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Nebraska stone - Mt RushmoreSome links for you on this Thursday afternoon…


Retired General Don Bacon talks with KFAB about what is and isn’t being done to combat ISIS, and what needs to be done in the future:

Bacon has a degree of authenticity and knowledge on this issue that is nice to hear from a “politician”.


Lowry on Trump

National Review editor Rich Lowry, giving credence to the Donald Trump doctrine on immigration that, “our policy should serve our values and interests, and the status quo fails on both counts.

FWIW, this article is in Politico, as opposed to, well, National Review. It was announced today that Charles C. W. Cooke will be taking over as editor at the usually #NeverTrump NR. It has always seemed that Lowry’s views on Trump’s were a bit softer than some of the other writers — but Lowry IS the editor.

In any case, Lowry says,

The kernel of Trump’s speech was rather obvious: “The bottom line is that the only reason the killer was in America in the first place was because we allowed his family to come here. That is a fact, and it’s a fact we need to talk about.”

The reaction of much of the opinion elite was nearly instantaneous: Whatever we do, let’s not talk about that fact.


Hugh from on high

While there is still talk of a mutiny against Trump at the GOP Convention in Cleveland, Hugh Hewitt proclaims that if Trump sticks with the terms of his post-Orlando speech, he will keep the GOP nomination…

Despite endless talk of a mutiny within the GOP, if Trump can forcefully expose the weak leadership and serial failures of Obama and Clinton in the fight against terrorism — the central issue of our time — he will not only consolidate support, he will make any talk of an intra-party coup obsolete.

And I get where Hewitt is coming from. But if you want to see where some of the rage is at from the always-Trump crowd, it’s the GOP/Conservative oligarchs like Hewitt allowing Trump — who got the most votes — to be the nominee.

It’s one thing to say the GOP voters will support him in November, etc. It’s another to be talking about whether or not the primaries were valid.

Crazy world.
Someone oughtta sell tickets.
(Shoot, I’d buy one.)


Late night with the Filibusterers

ICYMI, Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse was in the news last night for taking part in the anti-gun filibuster in the Senate. The difference was that Sasse was actually taking part in some Q&A with filbusterer Sen. Chris Murphy, as opposed to getting him snacks and tossing softballs.

Sasse asked Murphy to be specific about the “terrorist watch list”, and some watchers were then adding Sasse to the anti-2nd Amendment crowd — which would have been very unlikely.

Sasse responded on the Twitter:


Pointing backwards

In his testimony on prison reform, Fred Knapp tweeted that Nebraska Prison Director Scott Frakes showed where they plan on laying the blame:

If the only plan for fixing the prison problems is to build a new prison and employ everyone needed to run it and alleviate the other prisons, spending a ton of money would seem to be the plan. And if there isn’t a great appetite for that, pointing the finger backwards is going to be their relief effort.

The “something needs to be done” would seem to be getting more apparent. Is building a new prison the only alternative? Is there another way to go?


Updates to Omaha City Council – District 6

In my haste, I missed some other names from my notes on possible candidates from Omaha City Council District 6. It should have looked like this:

District 6
Franklin Thompson
Brinker Harding
Mike Pate
Scott Hazelrigg
Van Deeb

Franklin Thompson has said publicly that he probably is NOT running — and some put him running at somewhere around 20% probability. Could go either way. (Have also heard that some are trying to “push” him out…)

Leavenworth St. has heard from several sources that Harding (real estate executive, former Hal Daub aide and Chairman of the Omaha Planning Board) is very probable.

Millard School Board member Mike Pate is said to be thinking about it, or otherwise possible.

Hazelrigg seems to be a perpetual “maybe” candidate, but some say this time it might be real.

Deeb, of Deeb Real Estate, is on the Omaha Planning Board and is another name in the fray.


More? Where?

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  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    How about not building a prison in a rural area like Tecumseh where there isn’t sufficient population to staff the thing? Maybe then you wouldn’t have all these guards working forced overtime and being forced to hire the next warm body that walks in the door. I don’t know who thought housing 1000 inmates in a county with 5000 people was a good idea, but all it has done is strain the resources of Johnson County.

  2. Keep the Money with Loserbaugh says:

    District 7 or 6 Street Sweeper? Isn’t there any good liberals in District 6? I can tell you from living here that Joni Craighead is so far right of this district you can not even see her from here. She is in the legislature solely to do the bidding of the GOP and Ricketts.
    Just get rid of Franklin Thompson is all I ask for city council. Not that it really matters who is on there; they have to do the bidding of Ken Stinson and Walter Scott.
    Another thing Loserbaugh did; he and Becka conspired to over throw the elected Omaha Public Schools board just because the Omaha Chamber of Commerce told them to.
    So they got a law through causing the OPS board members to run again. Oh and this OPS board is so much better now. It still has Justin Wayne on it so how good could it be? And Becka has no children and doesn’t know anything about the educational system or raising children. How disgusting of those two.
    Hopefully Wayne will not get elected to the Legislature because then the tea party favorite will try to get charter schools to come to the neighborhood.

    • bynd says:

      Ricky, The uber lib Susie B. Already has a charter school in Omaha. Her and her buddies from the Lozier Corp.

      So what now? She has turned on the sheep like you and is proving you have been sacrificed on the alter of the true best education. Your a lemming over the edge. LOL

  3. repenting lawyer says:

    Sweeper, if Trump’s mother had not immigrated he would not be here, not that different from nut case in Orlando. Interesting to know how many doctors, scientists and engineers would not be here if we had had his antiMuslim policy before the parents of the Orlando shooter immigrated. Between IRA and Ulster Prods, if his extension to nations with terrorism against our allies is applied Ireland and UK would be out. If we argue from a retroactive phantasy like your NR writer, there goes Mama Trump., though because of grandpa i would be gone also. Is that what you had in mind?

    • Professor,
      You, and many many others need to understand something:
      I post and link lots and lots of articles here.
      I do not necessarily endorse the articles that I have posted here. I do post them so that others may have more information.
      Now you have it.
      If you want to read into a gist I’m presenting, it would be that one of the supposed “#NeverTrump-ers — though I’m not positive that Lowry is in that group, though NR has been pretty vocal — is coming around to at least one of Trump’s issues.
      Read the post and you should understand.
      (Think of it as in the Insurance Law days of the old adage, “RTFP”.)
      You’re welcome, and thanks for reading.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Sweeper, I know you do not endorse everything you post and I saw the point, but it was still a temptation I could not resist. Thank you for your blog, agree or disagree with content it is fun to read and respond.

  4. Tweet Tweet says:

    Say Thank You to then Gubernator Benny. It was he that gave us the Tecumseh Prison. Sure some favors received.

  5. Sparkles says:

    So, Rich ‘Starburst’ Lowry has invented a ‘Donald Trump doctrine on immigration’, eh?
    And he imagines that doctrine to be: “our policy should serve our values and interests”.

    Thing is, Trump’s xenophobia and his claim to deport 11 million illegals, which even Orange Foolius surely understands is nonviable – in fact does not serve either our values or our interests.

    Immigration has fueled America’s remarkable rise to power and it remains integral to its future as a global power.
    Literally all of American history has been about immigrants becoming American.
    Seven of the 39 men who signed the Constitution were immigrants. Two of the three men most associated with its passage, Alexander Hamilton and James Wilson, were foreign-born. One of the three men who wrote the Federalist Papers explaining the Constitution was born abroad. When George Washington chose Justices of the Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution, three of his choices were immigrants.
    40% of America’s Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children.
    Others who “we allowed his [their] family to come here”, include: Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Spiro Agnew, Alex Rodriguez, Bobby Jindal, Colin Powell, Olympia Snowe, Henry Heinz, George Gershwin, Nikki Haley, Ray Bradbury, Eric Holder and countless more.

    All of this is why few will pay attention nor give credence to Lowry’s screed.
    By the way, Lowry’s affection for Trump isn’t surprising, he’s also a long time Palin sycophant. Simply google; Rich Starbursts Lowry.

  6. Sparkles says:

    Hugh Hewitt would like to believe:
    “if Trump can forcefully expose the weak leadership and serial failures of Obama and Clinton in the fight against terrorism — the central issue of our time —”

    Polls show that in fact, terrorism is not the central issue of our time.
    Dating back for years, Jobs and the Economy are consistently, without fail, rated by Americans as the the central issue of our time.
    On many occassions over the last fews years terrorism has trailed not only jobs and the economy, but also healthcare.

    The recent unprecedented spike in middle aged white males killing themselves is a result of the devastation wrought by the near collapse of the global economy, not the fear of crazed individuals with weapons caches.

    And it is Americans – not foreigners – who have committed 80% of the terrorist attacks in America since 9/11.

    • Anon says:

      Americans 80% of terrorist attacks, characterize it at your ease sparkly, it makes your case of denial fit. They are criminals and enemies be they foreign or domestic, fog it with your bullcrap

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