haven’t even caught wind of it Sweeper. I’d give you a link to my blogspot page, but you don’t allow links here. NTV did interview me last night on their 6pm news.

    I got a message from Jane this morning asking me, “I want your support, we can’t turn our party over to Chuck (Hassebrook) and Maureen (Monohan, NDP 1st Assoc. Chair).” To me that means she wants me to drop out of the race. I asked her if she were “willing to run against Maureen, rather than against me?”

    So … I posted these facts on a closed Facebook page we both participate on, and she called me a liar for insinuating that she asked me to drop out, and that I asked her, admittedly in a roundabout way, if she would run for 1st Assoc. Chair. Jane said, “This is a flat out lie.” I have the proof it isn’t.

    Anyway, you might want to send one of your reporters to the NDP State Convention in Kearney this weekend. With 57% of the delegates there being mostly young, new members of the party, there should be plenty of fireworks and a lot of old, tired oligarchs thrown out on their collective asses.

    • Bluejay says:


      You have my full support. You also have my permission to use all of my material against Ingrate Jane Kleeb.

      Good Luck!

    • Bluejay says:


      When you give your speech be sure you call her Ingrate Jane Kleeb. About ten times. Her husband got money from friends of the Clintons but she backed Bernie. Ingrate.

    • Anonymous says:

      Brian, Jane twists the truth all the time. I have a hard time believing all the Bernie supporters will vote for her. You ought to enlighten them with a little history lesson about the Kleebs, one you can print off and pass out. You know, like how the WSJ reported they got money from the Clinton Foundation and green money and then they went and bought a farm south of Hastings. Did green money grants pay for their farm? You know, just questions the media here will never ask because they’re too busy kissing Jane and Scott’s rear ends.

      • Sparkles says:

        “WSJ reported they got money from the Clinton Foundation”

        Bald faced lie.

        The Kleeb’s got not one penny from the Clinton Foundation and Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal didn’t actually say they did.
        The WSJ implied a tawdry relationship for which they were unable to provide a scintilla of evidence. But, honest journalism wasn’t their aim. Lack of evidence never a concern.
        Honest journalism is never the aim of the fetid rags of Rupert. The aim is always to simply introduce a narrative of scandal and corruption in order to smear their enemies and elicit anger from their base.
        These fabricated tales are then repeated – exactly as they were with this Clinton/Kleeb story – by fellow Murdoch owned media cesspools (NY Post, Fox ‘News’, The Times etc..) along with there cadre of right wing imitators (World Nut Daily, RedState) in order to give the story an air of credibility.
        Their aim was to once again falsely smear the Clintons and in this case along with them the Kleebs. A two-fer.
        Murdoch (and Ailes) know well the angry base to which they cater. They’re fully cognizant their audience has long demonstrated an abject inability to decipher truth from lie. A fact demonstrated hundreds of times over the last two decades in roundly debunked tales such as; Obama is Kenyan/Muslim/Gay/Terrorist/Socialist/AntiChrist, Death Panels, Selling baby parts for profit, Clintons running cocaine through the Mena Arkansas Airport, Cintons killed Vince Foster, ObamaPhones!, Operation Jade Helm, Voter Fraud is a serious problem, Obama’s Brownshirts are coming for your guns, Fast and Furious is an Eric Holder scandal, Benghazi!! Benghazi!!, Illegal immigrants are more likely to commit crimes, A gun in your house/on your person makes you safer, ObamaCare is a job killer, ObamaCare will lead to a massive shortage of doctors, Tax Cuts for the wealthy leads to increased prosperity for all, climate change is a liberal scam etc. Donald Trump is not a racist and he is going to Make America Great Again, etc..

        All of it bullshit.
        A constant stream of misinformation, manipulation and lies, all of it embraced by large swaths of those on the right, all of it integral to the Murdoch/Ailes/Limbaugh massively profitable business model which relies on a perpetual state of fear and anger to fill their coffers.

        Fevered, wild-eyed, for-profit winger lies.

      • The Grundle King says:

        I doubt that’s the problem. Your letters are written like that of a 3rd grader, and they somehow get published all the time. And, without fail, you show up to tell everyone how great your own letter is.

  18. Bluejay says:

    Ingrate Jane Kleeb’s tweet re Orlando:

    “As a native Floridian, it pains me to see yet another mass shooting. Sons and daughters will not come home to hug their moms today. #orlando”

    1. We don’t care that you are a carpetbagger from FL. It is NOT about you.

    2. Like Barack and Hillary, she cannot even say the words “radical Islam.”

    Vote BTO..

  19. Bluejay says:

    Let me explain to Ingrate Jane Kleeb.

    It was another act of war by radical Islam against the West. The Dems refuse to fight the war in an effective manner. Letting out Gitmo terrorists and handing billions to Iran only gives aid and comfort to the enemy. Failure to secure the border only lets more terrorists into the US. Failure to deal with Syria only caused the mass migration. Failure to put some real heat on the Sauds lets them export terror.

    The Obama-Clinton foreign policy is fundamentally transforming the West into part of the caliphate.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bluejay, How progressive of you to admit LGBT community to West when they are killed. Muslim views of these folks does not differ from traditional Catholic teaching on these folks, so Islam may be involved, but not radical. Foreign policy comments weird.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bluejay, LA Times reports fellow fromIndian was arrested before he could attack Gay Pride parade in Santa Monica, do we need to wall off Indian, or maybe its the antiLGBT legislation coming out of their radical R legislature.

      • Bluejay says:


        With all due respect, I don’t think Catholics doctrine calls for the murder of LGBT folks. You are out of line.

        My concern is that Obama and Hillary will spin this as an anti-LGBT attack. It is an attack on everyone in the West. No different than if an Islamist shot up the Omaha Summer Arts Festival.

        What the Left doesn’t get is that Islam is fundamentally inconsistent with Western values and traditions. Islam wants to conquer the West and it has a good start in Europe. We must contain and quarantine Islam to its home base.

        I have an Ignatian view of Islam. Christianity = good. Islam = bad. But it was a good thing Ignio didn’t kill that Muslim on the road to Manresa. Might have gone to jail.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bluejay, Islamic teaching not differ from traditional Catholic views both of which are rooted in Jewish teaching. None of the great monotheistic religions calls for massacre of homosexuals, any more than traditional Catholic teaching onJudaism preached massacre, though many read them that way. Shooter’s father saw as anti gay. On Ignatius I will stick with Pope and Church expert who do not share your views.

    • Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy says:

      How would you or anybody else stop it? The guy was born in America and was radicalized over the internet and went to Saudi once. Had he not had easy access to an assault weapon, it would not have been so terrible. So keep assault weapons out of the hands of Americans and the problem can be solved.

  20. Vince Powers says:

    Repenting Lawyer:

    Thank you very much for the kind mention of my dad, John Powers. Like many Creighton athletes, he was recruited out of Butte, Montana (the Butte Irish). He played with Johnny Knolla, who led the nation in total offense in 1940. Because of the Creighton football scholarship, Da went on to have a successful legal career after obtaining his J.D. from Creighton.

    • Bluejay says:


      Sorry to see that a Creighton alum was defeated by that fraud and radical Ingrate Jane Kleeb.

      While we probably disagree on nearly every issue, I doubt you are an ingrate. Also smart enough to know that Green energy will only fail and make us poor; just like what is happening in Europe.

      Kleeb will destroy the NE Dem party and I will be sad to see it. It is like Creighton v UNL in basketball. It is not that much fun when we pound the Corn because they are so uncompetitive. I like a good and close contest.

    • Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy says:

      How nice. Did your brother really work for TransCanada helping them try to take Nebraska’s land by eminent domain? That must make the family proud. Congrats to Jane for killing that project.

      • Bluejay says:


        Why don’t you Libs learn the law? As I learned from Professor Ron Volkmer at Creighton, an easement is not a complete taking of all of the property rights encompassed in fee simple absolute. There is probably an utility easement into your house for cable TV and Internet. But you still own your house and have to cut the grass over the easement. The landowners on the KXL route would be well paid for their easement.

        Jim Powers fully has the right to advocate for his client who was only trying to create wealth in North America instead of handing our energy security to radical Islamic nations.

        Is Jane Kleeb being paid in gold or diamonds by the Sauds? Cui bono the cancellation of KXL? Answer: OPEC. Ergo, Ingrate Jane Kleeb is working for OPEC.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bluejay, glad you learned about easements from Ron, though there are easements that have different impacts, easements around typical Omaha home have an real impact on landowners use, except for occasional cases like the cases where patriotic land owners make contact with transmission wires while installing flag polls.
        I agree comment about Jim Powers was outrageous, if you do not like condemnation law get it changed, lawyers are doing a job not making law.

  21. Bluejay says:

    John Podhoretz expresses my exact sentiments:

    ” So determined is the president to avoid the subject of Islamist, ISIS-inspired or ISIS-directed terrorism that he concluded his remarks with an astonishing insistence that “we need the strength and courage to change” our attitudes toward the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

    That’s just disgusting. There’s no other word for it. …”

    One of the worst presidential addresses ever. Incompetent and delusional. Divorced from reality.

    Hate to say it, but this probably continues throughout Ramadam. Holy month, doncha’ know.

    The attack on the Pulse nightclub was an attack on us all, no less than the World Trade Center attack.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bluejay, John Podhoretz is even more delusional than his father and Norman was one of the most extreme neocons, though it is nice to find out what LGBTs have to do too become us in your world view, be murdered by a Muslim.. Ignatius as a soldier was addicted to duels one with a Muslim. Would have been hard to find one on the road to Manresa which post dated 1492. He was wounded in a Catholic-Catholic war. The duel was provoked by a denial of the Divinity of Jesus is that your recommendation? Does it include Jews and a lot of Christians, Buddhist and non believers?
      Had the Muslim kept his mouth shut no duel. Maybe a lesson for both us, but Prepsters never learn the lesson that nobody loves a smart ass.

      • Bluejay says:


        Story below. True. Jebs say that it was not the last time an ass made a decision for the Society,

        “Shortly after his conversion, the ex-soldier and courtier Ignatius was riding down a dusty road in Spain in the company of a Muslim Moor. They were discussing religion, and, not surprisingly, they disagreed on a few points. The Moor angrily ended the discussion and rode off. As a parting shot, he made some insulting remarks about the Blessed Virgin Mary.

        Ignatius was outraged. He thought it might be his knightly duty to defend the honor of Mary by killing the Moor, but he wasn’t sure that would be consistent with his new faith. He left the decision up to the donkey he was riding. They were approaching a crossroads. If the donkey took the road that the Moor took, Ignatius would follow and kill him. If the beast took the other road, he would let him go. The donkey took the other road.”

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bluejay, like story, like additional proof neither of us learned about not loving smart asses. It was one ofJohn Powers’ former law partners who first used that line on me.

    • Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy says:

      What would you do about the guy? he was born in America and had access to an assault weapon. Take out the assault rifle and he could not have done what he did. How about coming out for an assault weapons ban?

      • bynd says:

        Dear Ricky, Please site the parts of the Koran this man used to justify his rampage? For his faith, real or not, is to blame also. So maybe we need to understand what he believed. Please try and be intelligent and educate us. And I won’t hold my breath for an answer. Stupid is as Ricky says.

  22. Bluejay says:

    Andy McCarthy in NR,

    “Sharia, on the other hand, is basically set in stone. (Or should I say “stoning”?) Even most Islamic reformers acknowledge that it badly needs reform — not that it can be reinterpreted, but that it needs to be changed. Its provisions and especially its draconian punishments were largely fixed a millennium ago. The mandate that homosexuals be killed is not from ISIS or al-Qaeda. It is from sharia — which draws on Muslim scripture.”

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bluejay, Sharia issue a complex one , it is rather like trying to use Leviticus as a guide for modern attitudes towards gay and lesbians. In any event Sharia was for Islamic judges giving legal decisions not for individual believers to enforce.

      • Bluejay says:


        All I know is that plenty of Muslims have been killing us since the first attack on the World Trade Center. McCarthy prosecuted the case. As part of his trial prep, he became an expert on Islam and read the Koran. I can’t read more than ten lines in the Koran as it is so poorly written and hard to follow. I trust Andy. Good man.

      • Sparkles says:

        “Whoever blasphemes the name of the Lord shall be put to death. The whole community shall stone him.”
        -Leviticus 24:15

        “Now therefore, kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has known man by lying with him. But all the young girls who have not known man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.”
        -Moses (Numbers 31:17)

        “If the tokens of virginity were not found in the young woman, then you shall bring out the young woman to the door of her father’s house, and the men of her city shall stone her to death with stones…”
        -Deuteronomy 22:20

        “For the wife does not rule over her own body, but the husband does…”
        -1 Corinthians 7:4

        Jesus says:
        “If any one comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.”
        -Luke 14:26

      • To Sparkles: says:

        The first three verses are all Old Testament. Before Jesus came to earth and died for our sins, there were those punishments.

        How CONVENIENT of you to publish only part of 1 Corinthians 7:4 to make it appear as if it discriminates against women: The wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to her husband. In the same way, the husband does not have authority over his own body but yields it to his wife.

        It is saying that when you are married you don’t pull a Bill Clinton and step out on your wife. Or vice versa.

        And that brings us to Luke 14:26….Complete discipleship does require a person to place Jesus before all else, including yourself. By doing that, by following Jesus first and placing him first , one will actually be able to care for family, friends and self better.

  23. Lil Mac says:

    Last week, in a Ramadan speech, Obama promised to protect “Muslim rights” and literally called Muslims “we” and Americans “they”. Also last week, Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton for President; her Benghazi history and Islamic donations notwithstanding.

    This week’s bloodbath initially had Gays assuming, and Democrat leaders hoping, the killer would turn out to be a lone insane Republican from Appalachia. The killer however turned out to be a Democrat and Muslim; one of 2.1 billion Muslims who are ordered by Mohammad to murder homosexuals.

    Stuck by their own ideology, Democrat political leaders are now reduced to blaming Mohammad’s sword but not Mohammad who swung it. They blame guns not Islam. At the same time, homosexuals are suddenly reading the Koran very closely and buying guns for self-protection.

    Trump doesn’t need the gay vote but he might get it anyway.

  24. bynd says:


    What kind of moron defends one faith by attacking another? And wrongfully by the way. That would be Sparkles the jihadists. It is people like you who fan the flames of hate. You do nothing to educate or try to help others understand. You are not clever or witty, just ignorant with your pride.

    6 But now He has obtained a more excellent ministry, inasmuch as He is also Mediator of a better covenant, which was established on better promises. A New Covenant 7 For if that first covenant had been faultless, then no place would have been sought for a second. 8 Because finding fault with them, He says: l“Behold, the days are coming, says the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah—9 not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt; because they did not continue in My covenant, and I disregarded them, says the Lord. 10 For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the Lord: I will put My laws in their mind and write them on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. 11 None of them shall teach his neighbor, and none his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ for all shall know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them. 12 For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins 2and their lawless deeds I will remember no more.”

    13 In that He says, “A new covenant,” He has made the first obsolete. Now what is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to vanish away.

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