A plan vs NO plan

Foley  - semiformal 02Always fascinating to wake up and hear how the pundits are portraying certain things said in politics.

Per usual, the non-FOX stations are hammering Donald Trump for his speech and comments from yesterday. Trump even went so far as to ban the Washington Post from his events, after they made up their own theory about what he said about the President.

And others have a beef about him immediately criticizing his political opponents in the aftermath of the Orlando murders.

But there is this: Immediately after, the President and Hillary would not cite Islamofacism, or any other “sect” of Muslims for blame. That’s awfully curious.

And then, note that Trump laid out a plan.

You may not like his plan. That’s fine.
But then come up with your own plan.

Because A plan beats NO plan, every time.

Which plays into what the American public has been hearing for many, many years now. They want a SOMETHING. And instead we hear about how it is America’s fault — or specifically conservative Republicans’ fault — that this guy killed 50 people.

But you hear no plan from the Dems.

Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer put it this way to Politico:

“I would ask the president for a strategy,” added Sen. Deb Fischer (R-Neb.), who struggled to conceal an eye roll when asked about Trump’s comments. “We’ve never seen one from (Obama) and I don’t know how you expect to go forward with any kind of plans to complete a mission unless you have guidance from a commander-in-chief.”



What’s their party animal?

Back in the regular political realm, some Nebraska reporters were able to catch up to Nebraska’s other Senator, Ben Sasse, in the airport before he was catching the plane to DC.

Tom Becka tweeted this about the encounter:

It probably isn’t worth reading much into that. Bu then again, these are the times we are living in…


Like Mike?

And here was a random one that is making the rounds of the capitol in Lincoln.

Governor Pete Ricketts seems pretty sure that he is going to get primaried by former Governor Dave Heineman in 2018. As we noted here last week, he has even been in the field polling about favorability between the two.

But this is a new one:

In order to shore up his agriculture bona fides in the 3rd District, Ricketts would — the rumor goes — dump current Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley, and instead install…State Senator John Kuehn.

Well then.

But hey, this is 1000% rumor running around from lobbyist to staffer to politicos of every type on a hot summer day, while the chamber is empty.

But with every rumor there is usually a nugget or two of truth.

There are chuckles coming from every which direction on this as well.



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  1. Bluejay says:

    1. To the extent Hillary has a plan, it is to continue mass Muslim immigration, ban “weapons of war” from being sold to those with Second Amendment rights and crack down on foreign countries that have paid her Foundation millions.

    Electing Hillary means more failed policies.

    2. Pete should definitely dump Foley. Lose the GOP vote in Lancaster county for the Nuckolls county vote. Math problem there.

    3. If it is Pete v Dave in the primary, I am writing in Jane Kleeb.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bluejay, where do these supposed 2nd Amendment rights to”weapons of war” come from.No Circuit has acknowledge such rights and they are not mandated by the holding in Heller. You may think a ban on assault weapons unwise, though we had one without the world ending, but it is not part of the Constitution.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Tony Obesely, You mean no compensation and confiscation pursuant to a ban, issue would be under taking clause but only as to required compensation. Your comment is a little off the wall but might make an interesting question under the Cedar Rust Case. It is off the wall because to say that a ban on these weapons would not violate the 2nd Amendment says nothing more than that.

      • Bluejay says:


        I intentionally used Hillary’s false and misleading phrase because actual weapons of war are not for sale to citizens. A deliberate and misleading statement by a woman who would lie about the time and date if it served her purposes.

        The MSM and Left (redundant, I know) went on about how the Orlando shooter used an AR-15. Turns out it wasn’t.

        Assault weapons ban would do NOTHING to win our war against radical Islam. It is all a distraction.

        We need a plan to win the war. Not platitudes and failed half measures.

        The Left can’t say that Radical Islam is the enemy because apparently all three million US Muslims are a part of the Dem victim coalition and voting block. It it wasn’t for identity politics there would be no Dem party. And, of course, the Clinton Foundation receives millions from Muslim countries.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bluejay, my comment was directed to the 2nd Amendment, a ban on this type of weapons does may have nothing to do with fighting ISIS but that does not make it unconditional. Doubt that any policy about ISIS will impact mass shootings by nut cases, after all we had a couple in Omaha before anyone had heard of ISIS.

  2. repenting lawyer says:

    Sweeper, a native nut case with easy access to weapons shoots up a bar in Orlando and cites some connection with ISIS, which apparently is in his head, and you think a change in immigration policy constitutes a plan, you do not know the meaning of the word. The patent medicine man at the carnival says he has a cure, on this one he is Trump’s inspiration.

    • Bluejay says:


      Islam made him “nuts” in the Western sense but he was just doing what some Muslims do today and others agree with. Osama declared war on us and it ain’t stopping soon.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bluejay, doubt religion made him nuts but still left confused as to how Trump program deals with home grown crazy, persecute all American Muslims makes about as much sense as prosecuting all Christians because of some of our home grown Christian crazies, Atlanta bomber, OK City, abortion providers killed.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Sweeper, not from the virgins point of view. No plan would leave her safe, your plan would only impact the virgin.

      • HTH says:

        Sweeper… You’re a very smart man. But clearly you see that the point you’re making is indefensible…


      • Really? says:

        Implementation of a plan which results in you being worse off than before is inferior to no plan at all.

  3. HTH says:

    SS is in a serious love affair with Trump, but come on. The best thing about your ‘A plan is better than NO plan’ approach is that it at least acknowledges Trump’s plan is idiotic. But there are plenty of plans that are worse than doing nothing at all. See: Iraq.


  4. repenting lawyer says:

    I notice that General Bacon noted the need to weaken the appeal of ISIS to the disaffected young Muslims in Middle East and elsewhere would not Trump’s plan actually increase that appeal? What price playing the base! Interesting article in Foreign Affairs on the subject of combating ISIS appeal yesterday .

  5. Sparkles says:

    1) Of course it was Fox ‘News’ that singularly defended the incoherent stream of fear mongering and lies that flowed from Donald Trump’s mouth.
    Maybe it would be of use to revisit the opinion of universally admired, Republican stalwart, a man who served under eight Presidents, former Sec Def Robert Gates – who in Jan 2016 stated of the Republican field of candidates: “The level of dialogue on national security issues would embarrass a middle schooler.. ..God forbid they actually believe some of the things that they’re saying.”
    And Gates has repeatedly singled out Trump for ridicule, citing a ” lack of understanding of the complexity of international affairs,” and as someone who “doesn’t understand the difference between a business negotiation and a negotiation with sovereign powers.”
    Gates has also stated that Trump should not be trusted with the nuclear codes.

    2) It’s sometimes hard to read the drivel that is put forth by the right. Especially the stream of nonsense that often flows from Sen Fisher’s office.
    It’s nothing short of moronic to suggest President Obama doesn’t have a plan to defeat Isis and combat terrorism.
    Of course Obama and the Dems have plan. It’s a plan that has has been continually updated and modified in consultation with the most brilliant military minds on the planet. A plan that is right now succeeding in pushing back and defeating ISIS and in keeping Americans safe. A plan that on the same Sunday of the Orlando attack, lead to the arrest of a 20 year old Indiana man, James Howell, who was in possession of three assault-style rifles, ample rounds of ammo and I.E.D making materials in route to a gay pride event in Santa Monica. Like the Orlando killer, another radicalized, U.S. born and bread American citizen filled with hate for the LGBT community. This American terrorist who hated others unlike himself, stopped.

    3) And Hillary Clinton has a plan. A robust plan, one she clearly relayed in her speech yesterday. A speech for which the full transcript is available from countless sources.

    4) I find it hard to fathom that Nebraska Republicans can do anything but shake their head in dismay at the thought of a Ricketts vs. Heineman ticket.
    What, Lil’ Red, or maybe Homer, the Salt Dogs mascot – not available?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m definitely looking forward to the 2017 and 2018 elections! Pete is already out there polling. I think in Pete’s case, he’s just polling because there’s a money hungry (rhymes with “bore) who has him convinced he is going to have a primary challenger.

  7. Sparkles says:

    New Bloomberg poll – taken Fri-Mon, 1,000 adult likely voters, +/- 3.1%.
    HRC 49
    Trump 37

    Also: 55% polled said that they would never vote for Trump.

  8. Public Safety is Our Number One Priority says:

    Hey has anybody seen Mayor Jean Stothert of Omaha lately? Or heard anything from her?
    The person who said public safety is her number one priority you would think would be out there reassuring us that OPD is going to find the guy that Ricketts let escape from jail. Or telling us to lock our doors. Or something.
    My guess is she’s silent because she does not want to put the spotlight on Pete Ricketts and his gross incompetency.
    Hey did Frakes get those death penalty drugs yet? Or our money back?
    PS nobody cares what Tom Becka does or thinks. We want our money back from that recall election he and his buddies put together that Omaha did not want.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I hope Heineman does run. Pete should be scared.
    Ricketts has been an awful governor. No communication with Senators, no direction or focus, absolute silence. Why does he even want to be governor? Why would a billionaire who sees what the office is really like want to do it anymore? He should just resign and do everyone a favor. “Governor Foley” has a nice ring to it.

    • Public Safety is Our Number One Priority says:

      Totally agree. He is probably bored with the job already. But Heineman was the guy who started the corrections mess in the first place. He is worse than Ricketts because Heineman failed for 8 years Ricketts only one year. So far anyway.

  10. Ricky says:

    Once again I have to remind Mr Street Sweeper and Mr Bacon that ISIS is NOT a threat to Nebraska.
    Toddlers shooting grown ups have killed more people in America than ISIS.
    Don’t let Bacon ride the scare me wagon into office.

    • Interesting says:

      I guess upgrading from a councilman from a small city to a Lt. Governor is not a bad accomplishment. It looks we have Nebraska’s own Hillary Clinton in the making.

  11. Tweet Tweet says:

    Even though Wall Street Pete is failing, do you truly want to go back to the failed policies of Heineman?? Look at his failures at The Dept. of corrections, Health and Human Services, Dept. of Economic Development. Must I go on with examples.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sasse a Libertarian? This Libertarian doesn’t want Sasse. His only accomplishment so far is self-promotion. No, the Republicans are welcome to Mr. Sasse and they can keep him. Self-promotion is rather in style at the top these days.

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